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How To Attract An Aries Man In July 2021

The Sun is in imaginative and intuitive Cancer until the 22nd. This is having a mixed effect on the Aries man. On the one hand, he is feeling more instinctive and in tune with his inner visionary than usual. On the other, the supremely sensitive energies of the month are feeding his egotistical and hot-headed nature. With the wisdom shared below you will be able to know how to handle this strong-willed man!

How To Attract An Aries Man In July 2021

1. Show Your Creativity

Attracting An Aries Man In July 2021

Cancer’s sweet and subtle energies are amping up Aries’ inner creative, visionary, and powerful innovation. Cancer is one of the most imaginative signs. Ruled by the Moon, Cancer is arguably the sign most representative of the imagination, and of course the subconscious mind. 

There are some natural clashes between Aries and Cancer, however one thing Aries can surely appreciate is the infinite levels of creativity and imagination the Crab brings. Water and fire create steam, a powerful and electro-magnetic current that can lead to inspiring works of art or music, or the like!

So, talk to him about any creative projects you’ve got behind the scenes. Show him your art collection, photography, or craft – or recite to him your poetry. Play him some songs on your guitar, banjo, or ukulele (or whatever your chosen instrument is). Feel free to shine in a magnetic yet confident way and remember that Aries loves a self-expressive woman. Innovation, inventiveness, and originality of mind and thought are called for.

2. Appeal To His Love Of Family

Cancer is ruled by the 4th house in Astrology of home, roots, physical foundations relating to security, and the inner world of feelings. Essentially, your mother, ‘the mother’ as an archetype, and emotions and family in general. Influences from childhood both amazing childhood memories and traumas, wounds and fears are coming to the forefront of our consciousness. 

For the Aries man, like many others this July he is reflecting on his past and the experiences that shaped who he has become today. Asking him questions about his past (with a fair amount of sensitivity but not too much) is the perfect way to establish a psychological and emotional connection.

He is more open to emotional bonding than usual, but you do need to be mindful of moderation… Aries will never be as deep and vulnerable or sentimental as watery Cancer. You can find a connection through allowing him to be nostalgic in a healing and positive way. 

Stay optimistic and focus on the good, and if the ‘bad’ does come up (like wounds, trauma, and tricky memories or emotions) be compassionate while lightening the tone. Humor will never fail and will instantly bring him back to his optimistic state.

3. Don’t Smother Him

Tips To Attract An Aries Man July 2021

Many of us are feeling extremely sensitive and this means our emotions are heightened. If you’re a water or earth sign, you will most likely be wanting to bond on an emotional level. This is a wrong move, as you could very well end up smothering him and coming on too strong. 

The Aries man isn’t afraid of commitment or monogamy, but he has a different style and approach to the “unwaveringly deep and emotional” energies of the Cancer sign. Try not to scare him off by showing your undying love so early on! Aries only gets to that stage once there has been some intimacy and physical action, once he’s connected on multiple levels and not just solely emotional. 

Yes, the Aries man will want to form an emotional, psychological/mental, physical, and spiritual connection with you, yet he will always be very independent and self-starting.

You’re best to wait until Leo season comes on the 22nd. This is the time to let love and your affections flow. The cosmic theme is much more compatible and harmonious with the Aries spirit – the vibe is right when the Sun’s in fiery and playful Leo. 

Until then try and stay cool, calm and collected, and independent too. Give glimpses and a few moments of depth and sincerity, it’s okay to show that you’re capable of vulnerability and sensitivity to an extent. Otherwise, keep things friendly and light-hearted as best as possible!

4. Be Mindful Of His Temper

As the Ram, Aries is one of the most hot-headed and quick to temper signs. They can actually be pretty impulsive, rude, and childish at times. This is due to their impulsiveness. Fire can rise but fall just as quickly, so although he doesn’t suffer from mood swings or pessimism like some other signs, he does have an egotistical side. 

Cancer’s influence is highlighting his insecurities… He may be impulsive and impatient at times or even appear snappy, but the key is in how you react and respond. Remember that everyone has a shadow side, ‘darker’ and less desirable aspects of their personality, therefore your job this month is to recognize his without needing to change him, or be put off.

Keep a light sense of humor and some wit about you. Aries has an eternal sea of optimism to draw from, and those brief moments of ego will come and go as quickly as the waves come in and out. If you can remain optimistic, sunny and cheery he will see you as a soulmate for sure! 

Also, don’t take it personally – he needs to let the inner fire burn to return to cooler temperatures, literally and metaphorically.

5. Put Passion Into EVERYTHING

Passion is the foundation of compassion just as it’s the root of fiery and expressive physical displays and chemistry. Life will always have a dual aspect – duality runs deep; it’s the essence of life and being, self and the universe. Speak, mentally project, show your emotions, feel, and act with passion this July.

Regardless of whether you’re born of fire or air (yang/masculine) or earth and water (yin/feminine) you can make an impact on the Aries man by being wholly passionate. Self-expression suggests to him that you possess charisma and self-esteem. He sees passion as a fundamental doorway to connection and any future activities you may share together.

The Aries man isn’t just confident and innovative, pioneering and assertive, he’s equally as playful and fun-loving. There are many ways to show you have passion so discover your strengths, if you don’t already know them, and project them externally with charisma and courage. Until the 22nd (Cancer) perhaps be slightly more compassionate and empathic, then from the 22nd onwards (Leo) be more direct, flirtatious, and bold!

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Final Thoughts & Key Astrological Transits

July is not as harmonious to the Aries temperament as other months, however there is a Full Moon in Aquarius on the 24th. Aries and Aquarius are considered soulmates, and this Full Moon is occurring when the Sun’s in fellow fire sign Leo, so things start to pick up in the latter half of the month. 

One thing you can play on before this is the shared love of creativity, innovation, and invention. Cancer is as imaginative and gifted artistically as they are sensitive, thus seek ways to find common ground and spark a synergy. 

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Wishing you light, love, and all the luck in the Universe on your journey!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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