Secrets 1 to 5

#1 — Aries Men love to be in control. Aries being the first sign of the Zodiac, believe they are the trendsetters and want to do everything first while being the best at it.

If you are the love of this mans life, this means that you can count on your Aries man to take control, and handle business. When it comes to not knowing what to do, you know he will come to the rescue…which can be a bit of a blessing or a curse. 

For those partner’s whom would like a bit more independence, this can be a tad bit frustrating. However, it is nice to give up the reigns every now and then and know that you’ll have someone competent making decisions and standing behind them.  

#2 — Aries men are not couch potatoes! Anticipate an active and busy man to go hiking with, enjoy hobbies, and have fun with you. Aries men are notoriously funny, and love to have a good time when they’re not conquering the World.

If you have heard any stereotype of the Aries man, this one is absolutely on point! You will be hard-pressed to keep a good man down when he is born under the sign of the Rising Sun. The Aries man will want to go and go, and when it is almost bed time, still find time for that one last thing that needs to be accomplished before he lays his head down to sleep. 

The ever-busy and eager to accomplish, Aries men will never fail to keep you on the run and with a checklist in hand. Don’t expect him to keep track though, that most likely will be your job if you care to get involved! He is definitely too busy sorting and stacking in his mind, however, he will love the consideration that you care enough to keep him on track. He is a busy man, and any support towards his goals is a huge plus in his mind. 

#3 — Not only is the Aries man active, but he loves nature! It would be perfectly normal to see a happy, but extremely filthy Ram covered head to toe in dirt and muck from an outdoor adventure. 

If you are the least bit squeamish about being outside in the open-air hiking, biking, camping, trailing, four wheeling, or being dirty in general, you may want to think about putting on some gloves to protect your manicure because your Aries man is going to be outside in the Sun, getting dirty and sweaty, and loving every second of it.  

He is completely one with nature when the Sun is out and shining. As a fire sign, it doesn’t get much better for this type of man; and you can expect greasy hands, and soiled pants to come as a full package!  He’s a man’s man, and well worth it for the lover he works so hard for.  

Opposing this, an Aries man can be just as comfortable in a suit and tie and will wear it well, getting just as “soiled” working hard in the office and sweating over figures and tables to get the job done. Nothing is unobtainable for this man, be it strategy and statistics or being down in the trenches in the Earth. 

#4 — Aries Men thrive on competition, and you will not be betting against this man very often without either going broke or dealing with a smug ‘I told you so’ smile way too often!

If you hear him say, ‘bet me and lose’, you can almost guarantee you are going to be on the losing end of that gamble, and it is best to say, ‘no thanks! I believe you’ and leave it at that. However, Aries men love the challenge and will good-naturedly badger you until some sort of prize is awarded after they conquer whatever world they have set off to liberate.  

This could turn into a lot of fun depending on your personal level of competitiveness and leads right into secret number 5!

#5 — Aries Men crave that need for a contest! If you are up for the challenge and know you have a skill set of your own that you can beat him at, SHOW HIM! 

The good-natured Aries man may thrive on competition and friendly rivalries; however, you will also see a flower bloom under the circumstances of your own sort of competition.  This could not be more of a set stage for romance no matter who wins or loses, just the thrill of the chase creates the perfect scene as passion and adrenaline are almost one and the same for this man.

The ‘bet me and lose’ attitude could turn into a win/win for you both in an instant, and a little game could turn into something more quite quickly. A little struggle and rivalry get more than just the heart pumping, but a formed comradery certainly does not hurt a positive love match.

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