Aries Man Horoscope For December 2023

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly November horoscope for your Aries man. Check out the monthly predictions of 2023! How is November going to treat him?

Hello Sweethearts, and a warm welcome to this festive seasonal prediction for Aries Man.

It’s December of course and a lot of people are in the mood to kick back, relax, and party. This is also a time of year when the focus falls on relationships simply because we are spending more time with our partner and our expectations seem to be a little bit higher at this time of year.

If you are single, one could feel lonely at this time of year, however, it’s also a wonderful time to meet new people, so it’s time right now to use the magic of the mistletoe, hang it up figuratively, and cast a magical spell that will bring good cheer, spicy aromas, and cozy affection into your life this December period.

Mercury enters Capricorn – 2nd December

During this time, communication is a big thing for him, he may have to do a lot more corresponding and negotiating in the work sphere and it’s also possible that there’s a lot of touching base that needs to be done with family members, also clients and customers.

So, this is a time when he lacks concentration and sometimes you find might find him a little bit vague or non-committal, so respect the fact that he’s got a lot on his mind and if you can, offer to help him with any admin, because this is a time of year where he can feel a little bit stressed out.

He’s more likely to want to announce an engagement, send out wedding invites or post relationship pictures online etc. as he’s quite keen on talking about his relationship to the world. If you are newly a couple, he may want to introduce you to friends and colleagues, so get ready to learn a lot more about his world.

Venus enters Scorpio – 5th of December

Now I talked about the spicy, festive aromas in the energies and this transit is an excellent signal for relationships to become more intense, deeper and for passion to emerge. This is a wonderful time for togetherness and intimacy, so you definitely want to be clearing the calendar and getting together in front of the TV with mulled wine and some aphrodisiac food and doing serious “adult time”.

This is definitely a very “adult” transit in terms of you want to be a little bit serious and focused on your relationship, you may want to talk about sex and you definitely don’t want the children or the pets interfering. So this is a key time to start setting aside moments for romance, but at the same time you don’t what anything to be pressurized, it should be all holistic and enjoyable as well and with a big focus on affectionate satisfaction, not only conversation.

This is certainly a time when your relationship with Aries Man can really become that much more satisfying and poignant, but there’s a hint of vulnerability to him right now, so it’s also important to be sensitive and quite intuitive with the way you communicate with him, and that means being uncritical and really receptive to different sides of his personality coming to the fore.

New Moon Sagittarius – 13th December

Now the New Moon in Sagittarius definitely represents an important time for Aries Man in terms of excitement and expectation. Aries is a sign that really enjoys celebrating and therefore for him, Christmas is an important time of year and he likes to make it memorable.

Family is a huge thing in his life, so he likes to treat family members and possibly even travel to do things with family. So this Christmas season, it’s very important to encourage him in his seasonal goals by showing enthusiasm and excitement and also jump on board with any projects he has connected to his own family or the community, because he does tend to find that his community spirit is aroused right now and that means he wants to take a keen interest in seasonal activities.

The one fly in the ointment is it Mercury turns retrograde on the same day and that means plans have to be fine-tuned, it’s not a good time to do things off the cuff or spontaneously. Everything needs to be thought through, and it’s also a time when travel arrangements need a lot more thought because things can go wrong.

Mercury going retrograde generally means quite a hectic time when nothing goes as planned, so when it comes to international travel, make sure everything is checked, verified and that you foresee any problems and pitfalls and make Plan B’s.

Mercury goes retrograde in Capricorn – 13th December

Mercury retrograde means that there should be caution when it comes to seasonal and promotional activities so this is a time when he needs to maybe scale back and focus on the detail rather than getting involved in anything brand new.

Mercury retrograde means you both should say, “Okay let’s focus on what we’ve got going on and not run on any tangents or whims because we’ve got enough on our plate as it is.”

This is a time when he can be a little bit excitable and therefore he may exaggerate or raise expectations, so it’s usually better to take anything he says with a pinch of salt and try not to get carried away, even if he is. So keep your feet on the ground as what he needs right now as a partner who’s sensible.

This is not a great time for any spontaneous travel especially as a family, if you’ve already planned travel great, but otherwise time to stay at home.

Sun enters Capricorn – 23rd December

Now this is a great time for Aries Man to express himself, he is very alpha during this phase, he wants to take leadership and he revels in being the man of the house and that might include taking charge of Christmas celebrations, family travel plans, putting up the tree or whatever it is.

He likes to feel macho and he absolutely revels in having his family around him.

Aries guys are quite traditional in nature and Christmas brings out that side of him. So even if you are a person who perhaps finds Christmas less important, doesn’t really celebrate or maybe you find the whole thing a bit of a pain, which a lot of us do, it’s very important to indulge the inner child in him and, not only the inner child, the macho family man!

Themes: So the theme for Aries Man this month is that he is excited and he has great expectations.

There’s a lot of planning going into this month and a fair degree of anticipation, he is certainly ready for more intimacy and he tends to want a lot of feedback emotionally, so he can be quite demanding right now.

It’s a time where while he’s sometimes a little bit distracted and he probably will be spreading himself thin and therefore becoming a little bit overstretched, at the same time, there’s an awful lot of positivity going on in the relationship.

Expect fun and excitement, especially when you support him and you reinforce the teamwork aspect of the relationship.

New relationships with Aries Man are supercharged right now, you’ll get to meet friends and family members. He’ll invite you to events and it’s most likely you will learn a lot about the intimate side of his life which he is usually quite protective over.

Do: The new moon phase extends from the 12th of December to the 26th, this waxing phase is the perfect fortnight for new initiatives, setting plans, establishing goals, starting anything pioneering and being proactive.

Weddings, engagement and new relationships are favored. Long-haul travel for pleasure is favored.

A good waxing phase for study, publishing, promotions and advertising.

Avoid: During this phase there’s indecision over personal and family matters and a lack of clarity in terms of new directions and immediate circumstances.

Mercury retrograde in Capricorn on the 13th indicates that this is not a good period for his job applications, new careers, major business management changes and business travel.

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Week 1 – No time like the present

The key right now is: get it done. This is a great week for planning, for buying your presents, and finalizing travel plans. So as a couple, you should focus this week on ticking off everything off your list and getting as organized as possible, so get your minds into gear!

This is an awesome time to be meeting Aries Man or to develop your relationship further, simply because he’s more heart-on sleeve, he’s more open to conversations about deeper subjects, his past and his feelings.

You are far more likely to get something out of him now, so even if usually you find him a little bit closed and not wanting to share, this is a time when a lot comes tumbling out.

However, it’s also a time when he’s slightly more territorial and possessive, so you really need to show him a lot of loyalty and to be ready to be comforting and enthusiastic as a partner to demonstrate that you care about what he cares about.

Week 2 – Lace not Leather

This is a rather vulnerable and emotional time for Aries Man, particularly if he’s had a difficult year or he’s experienced any loss or major problems.

This can be quite a tricky week, he needs a lot of added emotional support and love, however, it’s hard to give him that love because he may seem a little bit distant, he may want time alone or more thinking time. So it’s very important to encourage him to have the space to contemplate and gain some closure, so don’t crowd him and don’t suffocate him, but definitely be aware that he may feel a little bit delicate.

Brace yourself as this could be a week of high spending, he is very unrestrained. If you are married, he’s also interested in spoiling other people and the budget may go out the window. So be aware of some excess spending because he has a big appetite for life and entertaining.

This is also not a good time for dieting as he has very high levels of desire which means that he’s got low impulse control, in fact he’s impulsive all the way around, so that might involve some impulsive sex as well as eating.

In new relationships, this is a great time for the sexual side of your relationship, simply because he’s quite needy and he craves your reassurance. So it’s a great time for developing your relationship, but do be sensitive.

Week 3 – Winding Down

This is definitely a great week for communication and it should be a very rewarding time filled with a lot of pleasure, time to relax and wind down.

This can be a very constructive week where you guys get organized and prepared for the coming week, and it’s also a good send-off in terms of the financial year end with a lot achieved at his work, which should leave him feeling quite confident about the New Year. So even if it was an up-and-down 2023 financially, it should end on a good note, which is great for family prosperity.

This is an awesome time for new relationships, he’s likely to want to surprise you and therefore expect spontaneity and go with the flow. If you are feeling a little bit mellower, you might find him quite a distraction this week because he is raring to go and often, like I warned you about, can get a little bit over the top. So enjoy, but don’t let him get you too excited because you know what goes up must come down.

Week 4 – Merry Christmas

This week has all the perfect ingredients for the holiday season as we all take a break and enjoy the festivities ahead of the New Year.

There’s definitely a sense of balance in his life, he’s fairly confident and positive about things going forward. This is a good period, not only to have fun and to enjoy yourselves, but to reflect and to reach some decisions about the New Year.

It’s a time when he’s quite romantic and sentimental, there’s definitely a strong need to escape and to put some things right out of his mind. So it’s important not to be critical or try and discuss anything that involves a lot of detail.

This is actually an awesome time for all relationships because they can strengthen, become more meaningful and if you take a pragmatic, positive approach to your relationship with him and communicate in a way that is romantic but that’s also fairly down to earth, real relationship magic happens.


This looks like being a pretty awesome month for your relationship with Aries Man, not a lot can go wrong as long as there’s some good planning upfront and you leave plenty of space for all the romance and then nostalgia.

Remember, he’s a little bit vulnerable and delicate so keep that in mind.

Now this is an ideal time for me to wish you all a very merry Christmas and to thank you for all your support throughout the year.

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