8 Things That Drive An Aries Man Crazy In Bed

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
If you are looking for how to blow his mind and drive him crazy in bed, you best continue reading to find out all the tips that I have up my sleeve.

Hello, my lovely ladies! If you have never been with an Aries man then you are surely missing out, especially if you’re a lady who likes sex. These passionate men know their way around the bedroom, and they have a lust that is hard to quench!

These men are always ready for a romp and love to express themselves sexually. They are so passionate and so excited when it comes to being a good lover. These men simply love sex and they need a lot of it. Their sexual appetite is huge!

The pleasures of the bedroom are not far from their minds, especially when there is a woman close to them who is making their blood boil with lust. If you want to keep an Aries man happy, then you best be sure to make him happy in the bedroom first. 

He’s a simple man and doesn’t need much to keep him satisfied, but if you are really looking for how to blow an Aries man’s mind and drive him crazy in bed then you best continue reading to find out all the tips and tricks that I have up my sleeve.

8 Things That Drive An Aries Man Crazy In Bed

1. Your Enthusiasm Is A Must

What Drives An Aries Man Crazy In Bed

An Aries man lives on passion and energy. He lives life to the fullest and loves to be bold and brave with his actions. He isn’t someone who is satisfied with the bare minimum or just coasting by. This guy wants passion, enthusiasm, and excitement in everything he does – but especially sex!

He wants all his senses to be tantalized during sex. He wants fireworks and to immerse himself in powerful, loud, and dirty sex and he needs to be with someone who is going to be okay with this. 

Sex simply cannot be boring for your Aries guy; he wants to push it to the extreme and to try new things as often as he can. He is a physical guy so you can expect sex with him to be quite a workout.

Be enthusiastic about sex and try out new things! Show him that you enjoy making him and I promise you will drive him crazy. All he really wants is to know that his woman loves sleeping with him.

2. Quickies – And Lots Of Them

How To Drive An Aries Man Crazy In Bed

Your Aries guy likes to live in the moment, he isn’t the guy who is going to plan out a long and romantic night to try and woo you over. He is way too spontaneous for that. He loves a good old quickie.

So, when the mood takes him, he is probably going to initiate sex. And if you are up for it, then why not? He loves quickies, so don’t worry, it isn’t going to take too much of your time and you’re likely to enjoy it yourself. 

An Aries man can go again and again, he is likely to initiate sex as often as he feels the mood. He isn’t one of those men who feel satisfied after one go and doesn’t leave the moments in between love-making for too long.

Of course, never feel obliged to give in to sex whenever he demands it. Follow your passion and what feels good. It is good for him to be left waiting now and again.

3. Make It A Marathon

Aries Man In Bed

Even though your Aries guy loves a good old quickie, what he really enjoys is a night full of passion and making love. If you really want to drive him wild then make sure to give him a long night of pleasure that he will never forget.

This guy doesn’t handle delayed gratification that well, and this is exactly why you need to tease him for as long as possible. He is so used to getting what he wants that when it doesn’t come by as easily as he is used to it can drive him wild.

Start off by sending him naughty texts throughout the day, then wearing your sexiest outfit to dinner follow this with a sensual striptease of some sort, and then get into some much-needed foreplay. You want to tease him for as long as you both can handle it!

Also, let him know what you want, and that you’re in the mood for something more sensual and focused on your own sexual needs. Give him fireworks and make him realize that sex is just as enjoyable even if it takes a while longer to get to the destination. Make it worth the wait.

4. Use Your Imagination Beneath The Sheets

Your Aries man will often use sex as a means to escape from reality. These men are up for experimenting with fantasies and roleplay. An Aries will pretty much do anything as long as it is new and unexpected.

So, if you’re quite creative and know how to spice things up using your imagination then your Aries man will be all too happy to oblige. Doing something fun and out of the box will most definitely drive him wild. 

Perhaps involve some dressing up as your favorite fictional characters or dive into something a little kinkier like BDSM. An Aries man is actually just a naughty boy inside and needs a woman who can indulge him in his fantasies. Make sure to listen to what he wants in the bedroom and see if you can deliver!

5. Don’t Stay Quiet

Your Aries man just loves to hear how spectacular he is at something! He loves compliments and receiving adoration from the woman in his life. So, when Aries does something that you like, you better be vocal about it, especially in the bedroom!

Make him feel really special and let him know that he makes you feel things you have never felt before. An Aries really likes knowing that he’s one of a kind and like there is no one like him that you have ever been with. 

Behind all that bravado he is actually comparing himself to all your previous lovers and is dying to know how he matches up. So, you better let him know how good he makes you feel to quiet that little voice in his head. 

6. Boost His Confidence

This doesn’t have to be done in the bedroom per se, but giving an Aries man an extra boost of confidence is more important than you could ever imagine. When it comes to Astrological anatomy, Aries rules the head.

It might not seem like it because he’s always on some kind of mission of sorts, but an Aries man has a lot going on in his mind and a woman who can calm him down and make him feel good about himself is a woman who he will keep coming back to.

This is why sex is so important for them. It takes them out of their heads and the constant rumination and it gives them a chance to ground and feel centered in their body.

Your Aries man often feels the pressure to be ultra-masculine, but sometimes he also needs the chance to just be vulnerable and sex gives him the chance to be free and open and honest with his woman.

So, if you make him feel good and boost his confidence, he is more likely to want to open up to you and be vulnerable with you.

7. Take Charge, Be The Dominant One

As you can well imagine, your Aries man is always in control, especially in his everyday life. He likes to take charge and be the leader of the pack, so it comes as quite a relief when he can just sit back and take on a more submissive role in the bedroom.

Boss him around a bit, and tell him what you need from him. Trust me, he will love the power you exert. Nothing is sexier than a woman who can take charge of herself for an Aries man. Let his mind relax and make all the decisions for him.

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8. Don’t Be Lazy

Your Aries guy is so full of enthusiasm and energy, and nothing turns him off more than a woman who is lazy or uninspiring in the bedroom. If you don’t enjoy sex, your Aries guy is probably not the one for you. 

He wants a woman who can really enjoy herself and let her hair loose in the bedroom. If you have any inhibitions, you need to let them go when you’re getting down and dirty with your Aries man. All he really wants is you to enjoy your life with him.

So, make sure he knows when you’re turned on and don’t wait for him to initiate sex. He likes it when a woman knows what she wants!

Final Thoughts

Are you dating an Aries guy? What has your experience in the bedroom been with him thus far? Please let me know your tips and tricks in the comment section below! I’m so curious to hear what you ladies think!

Are you looking to spice things up with your Aries man? Then I have just the thing for you!

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Wishing you so much fun in love and life.

Your sister and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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  1. These are all great tips. I’ve dated an Aries man and through sheer luck I’ve been flirting with another Aries man, they are my favourite sign. So sexy, so vibrant and so manly. They have a sensibility that nobody sees on the first layer. But oh so beautiful. These tips work with both these men.

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