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5 Things NOT To Do When An Aries Man Is Pulling Away

There are few feelings as low as feeling your partner pull away, but we’ve all been there. The questions going through your mind won’t stop… what’s he doing when I’m not around? What could be causing this?

Like always, Astrology is here to inform us on the nature of the Aries man. We can parse out the reasons for his actions by applying the core nature of the Aries man to the concern at hand. In the case of him pulling away, there are some concrete things you should avoid all together!

5 Things NOT To Do When An Aries Man Is Pulling Away

1. Reign Him In Tighter

Things Not To Do When An Aries Man Is Pulling Away

The Aries is easily the most independent sign of the Zodiac. He doesn’t need to report his fantastic feats to anyone to feel good about himself, because his own approval is all he needs. You can imagine that these guys allow themselves to get away with a lot!

The good news is, what you may think is an Aries pulling away could just be him getting some ‘me’ time in, because Aries always prioritize themselves (for better or worse). 

To attempt to sequester this wild ram’s spirit would be a fatal flaw, since no Aries will put up with that for long. In fact, they typically make it a condition of the relationship that they get their space! And if they haven’t taken this time to themselves in the past, believe me, it was high time. 

If you do feel that he is pulling away for more than just a little solo time, then it’s important to remain fairly hands off. Like a wild animal, if they think you’re trying to trap them then they’ll be off in a flash. 

2. Bring Up The Past

Aries men are like newborn babies (in many ways, but I’ll contain myself) in the sense that they live in the now. The future isn’t guaranteed, and the past is history in their eyes… and they don’t appreciate people making them think it’s any other way!

Aries will ask you to judge him as the person that he is now, not who he was. He identifies with who he is and, in his mind, people are not their pasts, they just are. 

Perhaps as you feel him pulling away, you’re tempted to bring up how he cheated in a past relationship or something similar. Trust me, whatever this is isn’t about the past. This is about something he’s currently experiencing. 

My advice is to ask him hands off questions to gauge where he’s at. Asking if he’s doing okay is key because sometimes Aries have to go out alone to lick their wounds. He may be dying to divulge something and just needs a nudge.  

3. Chase Him

Signs An Aries Man Is Pulling Away

Have you ever tried to catch a dog running away from you? You may know that often the dog will consider it a game of tag and just run faster! I think you see where I’m going with this.

Aries men will take full advantage of someone who chases them because they know they’ll win but they may play hot and cold so you feel like you’ve just got him back only for him to run again. 

If you’ve ever stopped chasing a dog, you’ll know that they usually turn back around to look for you when they realize you’re gone.

That’s the Aries man! Give them their space to feel free and they’ll quickly remember all the comforts and luxuries of having a partner and wander back to you. I’ll take reverse psychology for $1000, Alex!

4. Shut Him Down

Aries men are ruled by the flaming Mars, the most masculine planet of them all. They are literally the manliest men in the Zodiac, which makes them subject to pretty much every issue that these stereotypical macho-men are known to have. 

Your Aries guy may have wandered off because he’s trying to pull a tough guy move where he carries his burdens alone. Translation: He’s too embarrassed to admit he has feelings!

In the case, your Aries does break down in favor of telling you how he feels make sure you listen and don’t offer any snide remarks. At this time, don’t bring up the time he’s spent away. Just appreciate that he’s here now communicating with you.

If the Aries realizes that venting isn’t making him look weak then it will invite him to share with you more frequently and maybe it will encourage him to stick around more!

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5. Answer Every Call

One reason an Aries pulls away is because their insatiable desire for stimulation is forcing them to seek more thrilling activities! If his environment becomes too predictable, he’ll be subconsciously looking for ways to spice it up, hence why Aries men are known for starting meaningless fights!

An Aries that knows he doesn’t have to compete for your love will quickly lose interest. Instead, give him a reason to think that your attention is elsewhere! 

If you normally answer his texts and calls quickly, leave him hanging for a while. Wait 24 hours or more to respond to a text and it will certainly get his attention. Be vague about why you couldn’t answer… let his imagination go wild! 

He’ll quickly become obsessed with finding out what you’re doing and making you engaged with him once again. This is the best feeling for an Aries since they love to feel challenged with a herculean task like winning your heart back! 

The Aries man is nothing short of a challenge, but that’s sort of his MO… nothing is easy with him! He relies a lot on the feedback he’s getting, whether he realizes it or not. Your actions can surely make or break the situation because he’ll perform the exact opposite of how you expect!

He needs a little conflict in his life, so if he’s pulling away it could well be because he wants to see what you’ll do… the tension and drama are his favorite!

My advice? Beat him at his own game! Don’t do what he expects, go ahead and switch it up. This turn of events is sure to get him sniffing around you once more! 

Are you dating an Aries man? What’s worked for you when he has pulled away? You know I’m dying to know, so lay it on me in the comments below!

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Wishing you all the luck in the Universe, 

Anna Kovach

10 thoughts on “5 Things NOT To Do When An Aries Man Is Pulling Away

  1. What worked for me if he pulled away, is what you taught me before it happened!
    I gave him lots of space, went out with my friends, took up a new hobby, etc.
    Now he calls me the Mysterious Ms M !!!
    I.had to learn to be patient, which is NOT one of my strong suits!

    1. Hi Maggie!

      Nice! Glad to know the tactic worked for you. Wonderful to hear! Thank you for sharing this so other women see that it does actually work. Remember, if you ever need more information, you can always read my books on Aries Man Secrets. Blessings to you!

  2. Hi the Aries man.
    So quiet yet so into me.
    He is a way at work in an country working for our government.
    Work has him worried for his teenage son and does say he’s Boring.not to me.
    How do I intrigued him?

    1. Hi Kendra!

      It sounds like he has his hands very full and probably in a stressful situation which is causing him to not be so interested. You’ll need to be very patient with him and keep reaching out to say hi and ask him how he is doing. Be understanding of what is happening with him. By showing him support, he’ll come back to you with open arms. He’ll love knowing he can talk to you when he feels he needs to or wants to. Check out my books sometime on Aries Man Secrets. I think it may help you that much more.

  3. It’s honestly the first time I’m dealing with an Aries. He is a triple aries actually, mercury and venus in aries too. I’m truly shocked that the being mysterious and not answering quick actually works. He disappeared on me for two days within the first month of us talking everyday and I did absolutely nothing!! He came back with a crying emoji saying he missed me so much and that even if he disappears not to ever stop texting him, yea right!!! Well I don’t do that, you don’t give me attention I won’t either lol (virgo/libra) cusp.

    We have a lot of fun through phone calls and text, he seems good and respectful so far. Just wanted to mention that as much as I want to reply quickly to him when I’m available, I’ve tried my very best to not reply and take between 3 to 7 hours, one day I took 22 hrs and he was going crazy and I could clearly see a shift in our relationship for good! He is way more attentive ever since and texts me a lot!

    1. Hi Pia!

      Mercury in Aries would indicate his way of thinking and his ability to take action on this thoughts and ideas. Venus in Aries would mean this is who he is seeking as a partner. Venus is for ladies and Mars is for men. He’s best with Aries or another fire sign (Sagittarius or Leo). Aries men are doing what they want at any given time which sometimes leaves their lady in a state of confusion. Basically he’s saying, even if I do what I want, don’t end it with me. That’s sort of unfair for you. I would tell him that you understand his personal freedom but if he wants to disappear for days then he should let you know that he’s going to do that so that you don’t wonder what is going on. Learn more about Aries men by checking out my books on Aries Man Secrets.

  4. I met a Aries man things were going great in the beginning we dated about 2 months then i noticed him pulling away i was a bit confused. I use to hear from him everyday by either text or phone calls. I felt we had a strong connection mentally and physically. So i decided to text him on the 3rd day of not hearing from him asking, i texted ” Hi I thought of you today , how have you been? hope you had a good weekend. ” he responded by saying he was no doing well and was going though situations and he will call me later. So to make a long story short he called me later that day and said he needs to stop dating me because he needs to figure his life out and things are going bad for him being a single father and his life is not going well and he may be wanting to sell his house and move and leave his church. I said i hope its not me he said no its not he said he does not want to shut down on me if he continues to date me and its not fair to me if he has so much going on. And he proceeded to say he don’t want to fall in love with me and cant give himself fully due to his personal issues. He does not even want to be a friend. I am so sad, are Aries men like this? I fell deep and hard for this man.

    1. Hi Pauline!

      Oh boy… yes… it sounds like he has some fears that he needs to face. Until he faces his own personal demons he cannot give you the love you deserve. I am so sorry that you’re going through this. Yes, most Aries men can be like this IF they have problems that they haven’t worked through with themselves. The only thing you can really do here is be patient with him and give him time to figure himself out. The other option would be letting him go entirely and moving on. If you hang in there and want to know more, you can check out my information in the Aries Man Secrets books.

  5. Scorpio Female here, met an Aries Man amazing energy between us extremely passionate sex that lasts for hours followed by very intimate snuggling and after our fourth time seeing each other…left off on a high note….he has now disappeared for 8 days and I have not reached out at all. Hoping this method will bring him back even if it’s only to say why he hasn’t called.

    1. Hi Barbara!

      Why haven’t you reached out to him knowing that he’s gone quiet? I think you do need to reach out to him and ask him why he ghosted you. That’s not good and he doesn’t need to think it’s a good thing for him to act this way. Ignoring him isn’t going to bring him back. He has to want to come back and want to talk to you but I think you do need to reach out and find out what is going on. It’s not right for him to do that to you. Learn more about Aries man by reading my books on Aries Man Secrets.

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