What To Do When An Aries Man Pulls Away

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Is your Aries man pulling away? Learn here what steps you can take when an Aries man pulls away and how to bring him back into your orbit...

Nothing hurts more than when you know that your Aries man is pulling away from you. It can drive you crazy wondering what on earth you did wrong. So what to do when an Aries man pulls away? And is there anything you can do to make him come back to you?

An Aries man pulling away is a very common occurrence, unfortunately this is just their nature as Aries are the kings of hot and cold. One minute an Aries man will be all over you and then the next he can’t get further away. It is so confusing!

Why does an Aries man pull away is one of the biggest mysteries of the Universe. They seem to be all in one moment, and then the most disinterested person. It can be incredibly heartbreaking having to deal with behaviour like this.


Are you possibly dealing with an Aries man pulling away? Then you have definitely come to the right place. Let me help you figure out what to do when an Aries man pulls away. Keep on reading to find out more.

Understanding Your Distant Aries Man — Why Does He Pull Away?

There are many different reasons why an Aries man would possibly pull away when you are with him. Here are some of the reasons you can look out for:

The Relationship Is Moving Very Fast

The Aries man is someone who wants what he wants when he wants it. He isn’t good with patience or pacing himself, especially when it comes to love. This poses a problem as it will seem like he is all in one moment, and then he can’t be further away if he tried.

He is a man who likes to sprint, he isn’t one for marathons. Perhaps you have been too loose with your boundaries and have allowed him to bulldoze and overpower you. Next time, try to pace things so that he doesn’t get bored so quickly.

Emotions Tend To Freak Him Out

The Aries man will often come across as passionate and intense. Many women take this as a sign that he is emotionally vulnerable and open, but unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. He is passionate, yes, but emotional? Hell, no!

You might think he is more emotionally invested than he actually is because he is honest, possessive, and direct. So when a woman starts becoming very emotional with an Aries man, it tends to freak him out and makes him pull away.

Sensitivity and attachment aren’t what he signed up for so soon and this is why he is pulling away.

Things Are Too Easy In The Relationship

The Aries man is someone who wants to be a warrior. He loves winning and feeling like he has conquered something or someone. When he is in a relationship with a woman, he needs to feel like he is constantly winning her over.

So when an Aries man no longer feels like the hero in the fairytale, he tends to pull away. Perhaps you have made things too easy for him by always being available, or perhaps you are overly critical of him or aren’t appreciative of what he does for you.

This can take a toll on him and make him feel less manly. He has a very big ego, and he wants to be with someone who will cultivate feeling like a warrior within him.

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How To Keep An Aries Man From Pulling Away? 5 Things To Do When He Pulls Away

1. Give Him His Space

Because the Aries man is someone who is all in one moment and then couldn’t be more disinterested the next. It is very important to know how to respond to this kind of behaviour or else you might push him away for good. 

When an Aries man pulls away, take this as a moment for both of you to experience self-care and focus on your own hobbies and interests. It can be very alluring to lose yourself in a relationship with an Aries man because it is so intense and fun to be with him. 

But if you really want to make a relationship work with an Aries man it is really important to learn to honour the moments he needs space. Because when you allow him this space he knows that you trust him and aren’t going to cling to him every moment he isn’t with you. 

Space is a very useful commodity when it comes to the Aries man. It cultivates a feeling of wanting to chase you to win you over and it also shows that you are emotionally mature and independent.

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2. Create Excitement Within Him

When an Aries man pulls away, it can feel really easy for you to want to express all of your emotions to him and lay all your feelings on the table to let him know how you feel about him. However, this isn’t always the best approach to take with him. 

What the Aries man actually needs is to feel excited about the relationship with you again. Instead of going the emotional route with him, instead, create an opportunity for him to feel excited about you. 

Plan a fun date for the two of you together. One of the best ways to do this is to get his blood pumping with adrenaline because I am sure you know how much the Aries man enjoys a bit of adventure and spontaneity. 

Perhaps challenge him to a tennis match, or get tickets to an amusement park, or a panic room. All of these things will bring his guard down and help him to connect with you again. It is usually best not to get overly emotional with the Aries man as this just scares him away even more. 

3. Lift Him Up And Praise Him

Aries men are a lot like kids and you’ve probably noticed that they can be very immature at times, so it can be quite easy to become overly critical of your Aries man because he does act quite childish sometimes. 

If you notice yourself getting quite frustrated with him then it might be a good idea for you to check in with yourself and question why you are so overly critical of him. If this is the case then it is no wonder that he is pulling away from you. 

He doesn’t like it when he doesn’t feel appreciated by his lady. He’s probably thinking why are you with him if you are able to find so many faults with him. If you want to turn this around you are going to have to start treating him like a kind again. 

Be nice to him and compliment him. Recognize the good within him and make sure you appreciate him or else you are definitely going to lose him. Make him feel like he is the hero in your life again and you’ll notice him turn around fairly quickly.

If you’re in a situation where your Aries man says he doesn’t think it’s going to work and you’re feeling lost and unsure of what to do, I strongly recommend my 30-day Aries Man Love Challenge. This program is designed to give you all the tools you need to bring back the passion and connection in your relationship. Start your journey today!

4. Cultivate A Challenge Within Him

One thing the Aries man responds really well to is when he has a competition or challenge he needs to win. He is someone who believes that he is the best of the best and he will do whatever it takes to be the winner. 

But make sure this is a challenge an Aries man can actually win or else you are just setting him up for failure and that is no good. You can challenge him by making a request to him about something you need done. 

However, you can also challenge him by standing up for your needs when he fails to meet your needs. If you notice he hasn’t been respecting your boundaries you can tell him what you need and be uncompromising about this. 

It is very good for you to vocalize what you need from him and give him the opportunity to satisfy your needs. Praise him once he has done this as this is a way of making him feel like he has actually done the right thing. 

Or you can think of a goal the two of you can accomplish together. Having a challenge that requires teamwork may have a way of bringing the two of you together again. Always remember not to make things too easy for him. 

5. Stop Trying To Control Him

The Aries man is very serious about his independence and freedom. When he feels like he has lost this it makes him feel quite miserable. The thing the Aries man hates most in his life is feeling manipulated and controlled. 

He might start to feel controlled by you if you are putting pressure on him to define the relationship you have with him or pushing him to express his feelings for you. Although an Aries man likes to rush into things, they need to do this at their own pace. 

You may also notice that you and your Aries man have different views and values about certain things, and if you pressure him to think differently about these things, you will push him further away again. 

This is just a power struggle between the two of you, and I hate to say it, but the Aries man will usually come out on top because he is so terribly stubborn. If you continue to try and control him you are going to end up losing quite badly. 

Allow him to be himself and try not to control him. This is what unconditional love and acceptance look like. Show him that you want him for who he is and that you aren’t trying to change him into someone he isn’t.

What Not To Do When An Aries Man Pulls Away

1. Reign Him In Tighter

The Aries is easily the most independent sign of the Zodiac. He doesn’t need to report his fantastic feats to anyone to feel good about himself, because his own approval is all he needs. You can imagine that these guys allow themselves to get away with a lot!

The good news is, what you may think is an Aries pulling away could just be him getting some ‘me’ time in, because Aries always prioritize themselves (for better or worse). 

To attempt to sequester this wild ram’s spirit would be a fatal flaw, since no Aries will put up with that for long. In fact, they typically make it a condition of the relationship that they get their space! And if they haven’t taken this time to themselves in the past, believe me, it was high time. 

If you do feel that he is pulling away for more than just a little solo time, then it’s important to remain fairly hands off. Like a wild animal, if they think you’re trying to trap them then they’ll be off in a flash. 

2. Bring Up The Past

Aries men are like newborn babies (in many ways, but I’ll contain myself) in the sense that they live in the now. The future isn’t guaranteed, and the past is history in their eyes… They don’t appreciate people making them think it’s any other way!

Aries will ask you to judge him as the person he is now, not who he was. He identifies with who he is and, in his mind, people are not their pasts, they just are. 

Perhaps as you feel him pulling away, you’re tempted to bring up how he cheated in a past relationship or something similar. Trust me, whatever this is isn’t about the past. This is something he’s currently experiencing. 

My advice is to ask him hands off questions to gauge where he’s at. Asking if he’s doing okay is key because sometimes Aries have to go out alone to lick their wounds. He may be dying to divulge something and just needs a nudge.  

3. Chase Him

Have you ever tried to catch a dog running away from you? You may know that often the dog will consider it a game of tag and just run faster! I think you see where I’m going with this.

Aries men will take full advantage of someone who chases them because they know they’ll win but they may play hot and cold so you feel like you’ve just got him back only for him to run again. 

If you’ve ever stopped chasing a dog, you’ll know that they usually turn back around to look for you when they realize you’re gone.

That’s the Aries man! Give them their space to feel free and they’ll quickly remember all the comforts and luxuries of having a partner and wander back to you. I’ll take reverse psychology for $1000, Alex!

4. Shut Him Down

Aries men are ruled by the flaming Mars, the most masculine planet of them all. They are literally the manliest men in the Zodiac, which makes them subject to pretty much every issue that these stereotypical macho men are known to have. 

Your Aries guy may have wandered off because he’s trying to pull a tough guy move where he carries his burdens alone. Translation: He’s too embarrassed to admit he has feelings!

In the case, your Aries does break down in favor of telling you how he feels make sure you listen and don’t offer any snide remarks. At this time, don’t bring up the time he’s spent away. Just appreciate that he’s here now communicating with you.

Here’s more on how to talk to an Aries man properly <<

If the Aries realizes that venting isn’t making him look weak then it will invite him to share with you more frequently and maybe it will encourage him to stick around more!

5. Answer Every Call

One reason an Aries man pulls away is that their insatiable desire for stimulation is forcing them to seek more thrilling activities! If his environment becomes too predictable, he’ll be subconsciously looking for ways to spice it up, hence why Aries men are known for starting meaningless fights!

An Aries that knows he doesn’t have to compete for your love will quickly lose interest. Instead, please give him a reason to think that your attention is elsewhere! 

If you normally answer his texts and calls quickly, leave him hanging for a while. Wait 24 hours or more to respond to a text and it will certainly get his attention. Be vague about why you couldn’t answer… let his imagination go wild! 

He’ll quickly become obsessed with finding out what you’re doing and making you engaged with him once again. This is the best feeling for an Aries since they love to feel challenged with a herculean task like winning your heart back! 

The Aries man is nothing short of a challenge, but that’s sort of his MO… nothing is easy with him! He relies a lot on the feedback he’s getting, whether he realizes it or not. Your actions can surely make or break the situation because he’ll perform the exact opposite of how you expect!

He needs a little conflict in his life, so if he’s pulling away it could well be because he wants to see what you’ll do… the tension and drama are his favorite!

My advice? Beat him at his own game! Don’t do what he expects, go ahead and switch it up. This turn of events is sure to get him sniffing around you once more! 

Is An Aries Man Testing Me By Pulling Away?

The Aries man is the number one guy in the Zodiac to play games and test women. The Aries man gets a rise out of this as it makes him feel like he is in control and can get what he wants from a woman. 

An Aries man feels powerful because he knows that being emotionally manipulative will give him what he wants out of the relationship. And this is why he has a tendency to test a woman over and over again to see if she will stick around. 

He is trying to get what he wants out of the relationship and this is why Aries act hot and cold. So, Aries man is pulling away to test you for sure. He might not be certain about what he wants from you, so he keeps you around to see how far he can push things. 

Learn here how to play hard to get with an Aries man the right way <<

When To Walk Away From An Aries Man?

Are you wondering if you should give up on your Aries man? I can only imagine that his behaviours are probably extremely confusing and feel like an emotional rollercoaster at times. One moment you are higher than high, and the next you are lower than low.

This can definitely feel like emotional abuse or a toxic relationship if you aren’t used to recognizing the red flags. You might start to realize that it is time for you to walk away from your Aries man because you have tried everything I have suggested and he is still treating you like dirt.

This is definitely not fair to you and I would never recommend that a woman stay in a toxic relationship that only will end up hurting her more. So if you feel like you have tried everything I have suggested then I would urge you to step away and stop giving him chances. You deserve a lot more than what he is giving you.

It is important that you are able to trust the man you are with and if you feel like this is no longer the case then what is actually the point of you being with him? You deserve better, and I am sure you know this already.

FAQ About Aries Man Pulling Away

Will An Aries Man Reach Out After No Contact?

It is very possible that an Aries man will reach out after no contact, especially if you have broken contact with him unexpectedly. He will be perplexed that you have decided to walk away from him and now that he can’t have you, he will chase you like nobody’s business. 

However, if you want this to work you will have to be very firm in your boundaries. You can’t go no contact and dilly dally about it. You have to be very strong and not reach out to him at all. And when he reaches out to you, you can’t break it as he will feel like he has won you over again. 

Sometimes it is best to walk away from an Aries man for good because he might not have the emotional maturity to be able to be in an adult relationship.

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Do Aries Men Come Back After Pulling Away?

Aries men do come back after pulling away, but it all depends on how you first handled the situation. If you kept chasing him and clinging to him tightly then he is less likely to come back. But if you give him the space he wants, the chances are a lot better that he will come back. 

Does Your Aries Man Disappear After Intimacy?

Does your Aries man pull away or get quiet when you’ve just had a deep emotional connection? Or does he seem to disappear just when you thought he was getting closer?

Have you felt confused by his hot and cold behavior?

If so, then he might have an avoidant attachment style. He could be Dismissive Avoidant and completely terrified of commitment… Or he could be Fearful Avoidant and REALLY want commitment… But get scared when he feels himself getting closer to you.

If he has either one of these attachment styles, you’re going to end up feeling extremely confused at times.

And both are caused by childhood trauma.

When you can see the scared little boy inside him that had to shut down his feelings if he’s dismissive avoidant… Or have a parent not provide his needs consistently if he’s fearful avoidant…

It can make it easier to have empathy and compassion for his confusing and frustrating behavior. 

But that won’t fix it.

And while advice on attachment styles can be helpful… What you really need to stop this frustrating hot and cold cycle is to understand him better.

Thankfully, there is a simple system to TRULY understand how he ticks based on his astrology <<

It will stop your Aries man from pulling back when you begin feeling closer. And it will accomplish in only 30 days.

So no more crying yourself to sleep when your Aries pulls back… No more feeling incredibly confused. And no more wondering what in the heck is going on with him…

Even if he has an avoidant attachment style.

Go here now to turn things around with your Aries man in 30 days or less <<



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23 thoughts on “What To Do When An Aries Man Pulls Away

  1. What worked for me if he pulled away, is what you taught me before it happened!
    I gave him lots of space, went out with my friends, took up a new hobby, etc.
    Now he calls me the Mysterious Ms M !!!
    I.had to learn to be patient, which is NOT one of my strong suits!

    1. Hi Maggie!

      Nice! Glad to know the tactic worked for you. Wonderful to hear! Thank you for sharing this so other women see that it does actually work. Remember, if you ever need more information, you can always read my books on Aries Man Secrets. Blessings to you!

  2. Hi the Aries man.
    So quiet yet so into me.
    He is a way at work in an country working for our government.
    Work has him worried for his teenage son and does say he’s Boring.not to me.
    How do I intrigued him?

    1. Hi Kendra!

      It sounds like he has his hands very full and probably in a stressful situation which is causing him to not be so interested. You’ll need to be very patient with him and keep reaching out to say hi and ask him how he is doing. Be understanding of what is happening with him. By showing him support, he’ll come back to you with open arms. He’ll love knowing he can talk to you when he feels he needs to or wants to. Check out my books sometime on Aries Man Secrets. I think it may help you that much more.

  3. It’s honestly the first time I’m dealing with an Aries. He is a triple aries actually, mercury and venus in aries too. I’m truly shocked that the being mysterious and not answering quick actually works. He disappeared on me for two days within the first month of us talking everyday and I did absolutely nothing!! He came back with a crying emoji saying he missed me so much and that even if he disappears not to ever stop texting him, yea right!!! Well I don’t do that, you don’t give me attention I won’t either lol (virgo/libra) cusp.

    We have a lot of fun through phone calls and text, he seems good and respectful so far. Just wanted to mention that as much as I want to reply quickly to him when I’m available, I’ve tried my very best to not reply and take between 3 to 7 hours, one day I took 22 hrs and he was going crazy and I could clearly see a shift in our relationship for good! He is way more attentive ever since and texts me a lot!

    1. Hi Pia!

      Mercury in Aries would indicate his way of thinking and his ability to take action on this thoughts and ideas. Venus in Aries would mean this is who he is seeking as a partner. Venus is for ladies and Mars is for men. He’s best with Aries or another fire sign (Sagittarius or Leo). Aries men are doing what they want at any given time which sometimes leaves their lady in a state of confusion. Basically he’s saying, even if I do what I want, don’t end it with me. That’s sort of unfair for you. I would tell him that you understand his personal freedom but if he wants to disappear for days then he should let you know that he’s going to do that so that you don’t wonder what is going on. Learn more about Aries men by checking out my books on Aries Man Secrets.

  4. I met a Aries man things were going great in the beginning we dated about 2 months then i noticed him pulling away i was a bit confused. I use to hear from him everyday by either text or phone calls. I felt we had a strong connection mentally and physically. So i decided to text him on the 3rd day of not hearing from him asking, i texted ” Hi I thought of you today , how have you been? hope you had a good weekend. ” he responded by saying he was no doing well and was going though situations and he will call me later. So to make a long story short he called me later that day and said he needs to stop dating me because he needs to figure his life out and things are going bad for him being a single father and his life is not going well and he may be wanting to sell his house and move and leave his church. I said i hope its not me he said no its not he said he does not want to shut down on me if he continues to date me and its not fair to me if he has so much going on. And he proceeded to say he don’t want to fall in love with me and cant give himself fully due to his personal issues. He does not even want to be a friend. I am so sad, are Aries men like this? I fell deep and hard for this man.

    1. Hi Pauline!

      Oh boy… yes… it sounds like he has some fears that he needs to face. Until he faces his own personal demons he cannot give you the love you deserve. I am so sorry that you’re going through this. Yes, most Aries men can be like this IF they have problems that they haven’t worked through with themselves. The only thing you can really do here is be patient with him and give him time to figure himself out. The other option would be letting him go entirely and moving on. If you hang in there and want to know more, you can check out my information in the Aries Man Secrets books.

  5. Scorpio Female here, met an Aries Man amazing energy between us extremely passionate sex that lasts for hours followed by very intimate snuggling and after our fourth time seeing each other…left off on a high note….he has now disappeared for 8 days and I have not reached out at all. Hoping this method will bring him back even if it’s only to say why he hasn’t called.

    1. Hi Barbara!

      Why haven’t you reached out to him knowing that he’s gone quiet? I think you do need to reach out to him and ask him why he ghosted you. That’s not good and he doesn’t need to think it’s a good thing for him to act this way. Ignoring him isn’t going to bring him back. He has to want to come back and want to talk to you but I think you do need to reach out and find out what is going on. It’s not right for him to do that to you. Learn more about Aries man by reading my books on Aries Man Secrets.

  6. Dated Aries for 19 months which turned into a great partnership and relationship. Gave me the space I wanted but we were close. Now he says that when we met he said he wanted to be single, date and have sex with multiple women. With me, we have become a couple. Can we just be close friends without sex while he dates others. We are in our 60s. I reacted calmly and quietly that I was leaving his house. He kept trying to get me to agree to his suggestion.

    I’m not that woman. I enjoyed the relationship and it got me back into dating. 2 years ago I didn’t think I could have a great relationship again. This experience with Aries proved me wrong. Right now, I’m ceasing communication so I can focus on my new promotion. If he is meant for me as I think, he will rethink his options and come back before the point of no return so we can partner again. If not, I am convinced the universe, the Divine has someone even better in store for me!

    1. Hi Carol!

      Quite honestly it sounds like he isn’t really looking to settle down. He wants to play and have fun. I wouldn’t agree to this situation unless you in your heart of all hearts think it would be alright. If you are a monogamist though, that’s not going to work for you. He’s basically asking you for an “open” relationship. It really all depends on how you feel about it. Do what works for you sweetheart. You’re right, the universe will always provide!

  7. Hey Anna,

    I’ve been dating an Aries man since Sept. Things were going great and then we start arguing about stupid things. I am a Scorpio. One week his space and didn’t communicate with me for a day and didn’t talk to me for almost 6 days. Then we were good again. He always takes his time to text and call me back which is very annoying. He says he loves me but his actions do not show that because someone moving that way doesn’t translate to love for me.

    This time he took his space for 9 days and then he told me he wanted to still be with me and he hated the arguing that he works a lot and it’s distracting him. Then he called me on the 12th day. I wasn’t calling him or texting him everyday. This time when we talked he said he missed me and i told him I wanted to start over. He said he doesn’t want to because he is learning a lot about himself from dating me and he likes that about our relationship.

    He still doesn’t call or text me everyday. He use to before the arguing and he says that he loves me and wants to be with me. I’m not happy with what he is doing though.

    Please advise!

    1. Hi British Gurl!

      Aries and Scorpio are the two signs that are quick fused. The silent treatment from Aries is normal. They rely on having a partner that will not spar with him. You both have to work on how you communicate otherwise this heated romance may not work. You have to approach him in a way that isn’t going to set him off thus causing silence between you again. He may be testing you by not calling or texting like he used to. It might take him time to get back to that but he wants to see how you will react to his not reaching as much. Patience is going to be necessary here because if you lose it and tell him it sucks he’s not reaching out, he will take it the wrong way and you end up at the bottom. Try not reaching out to him as much for a while and see what he does. He may just re-engage in chasing you again. Check out my guides on Aries Man Secrets sometime. I wish you all the best!

  8. Ok, so I’m a pisces sun female (aries mercury, in the 8th) with an aries sun male. We share a virgo moon conjunct within less than 1 degree. Here’s the thing with this advice- and no offense is meant- this seems like manipulative behavior with the focus on “getting him back” rather than “giving your partner what he needs.” There is certainly some of the latter in there, but the focus on getting a particular result is just putting off inevitable compatibility or other issues. The truth is, if someone (aries man, or otherwise) pulls away, THEY need to pony up and deal with it. The key is to understand whether you are in a committed relationship with that person or not, and if you have not explicitly discussed this with your partner, you absolutely cannot assume you are. If you’re committed, then the number 1 advice for aries men is to both take them at their word to honor that commitment and honor it yourself. You need to already decide and know that if your partner does this or that, or if you do this or that, what’s going to happen. So when one person puts less into the relationship (whether that’s a full pulling back or just some emotional distance), you need to know BEFORE it happens what your decision about the relationship is. I wish I had known that and wouldn’t have butchered the first half of our relationship by breaking up with him for several months and coming back crying that I really do love him and blah blah basically acting a pisces fool. The truth is, I’ve already decided how I feel, and if he goes cold on me again, fine, I have plenty to do and the space for us is there and is adaptable. Aries are oddly creatures of comfort- its a weird like, almost cancerian tendency- and they really go on the “hero’s journey” and WANT a home to to come back to even if they burn everything and everyone in their path. Good news on my side is fire can’t burn water 😉 Golden rule of relationships: know yourself. From there, you can decide how to love someone. I’ll choose him in this and every other life I have the extraordinary honor. If he chooses to do or not do something, ok. If he wants me or not, ok. I don’t have to sit here miserable over it- I just love and keep that light on and do whatever I need/want to do haha. If I need something, I ask. If he goes dark (and oh, he does), it’s ok. Love is simple when you decide that it is. Good luck- these guys are a wild ride and not for the faint of heart!!

    1. Hi S!

      Thank you for such a detailed experience. I’m sure many women will treasure this. I love hearing from women who are so open to share their own personal story to help others. Blessings to you sweetheart! I wish you all the love you deserve.

  9. Hi im a capricorn woman an he is an aries man is it normal like he will tell you he is crying he is not okay and you keep him lifting him up to be okay and he just said i cant talk he send me picture that he cried like a baby so im just worried asking what happend and telling him HEY HEY HEY YOU ARE AN ARIES YOU ARE A GOD OF WAR WIPE YOUR TEARS STAND UP do your work and go home their opinion doesnt define you okay you are doing great i believe in you i understand that you are hurting but i know you are strong dont give up okay then he told me he said okay then i just said okay i will give u space i respect you then he send me a white heart and i went to sleep now i wake up no message but he make a myday in his story in instagram and i dont view it because he did not message me i ddnot even seen his white heart message. Why all aries man is like a baby and always problematic i want to give up on him but i cant leave him likee that

    1. Hi Charyn!

      All Aries men are strong yes but emotionally they don’t cope as well. They internalize things and carry it around until they basically break down. They don’t like talking about their feelings with anyone. This is why they need a partner who knows what they are like and can be strong for them when they are weak. Not all Aries men act like babies by the way. They’re just far more sensitive than anyone really knows because they always want to display how strong they are. Try telling him inspirational things, lead by example if you can, and tell him you’re there for him. Be sensitive with him. If you are always hard when he needs you then he will start to pull away. I wish you luck in your love relationship!

  10. I’m a Cancer and he’s an Aries… ? You can only imagine!!! Emotions vs Non Emotions! This is a cycle for us… I’m a very loving , caring person. And it seems like he runs from that at times. Then when he is in need of it he’s back! Ugh… I hate it .. because it’s almost as if I’m being forced to be cold hearted when I’m not! I hate games… all this back and forward. Are wanting to see how I’m going to respond just to keep you happy get exhausting. But on the other hand when we are both on the same page we are good! Now we are back in one of his ghosting moments! And it’s hard for me to pull away because he doesn’t communicate he needs his time. It’s just one day messages and calls get short. So I’m left feeling dumb for reaching out! Because naturally I care , but he wants to play freaking cat and mouse! ? So I’ve decided to tell him today that we need to take at least 7 days to ourselves. Im going to say I want to give you ur space and time. What you guys think??

    1. Hi Keshia!

      Oh yes, the combination is definitely interesting sweetheart. Communication may be difficult between you two but not impossible. I’m glad that you’ve found a way to be on the same page. It wouldn’t hurt for you two to sit down once a week or once every other week and actually talk to each other without emotions rising up to ruin the moment. Check in on each other and ask how things are going without any actual motive. This may show both of you that there is care. Take it easy and think before you speak. Don’t talk to him with emotion. Rather than telling him you want to give him space, you should probably tell him that you feel he’s blowing you off and you aren’t happy with the way things are going. Ask him why he has changed and what he wants. See what he says. Let your intuition guide you from there. I wish you all the best!

  11. Hi, im taurus, 13th and he is an aries 2nd. We survived 4 years of relationship but now we’re in our hard times. He’s pushing me away, cut me off, shift his focus to others. He always comes home late. He stop cares if I eat or not. He does make it clear that he’s tired with our relationship. But I said that I want to change things and make it work. It’s two months now but he’s always avoid to spend time with me. He always chose to come home late and leave early in the morning. Should i just leave 😢 but i still love him so much.

  12. He said he likes me but can’t see the long term relationship with me. I’m crabby Cancer that we argued easily. I’m laid back but he is discipline. Worst match ever 🥲. How to get him back🥲

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