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Shy Aries Man: How to Know What He’s Thinking?

Aries guys are known as “real men” in general. They are determined, often stubborn and willing to fight for their dreams. But what can you really do when you meet good, but shy Aries man?

The sign of Aries is the place where the Sun gets exalted in astrology. This means that Sun has its strongest position here and the will and the ego of a person are emphasized.

Men born in this sign are famous for their military types of minds with great strategic powers and handsome bodies.

In simple terms, Aries is the sign where the king (Sun) goes to war. However, many shy Aries men are also famous for their humble character and often they can be very shy.

A good astrologer can always recognize the exact positions their natal Venus is placed. And for many Aries people, this Venus is either in Pisces, Aries or Taurus.

Romantic Warrior

People with natal Sun in Aries and Venus in Pisces will tend to have dreams about romantic love and they will long to be with a sensitive lady with electric eyes, prone to music and poetry. Those Aries guys with Venus in Aries too, will tend to love red-haired or passionate girls who are active, perhaps sometimes sloppy, but good-hearted.

And Aries men with their natal Venus positioned in Taurus will be knocked down with the feminine, classy women who are gentle and oriented toward the material world.

In any case, Aries will want a “real” feminine woman by his side, because his masculine energy will be heightened most of the time.

Think Feminine

Feminine energy is the strongest driving force for any shy Aries man because this creates a polarity between him and the lady he is interested in. As we could see from his possible Venus placements, there are almost 70% chances that he will be glued to those nice and vulnerable women.

So, be the one if you want to conquer his heart.

Strong Sense of Pride

shy Aries man

For a shy Aries man, his fifth astrological house is in the sign of Leo. And this means that his heart is full of noble pride and his sense of justice is heightened. Deep down inside he feels like a lonely king, and can’t wait to find his proper queen.

Yes, glitter and gold can be tempting for him, but it’s your nobility which will totally take control of his feelings, not just your outer appearance.

Justice and Beauty

For a shy Aries man his house of marriage and partnerships, in general, is in the sign of Libra. And this can tell you volumes about how he wants to be treated and the type of woman he would choose to be his wife.

A lady with a sense of harmony in her behavior will always be the first one on his list. However, this lady also has to act gentle and to awake the protective needs in him. If your speech is calm, nice and mannered, he will have no other option than to just adore you.

And if your fashion style is also classy with pastel colors he will love the way you look although he won’t be able to precisely define what is so magical in your appearance.

Dream of the Lonely Soldier

Aries guy belongs to the category of simple men. He is born as a soldier and his needs are very straightforward. However, his heart is sensitive and his dreams are noble. If you treat him with kindness he will automatically like, and even start to love you very fast.

If he is silent and nothing unpleasant happened recently in his life, then he surely has some fragile feelings about you and you should try to show patience when you around him.

Aries guys can’t hold their grudges for too long and if something is wrong he will show it very soon.

But in the case he likes you, he won’t think about it for ages. He will simply try to be somewhere close and he will start a somewhat confusing conversation with you.

Be His Safe Place

If he acts in a vulnerable way, then this is the surefire sign that he is into you. Don’t laugh at him, this is a big no-no. Try instead to be supportive and this will give him the green light to start chasing you at last.

If your initial conversation goes something like this:

  • “I’m not sure did I do this in a proper way…?”

Then your answer should be:

  • “Oh don’t worry, this was exceptionally good and I just loved the way how you handled this whole situation.”

This will give him the impression that you admire him and also, that you can be his safe place in life.

Pay Attention to His Body Language

shy Aries man

Throughout the years of my long praxis as the astrologer, the most Aries men I have seen were all very good and honest guys, the proper marriage material. They weren’t capable of lying or playing games and they were unable to hold any grief, anger or love feelings inside for too long.

This is why they are easy to read and even easier to handle. You will know right from the start from his body language does he fancy you or not. And if he has some feelings toward you, then you will have extremely good chances to make him love you by simply being good to him.


What are your experiences when it comes to a shy Aries man? Were they faithful or you have encountered someone who doesn’t match this story of the noble warrior?

Tell me your thoughts and are there any of your natal planets placed in the sign of Aries which made you attractive to those guys?

I would love to read your comments about this subject.

If you’re ready to understand more about shy Aries man, and if you want to catch him and keep him click here to learn more about Aries Man Secrets.

Your friend and astrologer,

Anna Kovach

3 thoughts on “Shy Aries Man: How to Know What He’s Thinking?

  1. I’m obsessed with an aries man. But I can’t figure out if he’s shy or just not interested. His birthday is April 4 and mine is September 17

    1. Hi Tacey! Thank you for writing in about your confusing Aries man situation. Aries men are typically straight forward but if he’s shy it could be due to his moon or rising sign being a sign that is more reserved. My suggestion to you is to go ahead and flirt with him. Let him know that you’d be interested in getting to know him better if he’d be up for it. If he’s interested, he will certainly take you up on it. Invite him out for coffee or a drink. If he digs you, he’ll take the bait. If he isn’t, he’ll either say he has a girlfriend or come up with some other excuse as to why he cannot go. You should learn more about what the Aries man is like by taking a look at my book “Aries Man Secrets” at

  2. Now I’m kinda lost.
    My Aries man is born on 21 March.
    His mars on Taurus and Venus in Aquarius. He’s also INFP. I’m a Leo woman. Actually he so calm for an Aries and he’s not impulsive at all. I feel I’m a typical a firey sign comparing to him. Even I was doubting what should I read to get him right. I mean yeah I understand him very well without reading anything many times, but when I did I feel he’s kinda not the typical Aries at all. Okay and when it comes to sexual part (we haven’t did it yet). what should I read? Aries? Or his mars in Taurus? I’m a bit confused. Our relationship is 5 months.

    Thank you Anna

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