13 Things An Aries Man Likes And Dislikes In A Woman

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
The complete guide to what an Aries man really wants in a woman (his likes and dislikes) written by an experienced Relationship Astrologer.

You’ve probably landed here because there is a special Aries man on your mind, but aren’t sure what an Aries man likes and dislikes in a woman? Boy, do I understand why! These guys are something else!

An Aries man is like no other and he definitely has his preferences, his likes and dislikes in a woman are quite important to him. He can be quite particular about who he is dating. An Aries man wants his woman to be just perfect for him.

So what does an Aries man want in a woman? What would be an Aries man dream woman? If you are curious to find out more about what an Aries man likes and dislikes, then keep on reading! You’re definitely going to learn a thing or two.

Aries Man Likes And Dislikes — In General

An Aries man is quite the guy; he is passionate, forthright, and very straightforward. He is impulsive, spontaneous, and very adventurous. Therefore, he needs to be with someone who can keep up with him and keep things in the relationship exciting.

He is drawn to women who are independent and free-spirited. He needs a woman who is open-minded and very adventurous. It is important that his lady has an element of spontaneity in her personality.

It is so important for an Aries man to feel stimulated and excited because he tends to get a little restless if the relationship starts getting a little boring and too domestic.

He really dislikes it when women are closed-minded and dogmatic in their thinking. He also doesn’t like it when a woman tries to control him by telling him what to do.

What Does An Aries Man Look For In A Woman? List Of Female Traits That Will Leave Him Wanting More

An Aries man has quite a long list of things he’s looking for in a relationship. But freedom is probably the most important thing on his list. He loves his life and wants to be with someone who can understand this about him.

Continue reading if you want to know more about what an Aries man is looking for in a woman.

1. Smart Women Turn An Aries Man On

An Aries man wants a woman who has a beautiful brain. If you aren’t smart then what is the point? That’s how he thinks of it. He likes to discuss many intellectual things in life. He wants to be with someone who will take part in these conversations if not provide new insight or information.

Being brainy and witty will definitely turn the man on. Using this and carrying yourself well will make him want to keep you in his life for as long as he possibly can; which is amazing.

You’ll need to show him that you know what you’re talking about. Talk about things you’ve studied or accomplished in your life. You don’t need to come off as cocky though.

Aries is cocky enough typically and if you are both that way; you may rub each other the wrong way. Be careful to be humble with the information that you share with him.

Learn here how to talk to an Aries man properly <<

2. An Aries Man Wants A Woman Who Gives Him Freedom

Ok, this is where things can get weird. Aries men want to be with a woman but they’ll also still want to flirt and they will want free time to themselves when possible.

That doesn’t mean he wants to cheat. It just means that sometimes, he wants to be utterly alone or with friends. He will flirt though as he’s born to do it. This may make you feel inferior.

If you really love him or care for him though; you will know for sure if he’s being loyal or if he’s giving you a load of crap. Watch his actions. They speak louder than any of his words ever can.

When there is trust there; you should feel alright with him going to be alone or with him spending time with the guys. Know that even if he stares at a hot waitress, he’s not going to go to bed with her.

Of course, this only applies if he’s committed to you. You had better be sure it’s not a “friends with benefits” type of situation he has with you. Aries sometimes assumes that it’s ok to do this and that you’ll be ok with it as well.

Be clear from the get-go that you are NOT interested in that type of arrangement. Once you clear the air, you know what you’re working with. Again, when the trust is there; giving him space should be no big deal.

3. An Aries Man Likes Womwn With An Active Lifestyle

The Aries man is often involved in a variety of activities. He may like sports, play sports, gym workouts, or other varieties of physical fun. I say fun because he rather enjoys getting a good workout in some way.

As such; he’s looking for a woman who is also very active and can actually keep up with him. A couch potato isn’t what an Aries man is looking for. There are the rare Aries men that may be that way but only if their moon dictates it.

Otherwise, Aries men are filled with energy and ready to get after the next exciting endeavor. He’s always doing something as he doesn’t really like to be still or bored.

He isn’t terrified of boredom like the Gemini guy is but he still doesn’t like it. He’d rather be doing something physically enriching in his life. He may actually have a job/career that requires physical endurance.

This type of job would be like a Police Man, Fireman, or some other really exciting job that gets his adrenaline pumping and allows him to flex his physical abilities. Risky jobs are what he likes.

4. She Has To Be Independent

While Aries men can at times be possessive and jealous; he still wants a woman who has her own life. He likes to sometimes spend some time alone. To get this alone time; he’ll need a partner that will have her own activities.

When he starts to get serious about a woman; he’ll often want to spend more and more time with her. This will take away from some of his free time as well as hers. However; if both partners are alright with this; it works out well.

If the two of them are still trying to get to know each other though; he’ll expect that she goes and does her own thing with her own friends while he does his thing with his friends.

Finding his woman sitting around doing nothing will make him question whether or not she’s the right one. Active and doing her own thing is what will turn him on and make him want to be with her.

So if you are typically a recluse and don’t really do a whole lot; Aries may not be the best fit for you. If he has a moon that makes him more of a homebody; it could work out but you’ll need to know what his moon is to know for sure.

5. An Aries Man Likes A Woman Who Is Fit

Ladies, put that candy bar down and read this! Aries men tend to gravitate toward women who have physically fit bodies. It lets him know that she is active and is involved in working out or in some sort of sports.

He prefers a woman that will keep up with him on a physical level. He won’t easily be drawn into too thin women or larger-sized women. There are exceptions to every rule but for the most part; he wants an athletically inclined woman.

He also has a fascination with large breasts. So being in great shape and having a stack on your chest will definitely get his attention. If you do not; he’s more concerned with your whole physique and not just the rack.

Read more about an Aries man’s favorite body parts on a woman here <<

Again, he is sort of picky when it comes to women’s bodies. When he wants to settle down with a woman he may start a family with; he wants to be sure she’s healthy and will bare beautiful healthy children.

It’s the alpha male thing kicking in here. He’s here to breed and the woman is here to help him accomplish this. He will be selective to make sure his children are healthy and gorgeous.

Therefore he chooses a woman who looks like this. Hair color, eyes, and other minor things don’t really play a role here for him. Not to say he won’t notice but; he is more into the body as a whole.

6. She Needs To Be Mysterious

The Aries man wants a woman who doesn’t tell him everything about her life story up front. He wants to figure her out over time. It’s more exciting and like a game he can play for a while.

The less he knows about a woman from the get go; the more into it he may be. He’ll take to a woman who can lay on the charm but hide things about herself so that he can work on trying to solve that puzzle over time.

The less he’s told while getting to know a woman; the better. Holding back will make him push forward which could then enrich and build a relationship with him.

A woman can dazzle him with her knowledge of all things that are enigmatic to him. It will be a complete turn on for him to see a confident woman who knows her stuff talking to him about it.

Draw him in and then keep him guessing. He’ll absolutely take to it like a fish to water thus helping you reel him in.

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7. She Needs To Be Spontaneous

With the Aries man; he isn’t too much into the hum drum of routine. He will prefer to keep things action filled and spontaneous. This means he requires a woman who will also be unpredictable.

This unpredictability adds to the mysteriousness that a woman can have. Naturally, since he likes mystery; this is a total turn on for an Aries man. Randomly doing things with him or for him will make him fall head over heels.

He is a bit of a free spirit and will desire a woman who is much like he is. He’s social and outgoing. A woman who closes herself off and wants to stay at home all the time will only drag him down.

Aries man wants a woman full of life, zest, sex appeal, and desire to live life to the fullest. This would be a woman that will randomly go sky diving with him or perhaps rock climbing.

He wants a partner who will get out and go with him anywhere at any time and any place. The more random it is; the more exciting it will be for him and his lady.

If you’re struggling to be spontaneous with an Aries man, I strongly recommend checking out my 30-day Aries Man Love Challenge… It will set you on the right path with your hot Aries guy. 😉

8. She Needs To Enjoy Sex

Aries men are very sexual men. They are very physically driven which means that they want to be touching their woman as often as possible. This will include lots of cuddling, sex, and kissing.

If you’ve always wanted a man who will make out with you often; this is the guy. He loves touching a woman’s face and paying attention to her delicate yet sexy features.

He will often be very frisky and will want to be intimate. He’s looking for a partner that will be just as turned on as he is much of the time. This is another one of his “activities” that makes him feel happy.

Fulfillment for an Aries man is to have a woman who will be active with him in all ways, maintain her independence but know when to spend time with him, and be deliciously mysterious.

9. A Woman Who Is Strong And Outgoing Turns An Aries Man On

The Aries man is the type that will support a woman who is working hard to accomplish her life goals. In fact; he’ll try to do what he can to help support her. He may even find a way to help push her.

An Aries man is looking for a woman who is occasionally in need of his assistance but learns from it so she can become independent and do it for herself. He loves the lady in distress but only sometimes.

Remember that if you keep on NEEDING him so much; he’s going to see this as you having no backbone and not someone he wants to be with. He desires to have someone that can take care of herself with little assistance.

4 Things An Aries Man Really Doesn’t Tolerate In A Woman

There are a couple of non-negotiables an Aries man has when it comes to dating. When he notices this behaviour in a woman, he might consider these things to be red flags.

This is the kind of behaviour an Aries man will stay away from because he knows he can’t compromise on himself and what he wants in his relationships.

1. A Woman Who Is Fake Or Phony

Aries men like all-natural women who are strong but feminine at the same time. He typically doesn’t like women who at any moment will backstab or gossip about other women. This would represent weakness and disingenuous motives.

He wants you to be open, honest, and someone he can count on. Being catty will not win you any favors with the Aries man. He wants integrity and beauty in a woman.

By beauty, I mean heart and soul; not just your looks. If you like to gossip; you may not want to ever do it around him. He won’t take well to it and will see you in a different light.

Be yourself and be a wonderful woman he feels he can trust in as well as rely on when he needs you.

2. A Woman Who Is Demanding

This IS an Aries man we’re talking about. That means you cannot force or pressure them to do anything. They do not operate that way. So if you try to push him into a commitment or anything else; he will tell you he’s done.

Yes, he will actually tell you what he thinks and what he feels. It’s best if you let him determine his own timeframe and give him the space to do it in. Pushing only leads to him pushing back.

The last thing you want to do is give your Aries many any sort of ultimatum. That will for sure backfire on you. He doesn’t do demands and will likely give you your walking papers if you do.

Learn here what to do (and what NOT to do) when an Aries man pulls away <<

3. A Woman Who Criticizes Him

This man wants to be loved and adored for the entire splendor that he is. He isn’t one that has a cool temper. Be careful how you talk to him. If you want him to do something differently; just ask calmly.

If you cut him up into pieces (or try to); he will give you your walking papers. I cannot express this enough; this isn’t the man you want to push or be catty with as he will push back and likely push you right out the door.

Perhaps if you want to make a suggestion nicely of how something may work better; he may listen to you. However; if you tell him rudely how the way he’s doing it is wrong; he will snap.

4. A Woman Who Is Lazy

The Aries man is a very busy guy typically. That means that he wants a partner who is his equal. He wants a woman who is driven and has passionate life goals. If you do not; you may want to find another partner.

Aries men are not very tolerant of women who once they’ve landed him; turn into the lay on the couch all day and watch television type of woman. It’s not that you can never relax; it’s more that there is a time and place for everything.

Seeing you work toward your goals and THEN relaxing is perfectly acceptable. Being lazy and being complacent simply doesn’t fly with the Aries man.

Watch the video below for some more insights on Aries man likes and dislikes:

What An Aries Man Secretly Looks For In A Woman

An Aries man will happily be the eternal bachelor if he ever got the choice. This is a man who knows he deserves the best of the best in life. He wants to come out on top in everything, and won’t settle for anything less, and this includes his relationships.

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An Aries man will never say no to a fling or a relationship with a woman he finds attractive, but this doesn’t always mean an Aries man is going to settle down with her. The woman an Aries man is going to marry has to be exquisite.

A woman an Aries man will gladly marry is someone who ticks all of his boxes. She needs to be fit, ambitious, independent, loving, open, honest, and very loyal. Basically, an Aries man is looking for a Unicorn.

There are many women an Aries man finds attractive and will happily date or sleep with. But when he meets the woman who fulfills all of his needs, he will settle down with her.

Become An Aries Man Dream Woman In 30 Days (Or Give Up Forever)

There are ways you can accentuate traits of yours that’ll make him go crazy for you. Also, no man is ONLY their sun sign, so always keep in mind that – depending on his natal chart – he might be more or less similar to a typical representative of his sign.

Making an Aries man fall in love with you can be really easy when you know the secret ways to his heart and mind.

(Good) relationships with Aries men are usually the most exciting ones a woman can get, and I don’t want you to miss out on that opportunity.

Here’s how to become an Aries man’s dream woman in 30 days <<

These men are some of the most desirable in the whole Zodiac signs, they are sexy, smart, outgoing, and incredibly exciting.

An Aries man can make you feel like the most amazing woman in the world and his positivity can provide you with all the confidence you need.

Click here to find out more on how to get the most amazing relationship with your Aries man <<

Wishing you so much love and happiness,

Your friend and relationship Astrologer

Anna Kovach

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Hi, this is Anna Kovach. I am a professional Relationship Astrologer and author of dozens of bestselling books and programs. For over a decade I’ve been advising commitment-seeking women like you and helping them understand, attract and keep the man of their dreams using the astonishing power of astrology. Join over 250K subscribers on my newsletter or follow me on social media! Learn more about me and how I can help you here.

19 thoughts on “13 Things An Aries Man Likes And Dislikes In A Woman

    1. Hi Oyinkansola!

      You need to know what your own sun sign is and then you can go from there what your compatibility may be like. You can also check out my article on what signs work best with Aries and see if your sign is listed. Now that you’ve got some information you can determine whether or now you will work well with the Aries guy you like or not. Remember that even if it may take work, if he’s into you then you can actually work through any problems you may have. Wishing you all the best!

  1. I am an Aries man and I have always been amazed at how much time people give to breakdown these various traits and characters that the different Zodiacs exhibit. And I am also quite impressed at how this article accurately describes an Aries man’s character. I can relate to all the points. Maybe that’s why I find it so hard to find a suitable partner. I’ve had 3 girlfriends, all in a 5 year gap interval, and am recently single, because of one particular point up there :D.

    1. Hi Jacob! Aries men can be terribly generous and loving when they find the right woman. They will cherish the woman who holds their heart in their hands. There is a woman out there for you. You just need to figure out which one may be best. I can advise you as far as the sun signs go just remember, moon signs and rising signs can very well play a role in their full picture. Sun signs are a very surface description. Jacob, you may want to check out this article…start with Taurus and you’ll see the other signs listed on the side. Taurus is fabulous by the way: https://ariesmansecrets.com/blog/aries-man-and-taurus-woman-compatibility/#more-1152 … Also for the ladies, if you’d like to know more about Aries men like the single and look Jacob… check out “Aries Man Secrets”.

  2. Aries Man – April 19th —- gosh, your good ! everything pretty much hits the mark with me, personally … so I recently starting dating a Pisces woman, and ive fallen in love with her… the only thing I can say bad about her, well not bad, but you know what i mean, is that shes taking things to slow for me, and im starting to lose patience, interest … help – ?

    1. Yeah there was one I met that took forever as well.

      Personally I don’t have the time to sit around and keep waiting for someone that may not think I’m worth their time in the end; there’s plenty of other women to meet that could be an even better match instead of faithfully waiting on a girl that might just cut you off in the end and swim away, without a word as to why.

      But…if you can stick it out with a pisces, all the more power to you. She may actually be the perfect match.

      1. Hi Ian!

        This is true. Perfect matches sometimes take time. Aries men sometimes take their time but perhaps not as much as a Pisces woman. She’s trying to guard her heart and if she does rush in, she often regrets it because it’s not what she should do. It’s all in how much or how deep your feelings run for a woman. I think you can agree that when you meet the right woman, you’re willing to do what it takes as an Aries woman when you feel she’s worth it.

    2. Hi Anthony!

      Pisces are very emotional creatures and are most likely broken from some past relationships. They’re very cautious and careful. It’s no surprise when they’ve learned that taking it slow is ultimately for the best. The other thing is, she may feel as though you’re a good match which scares her more. Taking time will ease her mind and show her that you have staying ability. Stick by her and you’ll find some success. I know it’s hard to have patience but you have to if you want to win her over. It’s up to you though.

  3. I’ve fallen head over heels for an Aries man as a Virgo woman. He makes me feel like more woman than I ever have. He surprises me, comes to my rescue and he’s consistent in his efforts of communicating with me. We started out being intimate and then later developed a really strong friendship. Were not intimate at this moment and our relationship is very confusing. He always says the most romantic things to me and gets jealous often when I am out. We both shower each other with gifts and talk on the phone throughout the night like school kids. I always let him know that I think the world of him and he says he thinks the same about me.

    However, I recently expressed my true feelings for him – since we never actually discussed feelings and he has slowly pulled back and now I’m so confused. We are both coming out of long term relationships. Please help me understand my Aries man.

    1. Hi Lynn!

      His actions scream that he’s afraid. He’s feeling just as close to you as you feel to him and now that it’s come out verbally, he’s terrified. This is a very normal thing. I wouldn’t worry too much about this. Keep being sweet and patient as you’ve been and you’ll find that he starts getting over his fears. Basically it’s all about that very thing… fears. If you’ve both been serious before with others then he’s just simply not easily moved into a serious connection even if that’s exactly what it is. I hope you understand what I mean. Give him time and be exactly as you’ve been so far. I think it may develop further with a bit of time.

    2. I’m an Aries Woman and I’ve been in love with an Aries Man. I really want to be my Aries Man’s perfect match! And the question is~ does Aries Man like a talkative woman??

      I don’t know if it’s because of I’m an Aries but I like talking a lot with people who close to me and I really want to talk about anything with my Aries Man, will he like it??

      And also I’m an Aries Woman and I read some articles always say that independent + strong = Aries. I have those quality as an Aries Woman too, but!! I really like acting cute to cheer up people or just to make them laugh~ hehe. So, does Aries Man like cute and feminine woman??

      1. Hi Via!

        Yes, Aries men like to talk a lot just as much as the female Aries does. He may not open up and share intensely personal things unless he’s around someone he feels trust with but he will love talking about various other things. The difference between Aries woman and Aries man is that you have hormones and it makes your personality about different than the male hormones. The other thing to consider is what your moon sign is versus his. That plays a role as well. Yes, Aries likes cute and feminine women. Of course!

  4. An Aries man has an interest in the colour of the hair and eyes – especially the eyes – you can spellbind him if you have true green eyes.
    An Aries man is far more interested in the inner beauty that the visual look – without the first mentioned, the rest is less important.

  5. Hi Anna,
    I’m a Taurus but not clingy or needy or demanding; rising sign sagittarius, Mars in Taurus, moon in Taurus, mercury in Aries. My aries has a rising a possible scorpio (not for sure), Mars in Taurus, moon in taurus, mercury in Pisces. We were high school classmates and now 70. We have been talking at a distance for 2.5 years fairly consistently and have seen each other only twice for an hour each time. He has never been married and has no kids. He has told me he is very passive. When we talk it’s for 2 hours or more- our lives seem to be parallel. He is just now semi-retired and his mom just recently died so is once again busy settling the estate. I’ve told him I sometimes feel afraid to call him as I don’t want to interrupt him and he said he would tell me if he is busy. He rarely calls or messages but did when his mom died and was crying. Called to tell me his dog was going to be ok. Once he said he wanted to talk but not about emotions at that time. ( heavy work load) When I became frustrated that I was the one initiating communication, I asked him if he ever thinks about me, starts to call or message and then holds back, and there was a short pause and he said Oh, I don’t know, sounding a bit frustrated with himself. Once he called himself “spaced out ( then his name)” He has asked me to forgive him for forgetting something. He seems shy in a lot of ways. He is so focused on settling his mom’s estate that that I’m afraid he is going to slip away. I don’t know how often to contact him now but I’m biting at the bit to move things forward while I know he is still grieving; said he is purging ( I think about things in his past). I have every quality that you mentioned ( well as much as one can at 70). Tons of synchronicities exist between us. He sparks me and I calm him ( he can get very tense). Values match. Yet doubt keeps creeping into my mind. I don’t know what to do except to just keep following my intuition. Help.
    P.S. I have purchased a few things from you about Aries and Taurus. Much of it seems directed to a much younger aries and some doesn’t fit at all.

  6. Hi Anna, well done with the good work. Your write up really is helpful for my relationship with my Aries. I was confused initially, but after reading from u, things r now getting clearer by the day. Thank u🙂👍🏻

    1. My Aries man was very interested in me when we first met. I may have not been myself when I was with him. I bored him. He doesn’t wanna try again or even talk to me because he says I’ve been clingy and crazy lately. I’ve tried everything to get his attention back but he won’t budge. I feel that he’s the one for me but he doesn’t wanna try again or be interested because of me being nonchalant and insecure when we hung out. He’s the one because he makes me want to grow with him. I think I’ve inspired him to cook more, cut his hair the way I like, and when he was into me, he asked me to move in. He inspires me to be confident and I inspire him to get in touch with his creative side. He used to say it was a sign and it was meant to happen when we met because I never let guys hang out with me but I let him. I really like him and feel he’s the one. Please help. I cant talk to him or see him. All I can do is post and it’s frustrating.

  7. I’m a Leo with a mane of auburn hair and a spicy ginger at that and my guy is an Aries who preferred blondes (and now he knows it’s true what they say about redheads as his buddies wink wink and elbow each other) We clicked from the very first conversation. We went to high school together but didn’t run in the same circle of friends so he knew of me, but didn’t really know me. 30 years later and it’s like time never lapsed we can act as gregarious and fun loving as our teenage selves. Our school friends look at us in wonderment because the car guy and the brainiac hooked up ??? But I’m a gearhead girl…so if he’s in the garage, I’m in the garage. We both like fast cars, jets and we each have our own motorcycles. We love the water and go boating and swimming on the weekends during summer. We enjoy so many of the same things. I’m a very alpha lioness at my job, but when I’m with him I become the docile playful kitten..and he has seen the lioness roar, but never at him, he never gives me cause to. He says I’m so different than anyone before, I am his unicorn I guess. We were together six months and he wanted me to move in with him and it’s been great! I’m just as likely to be turning wrenches and getting greasy as he is doing the dishes or folding laundry.
    There has never been a power struggle even though we are both alphas, we seamlessly adapt to the situation, each one knows when the other needs to step up and the other step back in any situation. It’s truly been the best relationship for both of us.

    1. Dear Sonya,
      Aries man is an ideal match for the Leo woman because of their like-minded approach to life in general. These two fire signs get along excellently, and the Leo woman is the best possible match for the Aries man seeking a lighthearted romance.
      You are like two peas in a pod, and your mutual understanding of one another allows you both to feel like you can be themselves around one another. No match in the Zodiac is perfect, but Aries and Leo are about as close as it gets!
      Best of luck to you both!

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