How To Play Hard To Get With An Aries Man The Right Way

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Playing hard to get with an Aries man has a lot of benefits, but there are also risks. So, what should you do? Read on and learn how to play hard to get with an Aries man the right way.

Playing hard to get can be fun, but knowing how to play hard to get with an Aries man can be difficult to master as an Aries man is usually the king of driving women crazy with this behavior.

An Aries man playing hard to get is something you are going to have to get used to if you want to be with him. You have to understand that this is a guy who is going to chase you down when you seem disinterested, and who is going to run away when you get clingy. 

It is all about finding the balance with this fire Zodiac sign, and this can be kinda difficult to do if you aren’t totally sure of what you are doing. But don’t stress my love, I am here to guide and support you. 

If you are interested in learning more about how to play hard to get with an Aries man then you have come to the right place! Keep on reading to find out how to drive him crazy.

Does An Aries Man Like A Clingy Woman?

Aries men are seriously weird creatures to understand, when this guy knows that he can’t have you, he is going to act so super into you and do absolutely everything he can to win you over. 

However, if you come on too strong and act too clingy then he is going to run away faster than you have ever seen. In short, with an Aries man, it is probably a lot better to not be super keen than it is to be clingy.

So if you have more of an anxious attachment style, then being with an Aries man may possibly be quite challenging for you. You need to be quite secure and independent if you want to be with an Aries man. 

Being clingy is the sure fire way of getting him to want to stay at arm’s length from you. Remember, Aries is the conqueror, and he needs to be with a woman who he can conquer and constantly “win” over.

Aries men love women who play hard to get. Check here the list of female traits that make an Aries man weak in the knees.

Does An Aries Man Like Playing Hard To Get?

Playing hard to get comes extremely naturally to an Aries man, this isn’t even something he is consciously aware of. He just acts this way out of instinct because nothing gives him greater joy than winning and being a conqueror.

This is a man who loves having something to fight for. He has an extremely competitive streak within him, and any woman who awakens this within him is going to win his heart.

His ego will get a massive boost if you don’t make things super easy for him, he needs to know that he has won you over to really fall deeply in love with you. Challenge him and he’ll absolutely adore you.

But, you need to keep in mind that you still need to drop subtle hints to make him believe he has a chance with you. Flirt a bit with your Aries man, and then go radio silent for a few days. The push and pull are going to create strong attraction in your Aries man and this is what you want.

This guy sees the beginning of a relationship (or its possibility) as a game. He doesn’t want you to give in so easily. He may pursue you but it would be best if you will actually pull back a little bit.

Obviously, you don’t want to pull back so much that he feels you don’t like him. However; you’ll want to not always be available when he calls or texts. Knowing you’re sitting there waiting on him will turn him off.

What else turns an Aries man off? << check out here.

He’d rather hear back from you later on after you’re done doing whatever it is that you’re doing. This lets him know he’ll have to work hard for your affection.

This is actually a turn-on for him. Knowing he has to come to chase you is alluring for him. He’ll be delighted to be able to do what he can to pursue you. If you make it too easy for him, he’ll lose interest.

Playing Hard To Get With An Aries Man — When You Shouldn’t Do It?

Playing hard to get at the start of a relationship with an Aries man is usually the safest time to do so because he needs to win you over. However, once you’re settled and in a committed partnership it can be dangerous territory if you continue playing hard to get because your Aries man might perceive this as you not liking him very much. 

These guys are so complicated, so I applaud you for wanting to go there but their actions can be very confusing. An Aries man still wants to feel desired and wanted by his woman and if he never gets that from you he is going to feel unloved. 

Don’t play hard to get when you can see that your Aries man needs your support or that he is going through a stressful time. He needs to know that he can rely on you and this should help him move through the muck. 

An Aries might start pulling away himself if he thinks you’re just interested in games and not anything more serious, especially if that is what he wants. Discover what NOT to do when an Aries man is pulling away.

How To Play Hard To Get With An Aries Man — 3 Steps To Leave Him Smitten

It is a lot easier to play hard to get with an Aries man than you might think. Just follow these steps and I promise you he will be smitten:

1. Play It Cool With Communication

When an Aries man calls or texts you first you know he is already into you. It is so easy to reach out to people with today’s modern technology, but when dealing with an Aries man it is sometimes best to keep it cool and wait for him to reach out to you first or take time to respond to you. 

Get him to communicate with you and set the tone. You don’t want to chase him by constantly calling and texting him because this will only put him off and have him run away. 

Let him come to you!

2. Make Him Wait For Sex

If there is one sign that really loves to have sex, then it has to be the Aries man. This is an extremely sexual and physical man who needs that stimulation and connection often. 

An Aries man in bed is amazing, so it can be quite hard to resist his advances but if you make him work for it you will be much better off. You always need to remember that he needs to win you over. 

Don’t give yourself to him too easily because he won’t see you as the prize that you are. 

3. Let Him Chase You

I am all for female empowerment, but sometimes I think the modern narrations of female empowerment have made the divine feminine act out in more masculine ways. 

We are encouraged to go for what we want, but in actual fact, our divine femininity truly comes out when we can sit back, flow, and trust in the process. Let your intuition guide you and don’t try to control things so much.

Let your Aries man chase you, you want to be the prize. Focus on yourself and everything that makes you truly amazing. Allow the connection to unfold naturally because the more you step into your masculine, the more you are going to push him away.

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XOXO, Anna

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  1. ANNA, I read from you a great deal…I like the work that you do. However you and others just don’t realize the extent of all of this…Astrology is beneficial and it does help me some, however I will just be happy when YOU and other astrologers realize that AGE yes AGE has ALOT to do with all of this…When the men want and the women want actually changes with AGE. Once men and women hit 55-60 things start to change. They are NOT the same as younger people. They do NOT in many cases have anywhere close to the same energy level…They don’t need to be OUT and active as much as the younger people…Trust me in this. I just turned 72, my boyfriend is 56 this year (next month). I am Aquarius and he is an Aries…We get along well so far…Planning a trip this summer to Colorado from North Carolina…I imagine he was ALOT more like what you write about in his younger years but now at almost 56 he has changed. He’s already been through his male mid-life crisis, he is a mature man who is still serving in the Marines…SO point here is PLEASE realize that when you write about these signs, you might consider including a note at the bottom telling your readers that this may not apply to men and women over 55-60 years of age b/c with age things do change. Such as the “hunt” that you mention about certain signs (men that just LOVE the chase), not all and certainly NOT after they age. They may want stability and they look for intelligence and commitment and monogamy and affection…They are looking at that age to grow OLD with one woman and they do change and some of them drastically…SO, just food for thought. Your articles are helpful to the under 55 crowd (male and female), however when people are older their attitudes change, they are more in control, more awake, aware, alert than ever before and what applies to the younger generation of folks is not a one size fits all for all of us…Bless you, keep up the good work. Would be great if you did some research/studies on older people and the zodiac. hahaha
    Wandakate in N.C.

    1. Hi wandakate!

      Thank you for chiming in. I perfectly understand the complexity as an Astrologer honey. I can only write articles about basics though because its what most people understand and can relate to. Trust me, to totally know someone, you have to pull up their natal chart and really dig in. There is so much more to be found there. Of course age plays a role in things. When they’re young and immature, they are very different than when they’re older, wiser, and more experience. That goes for all signs though. Again, it’s hard to cover the range in just one article. I have to keep it basic. The women that are 55 and older tend to write in to me after they’ve read the books to get personal guidance from me. I’m well versed on all ages 😉

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