Aries Man Playing Mind Games — Does It Mean He Is Testing Me?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Is your Aries Man testing you? Why would an Aries man test you at all? Could it be he's using you? Discover the answers you're seeking.

Time and time again I get many complaints from my readers feeling so desperate and confused because an Aries man is playing games with them. These Aries men really know how to give a woman a headache, that is for sure. 

You might agree and think “Yes, an Aries man is playing me!” And feel totally overwhelmed because you don’t know what to do about it. Is there some kind of trick you can do to beat an Aries man at his own game? 

Or maybe you’ve just heard rumours about these wild men and want to learn how does an Aries man test a woman? Well, ladies, you have come to the right place.

This article is going to give you the total lowdown on what to expect from an Aries man and to recognize the signs an Aries man is testing you. 

If you want to learn more about Aries men playing games, then be sure to keep on reading! I am sure you will find this very interesting and useful:

How Does An Aries Man Test A Woman? 10 Ways An Aries Man Is Testing Me

1. Your Aries Man Is Playing Mind Games

While dating; Aries men will absolutely play mind games. They can be straightforward but when they’re getting to know you; they want to have the fun of chasing you instead of everything being easy.

In this way; an Aries man is testing your ability to stay interesting. Much like the Gemini; if he gets bored; he wants out. Therefore he wants to see how much fun you’re willing to have. An Aries man is going to test you because he finds it fun and entertaining. 

2. He Exerts His Independence And Freedom

Aries is all about himself much of the time. If you encroach on that; there will be consequences. That’s not always a bad thing though. He just wants to always be right basically.

He wants to be free and hates it when someone else tells him what to do. He’ll test you by keeping close attention to your reaction when he tells you he needs space or that he is busy. 

This is a definite sign that an Aries man is testing you because he is keen to see how you respond and how needy you become when he no longer is around.

If your Aries man wants space, then give him space. He will find this surprising as he is so used to women running after him and coming across as needy. When he meets an independent woman, he almost doesn’t know what to do but fall in love.

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3. He Needs To Be Right… Always

That means that even when an Aries man knows he’s not right; he’ll argue until the bitter end to make sure his point or view of things are heard. To keep up with him; you’ll either need to be passive or you’ll need to stand your ground.

Calling his bluff is no easy thing to do ladies. He’ll fluff up his chest and give you what for if you go against what he believes to be right. This could be a very cerebral tug of war between you.

4. He Tests How You Handle Conflict

If you are strong-willed like an Aries man is; you’ll want to stand your ground. If you show weakness; he may either steamroll you or he’ll lose interest in you. He wants a woman who will tell him where to shove it.

I wouldn’t recommend constantly battling though; that would become tiring for you both and may lead to an unceremonious ending. Find a balance between the two of you.

He absolutely will test your ability of willpower. Show him what you’ve got! If you know you’re right because you have facts behind it; tell him! The proof is proof.

At the right moment, show your Aries man that you are also someone who knows her own mind and won’t let a man mess with her. Stand your ground and let him earn your respect!

5. When An Aries Man Disappears

The Aries man will want to be sure that you will understand his need to have time to himself or with his friends periodically. It won’t likely be too often but when he wants it; he wants it.

As such he may start to go out more and more to see how you handle it. Seeing where your limits are will help him gauge how much he may be allowed to do without you getting upset about it.

When you notice your Aries man retreating and cutting back the time he spends with you, it could be seen as a test of how you handle it when he does his own thing without you.

If you’re struggling with how to help your Aries man in whatever he’s going through, then check out my 30-day Aries Man Love Challenge. It will set you on the right path with your Aries guy.

The only reasonable solution in this situation is to keep yourself busy and have fun in your own life. Never make him think that you are dependent on what he can give you.

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6. He Checks In When He Sees You Are Having A Good Time

An Aries man may also keep an eye on how much you go out. If he thinks you’re a party animal or barfly; he may not want to keep things going. He wants a woman who will be independently set but will also know when she should be home.

This is definitely one of his biggest tests because he thinks he can live this life of independence and freedom, while he has you chained to a leash. 

It’s really sort of twisted but he has his own set of logic that no one else can really follow all that well. He believes he should do what he wants but his lady should have some reservations and not do the things he would do.

7. He Pushes Your Limits

As I mentioned; the Aries man is very active. This means he likes to expend a whole lot of energy to do the things he wants to do; whether that means sports or some other activities that are strenuous.

He will want to see where your stamina ends. He wants to see how much you can or cannot keep up with him. It’s important for him to know how much you can actually do with him or how much he’ll do alone.

Either way; he has to make sure you will be able to keep with him much of the time if not all of the time. He will keep dragging you out and making sure you’re the most tired you’ve ever been.

An Aries man cannot be with a woman who is scared to take risks. Sometimes he wants his lover to be wild and free with him. This is very important for him as it helps him develop intimacy and connection. 

He needs a life full of spontaneity and adventure, but if this doesn’t sound appealing to you, you might be barking up the wrong tree. Let go and get out of your comfort zone when you’re with your Aries man.

8. He Tests Your Sexual Boundaries

The previous point may apply to sex as well. He may want to see how much you will or will not do in bed to make sure you’ll suit his desires and needs. If you cannot, he may send you packing.

He has some high standards on what he’s looking for so he absolutely WILL test you as much as he can to see how much he can get from you or to see how much he can accomplish with you. 

You’ll never know you like something unless you try it first. Certain things within the realm of sex may make you uncomfortable, but there may be one or two things you might be quite curious about. 

Let your Aries man know what your fantasies are, and what you are willing to explore in the bedroom. This will without a doubt drive him crazy and make him desire you more.

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9. He Tests Your Intelligence

An Aries man may seem like he is all brawn and build with his strong muscles and love for getting physical. But this man is a lot more intelligent than he first appears to be. 

When he tests to see if you would be a good fit for him, he will probably put you through the mental ringer and see if you can keep up with his ideas and theories about certain topics.

This may require some intellectual jousting or bouts of marathon sex. It really is going to depend on each individual as far as what level he takes it to. But yes; the Aries man WILL test you.

An Aries man isn’t going to fully commit to someone who cannot toe the line with him. He wants someone who holds her own but can also keep up with him so that they can be equal partners.

The only thing you could possibly do in this situation is to simply be yourself, and let your own intelligence shine. Don’t pretend to be something you are not because an Aries man will smell this a mile away.

If you aren’t his style, or what he wants in a woman, then just move on to someone who can appreciate you for your magic.

10. He Desires An Equal

When I say equal, I mean “mostly equal”, as he still wants to be “the man” in the relationship. When he is ready to start actively dating someone or to get more serious; he will stop playing games.

He will at that point be very straightforward and forthcoming. So though it may seem like a crazy ride; he will at some point; settle down and stop playing games with you.

If you have made it through all the tests an Aries man can possibly give you and he is still sticking around, then it is very likely that this theme will continue. If he keeps testing you, then it is a very good sign that he has feelings for you. 

Just go with it and relax into it. This is all you could possibly do, really. Don’t try to force yourself to be something you are not. This would just be completely pointless.

How To Beat An Aries Man At His Own Game

When an Aries man starts playing mind games with you, then it is time you do the same. He might be bored and in need of some entertainment. Give it your best shot and see if you can play the part of a trickster.

If you want to beat an Aries man at his own game, you need to let him think he is winning. If you’re quite a competitive and strong-willed lady, then this could definitely be quite difficult for you.

But sometimes, it is just better to let an Aries man think he’s won. It is all about the ego for him. He needs to know that he is the best of the best and that he is literally god’s gift to women.

However, never be a pushover with an Aries man. He won’t respect you for this at all. So it is really a fine balance between giving too much and giving too little. Just be aware.

You don’t want to get into a toxic relationship with your Aries man, but if he checks in when you’re having fun, make sure he knows that he is still on your mind regardless. 

This will definitely boost his ego and make him feel desired, but he will also realize that you are an independent woman and deserve to have your own fun without him. He will respect you for this. 

F.A.Q. About Aries Man Playing Games

When Will An Aries Man Test You?

I think the more appropriate question would be, when won’t an Aries man test you? This is his thing, he enjoys it because he is a man who loves the chase and never wants a woman who is easy. 

He’ll test you before and during your relationship. He’ll be very interested in seeing what your reactions are and how you handle certain situations. He will file all this information in his head to see if you’re the one he wants to commit to. 

He is a bit of a playboy, so it really takes a lot for an Aries man to want to settle down with someone. But for the right girl, he will do this in an instant. 

Why Do Aries Man Play Mind Games?

The most likely answer to why an Aries man likes to play mind games is that he gets some entertainment value out of it. He’s a jokester, he isn’t always very serious and he likes to inject some fun into a situation.

He probably sees this as some conquest to see if you are worthy of his time and affection. An Aries man will simply never settle for anyone, he wants the best of the best and he needs to test all the women in his life to see who actually deserves a spot in his life. 

When An Aries Man Needs Space — Is It A Warning Or A Test?

Giving an Aries man space is one of the best things you can do if you really feel like this relationship is important to you. This man really isn’t looking for a woman who is easy and always dependent on him. 

He wants someone who can give him all the freedom in the world to follow his passions. This is the woman with who he will want to settle down because she will understand his need for space and independence. 

Whenever you can give your Aries man space, do it. This shows that you are strong and that you know how to make yourself happy. He doesn’t want you to need him, he wants you to be the woman by his side, calling the shots. 

If you are too needy and clingy you are going to push your Aries man away for good and that is the last thing you want to do.\

How To Know If Aries Man Is Playing You? There’s A Fine Line Between Playing You and Testing You

You need to accept that an Aries man is always going to be a bit of a wild card. This man is very unexpected, so always keep your expectations to the minimum because you are guaranteed to be in for a surprise with this man. 

However, just because an Aries man is testing you, definitely doesn’t mean that he using you. The fact that he is testing you is actually a really good thing because it means that you are interesting enough for him to be intrigued by. 

He is going to test you to see how far you can fair on his quest to find the love of his life. However, if you want to know the difference between an Aries man playing or using you, continue reading here <<

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      They do exist! There is no need to pinch yourself haha. Seriously though they are a bit different and for sure they are temperamental because Aries is a fire sign but they’re also very passionate and makes you feel very cared for. I tell you what, if you want to know more about Aries man, check out my book Aries Man Secrets. You will find lots of other things you may not have known.

  1. An Aries boy told me he loves me but I didn’t reply to him. Yesterday he was trying to make me happy by telling me sweet things but I told him it was not necessary. He got upset saying he was wasting his time and he has not talked to me. I had to tell him the truth that Iove him

  2. As a Sagittarius woman with a grown Aries son, I know a bit about raising an Aries but not dating one. I have had LTR’s with Leo, Taurus, and a lot of LYING LIBRAS (never again). I met an Aries on a dating site earlier in FEB 2022 and we have been together just over seven months. Anna, your monthly predictions are so useful with navigating his moods, date ideas, when to stay home, when to go on adventures. I love your blogs! I am surprised that an Aries and Sag are such a good match when I was always fearful to date one because TWO FIRES. But I would not trade him for any other man. He is honest, he is fun, the sexiest man I have ever been with and he is completely adorable. Anna, bless you and your work!

  3. Hi Anna, all this mind games, are this Aries guy’s narcissists, it’s making me scared. Thank you for all this informations.

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