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Aries Man and Commitment – What Makes Him Want to Commit?

Aries men and commitment – what do the stars say about him? When it comes to Aries men, commitment isn’t always the easiest choice for them. They love their freedom and independence. It takes a very special woman to make an Aries man want to commit. 

This sign is passionate, bold, reckless, and will risk anything for love. However, they’re all about the chase and conquering their lovers, than actually wanting to commit to them in the long run.

Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of passion, war, aggression, and sex. It is a very intense planet that makes love feel like a war to all Aries men. They need to win the challenge and get the prize.

This makes these men extremely passionate and enthusiastic when it comes to love. They throw everything they have into the person they are interested in. This is a man who is all in or nothing. 

However, it takes a lot for an Aries man to actually commit to a woman. Sure, he’s loyal once he’s made his commitment, but he also needs his freedom and independence and he feels like relationships take this away from him. 

The nice thing about Astrology is that people aren’t only their Sun signs. They have things like their Moon and Venus signs that could drastically change how they show up when it comes to love. 

A man might have an Aries Sun but a Capricorn Moon or a Taurus Venus that would calm him right down and make him want to crave more stability in his life. This is why some Aries men are really good at commitment and settling down. 

If you are keen to learn more about Aries men, commitment, and why some Aries men are completely wild and never commit, and why others do, then be sure to keep on reading to find out more.



4 Things in a Woman that Make an Aries Man (WANT TO) Commit

There are certain qualities in a woman that makes an Aries man want to commit to her. These are the things that will make an Aries want to have you by his side.

1. Be Strong And Independent

Although the Aries man often loves a lady in distress (to attract him); he will not want a woman who needs his help constantly. That being said, it’s often times better for him to show you how and learn.

In other words, let’s take changing a fuse in your house for example. You blow one and have no idea what to do or how to change it. You ask him for his help. He comes over because he doesn’t want you to sit in the dark.

He goes to the fuse box to change it; follow him! Watch what he does and tell him “I’ve never done this but I’m watching so I can learn just in case it happens to me again and you’re not around”. He’ll be impressed.

This way next time it happens; if ever; you’ll know what to do and won’t have to call on him to come out yet again. This will show him that though you needed his help; you were willing to learn so you can do it.

If you need some advice; he’ll be happy to help you come up with solutions. Try not to do this on a frequent basis. This will make you look as though you’re helpless and cannot think for yourself.

So be the woman that needs help sometimes but learns from what he does so that you can also do things for yourself. Independence is a nice quality to have whether you’re with someone or not.

2. A Woman Who Is Kind And Compassionate

Aries men have fiery tempers and need a partner that will cool them off or balance them better. Staying calm during the storm is necessary to have a healthy relationship with this hot-headed man.

When you’re with him; be really sweet and tender. He’ll really love it and reciprocate. He craves this type of attention. When he feels comfortable with how nurturing you are; he’ll be more likely to commit.

Whatever you do; don’t push him to commit. He won’t take well to commands or demands of any sort. It is better that you gently nudge him with being a total sweetheart.

Don’t be phony about it though. Be your true, natural sweet self. This will gain more favor from him than you pretending to be something you’re not. If he smells you’re being fake; he’ll leave.

Remember; he’s not only looking for a partner but he’s also looking for the mother of his children. He will likely be the father/disciplinarian type and will want a woman to be the tender nurturing one.

So whenever you’re with him; show your feminine side and give him lots of loving tender care. He’ll love it and see you as the queen of his future.

3. A Woman With Good Conversation Skills

Aries men will absolutely adore a woman who can keep up with him. Being able to have a witty comeback to anything he says; will make him enjoy his time with you more.

Even better is when you can use your wit to have this amazing chemistry back and forth between the two of you. There is nothing wrong with being able to banter with your sharp edged Aries man.

He likes a sassy lady as long as she doesn’t mean it in malice. Friendly debate is always welcome provided you’re not using it to slander his character. Use humor with your banter and you’ll make him smitten as a kitten in warm woolen mittens.

Aries men love women who can appreciate the humor in life. He’ll also appreciate a woman who can dish out a really funny joke as well. So humor will help you save the day!

4. A Woman Who Can Be Patient

The true core of getting it to last long term with an Aries man is going to be making sure you don’t dive in too quickly. Aries men tend to jump in head first and rather fast.

Do not allow him to do that. I know you want him to commit but if he commits too fast; he’ll possibly back peddle or cause problems for you two later on. It’s much healthier to take your time.

While you’re daydreaming about what it will be like to be in a long-term relationship with him; stay cool and relaxed. Remember he needs the yin to his yang.

He’s the hot head so you’ve got to be the cool head. If not you’ll end up rushing in like a bull in a china shop. That will do neither of you any favors. That would be a quick-fused situation that will end badly.

So take a deep breath and take your time. Try to take your mind off of him by doing things you really enjoy or spend time with friends. Remember, if he misses you; he’ll want to spend more time with you.

If you don’t allow him to have space or time; he’ll dive in and you’ll both end up bored in a fairly quick amount of time or butting heads. You don’t want either of those two scenarios to happen.

Kick back, let it flow naturally, and watch the magic unfold in front of you. It’s a journey that is truly amazing to behold. When he does commit, he may mean it forever.

If you try to rush him or allow him to rush, it’ll be one of those quickly lived relationships, and will die a tragic death long before it should have been time. Keep it healthy and wholesome. Take your time!

There is no need to hurry. If the Aries man is interested in you; he’s not going anywhere. He’ll stick around and keep moving forward with you.

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5 Signs Your Aries Man Is Ready To Commit

Aries men aren’t the type to commit to someone without knowing this person is the perfect person for them. They love their freedom and independence and would choose the life of a bachelor if they really could. 

But then there is the odd occasion where an Aries man feels like he has met the right woman and is ready to commit to her. Here are some signs that your Aries man is ready to commit:

  • He Tells You He Wants To Be With You
  • He Spends His Free Time With You
  • He Goes Out Of His Way For You
  • He Prioritizes You In His Life
  • He Introduces You To His Friends And Family

As you can see, many of the signs an Aries man gives when he is ready to commit are pretty much the same as any other man would give. He’ll prioritize you and make sure you know how he feels about you.

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5 Questions To Ask an Aries Man Before He Commits

Sometimes as women we get really excited when there is a man interested in us, that we forget to step back and actually ask some pretty important questions to make sure that the man is on the same level as us. 

Before losing your head over an Aries man and setting your heart on him, it might be a good idea for you to ask him these questions to ensure that the two of you are aligned and on the same page. 

1. Are You In A Relationship?

This may sound funny but honestly, it’s very important. For an Aries man to commit; he has to know and trust his partner for a long time. If he tries to hurry the process; he has regrets and possible resentment.

There are some that don’t think before they act thus causing him to mess around and catch feelings for the person he’s having intimacy with. This would then cause turmoil in his heart as well.

I’ve had many women write to me about a guy that is already in a relationship or married and wondering if they have any sort of a future with him. The answer is ladies; there is no way to answer that.

He has to make the decision himself about who it is he actually wants to sacrifice his time and his life for. Otherwise; he’ll keep playing with fire until he gets caught and then his partner dumps him.

It’s important to have yourself an Aries man that is free and clear. It’s also important that YOU yourself are free and clear. If you are already in a relationship; you’re not showing the Aries man why you’re good for him.

He is looking for a woman that can completely commit to only him and not make him your “side dude”. Otherwise, you’re setting yourself up for heartbreak not only from the Aries guy but possibly from your own current relationship.

It’s better to be free and clear before you start giving your heart away to someone new. An Aries man wants a stable future with someone. Already being involved isn’t stability and will not prove to him you’re the right one.

2. Are You In The Market To Have A Relationship?

This really has nothing to do with whether he’s single or not. This is more of asking him if he’s actually open to finding the right person and having a relationship.

Some Aries men are not actually ready to do so and he’ll drag things out thus leaving a woman really confused about whether or not he’s into her. Some Aries men will tell you up front he isn’t looking for a relationship.

Whatever the case may be; it’s better for you to know ahead of time rather than you investing your heart into someone who may never return that investment. It’s best to just go ahead and ask him.

Maybe he’ll surprise you and tell you something like “I don’t know but I’m willing to find out”. That would at least be a step in the right direction.

Just as I mentioned before; this may be a good question to ask yourself as well. Are YOU ready to really find the right relationship or do you still have some self-work to do before you get involved?

Women that have “inner gardening” to do sometimes don’t see the big picture and think their solution to loneliness or perceived loneliness is to look to a new man to provide them with love.

The problem is; the love you seek is already within you. If you don’t look there first; you’ll always feel unfulfilled. So try to look at it from a different perspective. Are you whole and now ready to find your equal?

3. How Do You Imagine Your Life In The Future

This isn’t something you’d want to ask on a date with him mind you. However; if you feel as though the two of you are getting closer, you will need to know the important things such as what his ideas of marriage are.

Ask him where he sees himself in 5 years, in 10 years, or even in 20 years. It’s important to know where his head is at and how he perceives his life should go and what goals he may have.

Of course; you’ll want to ask if he has any kids or if he wants any in the future. It would be tragic to get into a committed relationship with an Aries then find out later when you’re ready to have a child or two; that he doesn’t want any.

Maybe you don’t really want to have children and he does but assumes you’ll have no problem with it. A few years go by and he wonders why you’re still on birth control.

So you see; it’s important to get at the core of what is important to you and to your future with the Aries man. This will help you to determine whether you’re ready, whether he’s ready or if it’s a good idea.

4. How Do You Feel About Being Exclusive? 

This is VERY important ladies. You can NEVER assume that he’s going to automatically be exclusive to you. Aries are physical men that are rather impulsive and will play the field until he’s ready to settle down.

He doesn’t tend to settle down with the women that are eager to hop in bed with him either. So be careful when you feel yourself desiring to have sex with him right away.

Yes, he’s sexy but… it’s important to hold off before you get intimately close to him. You also need to confirm that he’s ready to be exclusive. He will not tell you that you are or you aren’t unless you ask.

If you assume; you will get your heart broken when you find out that you’re not the only woman he’s been seeing or sleeping with. Be very careful with yourself and your heart. Asking the right questions could save you from said heartache.

5. What Does Commitment Mean To You?

A very important question to ask an Aries man is what commitment means to him. How would he define it and what does he want from a relationship with a woman? It is good to ask him this so that you can see if the two of you are on the same page. 

You want to know if he is totally monogamous or if he is someone looking for an open relationship. All these things matter and are important to know if you are thinking about committing to him.

Here are another 25 Deep Questions to ask your Aries man to get to know him better.

Are You Ready To Commit To An Aries Man? 4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Doing So

It is so easy to lose your head when you meet someone who just speaks your language. When you meet an Aries man who ticks all of your boxes, you might wonder where has he been all of your life.

But, there are some pretty serious questions you need to explore for yourself before entering a new relationship or committing to someone, be it an Aries or someone else. Here are some questions you should ask yourself before committing to an Aries man:

1. Am I Ready For A Relationship?

I think it is pretty normal to desire a partner to spend your free time with. There really is nothing quite as lovely as love and romance. Although we might desire love and partnership, it might not always be the best choice if there are things you need to work on in yourself. 

How is your communication? Are you good at expressing your feelings? Have you dealt with past traumas? Are you the person you would want to be with? All these questions should give you a pretty good idea of where you are at and where you are coming from when seeking a relationship.

It is important to recognize what your intentions are because if you think that your relationship is going to fix all your troubles, you’ve got a surprise in store for you because a relationship is only going to amplify your problem and trigger all of your wounds you haven’t dealt with yet!

2. Am I Over My Ex?

This is a tough question to ask yourself, but it is super important if you are about to enter a new relationship with someone. Ask yourself if you are truly over your ex because it is unfair to enter a relationship if you still have feelings for someone else. 

And for someone like an Aries man, this is important because he wants to be your one and only and if he picks up that he isn’t, he won’t be very happy. Make sure that you’ve really healed and moved on from your ex before you commit to your Aries. 

If you aren’t over your ex then it is important that you work on yourself, especially your self-forgiveness if you feel like you are to blame because of the ending of that relationship. Lots of self-care my girl!

3. What Is The Kind Of Relationship I Am Looking For?

It is time to get super clear about what you want in a relationship. Often, as women, we are so fixated on the idea of a relationship, that we kind of forget what exactly is it that we are looking for in a relationship. 

You need to know what your intentions and values are when it comes to being in a union with a man. If you’re not clear on what you want, the Universe can’t deliver on your wishes. 

Think clearly about what type of man you want, how you want to behave in your union, what your values are, and what are the red and green flags you are looking for in your relationship. 

4. Am I Really Interested In This Person?

This is a really tough question to ask yourself, but it is time for brutal honesty. Ask yourself, are you really interested in this Aries man? Does he meet your criteria and would you be happy in a long-term relationship with him?

Don’t get ahead of yourself and lose yourself simply because there is a man interested in you. Don’t just go for the guy simply because he is paying you some attention. This is not the right reason to go into a relationship with someone. 

Be very honest with yourself and stop ignoring those red flags. If the answer is no, then it is best that you move on and find someone you can really connect with. You both deserve this!


How To Get an Aries Man To Commit – The 4 Secret Ways to Own His Love Forever

Any woman can make an Aries man commit to her, she just needs to play her cards right and make him think that it was his idea in the first place. This is the true secret to getting an Aries man to commit to you. He needs to think that it was all his idea!

1. Make Yourself A Priority

If there is one thing an Aries man respects more than anything, then it is a woman who will always put herself first. I know this sounds counterintuitive, but the thing is, an Aries man always puts himself first no matter what. 

This man practices radical self-love, always. And when he notices a woman do the same, he can’t help but respect her deeply for it. When a woman goes for gold and follows her dreams, it inspires an Aries man and makes him want to be with her.

You don’t want to chase an Aries man, ever. This will only put him off, the best way to get his attention is to live and a full and happy life, and he won’t be able to help himself but want to commit to you. 

2. Always Be Yourself

The number one thing that will always turn an Aries man off, is a phony. He can quickly pick up when someone just isn’t being themselves and is wearing a facade. This makes an Aries man totally uncomfortable. 

He can never understand why anyone would pretend to be someone they are not. When an Aries man notices someone who is completely herself and makes no apologies for this, it really intrigues him and makes him want more. 

An Aries man is always going to be attracted to a woman who doesn’t care what the world thinks of her. The more a woman can be herself, the more likely an Aries man is to want to be with her. 

3. Be Fun

One of the most important things to remember about an Aries man is that he is extremely young at heart. This isn’t a man who is super serious all the time. In fact, he just wants to have fun and enjoy his life. 

The last thing he wants is to be with someone who is negative and drags him down all of the time. He wants to be with a woman who can let down her hair and enjoy her life, hopefully with him by her side. 

If you want to make an Aries man commit to you, then show him how playful and fun you can be. The positivity will make an Aries man excited and enthralled to be in your life. 

4. Be Kind And Compassionate

If you’ve ever been around an Aries man you would know how friendly this guy is. He is a super positive person and tends to see the best in every situation and he wants the same quality in his partner. 

This is a man who values kindness. He doesn’t want to be with a woman who is rude and unsympathetic. This is someone who would bring down the quality of his life and make him feel miserable. 

He wants to be with a woman who is kind and compassionate. A woman who treats everyone with respect and integrity. These are very important values for the Aries man and any woman who can show up like this, is pretty special to an Aries man. 

Reasons Why An Aries Man Stays Committed

Aries men seem to be one of the signs that find it easiest to lose focus when it comes to relationships. It is not that they are disinterested in their partner, they just sometimes get distracted by other things going on in their life.

If we look superficially – we’d even say that Aries men have the biggest fear of commitment out of all zodiac signs.

But then, there are also quite a few Aries men who seem to be the exception in the case. The ones who commit, and stay committed over time. 

Take celebrity, Paul Rudd, as an example. He has been married to his wife Julie Yaeger since 2003. That is almost 20 years! Basically an eternity for an Aries man.

There is likely a lot of stimulation and freedom in this relationship, or else Paul would probably have been long gone by now. The most important things to an Aries man is their freedom and the feeling of being stimulated. This is all they truly want!

Being in a relationship where someone stifles an Aries man’s freedom, and constantly wants to control him is only going to push this man further and further away. 

But what exactly makes an Aries man stay committed in a relationship? And is there a secret to keep an Aries man hooked? Keep reading to find out!

1. They’re Stimulated

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and they’re represented by the infancy stage of life. If you’ve ever spent time around a baby, then you know that they need near-constant entertainment. Aries doesn’t need you to jingle keys in front of them to stick around, but they definitely need something new and exciting around every corner to stay engaged in a relationship. 

The Aries man is easily bored, which is partly why they have a reputation for being a serial dater. When they’ve learned all of one woman’s tricks then they are off to see what else they can discover. They really need someone who has many sides to their personality in order to be satisfied. 

You can also keep an Aries around if you go out of your way to keep the relationship fresh and exciting. The Aries needs to have a new adventure to look forward to every day, in love or otherwise. Taking up a fun and adventurous hobby together like geocaching or Pokémon Go can create excitement for an Aries. 

2. They’re Allowed To Express Passion

Aries is ruled by Mars, a hot and fiery planet. Just like the planet, Aries can find themselves turning red occasionally. They are passionate about what they believe in and they will stand up for it. The Aries might piss a lot of people off, but man, they will not hide their true opinion. 

Aries doesn’t feel lukewarm about many things. They either have zero interest or are totally engaged.

They will stay committed and interested in a partnership that allows them to go into full rant mode once in a while. Aries really needs someone who will listen to their spicy takes without consequences.

If you can provide the Aries with a safe space to unleash his true inner fire, then you’ve got a much higher chance of keeping him around for the long run. Like they say, if you can’t stand the heat then get out of the kitchen!

3. Their Partner Isn’t Easily Offended

One thing about Aries is that they are like toddlers in many ways. Curious, excitable, and unpredictable! They are also brutally honest. I think we’ve all facepalmed over a toddler or child’s incredibly blunt statements before.

Aries is also going to say it like it is. If they don’t like your idea then you will know. It’s not that they want to hurt your feelings, rather, they have a deep inclination to be honest. 

Aries are ruled by Mars, a planet of war and drive. These concepts don’t fit very well into the idea of social graces. As a result, Aries spilling truth tea all over the place can really grind on many other people’s nerves. 

If you can handle the truth then Aries might be your perfect match. They will feel totally relieved that they don’t have to wait for arrows to fly after they speak their mind. They will feel great for being able to share their real opinions with you, something they can’t come by everywhere else. 

4. They Can Be Their Authentic Selves

Aries are so straightforward that they cannot be anyone but themselves. They don’t really understand the concept of toning themselves down for others. The way they see it, others should also be themselves. Aries can handle the less savory parts of others, so why can’t they handle him?

Aries wants to be able to be mad, sad, happy, and everything else without worrying about how their partner will perceive them. This is difficult to come by since many people take what Aries says and does personally. 

Instead of letting your feathers be ruffled, consider thinking of them as a child. Would you tell a child to be anything but who they are? I hope not! Aries has a naïve side to them that hopes that they’ll receive that level of understanding. If you can offer that to them then you might have the Aries for life. Someone so understanding is hard to come by. 

5. The Relationship Is Just Challenging Enough

Aries do like things to be quick, but they also enjoy a challenge. They really appreciate winning and coming out on top… there is no greater thrill to them! No one will give it their all to win as an Aries will. 

If you want to keep an Aries engaged then you have to make them feel like they haven’t “won” yet. The Aries who feel like they’ve conquered the challenge of your relationship will simply move on and look for someone new. 

Instead, it helps to create relationship goalposts to work toward together. Then create another once you finish one. This will give the Aries the feeling that they aren’t actually finished with the relationship yet. They will feel the need to keep fighting until they have nothing left to fight for. 

It’s a good idea to always look for ways that the two of you can improve your relationship. This will appeal to the Aries because it keeps their minds totally absorbed in the relationship. 

Aries men are a trip, aren’t they? Which tip do you think will be the most powerful in your arsenal? If you’ve got an idea of what will work best with your guy then share down below how you think you’ll use it most!


An Aries man in love is something you definitely need to experience once in your life. He is so affectionate and will make you feel like the most special girl on earth. 

He has a way of zoning in on you and making you feel like only the two of you exist. He has quite a full-on way of expressing his love. He will give you so much of his time and his energy. This just happens to be his love language. 

As an Aries man, he is one of those people who really needs words of affirmation to feel loved and appreciated by their lover. They want to hear that they are these amazing men. That they are perfect. This is how an Aries man commits to a woman. He needs to know that he is her prize.

An Aries man needs to know that their partner could never live without them and that they are the greatest person on earth. With any Aries, they feel like they can be their most authentic self when someone just accepts them for who they are at their core. 

All an Aries man truly wants is acceptance because they realize that their personalities are quite out there and not everyone can always handle it. Aries men are direct people, and so they tend to take things that others say at face value, further emphasizing the weight of your loving words. You have the ability to melt him with what you have to say. 

Affirming words mean more to an Aries man than you could possibly understand. An Aries man tends to get quite riled up when someone criticizes them. This makes him want to prove himself more because an Aries man just cannot settle to be anything other than the best. 

Words of affirmation should be used to tell an Aries man what they have done right, not to scold him or criticize him. Words of affirmation will make your Aries man feel really loved and like you are proud of him. So lay it on thick, but of course be genuine, when you are with your Aries because he is good at sensing inauthenticity. 

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Wishing you all the luck in the universe,

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,


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