What Turns An Aries Man Off? 11 Biggest Aries Man Turn Offs

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
What turns an Aries man off? Here are eleven things that an Aries man won't tolerate in a woman or in a relationship.

Men are so fickle, one minute they’re so into you, and the next they just want to make a run for the hills. But why is this? What turns an Aries man off and how can you prevent this from happening?

An Aries man is very hot under the collar. This is a man who lives impulsively and listens to his instincts every moment of his life. When something feels right, he pursues it, when something feels wrong, he walks away.

It is a subtle experience, going from moment to moment, and just about anything can turn an Aries man on, but the same could be said about an Aries man turn offs.

Are you interested in finding out more about what turns an Aries man off? I have many years of experience as a relationship Astrologer, and I am willing to let you in on some of the exclusive knowledge about Aries man turn offs!

8 Biggest Aries Man Turn Offs In A Woman

There are certain things some women do that make an Aries man go crazy, and not in a good way. He just can’t help it, when he notices this behavior in a woman, it makes him want to run for the hills.

You might be the greatest gal in the world, but if you exhibit any of these following behaviors, you might be putting your Aries man right off. So take ahead of my warning:

1. Nagging 

Let’s get right into it. Aries men do not like being told what to do, when to do it, or how to do it. He also doesn’t like being reminded that he didn’t do something and still needs to. It’s enough to remind him once (maybe!).

What happens if you’ve asked and he still hasn’t done it? You can simply very nicely say, “I asked you to do this; I really need it done and would appreciate it greatly.”

You’re then asking him nicely. If you go at him with “I told you before to do this and now it’s still not done, blah, blah, blah,” See the difference here? It’s a huge one.

He will respond nicely to one approach, and the other will piss him off. Your Aries will likely respond with a negative comeback or call you a name that is not so nice. He can be equally nasty!

An Aries man, like a little boy, doesn’t want to be told anything. Asking him with some sugar on top will get you more favors than chastising him. I know it’s a pain, but asking nicely works far better.

2. Being Negative

Another Aries turn-off is talking negatively about things. If you’re being negative more than positive, it will add up and take its toll on him. He will add it all up and decide you’re just a negative person in general (even if that’s not the case!).

This will make him want to leave you, even if you’re doing everything else right. He can only take so much, so it’s best to reflect on your behavior.

If you’re being negative all the time, it’s time for you to take personal inventory and find out why so you can correct it. It will be healthier for you and for him, as well as for the relationship.

3. Being Needy

In the beginning, when the Aries man fell in love with you, he probably didn’t mind when you needed his help with odds and ends. He didn’t mind being the hero in your life.

An Aries man doesn’t mind helping his woman, but he does have a limit. He wants you to learn how to be self-sufficient as well. He’s not going to do everything for you.

If you’ve been pretty good so far but suddenly decide that you need more from him, more time, or want him to stay home all the time, then you may be disappointed.

Even if you’re the best and most loving person he’s ever known, keeping him home or needing him too much will turn an Aries man off and cause him to want to let go of you. He absolutely cannot be changed and won’t allow anyone to do otherwise.

5. Secretive Behaviour

You may be a completely harmless woman who is faithful to the end, but if you keep small secrets from him or omit the truth of a situation, he will get tired of it and conclude that you are dishonest.

If he suspects you in the least of being unfaithful or lying to him then there is no amount of greatness you can have that will make him change his mind. You have to always be truthful with him, even if it’s something he won’t like.

Your Aries man will get mad or upset, but at least he’ll have the truth and can get over it. If he thinks you are keeping things from him, he will believe he cannot trust you and once that trust is gone, it’s gone forever.

Here’s more on what an Aries man likes and dislikes in a woman.

6. Lying Through Your Teeth

Aries men absolutely will not tolerate a woman who cannot be truthful with him or a woman who cheats on him. He takes a great deal of effort to pick someone who he finds matches what he’s looking for.

If you lie to an Aries man or cheat on him; he’ll perceive this as a failure and not only will resent you but will be upset with himself for making a bad choice picking you. He will not forgive someone who cheats on him.

Telling him half-truths doesn’t work either. Tell him the full thing or don’t do what you were planning. See what I mean? If you’re going out with friends and an ex will be there, you have to tell him the truth.

7. You Get Very Jealous

Some say this is a double standard for the Aries man. Aries men are often jealous and possessive. However, he doesn’t like jealous behavior from his woman, it really turns an Aries man off. I know that doesn’t sound fair, but that’s how he operates.

Next time he says something about someone you are talking to in jealousy, you can gently remind him that you’re not acting jealous about the women he talks to on social media.

There has to be trust coming from both ends, or this will not work. I can honestly tell you, though, that if you talk to other guys, even in friendship, he will get jealous. He will have to learn to get used to who you are and that he can trust you.

Until he learns that, you have to be kind to him and try not to talk to too many guys. Let him see what you’re posting or saying. You don’t have to hand him your phone or constantly make sure he sees everything.

8. Being Criticized Harshly

An Aries man wants to be loved and adored for the entire splendor that he is. He isn’t someone who has a cool temper. So be careful how you talk to him. Here, you can learn how to communicate with an Aries man effectively.

If you want your Aries to do something differently, just ask calmly. You don’t have to belittle him and make him feel terrible in the process. Just remember, this isn’t love.

If you cut him up into pieces (or try to), he will give you your walking papers. I cannot express this enough; this isn’t the man you want to push or be catty with, as he will push back and likely push you right on out the door.

What Turns An Aries Man Off In Bed — His Top 3 Sexual Put Offs

9. Laziness And Predictability

Aries men are typically very active people. They crave excitement in the bedroom, so a predictable and monotonous sex life may bore them. If you want to keep him in a relationship with you alone, you had better be prepared to keep the fires burning in intimacy.

When an Aries man gets bored, he shuts off and would just rather not bother. He wants to explore new experiences and try new things in bed. He’d rather go without sex than deal with the same old boring position, time, day, night, and location.

If you want some hot and playful moves to excite your Aries man and drive him crazy in bed, make sure you get my 27 Dirty Phrases for Aries Man. You’ll thank me later, girl!

10. Possessiveness And Clinginess In Bed

While some men enjoy overly possessive behavior in the bedroom, this is a huge turn-off for an Aries man. He wants to take the lead in the bedroom and will surely feel suffocated if his partner becomes overly clingy and possessive in the bedroom.

An Aries man likes to enjoy pleasure in any way that he can. He’ll be up for just about any kinky type of game you want to play. You can do role-playing or wear costumes.

You just may shake up his confidence by displaying your clinginess between the sheets. This is what scares an Aries man away.

11. Lack Of Sex And Intimacy

As far as sex goes, it is really important for an Aries man to have his physical needs met in his relationships. He is a very sexual guy and having enough sex in his life is high on his list of priorities.

So when a partner starts to refuse sex or uses sex as a bartering chip, it really turns an Aries man off. He wants to be with someone who is very open sexually and communicates her desires to him.

An Aries man simply cannot be with a prude or a woman who doesn’t enjoy sex. As soon as he gets wind of someone’s disinterest in sex, it is kind of goodbye for an Aries man.

He just knows that he’ll never be able to be faithful in a relationship in which he can’t get sex and an Aries man doesn’t like the idea of being a cheat. But if that is the only way he can get his needs met, what else is he supposed to do?

What Turns An Aries Man Ons?

Aries men might have a hefty list of turn-offs, but I can guarantee that his list of turn-ons is double in size. There is so much that makes an Aries man go crazy for a woman. Here are some to keep in mind:

1. An Adventurous Woman

Aries man is reckless, we all know this about him! He is absolutely wild and free. He loves adventure and experiencing life to the fullest. And when he meets a woman with the same kind of lust for life, it gets him really excited. 

An Aries man loves to be with someone who is open-minded and keen to explore the world with him. It really turns him on that a woman would want to see the world and do interesting things with him. 

He needs someone who can keep pace with him and isn’t afraid of new and interesting experiences. 

2. A Woman Who Is Affectionate

An Aries man is quite tactile. He loves being touched by a woman. It makes him feel chosen, loved, and desired. This man loves attention, especially when a woman touches him in a sensual manner. It makes his heart melt completely. 

Tactile affection is very important to him. Did you know that Aries rules the head? This means that an Aries man’s head is quite a sensitive spot for him, so be sure to play with his hair or kiss his forehead. This will drive him absolutely crazy and turn him on like you have no idea. 

3. A Woman Who Is Smart And Intelligent

People often mistake an Aries man to be this brute force of a man who only thinks with his muscles. But this guy is a lot more intelligent and creative than he gets credit for. 

He wants to be with a woman who gets his wheels turning. An Aries man is turned on by a woman who can make him think and who can stimulate him intellectually. 

There is nothing sexier for an Aries man to have a woman who has her own ideas and knows how to inspire him with her thoughts. He adores this and it makes him really excited.

Here, you can learn more about what an Aries man wants in a woman (and in a relationship).

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    1. Dear Lorrie,
      If he can leave so easily, he was never really meant for you.
      Everything happens for reason.
      You need to appreciate and love yourself so much to the point that your energy rejects anyone who doesn’t know your worth.
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      Try focusing on yourself and heal your own wounds. This way, someone else may enter your life as a partner.
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