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5 Things to Do When Your Aries Man Is Being Jealous (For No Obvious Reason)

Jealousy is one nasty emotion! Is your Aries man suddenly a green-eyed monster – for no obvious reason? Don’t worry, it’s normal with this sign. He is ruled by Mars, the god of war, after all! However, there are some reasons he may be acting this way — and I’ve got 5 tips for what you can do to handle him! 

Aries can certainly be one of the most masculine, possessive, and powerful signs. Being wooed and adored by this man means that you belong to him exclusively

Yes, he’s one of those “macho men,” and even possibly one of those guys that has somewhat traditional beliefs about gender roles. At least in some areas! 

For example, when it comes to you being his girl, he’s not the type to tolerate other men giving you attention

He’s not a tyrant, though! Aries men just like to be the center of your universe. So, when you’re not giving him enough attention or are giving attention to others, he can get a bit worked up. 

Why Is He Acting Jealous?

You’re Not Paying Him Enough Attention

This is the number one reason why Aries men get jealous. Aries is the very first sign of the Zodiac, after all, which makes them a little, well, self-absorbed. However, this is not the self-absorption of someone malicious or even narcissistic. 

It’s similar to the self-absorption of an infant, who just wants their needs met — now! When a baby is hungry or needs attention, you shower them with what they ask for, plus plenty of cuddles and reassurance! 

Have you perhaps “neglected” your Aries man in any way? This is a small and simple fix, luckily! 

You Have Too Many Male Friends

The truth is, Aries men like to be the alpha males. They are not team players, and they always have to “win.” This also means “beating” all the other men in your life, with you as the trophy. Yes, it’s a bit brutish, but in moderation it can be sexy, right? 

If you have a whole lot of male friends, expect your Aries man to feel a bit threatened. He may see them all as potential boyfriends that are after you, no matter how buddy-buddy you are with them. 

It’s a hard pill to swallow, but a typical Aries man will just not like it when you have more man friends around than he’s comfortable with. 

You’re Very Independent

Aries men may get jealous when you’re highly independent. On one hand, they love a woman with her own life and her own interests. It makes them want to chase you! On the other, if your independence takes up time and energy that might otherwise be spent on them, they can get a bit insecure. 

It’s always a fine line with the Aries man. Too much independence and he gets grumpy. Too little and he thinks you’re needy. No one said he was easy! 

He’s Feeling Insecure

Most people act jealous when they feel insecure. If your Aries fella is not feeling good enough for you, one of the ways he will show it is through jealousy. At heart, he might feel as if you’re out of his league or that he can’t make you happy. 

Insecurity is never a nice feeling, so act with care and compassion — this man does have a fragile ego that needs to be cared for! 

5 Ways to Battle His Jealousy

1. Shower Him With Attention!

Showing Attention To A Jealous Aries Man

Ladies, sometimes it’s really simple to deal with a jealous Aries man — just shower him with attention! This is very different from acting needy or clingy. It’s more about asking him how he’s doing and letting him take the lead. 

It means putting your arm around him in public or kissing him in front of friends. It’s noticing when he’s done something well and complimenting him on it. It’s basically being there exactly when he needs you to be, and not being too slow about it! 

You’ll see — he’ll be back to normal in no time at all! 

2. Dress to Impress Him — and Only Him

Aries men are visual creatures, like most men. However, with him it’s more pronounced. If he’s being jealous, go out of your way to look good for him when it’s just the two of you. This means that you’ve noticed his feelings (which he will appreciate) and are signaling to him that you want to be seen by him and him alone. 

By the way — red is often an Aries man’s favorite color! 

3. Plan a Sexy Date Night or Weekend Away

When your Aries men is feeling jealous, a quick way to shake him out of it is to plan a sexy date night. However, make it seem spontaneous and unplanned — yes, another tricky issue with Aries man. They hate plans! 

He’ll also absolutely love an intimate weekend away, even a short impromptu road trip! This reassures him that you have him on your mind and want only to spend time in his glorious presence. Watch his jealousy become a thing of the past once you give him all the attention for an uninterrupted stretch!

4. Let Him Know That Other Men Could Never Compare to Him

This is a fun way to cool your Aries man’s jealousy — tell him very clearly that other men could never compare to him and he’s the only one for you. You could even throw in a few light-hearted complaints about your male friends.

Fluff up his ego, in other words, and don’t be shy about it! The more you do it, the more confident he’s going to feel, and the dimmer his jealousy will grow when he remembers that he is, in fact, the best in your eyes.

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5. Be Extra-Affectionate With Him at Home

Another way to let your Aries guy know no one else can compare to him is simply by being very affectionate with him. Cuddle him, kiss him, and get sexy in the bedroom with him more than usual. 

Stroke his muscles, and look adoringly at him — these old-school tricks work like magic with the macho Aries man! He can’t resist it when a lady “worships” him; he’ll truly feel like a god, and his jealousies will evaporate! As easy as that! 

Have you dated an Aries man before, or are you dating one now? Did you deal with any jealousy? I love hearing your stories, so please go ahead and share away! They’ll stay completely anonymous, of course.

If you’d like to get to know the Aries man better, check out my Aries Man Secrets for more on this sexy, powerful, and loyal sign:

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