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What Are Five of The Aries Man’s Negative Traits?

So you’re dating an Aries man or are interested in one. He seems dreamy and makes you feel safe. What are his down sides? We all know that every sign has both positive and negative traits; here are some of Aries man negative traits.

Stubborn behavior

Aries is very much like a Taurus in that they are both stubborn men. They tend to think their way is the correct way and if you don’t like it; there is the door. It’s hard to convince them that there is another way.

If he’s into you; he may listen to your ideas but it would take just about a miracle to get them to actually believe that you are correct. If they’ve made up their mind; good luck changing it.

These men are not open to change and if they do; it won’t be an easy process. He’d have to admit there is more than one way than his and again; good luck getting him to see that.

This can at times; make him seem very opinionated because he isn’t very flexible. While this could be useful in a debate; it’s not something that comes in handy when you’re trying to discuss compromise within a relationship.

He will want you to be the one to bend to his will rather than the other way around. He may not see that it’s good for him to let go a little bit and have trust that you could be right.

In your face with his thoughts

Aries man negative traits

The Aries man is one that will not hesitate to get in someone’s face if he thinks they are wrong or that they are offending him in some way. Often times this is the guy you’ll see in a bar brawl.

This is the guy that will have a very hard time backing down once an argument has begun with whomever. He will be ready to fight, spar, or verbally joust. Whatever the case; this guy is a total hot head.

If you’re his partner or you’re considering dating one; you’ll need to be someone with lots of patience that knows how to calm this turbulent guy. The partner of choice for him is someone who can help him balance more.

Someone who is more spiritual and calm natured may be a good fit to help him calm himself more. Your calm energy can soothe the savage beast. Keep that in mind for the future.

No self control

The Aries man can be very impatient with many things in his life. He’s prone to jump into relationships quickly and jump right back out. It’s not that the person wasn’t right for him; it’s that he didn’t take his time.

He needs to learn to take his time with a partner. He needs to fully get to know them and also get to know himself a bit better. Taking it easy will help from going the fast, furious, passionate, and then fizzle out phase.

The right partner will make him take his time. Not forcefully mind you. That’s not possible. He cannot be forced to do anything. However; if you can lull him to take it easy and not rush things; he’ll stick around longer.

He has to feel as though he DOES have control in order to feel at ease. Ironic isn’t it? He, who has none, seeks to make sure everyone else knows he does. Hmm… that’s interesting.

Cocky or Arrogant

Aries man negative traits

These men think they are all that and then some. That also means they often think that the world may revolve around them. They expect everyone else to bend to their will and wishes.

Aside from the fact that this isn’t reality; they still very much live by this credo. This is sometimes mistaken for confidence. Women are drawn to them because most of the time; they are very attractive.

They seem confident and sure of what life has in store. This makes women flock to them. Ladies like the Alpha male when they’re looking for a mate; especially to marry and have children with.

However; they may find out after being around the Aries man for awhile that his confidence is actually lacking. They are cocky often and come off as arrogant once you start to get to know them.

For whatever reason; they think they were created for everyone else’s viewing pleasure. Good looking or not; no one likes to deal with that type of ego. However; if you’re a woman who compliments his statue; you may find him to be easy to deal with.

Someone who matches this guy would be someone who is nearly the polar opposite. This would require having not much of an ego and being very loving as well as giving.

Overwhelming insecurity

Ladies, Aries is the guy who will come off as protective and a shield for you. However; he’s really starting to establish his dominance over you. He is the jealous possessive type.

This is the one who will have a huge issue with you being friends with other men. He won’t even accept other guys asking you simple questions without wondering what they’re motive is.

I really recommend that if you are dating an Aries guy; be sure he isn’t one you work with. This could be disastrous for your career. He may get jealous of men asking you work related questions.

If not co-workers it could be an important client that comes to talk to you about business and he flips his stack worried that this guy is hitting on you. Trust me when I tell you; its best if you don’t work at the same place as your Aries lover.

Though this man comes off as arrogant or cocky; he’s actually really insecure at the core of it which is also what explains the jealousy. If he were secure in your love; he wouldn’t need to dominate you.

So on the exterior this guy is all though and on the interior; he’s a fluffy marshmallow of pain.

As there are Aries man negative traits; there are also positive ones. You may want to read my book to find out more about this mystery man. In the Aries Man Secrets; you can learn how he operates, how you can handle him, and how you can make him a loving kitten instead of a vicious tiger.

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