Dark Side Of An Aries Man — 9 Aries Men Negative Traits

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Find out the 15 most common negative traits of an Aries man that could challenge your relationship. Meet an Aries man dark side!

Everyone knows an Aries man can be intense, stubborn, and impulsive – but what are the real – most common negative traits an Aries man has? What are the toxic traits Aries men usually have in love that can become a great burden to your relationship? Find out what are his 10 most common red flags.

Aries men are intense! These passionate gentlemen have a lot of energy coursing through their bodies. And when this side of them isn’t channeled properly, then they can really give in to the dark side.

Aries men are very dominant, they are powerful and are born to be leaders. They need a healthy way for them to express themselves, or else it turns up into pent-up anger and aggression. Really not fun when you have to deal with an angry Aries man. 

However, no one is perfect and we all have our negative traits. This is what makes us so interesting as human beings. We all have to work on our flaws, especially if we want to show up in our relationships in a healthy, non-toxic way. 

But we also need to accept that others aren’t perfect and to accept them for who they are to help love them. This is part of what a mature loving relationship is. Accepting someone for their flaws, and still being okay with it. 

Aries men definitely have their dark side, they have negative traits that can make them quite toxic in love.

Are you interested in finding out what these traits are? Then keep on reading to find out more and how you can handle the Aries man dark side in a relationship. You’re going to need them if you want to be with an Aries man!

Top 10 Aries Man Negative Traits

1. An Aries Man Is Stubborn

Aries is very much like a Taurus in that they are both stubborn men. They tend to think their way is the correct way and if you don’t like it; there is the door. It’s hard to convince them that there is another way.

If he’s into you; he may listen to your ideas but it would take just about a miracle to get them to actually believe that you are correct. If they’ve made up their mind; good luck changing it.

These men are not open to change and if they do; it won’t be an easy process. He’d have to admit there is more than one way than his and again; good luck getting him to see that.

This can at times; make him seem very opinionated because he isn’t very flexible. While this could be useful in a debate; it’s not something that comes in handy when you’re trying to discuss compromise within a relationship.

He will want you to be the one to bend to his will rather than the other way around. He may not see that it’s good for him to let go a little bit and have trust that you could be right.

2. He Is Confronting

The Aries man is one that will not hesitate to get in someone’s face if he thinks they are wrong or that they are offending him in some way. Often times this is the guy you’ll see in a bar brawl.

This is the guy that will have a very hard time backing down once an argument has begun with whomever. He will be ready to fight, spar, or verbally joust. Whatever the case; this guy is a total hot head.

If you’re his partner or you’re considering dating an Aries man; you’ll need to be someone with lots of patience that knows how to calm this turbulent guy. The partner of choice for him is someone who can help him balance more.

Someone who is more spiritual and calm-natured may be a good fit to help him calm himself more. Your calm energy can soothe the savage beast. Keep that in mind for the future.

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3. An Aries Man Lacks Self-Control

The Aries man can be very impatient with many things in his life. He’s prone to jump into relationships quickly and jump right back out. It’s not that the person wasn’t right for him; it’s that he didn’t take his time.

He needs to learn to take his time with a partner. He needs to fully get to know them and also get to know himself a bit better. Taking it easy will help from going through the fast, furious, passionate, and then fizzle-out phase.

The right partner will make him take his time. Not forcefully mind you. That’s not possible. He cannot be forced to do anything. However; if you can lull him to take it easy and not rush things; he’ll stick around longer.

He has to feel as though he DOES have control in order to feel at ease. Ironic isn’t it? He, who has none, seeks to make sure everyone else knows he does. Hmm… that’s interesting.

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4. He Is Cocky And Arrogant

These men think they are all that and then some. That also means they often think that the world may revolve around them. They expect everyone else to bend to their will and wishes.

Aside from the fact that this isn’t reality; they still very much live by this credo. This is sometimes mistaken for confidence. Women are drawn to them because most of the time; they are very attractive.

They seem confident and sure of what life has in store. This makes women flock to them. Ladies like the Alpha male when they’re looking for a mate; especially to marry and have children with.

However; they may find out after being around the Aries man for a while that his confidence is actually lacking. They are cocky often and come off as arrogant once you start to get to know them.

For whatever reason; they think they were created for everyone else’s viewing pleasure. Good looking or not; no one likes to deal with that type of ego. However; if you’re a woman who compliments his statue; you may find him to be easy to deal with.

Someone who matches this guy would be someone who is nearly the polar opposite. This would require having not much of an ego and being very loving as well as giving.

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5. He Is Insecure

Ladies, Aries is the guy who will come off as protective and a shield for you. However; he’s really starting to establish his dominance over you. An Aries man is jealous and possessive type.

This is the one who will have a huge issue with you being friends with other men. He won’t even accept other guys asking you simple questions without wondering what their motive is.

I really recommend that if you are dating an Aries guy; be sure he isn’t one you work with. This could be disastrous for your career. He may get jealous of men asking you work-related questions.

If not co-workers it could be an important client that comes to talk to you about business and he flips his stack worried that this guy is hitting on you. Trust me when I tell you; it’s best if you don’t work at the same place as your Aries lover.

Though this man comes off as arrogant or cocky; he’s actually really insecure at the core of it which is also what explains the jealousy. If he were secure in your love; he wouldn’t need to dominate you.

So on the exterior, this guy is all though, and on the interior; he’s a fluffy marshmallow of pain.

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6. An Aries Man Is Reckless

One thing you need to realize about an Aries man is that he is reckless, he simply cannot help it. He is just so in touch with his instincts and always chooses to act on them. 

An Aries really rarely thinks before he does. He just jumps into situations without thinking about them clearly and this can often get him into some very sticky situations. 

It isn’t rare for an Aries man to get in trouble for doing things that others might deem irresponsible. He simply has to chase the feeling burning inside of him, or else he’ll feel restless and unsatisfied. 

He often gets hurt or injured because he is so reckless. But this is definitely an integral part of his personality, and he wouldn’t change it for the most money in the world. His recklessness is what makes him special.

7. An Aries Man Has A Short Temper

Aries men have a lot of passion, and this can often mean that these guys have a very short fuse. They get riled up about just about anything. Just wait until you see this guy’s level of road rage, it is a little crazy and even a bit scary…

But, the good thing about an Aries man and his short temper is that he doesn’t stay angry for very long. It is a very quick rise and fall. The only thing to look out for is his violence. 

He needs to have a place to channel his energy through exercise or one of his passions, or else it is quite possible for him to hurt someone. I wouldn’t say Aries men are abusive, but they definitely have the potential to be if they don’t take care of themselves properly.

8. An Aries Man Is Competitive

An Aries man cannot settle for anything but first place. This guy is born to be a winner and is unfortunately a very sore loser. An Aries man is incredibly competitive, he has to win, no matter the costs. 

He will work himself up to ensure that he is always the winner. It doesn’t matter if it hurts his relationships, he has to win. An Aries man is crazily competitive, with absolutely everything. 

He believes he is a demi-god and everything everyone else does, he can do so much better and he is definitely out to prove it!

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9. An Aries Man Is Attention Seeking

An Aries man loves to be in the spotlight and when he isn’t, he feels a little weird about it. This guy is a lot more insecure than the picture he projects to the world. He can be very needy and attention-seeking. 

He will do whatever he can to make sure that the attention is on him. Even if it means becoming dramatic and making a scene. This man needs a lot of attention to feel secure and worthy. 

He really needs to work on his self-esteem and self-worth and recognize that only he can make himself feel good and it isn’t up to a partner to make him feel this way. He needs to stop looking for validation from others.

If you struggle with how to handle an Aries man and find the right words to make him feel special, I strongly suggest getting my Aries Man Love Language guide. It will help you finally speak the same love language as him and make your bond so much stronger.

10. An Aries Man Is Selfish

Aries men can be very, very, selfish. These guys often only think of themselves and what they can get out of a situation. It is very frustrating being with them when they are acting this way. 

They may struggle to see the perspective of someone else because when they get a bee in their bonnet, achieving it is all they care about. Even if it may hurt someone else. 

It isn’t an intentional thing at all, but if you allow an Aries man to just take and take, he definitely will! So watch out for that and be sure to put in good boundaries with him.

Are Aries Men Toxic In A Relationship?

The Aries man sometimes sabotages his relationships with avoidance, so if you don’t react in a timely manner, you may never hear from him again. Aries is prone to holding grudges because of his stubbornness.

He has a strong character that can easily influence the relationship in a toxic way. He forgives easily but never forgets, so if he feels disrespected, you can be prepared that he will have controlling tendencies.

Most Common Aries Man Toxic Traits in Love

1. An Aries Man Doesn’t Compromise

The dark side of Aries man in a relationship comes out when he acts so stubbornly that he just downright refuses to compromise and come to an understanding with his partner. 

Everything is always on his terms and what he wants. This just shows how incredibly selfish and stubborn an Aries man can be. He only does things when he can have his way. It is extremely toxic and not conducive to a healthy relationship. 

You can let your Aries man know that he is being unfair and that his actions are really hurting you. It is good to be honest with an Aries man.

2. An Aries Man Thinks He Knows Best

No matter what, an Aries man is always going to believe that they know best. This has to do with his stubbornness, he will not back down when he believes he is right. 

He will argue and argue his point until you give up and crown him the winner. An Aries man is totally relentless when it comes to proving a point. This makes it very difficult for him to hear the opinions of others and to learn a different point of view. 

This has a lot to do with maturity. An Aries man needs to learn that sometimes he isn’t always right and he doesn’t always know best. Encourage him to listen to others and hear their perspectives. This will help him grow.

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3. An Aries Man Is Unpredictable

Whenever we enter relationships, we are searching for an element of security in the relationship. Someone who is stable and makes us feel safe. However, Aries men tend to be very unpredictable, which can be scary. 

An Aries man will often do whatever he pleases, without warning. He won’t care how his actions impact your life. As long as there is some excitement and intrigue in his life, he is happy. 

He’ll always try to do the most unpredictable thing because this is what makes him feel most alive in life. He wants to shock people. It really gives him a kick. 

What you can do is to ask your Aries man just to inform you when he is planning on doing something reckless. Tell him you understand his need to want to do this, but that it sometimes makes you worried and out of control in the relationship.

4. An Aries Man Is Jealous

An Aries man can be very possessive when it comes to love. There is a part of him that truly believes that he owns the woman he is in a relationship and this can often lead to jealousy. 

He has a side to him that is very insecure and this is where this jealousy stems from. He feels like he needs to own you, and of course, you are no one’s property but your own. 

This is what makes him so toxic in relationships. He can really start spinning out of control and gets really angry when he is jealous. An Aries man needs to understand that he doesn’t own you. 

Give him as much reassurance and love to make him understand that you only have eyes for him. Let him know that he has no reason to be jealous.

5. An Aries Man Lacks Empathy

Aries men aren’t particularly emotionally intelligent. These guys, in fact, are a little too brutally honest at times. These men say things as they see it and they don’t really care if they hurt your feelings, as long as they are speaking the truth.

There are times that you might be looking for emotional support, but instead, you are met with a lack of empathy and understanding. An Aries won’t understand how you got yourself into this situation in the first place.

This can make it really difficult to be with a man like him as you might feel like he lacks the softness and grace you might need to help you feel a little better. Sometimes all a girl wants is someone compassionate and that is totally understandable.

He needs to understand that in relationships you need to be compassionate and kind and that it is important to support the person you love.

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F.A.Q. On Aries Man Negative Traits 

How To Deal With A Stubborn Aries Man?

Dealing with a stubborn Aries man is very difficult. These guys are incredibly frustrating to be around and it can feel like an impossible task to make them see your point of view. 

One of the best things you can do with a stubborn Aries man is just to be honest with him and tell him how much his actions hurt you. Explain to him how it makes you feel and put in some boundaries. 

Let an Aries man know exactly where your limits are so that he knows not to cross him. Let him know that you need to compromise in your relationships because, without it, you cannot build a successful and happy relationship. 

Tell him that you are committed to a union that isn’t toxic and that you desire to be in a relationship that is full of growth. If he cannot give you this then it is important that you leave.

How To Deal With An Impatient Aries Man?

An Aries man is always going to be slightly impatient, he likes to dive into things head first. This is especially the case in his relationships, he might want to move faster than you do. 

However, it is very important that you listen to your own limits and move at your own pace. If an Aries man is pushing you to do things you aren’t ready for, then you are fully in your right to say no and ask him to slow down. 

If he really likes and cares for you he is going to respect your decision not to rush into something you aren’t ready for. Take a deep breath and slow down. It might not be as bad as you think it is going to be. 

Remember, an Aries man loves a challenge and if you slow things down he is going to love going after the chase. So just listen to your own body and what you feel most comfortable with. 

Final Thoughts About Aries Man Dark Side

There is a side to an Aries man that loves the idea of commitment and loyalty, but he definitely has his dark side. An Aries man can be incredibly toxic, yet there is a wonderful lover inside of him as well. He wants to fight for his woman, adore her, and worship her for as long as he possibly can. 

For the right woman, an Aries man can certainly commit and make a serious change in his lifestyle. Sure, he’ll still be adventurous and need his freedom, but the right girl will give this to him. 

This is why an Aries man will never settle and just go for what is available to him because he knows that somewhere, someone can give him exactly what he needs in his relationship, and he is willing to wait for it, and so should you. 

If an Aries man is leading you on and doesn’t give you the same kind of love in return, then he definitely isn’t worth the effort or your time. You should definitely rethink what it is he is actually offering you, because if it is nothing, then you should definitely leave. 

Stop Worrying About Your Aries Man…

It can be SO painful to worry about how to make things work with an Aries man who won’t commit. I know. I’ve been there with many of my friends dating Aries guys.

I remember my very close friend crying herself to sleep at night, worried that her man would never commit to her. She lost sleep, time, and even work hours, all because she couldn’t figure out how to capture his heart and get him to commit.

As a friend, it was hard to watch her go through that.

But I knew how good he was for her, and I didn’t want her to give up on him. Even when our other friends were telling her to move on, I could see that he was the most incredible man she had ever met.

How could she just give up on that?

But it wasn’t easy. It took a LOT of work.

She had to learn how to speak a different language… his love language!

And it worked!!

So if you are ready to sleep like a baby… Knowing your Aries man is MADLY in love with you… And never feel anxious about him again…

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XOXO, Anna

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  1. I feel like all of what you wrote is so true. My biggest struggle is his inability to be in touch with his emotions. We just had a long talk today and he can come across as harsh but I also see the insecurities. I wish he wasn’t so afraid to stand up for himself. Sounds crazy but some people he just lets walk all over him. I do feel like I’m the balance mentioned.

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