How To Make Up With An Aries Man After An Argument

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
If you’re sick of constantly arguing with your Aries man, and wondering how to make up with an Aries man after an argument, you are in the right place.

Some men just love to argue—and most Aries men are among them! If you’re sick of bickering or all-out warring with your Aries man and wondering how to deal with an Aries man in an argument, you are in the right place.

Arguing with an Aries man can be quite stressful. Few people really enjoy arguing. Most of the time, it’s hurtful and destructive. But some men seem to consider it an art form!

If you’re dating or married to an Aries man, you might be all too familiar with the concept of “explosivity.” Explosions may happen very regularly indeed, and as the “war” sign, Aries is not afraid of confrontation—and sometimes it might seem like he’s arguing for sport! Aries man, after an argument, becomes a totally different person.

It can be exhausting to live with, as anyone who loves an Aries knows. You’re either invigorated by his fiery energy or you’ve just had enough of it! How do you bring more harmony into your relationship with an Aries man? It’s not easy, in all honesty. But there are ways!

Let’s explore why do Aries like to argue and how to make up with an Aries man after a fight.

Arguing With An Aries Man — Do Aries Like To Argue?

If you have ever wondered why Aries men like to argue so much, let me tell you that Aries men are extremely direct and honest. He’ll tell it like it is, and he won’t spare your feelings. That’s just his warrior nature.

He’s a “man’s man,” which can mean he’s not all that sensitive to your emotions. However, surprisingly, an Aries man is very sensitive himself! He will take things personally, and when he feels rejected, put down, ignored, or dismissed, he will act like a big baby and throw a tantrum.

So how does an Aries man argue? The same way he does everything else—passionately, directly, and with a whole lot of heat. He will raise his voice, stomp around, declare war, and use all of his defensive and attacking tools.

An Aries man will not stop until he’s won, and seldom does he admit when he’s wrong. He will only apologize if he has done something really wrong—if he has hit below the belt or betrayed you.

This is a flaw in his nature, and it will take a lot of patience to show him the error of his ways. He does try to do the right thing, though, despite his temper.

An Aries man argues honestly, and in that way, you can always trust your Aries man to be true and authentic. The main challenge is how to make up with an Aries man after a fight.

Will An Aries Man Fight For You?

Being direct, honest, and protective, an Aries man will definitely fight for you, especially if you are in a long-standing relationship with him. He is going to act as your protector in situations that are hard for you to deal with.

An Aries man will fight for love! They have a very strong desire to connect on a deep emotional level. He is very defensive, and he values directness. So, worry not; he will most definitely fight for you.

There is no better way to show someone how you feel than through your loyalty, right? Keep that in mind when dating an Aries man.

How To Deal With An Aries Man In An Argument — 5 Steps To Take

So, what do you do when an Aries man argues with you? Do you lie down and take it? Or do you fight back? Here are a few handy tips for the next time your Aries man picks a fight.

1. Challenge Him

This is not exactly the most harmonious option, but Aries man does appreciate someone who can stand up for themselves. He likes to have a worthy opponent, so when you just take everything he throws at you, you may actually lose his respect.

This doesn’t mean you have to hurl back as much fire as he’s throwing your way. But if you feel he’s in the wrong, stand your ground and believe in yourself.

The chances are good that the fire between you will burn itself out quickly enough. And even if it doesn’t seem like it at the moment, he’s hearing you.

Challenging him now might just make it easier to see eye-to-eye when you’ve both cooled down.

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2. Lower Your Defenses

This is a great tool, but it’s not the easiest to use because it might hurt your pride a bit!

When you recognize the times you’re in the wrong—and admit it rather than staunchly defending yourself—you’ll douse some of his fire.

Make sure to listen to his words, even when his delivery leaves a lot to be desired. Open yourself up to his message, and if you find he has a point, be willing to accept it.

3. Take A Little Space

If things get too heated, just step back and take a breather. 

There’s only so much arguing you can do before you’re both talking in circles, and that’s when the big guns come out and things can get really hurtful. 

If you feel your argument is veering into the danger zone, call a time-out. Once the fire has cooled, he will be much more likely to try to work things out in a peaceful, constructive way.

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4. Give Him Time To Vent

When things are calm, explain that you feel hurt, scared, insecure, and uneasy when he raises his voice suddenly.

What would work better for you is if he could tell you that he needs a little time to vent, and then you could return to the matter at hand and discuss it calmly. He may need reminders, as moderating himself is not the strength of Aries men.

So if you see him escalating, perhaps it is a good time to suggest that he take some time to vent, particularly if he’s able to do something physical like exercise or even a brisk walk. Suggest talking about it when he’s taken the edge off and released his anger in some other way.

If you’re struggling with how to get your Aries man to let his guard down and open up to you, I strongly recommend checking out my Aries Man Heart Opener Guide… It will allow you to peek into his deepest secrets… and get to know him better than anyone ever has.

5. Set Boundaries For Yourself

If need be and nothing else is working, remember that you may not be able to set boundaries for him, but you can set boundaries for yourself.

You may need to trust yourself to know when to ask for a time-out or convey that you are getting upset. It is not just about taking some space; it is about setting limitations about what you will and will not process.

If your Aries man is annoyed by something and lets you know, that’s his way of telling you his boundaries. But just because he can be loud doesn’t mean he wins. The two of you can balance each other out, but he has a habit of being domineering and needs to work through that in order to create balance.

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How To Make Up With An Aries Man After A Fight

The first step toward harmony with an Aries man is, oddly enough, to accept that he’s not the most harmonious guy. He enjoys battle, conflict, and fire. It makes him feel alive.

One of the best ways to bring more harmony into your relationship is to patiently teach him that arguing is not the only way to communicate.

Accept that he will lose his temper; don’t lose yours, but do stand your ground. Lower your defenses, be calm, and wait for him to cool down. Remember, Aries is the “infant” of the Zodiac, and he can be so self-absorbed that he may not even realize how often—or how intensely—he’s fighting with you.

Lastly, if any argument gets abusive in any way—physically or emotionally—know that you absolutely should not put up with it. There’s a line between argument and abuse, and you should never let him cross it.

Like the vast majority of Aries men, he has a good heart. He wants to do his best for you, so help him overcome this obstacle in your relationship—and look at it as a learning opportunity for you, too.

Work on your communication and argument styles as well, and grow together. Your relationship is worth it!

Why Do Aries Like To Fight So Much?

Aries man is ruled by Mars, the planet of war, lust, desire, aggression, and fighting. How can you expect anything else from a Mars-ruled sign?

But this Mars energy also makes him sexy, manly, warm, loyal, passionate, and willing to lay his life down for you. It makes him protective and willing to deal with any challenge. The trade-off is that temper! It’s just who he is.

An Aries man lives and breathes conflict—he’s assertive, dominant, and fiery, and this is just part of his personality. In this case, arguing is normal for him.

The truth is, an Aries man heats up and cools down very quickly, and once he’s exploded, he goes back to normal, forgiving and forgetting so fast that he’ll give you whiplash. For some women, this is great—especially if you are very similar. For others, this can feel tiring and painful.

However, the anger of an Aries man is usually neither toxic nor manipulative; there is no malice behind his temper. He never meant to hurt you, and he won’t lie to you.

In this way, you can always trust that the arguments are not usually heavy or psychologically driven. An Aries man will never gaslight you or try to twist your thinking. He’s just prone to putting his foot in his mouth!

Will Ignoring An Aries Man After An Argument Make Him Chase You?

An Aries man is highly competitive. This is because his ruling planet is Mars, and this gives him that fierce warrior spirit. You might be wondering how this translates to dating.

Well, an Aries man needs to be constantly stimulated; you don’t want this guy to be bored, or else you’ll lose his interest completely.

So to answer your question in short, an Aries man is absolutely a chaser, even after an argument. He needs his conquest or prey to be quite difficult to get because this makes him feel quite accomplished when he finally makes you his.

The second you become clingy or needy or continue to fight after an argument, an Aries man will bail on you. He doesn’t mind you being in distress from time to time, as it makes him feel as though he’s useful.

If you pretend you’re hurt and start giving him the cold shoulder, he’ll drop you.

Always do your best to keep him on his toes! Learn more on how to get an Aries man to chase you (5 must-follow rules) <<

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xoxo, Anna

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