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Aries Man Sending Mixed Signals – Is He Interested Or Not?

Aries man mixed signals are something I often hear my clients complain to me about. Women are always frustrated at how inconsistent Aries men seem to be. They’re always telling me about an Aries man not texting back or asking me what to do when an Aries man ignores your text.

I really feel for my clients because no one wants to be in that situation of not knowing how a man feels about you. It can be so confusing if you don’t understand how someone is feeling about you.

It can often be a back-and-forth game with an Aries where one minute he is so hot for you, and the next he seems to not be able to stand you. This would drive me absolutely crazy with confusion!

Don’t worry girls! I am here to help you decipher all the mixed signals an Aries man might be sending you. So if you’re keen to find out whether or not your Aries man is interested then keep on reading:

6 Most Common Ways an Aries Man Might Be Sending Mixed Signals

Are you experiencing a little back and forth with an Aries man and not sure what it means? Does he one day act hot and bothered then act as though nothing matters to him? Here’s how to know if your Aries man interested or not.

  1. Impulsive Hotness

    Since the Aries man thinks about consequence after he takes action, he will typically go after what he wants and when he wants it. If he wants to get a woman, he’ll do it.

    If he wants sex, he’ll try to do it. So if he’s quickly gotten to you or gotten you to sleep with him and got what he wanted, he may pull back from you if he’s not that into you.

    The thing is, he isn’t thinking about relationships or what it will do to you if he dives into bed with you. He only thinks about what he wants in that moment. His focus will be on what he wants and nothing less.

    This gives him the “coming on strong” appeal that women fall for. It makes the woman feel special and that he wants more from her than he may actually want. Sadly this may sometimes be an illusion.

    There is also the possibility of him actually liking a woman, diving in head first, and then realizing she isn’t at all what he thought she was or that he was simply just physically attracted to her.

    Sometimes, when he really does like a woman, he tries to go too quickly then regrets that he didn’t take it slow and things become messed up in his mind. He perhaps wasn’t really ready but doesn’t realize until after he’s jumped in.

    His impulsive behavior often gets him into hot water. He doesn’t think things through and just goes with what he feels rather than what logic would help him truly discover.

    He needs to learn time and patience in life. Until he does, he will keep creating these problems for himself by going too quickly and doing things he probably shouldn’t be doing.

  2. Testing Games

    There are some Aries men that will absolutely test the woman they’re into to make sure that she is what he’s looking for. He may get hot with her and then ignore her, because he wants to see if she’ll stick around.

    He may also want to see how she reacts to the things that he does. If she cannot handle him like that while they are dating, he figures she’s probably not a good fit for him and will want to move on.

    It’s also a way for him to see what her tolerance level is. He’s a big kid and wants to do what he wants to do when he wants to do it. He doesn’t tend to want to have to ask anyone’s permission.

    While dating someone, he will want to do things his way and in his timing. So this may make him look like he’s cold or flaky. That may not be what he’s doing but it appears that he’s hot and cold thus mixed signals.

    However, it’s not always the case. He just isn’t thinking about what you’re doing where you are at or that he needs to text you back. He’s thinking about what he’s doing in that moment.

    Remember, Aries men do not care about consequence much. He does things on his own terms and no one can tell him any differently.

  3. The Cold Side

    The cold side that women tend to notice is when Aries is doing his own thing and isn’t paying her attention that she wants. Again, this could just be due to him wanting to do whatever it is he’s doing without answering to someone.

    Even in relationships, they don’t want to have to answer to their girlfriends or wives. They want to do what they want to do and anyone who tells them differently gets the cold shoulder.

    He could be ignoring texts, not returning calls, or simply going a week or more without getting together to visit with his woman. Either way, you put it, he’s doing what he wants and when he wants.

    Unfortunately, this always comes across to women as him not being interested in her and thus feels very much like he’s creating mixed signals. The thing is, if he’s told the woman he loves her, he means it.

    He may want to have some time on his own to do his own thing sometimes and should communicate it more clearly than to just disappear and “go cold”.

    There are situations of course, where he got into a relationship too quickly and decided that the woman wasn’t the right one for him so he just decided to quit talking to her so that the situation sorts itself out.

    He doesn’t like dealing with emotional situations of any kind so he’ll back peddle, ignore, blow off, and ice a person out. He also doesn’t want people to see him in a negative light so he’ll instead ignore the woman.

    He’s hoping that she’ll get upset enough that she’ll blow up and break it off with him. Then she’s the one with the problem and he’s free and clear to move on with his life feeling guilt-free.

  4. Mixed Up Sitaution

    No matter which angle you look at this, Aries has a tendency to do what he wants and this always creates some conflict. It makes the woman in their life feel neglected, unloved, or not liked.

    Sadly the only way to cure this is by basically calling him out and asking him what it is he feels. He has to spit it out or you’ll never truly know what is going on. If he’s playing “cold”, you may want to step back and give him some space.

  5. Aries Man Not Texting Back

    It is so frustrating when you are super keen on a man, and then he just doesn’t text back. It can leave you going crazy and like you don’t know if you’re coming or going.

    There can be many reasons why an Aries man isn’t texting you back, it could be that he’s just very busy, or perhaps he’s just not that interested in you. To explore this further, check this out.

  6. Aries Man Acting Hot And Cold

    One of the most amazing qualities of an Aries man is that when he is into you, he is so into you and probably can’t get his hands off you. The passion and intensity an Aries man can give when he is interested in a woman is on a another level.

    However, it isn’t always easy to keep an Aries man’s attention. He is always off on some mission, and sometimes he can get quite distracted and it can feel like he has forgotten about your existence.

    This is the hot and cold game an Aries man often plays and it can get very confusing for a woman to have to deal with. To find out more about why an Aries man plays hot and cold continue exploring in this article.

Would An Aries Man Test You?

I am sorry to say it ladies, but Aries men can sometimes be a little childish and because of this, they tend to test the women in their life. An Aries man always wants to come first, even in love, thus, he is always checking that you are worthy of him.

He needs to know that you are the right fit for him and that it will actually work for the two of you to be in a relationship together. This is why he will continue to test you to see if you have what it takes to be his perfect lover.

Do you think your Aries man is testing you, but you’re unsure of how to pass his challenges? Then you might want to check out all my useful tips and tricks when it comes to Aries man testing you.

When an Aries Man Ignores Your Text – What Does That Mean? 

There is always a certain point when the excitement and exhilaration that comes with texting with an Aries man slowly starts to dwindle. The rush of meeting you has probably dwindled down a bit.

There is nothing wrong with this by the way, but I know this can be quite concerning for some women who enjoy texting and communicating throughout the day with their partner.

But, if you’re thinking there might be another reason why you’re hearing less and less from your Aries man, then you might be right. A woman’s intuition is always on the mark. If you think something else is going on with him and that is why he is ignoring your texts then you might want to check this out.

Here are some of the explanations why an Aries man is ignoring your text messages:

Your Aries Man Is Very Busy, And He Puts Off Texting

This is where some women become quite confused. In the beginning, your Aries guy was so excited with you and probably texted you a whole lot, until you two started spending lots of time together.

With time, the texts started to decrease because he was with you so much that he didn’t need to text.

The typical and true Aries kicks into the fact that he doesn’t actually like texting. He did it to win your heart and when he himself was giddy like a schoolboy.

With time, things change and he changes with it. He becomes less text message-oriented. He isn’t answering your texts as much anymore because he’s busy doing other things.

He made time for you before because he wanted to make sure he secured the relationship with you and impressed you.

Now he doesn’t think texting is important, so unless you ask him a question, he may not respond to you. He figures that you know he’s busy and so he doesn’t think you’re going to be angry or hurt.

The Aries man doesn’t always realize that he needs to keep in better touch via text, especially when he’s busy with work or other things. This is a topic you’ll have to approach with him if it bothers you not being in contact over the phone.

Tell him how you feel about him not texting. Don’t get angry with him or lash out. Just tell him that you miss him and when he doesn’t respond, that at least sometimes it makes you feel as if he doesn’t care.

There are also times when he’ll be busy with something and has the intention to reply to you but then forgets because he gets sidetracked.

That doesn’t explain if he’s ignoring you for longer than you’re comfortable with though, so let’s explore more reasons.

Are you still with me?

Excellent! Let’s dig into other scenarios in which an Aries man avoids your texts.

The Most Common Reasons Why An Aries Man Avoids Your Texts

  1. He Lost His Taste For Texting Small Talk

    This goes with the fact that he hates to text if he doesn’t have to. The thing about him is that he wants to talk about important things if you’re going to text.

    Saying things like “hey, thinking of you” doesn’t work like it did in the beginning. He’ll think to himself that it’s sweet you sent it, but he won’t see a reason to reply.

    Something else is that over time, texts start to get boring to him. The Aries man hates being bored. Again, he’ll look at your message and then go about his business without replying.

    I know this is super frustrating, but this is who the Aries man is. It would probably be more effective to call him but again, don’t bore him with small talk.

    Another thing you can do is text him something very different from your norm. Bring up some exciting or intriguing news. That may spark his attention again.

    Find new topics you can get his interest with. Reignite the passion you two once had. Don’t let him get bored with texting!

  2. The Aries Man Needs Some Space

    There is nothing worse for an Aries man than the feeling that he cannot be himself and do what he wants, when he wants. If you’ve been very close and he hasn’t had any space or time to himself, he will pull back.

    The Aries man avoids your text when he feels you are holding too tightly to him. He really doesn’t like women who are clingy or needy.

    Sometimes, he’ll actually tell you what is going on and other times he’ll just disappear or ignore you. Make sure that you’re offering him time to himself or with his friends.

    An Aries will feel smothered or chained down if he’s not able to do what he wants at least some of the time. He realizes there has to be compromise, but he doesn’t always know enough to ask.

    This is why he might start ignoring your text messages out of the blue. Think back about how it’s been over the last few months. Has he had any time to be alone or to do his own thing?

    If not, then you’re going to have to change that (and quickly!) so you don’t lose him. In this case, the quietness with texting may only be the first step before breaking it off.

    When you’ve looked back and figured out that you did in fact not give him space then it’s important you reach out to him to let him know your error and tell him you’d like to talk to him about it.

    Hopefully, he’ll get back to you and call you or meet up with you to discuss what happened, how to change it, and where to go from here.

  3. He’s Angry With You…

    It’s not hard to believe that he would get angry. Aries is a fire sign, after all. They tend to be quick-fused when it comes to their tempers.

    If you two had an argument or you did something that pissed him off then yes, he will ignore you. He is one of the signs that give you the silent treatment until they feel able to face you again.

    Hopefully, you didn’t do something that pushed him away totally. If you can think back and see that you two did have a nasty argument or something happened that made him angry, you’ve got to act fast!

    Try calling him instead of texting him to tell him that you apologize for your role in making him mad.

    There may still be a chance to work through this. He won’t work on it if you don’t apologize though.

    If you really and truly have no idea why he’d be mad at you, then that’s what you approach him with. Tell him you aren’t sure why you ticked him off but you’d like to apologize if that is the case.

    At least he’ll know that you’re actually willing to work through it and have empathy for his side of this.

  4. Your Aries Man Lost His Interest In The Relationship

    This is the hardest one to deal with. If your Aries man has detached from you and feels the relationship isn’t working for him anymore, then he will start ghosting you.

    An Aries man avoids your texts when he no longer has feelings for you. This might be when you’ve looked back and cannot find any reason why things aren’t going well.

    You know for sure you guys didn’t fight, you didn’t do anything to make him mad, and you’ve let him have space but yet he’s ignoring you.

    Please understand that it doesn’t mean that just because he ignores a few texts that this is the case, certainly not. It’s when you go for a week or two at a time with no response.

    It’s like when you open up your inbox to see that he’s read the messages but isn’t replying that it really sinks in. Something is up with him and he’s purposefully not talking to you.

    Sometimes, instead of being blunt and telling you he wants to break up, he’ll ghost you for a while and hope that you get the message.

    What can you do if this is the case or if you aren’t sure?

    As difficult as it will be, you will have to pull back from him. Stop sending him texts and stop calling him. If he wasn’t doing it on purpose, he’ll notice you’re quiet and reach out.

    If he was truly ghosting you because he feels like it’s over for him, he will not reach back out. So, give yourself a certain amount of time to process it and then wash your hands of him.

    This is the worst way an Aries man can be, but what is even more horrible is when he does speak up about his feeling disconnected. Sometimes they can be verbally nasty.

    He may be very mean to you or treat you like you’re nothing to him. So, when you think of it, being ghosted may be the easier way to break up. That might be what he’s thinking as well.

    He doesn’t want to be unkind to you but if you aren’t “getting it” he’ll probably say harsh things to push you away.

    Take the signs for what they are worth. You now have the ammunition you need to figure out if your Aries man is still with you or if he’s done.

What To Do If An Aries Man Is Not Texting (Back)? –  Ideas To Bring Him Back

It is so annoying when an Aries man seems to be all in at first, and then suddenly disappears into thin air and you never hear from him again. This can be absolutely heartbreaking as you just love connecting with your Aries man.

There are definitely a few things you can do to get an Aries man to text you back, and trust me, it is a lot simpler than you might expect!

  1. Seduce Him

    Remember when the passion was really burning? When you two could hardly keep your hands off each other? You’ve got to bring that back! What exactly did you two do back then? What was exciting?

    You need to figure out that recipe and try it again. Things may have changed since then, but if he still loves and cares for you, he will be into it. Do spontaneous things with or for him.

    Try to let him be your “hero” a little here and there. It excites him to do things for you sometimes. Not all the time though –don’t be needy or he’ll get turned off.

    Just here and there, make him want to help you. Ask him to do something that he knows you know how to do, but you want him to help you with. Such as opening jars, reaching something up high, car problems, etc.

  2. Get Him To Miss You

    Find things to do to keep yourself busy. Don’t be at his beck and call. Don’t wait around for his texts. Make him wait a bit. Also pull back on your own texting. He needs to miss you in order for him to want to reach out.

    Yes, I understand the fear of losing him if you aren’t reaching out touching base. However, if he’s now reliant on you to initiate, then he’ll expect it to stay this way and doesn’t realize you want him to reach out first.

    So, make some changes in your routine and shake things up a bit. If you’re used to reaching out to him daily, skip a day and see what happens. Skip two days, and see if he doesn’t reach out to ask you what’s up.

    He’s not going to assume you’re done with him for missing a day or two in between texts. It’s just a way of him to not hear from you which should make him wonder why.

    Again, don’t always be available either. Go out with your friends, do stuff with your family, and keep busy. The less you’re around to spend time with him, the more he will revive his hunting skills and want to chase you again.

  3. Confront Him About It

    This is the most direct route to seeing that your Aries man will get back on track and start to initiate again or if he never was, it could get him to actually make an effort there.

    Getting an Aries man to text can be as simple as telling him that you really love talking to him, but you wish he would try initiating more as it would be more exciting for you.

    If he thinks that it will be a good thing for you and will make you happy, he may very well do that. This is especially true if he really cares for you or loves you.

    While Aries men can be a bit selfish sometimes, they are also protectors of their loved ones. They would never let anyone mess with them. He’s an excellent man and provider.

    All you really have to do is get his attention and talk to him about the way you are feeling about everything. You don’t have to be emotional. In fact, it works best if you do it in a cool, calm way.

    Tell him that you don’t mind initiating sometimes, but you’d like it if he would at least meet you halfway on it. The same goes for making plans. Tell him it would be exciting if he made plans ahead of time for you two.

    And if none of this ideas work, then there is a very special tactic I have up my sleeves that always works like magic to get an Aries man to text you back. Want to know what this is? Then look no further than this mind hack to make an Aries man text you back in an instant.

Is He Interested Or Not? – Checklist of 6 Signs an Aries Man Likes You

Are you tired of guessing whether or not an Aries man likes you? Well, I don’t blame you! It can be quite frustrating figuring out if this guy is coming or going. He is so unpredictable!

Fear not, here is a checklist of things to look out for to see if an Aries man is actually interested in you. Answer these 6 questions and try not to think too much, but give your first (powered by your subconscious) answer. Be as honest as possible, and then count your points to see how interested he actually is.

Does An Aries Man Like Me Quiz?

          • Question n.1 – Physical Touch – How Touchy Feely Is He With You?
          • Question n.2 – The Future – Does He Include You In His Plans?
          • Question n.3 – Protective – Does He Protect You?
          • Question n.4 – Attention – Does He Pay Attention To You?
          • Question n.5 – Friends and Family – Has He Introduced You?

Physical Touch – How Touchy Feely Is He With You?

Answer 1 – He Is Very Touchy Feely With Me (+3 pt)

Things are looking good! When an Aries man is quite touchy-feely with you, then chances are great that he really likes you. He is a very physical and affectionate person. It is important to him to express the way he feels by being able to touch the woman he is interested in.

Answer 2 – We’re Not Really Touchy (0 pt)

Don’t fret! There is still a chance that an Aries man might be interested in you even though he isn’t very physical with you. He may very well have some of his other planets in Taurus or Pisces which can make him quite shy. It may also be that the two of you have just met and he is just being respectful of your space.

The Future – Does He Include You In His Plans?

Answer 1 – He Always Includes Me  (+3 pt)

When an Aries man is always including you in his plans then chances are very good that he has deep feelings for you. He is taking this connection seriously and sees a future with you in it.

Answer 2 – He Never Includes Me (0 pt)

There is a side to an Aries man that can sometimes come across as a little selfish. So him not including you isn’t to say that he isn’t interested in you, he might just assume that you know that you are included.

Protective – Does He Protect You?

Answer 1 – He Is Very Protective Over Me (+1 pt)

As the warrior of the Zodiac, it is quite a good indication that an Aries man likes you if he is protective over you. It means that he cares about you deeply and wants to know that you are safe.

Answer 2 – He Isn’t Protective At All (0 pt)

You have noticed that he doesn’t really care when you might be in danger. This not a very good sign because an Aries strongest drive is to protect the people he cares for. He might not be that interested in you.

Attention – Does He Pay Attention to You?

Answer 1 – He Always Listens To What I Have To Say (+2 pt)

An Aries man can be quite distracted as he has a million things on his mind, but when an Aries man pays attention to what you have to say, it means that he really cares about you and wants you to know he is listening.

Answer 2 – He Doesn’t Seem To Pay Attention To Me (-1 pt)

If you find yourself sharing an anecdote or an interesting fact with an Aries man, and he doesn’t seem like he is present or listening to what you have to say, then there is a chance that he might not be that interested in you. But there is also the chance that he just has a lot on his mind so try not to take it too personally.

Friends and Family – Has He Introduced You?

Answer 1 – I’ve Met All Of His Loved Ones (+4 pt)

This is an important one! If you have met all the big players in your Aries man’s life then chances are very good that he really likes you. This shows that he wants you to be a part of his life and that you are important to him.

Answer 2 – I Haven’t Met Anyone (-3 pt)

This depends solely on how long the two of you have been seeing each other. If you just started dating and you haven’t met any of his loved ones, then that is totally normal. But if it has been a few months, then I would be worried. He is probably not that into you.


There is a side to an Aries man that loves the idea of commitment and loyalty. He wants to fight for his woman, adore her, and worship her for as long as he possibly can.

For the right woman, an Aries man can certainly commit and make a serious change in his lifestyle. Sure, he’ll still be adventurous and need his freedom, but the right girl will give this to him.

This is why an Aries man will never settle and just go for what is available to him because he knows that somewhere, someone can give him exactly what he needs in his relationship, and he is willing to wait for it, and so should you.

If an Aries man is messing you about and doesn’t give you the same kind of love in return, then he definitely isn’t worth the effort or your time. You should definitely rethink what it is he is actually offering you, because if it is nothing, then you should definitely leave.


56 thoughts on “Aries Man Sending Mixed Signals – Is He Interested Or Not?

  1. I met a Aries men online. But never met in person we where doing good. Then he said he was going to stay at his mother house. He told him he doesn’t care for me as I do and he told me I scare him. How do I get him back sylvia

    1. Sylvia, he said you scare him and you want to get him back lol. Move on, not moving on will only create more bad tension. What you need to focus on is yourself and fix the problems that scare men away. Coming on too strong when he’s not ready to commit, might be one of them. Create space and let men miss you!!! Best advice I can give you is never force a connection. What’s meant to be will be and what is not, is not! Good luck in your search. I find women who have been single for a while find their selfs in such situations. Give men a chance to miss u. Enjoy your life….when you make your life all about “that man” they run. Let time heal this relationship so when you come back to connect. The tension that was once friction, dies out and new beginnings can be created

      1. Well, I told him I was sorry for everything that happen. He said it was okay about the situation . So what do you think will he talk too me again sylvia

    2. Hi Sylvia, I’m afraid I don’t quite understand your question. If you never met in person then he never actually really knew you as a person and you didn’t really know him either. Aries can be one way online or via text but when you meet him in person, he’s quite different. It works this way for any sign really. As far as him saying you scared him off, I’m afraid you’d have to ask him directly as far as what you may have done that scared him in order to fix it or figure out what can be done to get him back. If you’d like to learn more about Aries man including how to win one back, you should check out my book “Aries Man Secrets”.

  2. When you ask how to get ‘him back..focus on really listening to what he says, e.g Why do you scare him? Sounds like he is confused not scared.. Just go with the flow as in time he will patiently gradually open up to you it seems. You clearly love him to want to make it work and I say keep persevering but try not to over-think or gain pressure or/and stress. What will be, will be. Good luck!

    1. Hi Louise. Thank you for your input. Not all Aries men are the same but they do share similarities. There are always more things involved such as moon signs and rising signs. It also has to do with how they grew up, what types of relationships they’ve been in, and various other things. I actulally do have a book that gives far more information than the article by itself. If you’d like to learn more about them, please consider reading my book “Aries Man Secrets”.

  3. My aries man and I were childhood sweethearts. He had to move with family then later moved back I was married. Later in life he married. Seen each other in those times as friends. Then I moved. I recently moved back. Look him up. Both single. Got together, love had as children exploded. But he has age and medical sex problems. I was pushing to much and he has pushed me away. Can I win him back

    1. Hi Susie! Thank you for writing in about your complicated Aries man situation. To repair things with an Aries man isn’t easy and requires lots of patience among other things. It’s not impossible to win him back which is the good news. If he still cares for you then there is a chance he’ll be open to you again. You’ll have to prove to him that you’ve changed and won’t push him so hard again going forward. It might be a good idea to learn everything you can to help you move forward and try to win him back over. Check out my book “Aries Man Secrets”.

  4. Hi ! I need help ! Basically been talking online to Aries man for a month , we met and kissed etc, then planned to meet again but on day of meeting I heard nothing from him and he went completely cold for 4 days , then today I’ve got a message from him , what does this mean ? Should I engage with him or am I wasting my time ?

    1. Hi Sarah!

      It either means he really likes you and is afraid of it OR he’s not sure whether or not he’s that into you. He’s taking time to himself to think things over and trying to mull out what he wants to do basically. If you like him then yes, you should talk to him. If he goes cold on you too many times though, you’ll need to basically tell him what you think and feel then let him tell you what he wants so you two can either work it out or find closure in order to let go.

  5. I’ve been speaking through text on and off with an Aries man for the past 5/6 months, it’s a constant cycle of speaking really good for a couple days then he goes cold again for a week or a couple days , what do I do ? Does he like me ? Should I waste my time on him ? We met up once and it was so nice I’m just confused with all these mixed signals

    1. Hi Sarah!

      If he’s still talking to you then yes, he likes you. He’s unsure and trying to figure things out. They do this hot and cold thing when they’re trying to decide what they want and if you’re someone they want to go further with. They also test you to see if you’re really that into them or if you’re a flake. Keep talking to him and see where it goes. Just be patient but if he gets too cold on you then you might want to tell him how you feel about it. If it still doesn’t change then you’ll need to consider moving on.

      1. Hey girls, I am Virgo woman who seeing Aries man. With Aries man I guess you should play nothing to loose. I met him online and first met in person we had sex but I never think to deep about it. He is the one keep text me or call me. If he doesn’t text I don’t reply either and I never ask him about our things. Just go flow with it and we have been a year doing it. Now we are in relationship and I just wait and see without forcing him. So I do play he is the one have to text me or call me. I just reciprocated. Ao far I have no problem with Aries man

        1. Hi Indah74!

          Thank you for chiming in and sharing your situation. It sounds like you found a unique formula that works really well for you and your guy. That’s fantastic! It won’t work the same for every Aries guy though nor does it work the same for every Virgo woman. Everyone has different quirks and different personalities which makes results vary. I’m happy for you and I hope it lasts a lifetime sweetheart!

  6. Hi! I have been dating my DREAM Aries man, except I pissed him off with a comment that we weren’t talking as much as he would like. He ignored me for a few days, I asked him not to ignore me and he apologised and said sorry I only ignored you as a needed a breather because you pissed me off, then i said okay don’t forget about me please just message me when you want to hang! And then he said I won’t forget about you, and so I gave him 5 days space and I tried contacting him yesterday and he has now not even opened my messages for 2 whole days which is VERY out of character for him. Is he still pissed off? Would he be testing me? I’m so sad and think he has lead me on but I don’t understand why he now doesn’t even want to open my messages…. do I just leave him alone even though we may not ever talk again?

    1. Hi Josie!

      Aries men need to be handled carefully when you want or need to express your feelings. Instead of saying what you said that way, you probably should have said, “I really would like for us to interact a little more. I can’t get enough of you”. He’d probably think that’s cute and not get so angry with you. Aries men taking a “breather” is actually pretty normal. I wouldn’t take offense to it. Try to show him you’re independent and are just fine when he’s not around. That independence will turn him on. Give him a little time then try to message him again. I hope this helps! Good luck sweetheart.

  7. I just started seeing an Aries man. We texted a lot at first before meeting (I met him online) and on our first date we had sex. I made it clear that I don’t randomly sleep with people but we talked very intimately before meeting and instantly felt comfortable with one another that first date. Since that first date his texting me has been nonexistent sometimes not even responding but we have hung out two times since then and things appear fine – we are intimate and talk. He has been incredibly busy leading to the lack of communication. Would an Aries man continue to see me if he wasn’t interested or should I take the lack of communication as a sign he doesn’t like me? Or rather is it a test to see if I can give him space while he is busy and not give him flack for doing what he needs to?

    1. Hi Sara!

      If your Aries guy wasn’t interested in you then he probably would not contact you anymore or get together with you in person. Busy is alright as long as he doesn’t totally blow you off. sometimes when a man is busy, he just needs a bit of time and patience. Wait him out. When he’s not so busy he should reach out to you again. If he starts blowing you off more or going silent then there may be an issue but just intermittent isn’t a bad thing. I wouldn’t give him a hard time or it may piss him off and cause him to either break it off or stop talking to you entirely. Be careful!

  8. So me and my Aries guy have went in a date then all of a sudden “something happened at home” and he said he was coming back but he never did then started ignoring me and started acting real cold, i don’t understand if i said or did something wrong, he said he ain’t mad at me but I don’t understand

    1. Hi Anonymous!

      It sounds like he lost interest and doesn’t want to tell you why. Then ignoring you and acting cold was his way of making sure that you don’t try to pursue him anymore. It’s not a nice way for him to handle things but he did it the way he thought it would be effective. I would probably work on letting go of him. Unless you want to ask him flat out what it was that made him decide to go cold.

  9. I’ve been talking to this Aries guy for 3 months now we went to the same school but nothing happened till years later . He’s very inconsistent i tell him that all the time and he still does it I get sometimes he be busy but damn can I get a good morning text at least ? I be lost & confused cause when we are together we can’t keep our hands off eachother and he’s so kind to me . But when we aren’t around eachother I barley get a text . Like recently I called out of work just to see him due to our schedules being different and enjoyed my night and I haven’t heard from him in 2 days am I being dramatic or he’s just not into me he’s very confusing to the point where I blocked him am I wrong ?. I really like this boy but should I move on ?

    1. Hi Tatiana Love!

      It sounds like your guy isn’t really ready for a relationship or is insecure and he’s showing that to you by backing off or not talking to you as much. He sounds like the “out of sight, out of mind” type of guy. Either that or he’s afraid to talk to you more because then that means he has to be serious and he may be terrified of that. Get him to initiate again by showing him why he liked you in the first place. If he still can’t get with it then you’ll need to walk on so you can be open to find someone else who will give you what you deserve in life.

  10. He has blocked me all over social media and phone. But seems upset in this pictures. What do I do?

    1. Hi Georgie!

      I answered your other message but if he’s blocked you from everything then he’s done. His looks may have nothing at all to do with you actually. He may be dealing with some other stuff but unless he talks to you there is no way for you to know. You probably should work on moving on.

  11. Hi Anna…I think I screwed up with an Aries man….we met in the winter, and during lockdown text and chatted often…I revealed to him that I liked him, and hoped maybe we could be more than friends…he was very keen, and we had planned to spend last weekend together, he was coming to see my by train…I got worried, and because of Covid, I ordered him a taxi, and said I’d pay for it…he got cross…I know I overstepped the Mark, and shouldn’t have done this, I should have suggested, rather than just told him I’d booked a taxi and pay…..he didn’t show, and despite probably too many calls and texts to him, he will not pick up the phone or answer my texts
    …have I blown it with him..

    1. Hi Nikki!

      Alright, you did the right thing out of the gate by letting him know you like him. Yikes, I can see why you would be sweet enough to pay for a cab for him but he’s an Alpha male and needs to be the “man” in the relationship. So yes, this probably annoyed him. It made him feel less than a man. He now sees you as a woman who will not let him be the man he is. That doesn’t mean you’re that way though. He just has that impression. I would message him and tell him it wasn’t what you’re normally like and that you are sorry he got the wrong impression. If you’d like to learn more about Aries then check out my book “Aries Man Secrets”.

  12. Hi, I’ve been dating this aries guy since august, blocked me a few times and left me at an hotel the last time we saw, didn’t respond to my texts or call and then i left him alone, few weeks later, he came back begging and after a week blocked me on WhatsApp again saying his ex was stalking his social media and wants us to talk only instagram,and that he loves me he’s not texted me in two days.

    1. Hi Gina!

      He sounds immature and not over his ex. I would tell him to crap or get off the pot. If he loves you he will do whatever it takes to be with you. If not then he doesn’t love you as much as he thinks he does and he will keep pulling hoaky crap like this. To learn more about Aries man, please read my book “Aries Man Secrets”.

  13. I have been dating an Aries man for 3 years. He has a family and lives with his girlfriend. We have many arguments and I tell him it’s over each time we argue but we usually end up making amends. Recently he upset me and I told him I was done and we did not speak for 3 weeks. Since then I’ve called and texted him every single day begging for his forgiveness and he ignores me. He answered a few text messages and a phone call and told me this was my fault. I love him so much and do not want to loose him. Do I leave the relationship and leave him alone or is there still hope.

    1. Hi Jalen!

      Wait, if he lives with his girlfriend but dating you on the side… he’s decided to choose his girlfriend then Yes honey, don’t ever be someone’s second choice. Be someone’s first and only! You deserve a lot better than that and you need to get after it! To learn more about Aries man, please read my book “Aries Man Secrets”.

  14. Hi I’ve been friends with an Aires guy for 15 plus yrs we started an sexual relationship in July of this yr he calls me every single day he spends the night with me several times a week idk we’re this is going but I have very strong feelings for him and I’m a little scared to tell him what should I do he’s very sweet to me and treat me with so much respect the chemistry between is out of this world

  15. Hi I’ve been friends with an Aries guy fo 15 years plus we both liked each other and started a sexual relationship in July of this yr we speak to each other several times a day we don’t go a day without speaking he also have several female friends he doesn’t keep anything from me we talk about everything the chemistry between us is out of this world I have strong feelings for him but I’m scared to tell him he treats me with so much respect he’s stays at my place several times a week I just can’t get enough of him is it true love or lust

    1. Hi Shanah c,

      Well you’re not going to find out either unless you actually take the initiative and ask him if he would ever consider being more than friend with you. If you don’t do that he will not change and he may find someone else he commits to and then you will lose out. Time to get that inner strength brewing! To learn more about Aries man, please read my book “Aries Man Secrets”.

    2. We’ve been talking ca 3 months, I had once sex with this aries man 39, we planned to see each other again but then I pissed him off through a message, telling him someone told me is not to be trused.
      He then refused to talk to me again only said that he doesn’t like this drama shit and that right now he can’t talk to me like normal people because “you cannot” he said.
      I’ve tried to explain and explain, but he blocked me. I moved to no contact and after 2 months i texted him again something random a link and he said :”nice”
      then i asked him what he’s up to , he said he’s working from home, then i asked what about holiday… then he blocked me again.
      I know for a fact he liked me a lot. Me too but i was probably to needy. It’s been now almost 1 year since we last saw each other. I asked him to tell me if he wanted me to let go of it… but apparently he can’t say this either.

      If i’ll go no contact for about 3 months… do you think he’ll open up again?

      Also in 2 months it’s his birthday, would he appreciate if i would send him a gift through post, like a nice book ?

      Thanks so much…. it’s literally driving me insane (because i feel it in my bones he is thinking about me… ) I also thought about ending my days… some days ago…
      And i’m 36…. and never in my life did something like that happened.

      I’m really desperate i know.
      but that connection with him was something amazing and so unique…. it like i’ve known him all my life and the feeling was mutual. and the attraction was also mind blowing mutual.
      it’s not consumed…. and he didn’t actually closed the door.. i felt he us just punishing me and test me but this is going to far.

      Can i ever get him back?
      I wanna give it a try, just tell me what exactly should i do….
      (moving on isn’t an option right now…. honestly i can’t, i’d rather die)….

      1. Hi Linda!

        It sounds like he closed off to you and I’m not so sure that he will reverse that if it’s been a year already. You can try to go without reaching out but unless he makes contact with you of his own free will then he isn’t interested in having it back. There is nothing you can “try” to do. Aries me are hard headed and typically will not open a door once they’ve shut it. Only time will tell whether there is anything salvageable but you chasing him will not work. I can tell you that. Aries men do not like to be chased. My suggestion is leave it alone. If he wants to come back around and the connection is still strong, he will return but only give yourself so much time before you move on. Write down o the calendar how long you will wait before you let it go entirely. I hope this helps!

  16. Hi, I met and Aries man in May and since the very beginning it was a real bang. We fall for each other quick and strong, we both are in relationships, he claims he wants to leave his gf and I want to leave my husband (wanted to do it before we met anyway). He will ignore my texts and won’t replay for 12hrs and due to lockdown we can hardly meet lately. Maybe once a month. He still calls as much as he can. There was a lot of bumps. I confronted him and he says I am his perfect woman and loves me. We decided we want to wait until New Year as now would be even hard to explain how we met each other. Sometimes I feel he’s interest is lost, sometimes I feel sorry he didn’t replay. Should I stick to it or move on? Apparently they always say the truth… so is he over with his gf as he says or just playing me? I am not sure what to think about it. Once I was worried I could be pregnant. He was happy. He wasn’t worried at all. I would like to believe him but I do need a man who can give me more reassurance in a relationship, especially when I have to make a move eventually and tell my husband I am leaving to be with him. It really bothers me sometimes. But I got to the stage when I want to leave no matter what. If Aries and I work out or not. Is just too hard to let it go. Even though his ego shines from a mile and he can be such a dick sometimes he will also make it clear it’s just banter. And testing me. I think this is a man I need, where I always have to be on my toes and make some effort, just want a little more love. My birthday coming up soon. We won’t be even able to meet. It can be heartbreaking! And I am worried he will break my heart by completely blowing it off…

    1. Hi Jenny!

      I think that before you two get together fully, you both have to take care of your own situations. You cannot leave for someone else. Leave because you’re unhappy and things aren’t working well for you. After you are on your own, you can then see if there is anything between you and this guy. He needs to do the very same thing. If you try it another way, it may blow up. Don’t rely on him is what I’m telling you. Take care of yourself then you can look into love. If he really truly loves you then he will be there. Check out more info in my book “Aries Man Secrets”.

  17. Hi
    Please help me to understand an aries man.I am scorpio woman .I found this guy on dating app and on initial days of chat , he shared me that he is not happy with his life and insatiable though he has succeeded to get whatever he wants to.I adviced him and for me this developed an emotional connection.. he told me his family is pressuring him for marriage but he is not feeling like doing it… That made me worried more so i decided to tell him about my feelings to which he asked do i really take him as marriage material..and second thing he asked was why i like him..i answered both whole heartedly but i asked him about his feelings .. he wasn’t able to answer n he admitted he’s confused and now he will think about it whole night.I really don’t mean to pressure him ..but this is the only way i had…later he said he will think about us… he needs some time…
    I just dont get it ..I gave him full opportunity to reject me on my face but he didn’t tell directly ..the conversation was ended as he said he is going to sit with his dad and will call me if we will be awake.. what is the point of giving such hopes i really dont understand..
    I know it’s too soon to expect anything but what should i do one day has already passed..i haven’t heard from him..

    1. Hi Varchana!

      It sounds to me like he’s bored with his life and looking for more enrichment. If you pressure him, he will probably push back. He needs to think marriage is his idea because if he doesn’t, he won’t go along with it and even if he did, he wouldn’t be happy and would resent you down the line. Be very careful and let him lead the relationship if you want to keep him. If he needs time, let him have it. It sounds like he doesn’t agree with what his family wants for him because he sees it as HIS life and really, it is. It’s his decision whether marriage is something he is ready for or not. Trying to get him to do it when he doesn’t want it will result in behavior just like what he’s doing. Just wait him out a big longer before you try reaching out. When you do reach out, make it light “Hey there, thinking of you” or something like that.

  18. Hi there! I met an Aries man on an app about 3 months ago. At the time I wasn’t too into him but when he was direct and said he was super interested in me it caught my attention. At the beginning he was so intentional, asking me questions, calling me for three hours each time, double texting me, just always very vocal about how he felt about me. making plans to hangout but we always had really busy schedules so it’s been hard to see him. We finally met after a month of talking and that it when I felt him pushing away in a sense. Shorter texts but still would call me and when I called him out on it he said he still liked me and was going with the flow and since we just met once. We kept in touch during the holidays and began having more intimate conversations. He’s an accountant so since he’s been back from the holidays has been shorter than usual. Which really confuses me. I’ve seen him once two weeks ago and we has sex and when I did see him he was so sweet and nice and stayed the night. But since then I felt like he’s pushed away even more. So once he texted me back a one worded text, I decided not to text him back. This whole time I’ve been honest and straight with him on how I feel and he’s always appreciated that and has told me he is very busy and wants to move forward once busy season is over but now I feel like he’s just texting me because he feels bad. Our texts are so bland and empty and being a sagittarius i am just over it. Should I be patient with him? Do you think he is actually over it or since he hasn’t reached back out? I was planning on texting him later this week just to check on him but I also don’t want to be this clingy girl bc I know my worth and I AM independent. I just really like him and have always been very attentive. Any advice you can provide would be so helpful!!

    1. Hi Lara!

      Well either you have to be patient or you have to let go. I would go a week or two without messaging him and see what he does. He may actually find time to miss you and want to reach out. If you need some more tips, you really should read my book Aries Man Secrets as it could reveal some really helpful information for you. Wish you all the best.

  19. Hey Anna,

    I hope you are doing well.My name is Vee. I am a Sagittarius. Me and my Aries guy met online! We instantly clicked. I was looking for a connection and he was still unsure for what he wanted. He told me that he would date and see where things go. Our 3 dates were amazing. We went out for a coffee talked for hours and watched series and surprisingly had many things in common! Suddenly he saw things getting serious and he asked me to be his friend coz he doesn’t want a relationship and won’t lose me as a friend! I was lil sad. But after that we hung out couple of times and I told him that we haven’t dated for long to get in to relationship so let’s date again and see where things go! We resumed dating and started spending time together, we are dating now it’s 2 months of us dating! Suddenly starting this week he hasn’t taken the initiative to text me whereas he used to flirty and sweet in the starting, nowadays he hasn’t been responding quickly to the snaps! He used to ask to FACETIME EVERY NIGHT! But now he doesn’t even bother texting me anything at night! Has he lost interest in me or is it just the cold attitude he is having towards me! I have been feeling sad as he doesn’t give me any attention! He never lied to me about any things! Plus he is also busy with his real estate work! But I am still curious to see if he is still trying to ignore me using his work! I am so confused. Please help me out. I feel extremely sad coz I really like him and I don’t wanna lose the connection between us. Should I ask him what exactly he wants and stop to lead me on if he doesn’t like me anymore?

    1. Hi Vee!

      He’s gotten comfortable with you or he feels it’s become routine to do all the same things he was doing before. Either way, he doesn’t feel the need to do the work with you. If you are at odds with it then you need to tell him that you miss the way he was before and would love for him to at least meet you halfway with it. Your relationship should be equal as dual fire signs. I wouldn’t call him out or anything like that or he’ll just end it. He’ll tell you he doesn’t have time for it and is why he doesn’t want a relationship. You’ve got to tell him in a way that you really just miss how it was and would like to be there again if he’s willing. Communicate! If you would like more help, check out my books on Aries Man Secrets.

  20. Hi Anna,
    I met this Aries man back in April, he asked for my number in a bar and made me wait 5 days before texting me haha. He ended up bailing on the first date we set up, then on another one we set up for the following week so I refused to make another one with him and didn’t msg again. A couple of weeks later I was out and sent him a message and asked if he was around he came to meet me and said he had deleted my number to stop himself from messaging me again since I was cold with him when he cancelled the last dates but he realised he had fucked up and could he please take me out again. Since then we have dated, been in contact, we have met each other’s friends, spent nights together at each other’s houses there have been arguments and a couple of days of no contact here and there but we always make up. We can’t keep our hands off each other and have the most amazing sex- he says it’s the best he’s ever had. He is a very typical Aries man and I am a very typical Sagittarius female so sometimes it’s very fiery. However, apart from the fact he’s an Aries he has had a tough life and also bad experiences in past relationships and been very hurt. I can tell he’s carrying a lot of trauma. The past weekend he opened up about a lot of it to me and said I don’t know why I’m telling you this I’ve never ever told anyone this. His best friend later that evening also said to me “he’s a lot more emotionally involved with you than you think he is” hes a very tough cookie but hes so affectionate and compliments me always and frequently tells me he loves me and then makes out like he was joking and says he’s never loved anyone. So last week, I went over to his to sleep and as we were falling asleep he whispered “love you” in my ear and I said I love you then we went to sleep. The next day we were chatting as normal via text all day then he said “you said you love me last night, cute” i ignored it and carried on our conversation and then he said “don’t fall in love with me don’t be silly” to which I replied “if you don’t want me to fall in love with you maybe we should stop seeing each other” he then said “goodbye take care I’m not going to be leading you on” I just left it as that but the next day I replied saying it hurts me when you suddenly go cold like that and he replied “ Look im not looking for nothing serious but you are” I replied just saying “okay I get it that’s all you needed to say” that was Thursday morning and I haven’t heard anything since. I feel it in my bones that he really does care about me but I’m really worried that this is it. I’m worried that he’s deleted my number because he doesn’t want to message me and hurt me and if I don’t ever message him again he won’t have my number to reach me- he doesn’t even have social media. Do you think he’s over it? I don’t know what to do.

    1. Hi Anon!

      I know it hurts sometimes when Aries men are blunt in how they tell you they’re not into you. It sucks! I think that if he does still have feelings for you, it’s not strong enough for him to want to keep it together. He feels or believes that you two are not on the same page and as long as he feels you want him more than he wants you, he cannot lead you on. That being said, only time and patience will reveal if he wants to try again. You can try to keep in touch as a friend but don’t push for more because if you do, he’ll shut you out with a steel door. Try to focus more on yourself and your future. You have to make yourself happy sweetheart. I wish you all the very best!

  21. I just want to add, he’s never ever given the impression before that he doesn’t want anything serious. He’s always saying I’m his and no one else can touch me and we are always talking about the future and where we will get married and live etc (not talking about marriage seriously but it has come up)

  22. Hi,

    I texted the Aries man I’ve been seeing for a month and a half telling him good news and asking if he were free this weekend. He replied asking about the good news but totally ignored my question about this weekend.

    What does that mean? Should I ask him again about this weekend and point out that he didn’t say anything or is that too needy and I should wait for him to bring it up and ask me out?

    I can never tell with him if I should back off or be straight forward and when is too much and sounds needy and he can’t chase me or what is too much chase. You know?

    1. Hi Janet!

      I wouldn’t read to far into that sweetheart. He may be really interested in what you have to say. He may have only seen the message pop up in his phone but not fully opened it thus only seeing part of the message. It does happen. I wouldn’t lose yourself in wondering what that means. Ask him again what he’s doing this weekend. Chances are he’ll say he didn’t catch that when you said it the first time or that he forgot to answer. I don’t think it means anything you should worry about. Needy would be if you bug him all the time. If you are moderate with him, you’ll be fine. So go ahead and ask him again. You should get your answers. I wish you all the luck of the universe!

  23. Wow, so I’ve been dating an Aries guy I met online almost 2 months and I’ve not behaved like myself at all I’ve put him out, cussed him out, I’ve done allot and he’s still talking to me but he’s been cold still texts me everyday but we haven’t talked over the phone in two weeks. He literally did nothing to deserve that behavior from me (gemini woman, sun & moon in Taurus) He has been very patient with me and told me on multiple occasions that he has NEVER been this patient with anyone. His moon is also in Taurus. I feel like he’s the one and I have allot to work on with me. Just wanted some advice on why he’s still around??

    1. Hi Tiff!

      It sounds like you really need to examine your behavior a bit more. There must be something in your subconscious that causes you to react this way for no reason. There has to be something that you can work on via meditation. That’s what suggest because you will lose him if you keep reacting in ways you don’t mean to. His moon in Taurus def brings patience but even they have their limits. It’s important to find out what wounds you have in your past that have created you to react the way you do. I think you really care for him and you have potential but you need to figure yourself out honey. He’s there because he really cares for you.

  24. I have an Aries boyfriend, some days he is unavailable and will only text and not call or call back, and sometimes not even text back, and he just says that he is stressed, tired or needs some space. Other days he is fine – I’m not sure if he is hot and cold with me, or if it is just the stress and space he needs. I do know that he is very busy with his work. I try to be patient and leave him alone, but it’s hard when trying to plan anything and also to keep the connection going, and some consistency is good too. I’m not a needy person at all, and like my own space too, but when in a relationship with someone I like to communicate with them daily. He knows how i feel, but the pattern continues as he says the stress is too much for him some days, i’m very understanding and patient but i’m not sure if he really knows and understands how much of an impact this is having on me too.

    1. Hi Lilly!

      Yes, Aries men do needs space to sort their head out. That’s pretty true. If you aren’t sure why he’s doing this back and forth you should really talk to him and tell him that you’re confused about why he pulls back and ask him if he can tell you what is going on in his mind. Just be really cool and casual about it. When you’re calm he’ll listen. Give it a shot. I wish you all the best!

  25. Hi Anna, I am grateful for this article, thank you for shedding light on the aries man’s behaviour. Quick question – I met my Aries man at a bar in late May of this year, and had a very passionate 3 weeks of non-stop communication, good morning texts, calls, and dates every weekend. We could not get enough of each othe. For the past 2 weeks however, he has become cold and distant all of a sudden, and has stopped calling, and has not wanted to meet for dates. He said he is busy with work. He still texts me good morning. I am trying my very best to be understanding and am giving him all the space he needs, but am so confused! I always let him lead in the relationship, never initiated contact at all (except once), and thought he felt the same way as me. Would you please let this sag girl know where she has gone wrong? Does he like me/want this? He is Aries sun, Cancer moon, Venus in taurus/mars in Cap.

    1. Hi Meesh!

      You are most welcome sweetheart. I’m happy I could help in some way. If he says he’s busy with work then for now you should trust that especially if he IS texting you good morning. That’s a great sign. Don’t be confused. Give it some time and it’ll all fall into place if it’s meant to happen. Be patient and remember to take care of yourself. I wish you all the very best!

  26. Hi! I just read this article and made me think of the Aries man I met at work. We’ve been flirting for a while but it was until recently that got to finally talk. I found him kind of cocky and he even told me he was traveling with a girl he met…He only talked about himself and I found him a little pushy and had a very hectic attitude. After that every time I see him now he’s kind of cold and I think he avoids me now. I think he lost his interest in me bcus I didn’t fall on his advances if he had any…I’m a Gemini btw and unfortunately always attract Aries guys :/
    Should I just forget about him? I don’t want any drama and I think I’ll just ignore him now

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