How To Date An Aries Man In A Long Distance Relationship

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
If you want to get closer with your Aries man in a long distance relationship (LDR), these tips may help you...

Hello, gorgeous! You’ve definitely found yourself in an interesting situation by being involved with an Aries man in a long distance relationship. This bold and brash man craves adventure and excitement, which can make dating him in a long distance relationship a thrilling experience.

Are you ready for all the ups and downs and the unexpected thrills that come with dating an Aries man in a long-distance relationship? Well, trust me, you are in for a wild ride with this gentleman!

An Aries man in long distance relationship is quite something to experience. He will always keep you on your toes with his spontaneity and enthusiasm. It might be difficult for you to know what to expect from him at times, but here are some tips to help you navigate your way through dating an Aries man in a long distance relationship.

Can Aries Men Do Long Distance Relationships?

An Aries man in a long distance relationship might be quite an unusual sight, considering their love for adventure and spontaneity. He is not the most commitment-minded in the Zodiac, he’s the type of guy to think out of sight, out of mind.

This can make it a little complicated to be with an Aries man in a long distance relationship. You might feel like he isn’t fully in the relationship or that he is easily distracted by his surroundings.

However, not all Aries men are the same and some Aries men can definitely handle a long-distance relationship. They might even enjoy the freedom and independence that a long distance relationship provides.

Tips For Dating An Aries Man In Long Distance Relationship

Dating an Aries man in a long distance relationship can be unique due to their adventurous and passionate nature. Here are some tips to consider:

Embrace The Spontaneity

If there is one thing you need to remember about your Aries man is that he is someone who thrives off the thrills of the unexpected. This is not a man who likes to follow routine as he finds this way too boring. He craves excitement and spontaneity, so embrace it!

Surprise him with spontaneous gestures or plans to keep the excitement alive in your long-distance relationship. You need to inject these thrills as often as possible to keep an Aries man engaged and interested in the relationship.

If you can manage to keep him on his toes with all kinds of fun and exciting surprises, he will be more likely to stay committed and invested in the long-distance relationship.

You need to give him ample reason to keep coming back to you and not be swayed by the temptations of his adventurous nature while the two of you are not in the same vicinity.

Encourage His Independence

In a long distance relationship with an Aries man, it’s important to encourage his independence as well as cultivate your own. Independence is like the air he needs to breathe in order to feel fulfilled and satisfied, and he needs a woman who can support and appreciate his need for personal freedom.

Allow him the space to pursue his own interests and hobbies, and encourage him to explore new experiences on his own. This will not only keep him engaged and excited, but it will also show him that you trust and respect his need for independence.

He is usually used to women who are trying to tie him down and control him, so being a breath of fresh air by supporting his independence will make you stand out in his eyes.

Plan Fun Visits

When you are apart form your Aries man, it’s important to plan fun visits to keep the spark alive in your relationship. It is important to make time to see each other in person as often as you can, even if it means traveling long distances.

It is a sacrifice that needs to be made to maintain the connection and keep the relationship strong. This can be such a fun thing to plan with your Aries man and will definitely appeal to his sense of adventure and exploration.

Surprise him with spontaneous visits or plan exciting and unique activities for when you are together. This could include attending a concert or festival, going on a road trip to a new and exciting destination, or even trying out adventurous activities like skydiving or bungee jumping together.

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Send Unexpected Gifts

One of the most fun ways to keep your Aries man engaged and excited in a long distance relationship is by sending him unexpected gifts. It could be a small token of love, like his favorite snacks or a handwritten letter expressing your feelings, or it could be something more extravagant that align perfectly with his interests and hobbies.

For example, if he loves photography, you could surprise him with a new camera lens or a photography workshop. If he’s interested in fitness, you could send him a subscription to a fitness magazine or a new piece of workout equipment.

These gestures of thoughtfulness will not only make him feel loved and appreciated, but they will also show him that you pay attention to his likes and interests and are willing to go the extra mile to make him happy.

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Adventure Challenges

Another way to keep the flame alive in a long distance relationship with an Aries man is by challenging each other to adventurous activities. This is a man who is always up for trying new things and taking risks, so incorporate that into your relationship.

Set up a challenge that you can both do separately but share experiences about, like trying new sports, foods, or learning a new skill. You can set a goal to work towards together, such as running a marathon or learning a new language.

By pushing yourselves out of your comfort zones and experiencing new things, you will create shared memories and strengthen your bond. He will absolutely love trying to beat you in these challenges and it will fuel his competitive and passionate nature. This fire Zodiac sign loves competition more than most!

Keep the Romance Alive

In a long distance relationship with an Aries man, it is crucial to keep the romance alive. He is quite a physical and sensual individual, so finding ways to create intimacy despite the distance is important.

This can be done through sending each other love letters or romantic messages, planning virtual date nights where you dress up and have a candlelit dinner together over video call, and even sending each other surprise romantic gifts or gestures.

One of the best sources for keeping the romance alive is to make use of technology. There are so many options to try such as sending flirty texts, having video calls with a romantic setting, or even trying out sexy toys that your Aries man can control through an app.

Here’s more on how to show an Aries man you love him (with or without words).

Fitness Goals

Aries men tend to be very focused on their physical fitness and health. They are usually very physically active and really enjoy getting their adrenaline pumping! They love to keep fit in every way possible.

To connect with your Aries man in a long distance relationship, consider setting fitness goals together. This can include sharing workout routines and challenging each other to meet certain fitness milestones such as preparing for a 5k run, or joining each other on a yoga challenge.

Spurring each other on can be really sexy and exciting for both of you and is a very helpful way to stay fit and connected to each other despite the distance. Your Aries man will absolutely love this!

FAQs About Aries Man In A Long Distance Relationship

You might still have a couple of unanswered questions about dating an Aries man in a long distance relationship. Take a look:

How To Make An Aries Man Miss You In Long Distance Relationship?

To make an Aries man miss you in a long-distance relationship, it’s important to maintain some mystery and independence. You don’t want to be too clingy and always text him. This is the time to really work on yourself while he is away.

Focus on your own goals and interests, and show him that you are thriving even in his absence. Of course, you need to let him know that you miss him and that he is always in your thoughts, but it’s also important to give him space to miss you on his own.

What To Text An Aries Man In A Long Distance Relationship?

Here are some example texts tailored for an Aries man in a long-distance relationship:

  • Playful & Flirty: “Just tried on a new outfit for our next video date. Spoiler alert: I think it’s going to knock your socks off. 😉”
  • Enthusiastic Sharing: “Guess who just signed up for a salsa dancing class? Can’t wait to show you my moves. You’re going to have to step up your game! 💃”
  • Encouragement: “I remembered you have a big presentation today. You’re going to crush it! I have every confidence in you. 🌟”
  • Compliments: “Was just thinking about your smile and it totally brightened my day. You have that effect on me, you know? 😊”
  • Adventurous Update: “Just finished a 5k run and beat my personal best! Made me wish you were here to cross the finish line with me. 🏃‍♂️🥇”
  • Direct & Honest: “I miss you more than I thought possible. Counting down the days until I can see you again. ❤️”
  • Concise & Spicy: “I might have a surprise for you tonight. Let’s just say, it’s something we’ll both enjoy… 😈”
  • Planning Future Fun: “Can’t stop thinking about our next road trip. How about we tackle that scenic route you were telling me about? 🚗🏞️”
  • Sweet Salutations: “Good morning, handsome! Hope your day is as amazing as you are. 😘”

Remember, personal touches make texts more impactful, so feel free to customize these examples to better suit your shared experiences and inside jokes

If Your Aries Man Pulls Away, DON’T Do This…

I’ve heard from so many of my clients that their Aries man is AMAZING when they are in person with him…

So charming, sweet, funny, and really connected!

But he can tend to pull away when you’re not with him.

It’s a super frustrating situation for any woman. And if you are like my other clients who have been through this, you’re probably feeling REALLY confused.

“Why is he so hot and cold through text?”

“Why does he back off when we aren’t together?”

And most importantly…

“What can I DO about this?”

First, I want to share the things you definitely should NOT do in this situation…

  1. Don’t get clingy or needy and ask him if something is wrong or beg to see him
  2. Don’t force closure if you’ve had some conflict. Wait until you can talk in person about important issues. Text can EASILY lead to miscommunication.
  3. Don’t assume that there IS a problem. He could just be really busy.
  4. Don’t chase him. Chase your dreams and goals instead.
  5. Don’t get upset with him or freak out. This will only push him away.
  6. Don’t ignore him so he can “see what it feels like.”

So what SHOULD you do instead?

  1. Take some time out to reflect on the situation and consider logical reasons for his actions.
  2. Date other men if you aren’t exclusive. Don’t lock yourself down with him if you aren’t yet in a committed relationship with him.
  3. Give him space and time with zero pressure. He might be overwhelmed with work or not be feeling well. 
  4. Focus on your own life. If you don’t have an epic life filled with hobbies and time with friends or family, you need to build that.

Your Aries man should be the sprinkles on the cupcake of your awesome life, not the cupcake itself.

  1. Let him reach out to you when he’s ready. Aries men like to lead. You need to let him do that!
  2. When your Aries man comes back, welcome him lovingly with open arms. If you are angry, he’ll want to run.
  3. When you are in person, let him know (kindly) the things that make you feel valued and adored.

Text can be challenging, and I don’t want you to feel alone in this.

I don’t want you to lie in bed unable to sleep because you are worried about why your Aries man is pulling away.

And there is no need for you to do that.

Especially when I can guide you on how to deeply connect with his heart through text messages… 

Because when you know SPECIFICALLY what to text him based on his astrology… 

He WON’T be pulling away anymore.

And you’ll never again have to worry about what to say to your lovely Aries man through text anymore.

Click here to find out more.

Sending you love,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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