25 Questions To Ask An Aries Man

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Here are questions to ask an Aries man to sit up and take notice of you—and hopefully give you his heart for good!

Hello, my lovely ladies! Getting to know an Aries man is a load of fun. You might be wondering what questions to ask an Aries man because you want to get closer to him and understand who he is.

Well, these exuberant guys always have something fascinating and exciting to say. They are full of stories and definitely know how to make a woman interested in them.

Asking the right questions can really help you to foster a feeling of true intimacy with an Aries man. Let’s explore all the different kinds of questions you might have for an Aries man. Questions that may be applicable in different situations like when you want to get to know him better and when you are trying to flirt with an Aries man.

There will be some great advice on what to ask an Aries man if you want to start a conversation with him and then finally some questions that can help you build a stronger connection with your Aries man.

So if you’re keen to find out some deep questions to ask an Aries man, then keep on reading to find out more. This might just be exactly what you needed to bag your Aries man!

5 Ice-Breaker Questions To Start A Conversation With An Aries Man

1. What Is The Most Embarrassing Moment You Had On A Date?

Aries men live life to the fullest! These guys are always up for some excitement and adventure which usually means that they have definitely had some interesting experiences in their life, especially when it comes to dating…

To break the ice when you are on a date when an Aries man is to ask him about the worst or most embarrassing date he has ever been on. This will definitely break the ice and make him feel more relaxed around you. 

Getting him to talk about himself and perhaps be a little vulnerable is a very good way for him to feel at ease to be himself in your presence. 

2. Are You An Adrenaline Junkie?

If there is one thing an Aries man enjoys in his life, then it is speeding up his heart rate and doing something crazy. He is the type of man who chases adrenaline and loves to do things to the extreme.

If you ask an Aries man if he is an adrenaline junkie, he is going to regale wild tales of his misadventures and the craziest things he has done. He loves talking about this and will definitely get excited if you ask him this question. 

3. If You Could Be The Master Of Something, What Would It Be?

Being that Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, they also want to be the first and the best at everything else in their life. If Aries knows that they can do something better than most people, it really gives them a kick of confidence. 

When you ask an Aries man what he wishes to be a master of, he is likely going to tell you about the things he already is really good at. This sign usually knows how to make magic with pretty much everything. Anything they touch turns to gold. 

This is a great opportunity for him to show off his skills to you, but also to let you in on who he is, and what he is most passionate about. It’ll give you some insight into what he would like to achieve in his life. This will definitely help you understand him better.

There are a lot more icebreaker ideas in my Aries Text Magic guide. It might be worth your while to get your hands on it if you are interested in taking things further with your Aries man. 

4. Do You Believe In Love At First Sight?

This is a very interesting question to ask pretty much anyone, least of all an Aries man. It can give you great insight into the psyche of the person you are seeing and their views on love and romance. 

Your Aries man should have some good points on how he views love and if he believes that you can fall for someone in an instant. It is good to see where his head is on this one!

5. What Is Your Perfect Day Like?

Aries men are fascinating creatures and they definitely live life to the fullest. These guys always have something up their sleeve and are keen to go on some kind of adventure, every day for the rest of their life. 

When asking an Aries man what their perfect day would look like, will probably be one heck of a story as this guy has so many ideas and wants to make the most of his life, every chance he gets.

This should give you great insight into who he is as a person and what he considers fun and exciting in his life. The more you know about him, the easier it is for you to understand him. 

5 Questions To Ask An Aries Man To Get To Know Him Better

1. What’s Your Favorite TV Show/Series/Film/Play?

This is a very basic question, but keep in mind that the fifth house of heart, love, or talents for the sign of Aries is placed right in the sign of Leo, which is the symbol of entertainment. 

Most of the Aries guys you will ever meet will just love to watch television, or at least online videos, while the minority of them, those who despise this kind of entertainment, will get amazed by the old-style fun like watching plays in classical theatres. 

In any case, your question will make him quickly open up, start talking, and what’s more important, start smiling. Aries guys are not so talkative, and this question will be very safe for them to start expanding on their views about this or that TV series.

This will come in handy to you because you should widen this conversation with the following questions about his favourite scenes, characters, and so on. From his story, you will now easily get to some conclusions about his inner world and the “rules of the game” he practices.

2. Are You Into Martial Arts/What Sports Do You Recommend?

The part related to recommendation will appear in the case he is into martial arts and as his story progresses until one point, you can stretch it toward this other part of the question. I can understand your doubts, but this is an excellent question that can provoke him to put down his guard and try to teach you something. 

Martial arts per se, represent something you can ask for, even in the case you don’t know anything about this subject and you can always justify yourself because you feel like you need to learn some type of defense. 

Every Aries guy is certainly very interested in many sports, and most of them are deeply into martial arts, but if you are not some football or basketball fan, you could provoke him to talk too much about his favorite sport, while you are dying of boredom.

Don’t do this and don’t fake your interests. If you are not into sports, it’s ok. You are a girl and you are just testing him can he be your loyal knight in shining armor? 

On the other side, any fighting technique can help you to feel safer and even if you haven’t practiced them, you will give him the wonderful possibility to shine with his knowledge, perhaps teach you a trick or two, and of course, to show off.

Aries guys just love to do this. In any case, this theme will uplift his spirit and many other interesting conversation topics can be born out of it.

3. Do You Have A Pet Or Did You Have A Pet?

This is another interesting subject for an Aries guy. Be aware of the fact that this guy can appear very strong and masculine, yet deep down in his heart, he is just a boy and boys have special feelings for their special friends. 

You will hardly find any of the Aries guys growing up without a pet and most of them feel better with the four-legged ally by their side at any age. Besides all his masculine treats, there is something very powerful about seeing a man with a dog by his side. 

However, in the case, you are not a pet lover or you perhaps have some allergies related to fur or feathers, you will quickly find out if can you imagine being with this guy for a long time or even living with him. So, keep in mind that the answer to your question will show you his vulnerable side, and also your capability to merge into his life.

4. Do You Love Hot Or Spicy Foods?

The neutral question again, especially when spoken during relaxing moments, and you want to create a safe conversational environment for an Aries guy. They are strong, but just on the outside. 

Their inside is often very fragile and positioning yourself as an interesting and funny lady who understands his hidden little details will add the special aura of attractiveness around you. This question is specially targeted to get him to open up regarding his favorite foods and therefore the ways he was raised and taken care of. 

Many Aries men just love hot or spicy meals, but this is not the core of your interest here. You want to know the ways he enjoys food because he will surely enjoy anything else in life in a similar way. 

This “delicious” conversation can also open many new themes for both of you, starting from the food preparations, clubs or restaurants to visit, probably together, and then all sorts of fun.

5. What Inspires You Most?

One of the most attractive qualities about an Aries man is his passion and motivation to follow his dreams. He is a man who is constantly inspired and excited about life. He has these huge plans he wants to see come true. 

An Aries man especially loves to talk about his dreams and the goals he has. So asking an Aries man what inspires him is really going to get him excited. He’ll want to share this with you with great excitement. 

He loves it when there is a captive audience listening to his every word. It means a lot to an Aries man when someone cares enough to want to know what inspires him in life. These are the things an Aries man wants to discuss. It makes the conversation interesting!

5 Flirty Questions To Make An Aries Man Attracted To You

1. What Is The Riskiest Thing You Have Done For Love?

Aries men are go-getters! And they especially throw caution to the wind when it comes to love. As soon as an Aries man has their sights on someone, it is all steam ahead. They’re also reckless, so they’ve probably done some crazy things in the name of love. 

You should ask an Aries man what the riskiest thing is he has ever done for love. I am sure he has quite a few epic tales to tell you about the things he has done to get a woman. 

This question will definitely excite him and remind him about the passion he has coursing through his body. It’ll inspire him to make a move like this once again. And you might just be the lucky girl!

2. What Is Your Favourite Thing To Do On A Plane?

This question is subtle, yet extremely suggestive… A horny Aries man will definitely know what it is you are implying. This should definitely get your Aries man’s blood pumping and have him thinking of sex. 

It isn’t very obvious, but he’ll get the picture and get excited about the way your mind works. He’ll immediately know that you are wondering if he’s ever joined the mile-high club. This will get his mind spinning!

This question shows him that you are open-minded and adventurous. That you are curious about life and aren’t afraid to take risks. Music to an Aries man’s ears! 

3. What Is Your Biggest Turn-On?

As you probably know, Aries men are extremely sexual. These guys are always trying to get laid and really enjoy sex. They’re constantly thinking about it and get especially excited when they get to share their thoughts with someone they might be dating. 

When you ask an Aries man what his biggest turn-ons are, you’re definitely going to excite him. He will love the fact that you asked him this because it will open the door to sexual conversation and for an Aries man, it is really important. 

I have actually written two separate guides for texting and talking to Aries men. These guides are called Aries Text Magic and Aries Love Language where I reveal all the secrets on how to approach an Aries man in the right way. 

4. What Are The Three Body Parts You Like Most On A Woman?

Aries men are most certainly visual. These guys love looking at a pretty lady and always have a favourite thing about femininity that attracts them to her. When an Aries man gets to be open about what he likes in a woman, it can give you insight into what he is looking for and which features you can enhance when you are around him. 

He might even point out what he finds attractive about you. This is a really fun and flirty way to try and get to know him better.

5. I Just Want To Know Why Are You Single?

An Aries man absolutely thrives on being the best of the best. He gets a grand ego trip when he knows he is at the top and especially when he is desirable as a partner. Asking an Aries man why he is single will let him know that he is desired by you. 

That you consider him a good potential mate and that you think he is good enough to be in a relationship. This should definitely make the Aries man feel good about himself knowing that he is wanted by women.

5 Deep Questions To Build A Stronger Connection With An Aries Man

1. In What Ways Do You Think We Are Similar?

Aries men may seem like they are brute force and only know how to use their muscles to get by in life. But these guys are actually more intelligent and emotional than they get credit for. An Aries man is more perceptive than you might think. 

If you want to build a strong connection with your Aries man then you might want to ask him in which ways he thinks the two of you are similar. You’ll be astounded by what he has to say. It may give you a deeper insight into how he feels about you. 

2. What Is Your Most Treasured Childhood Memory?

Aries men are young at heart and enjoy an adventure. Most of this stems from them wanting to recapture and re-experience their youth. They are looking for that feeling of freedom and limitlessness that comes from being a child. 

A really wonderful way for an Aries man to connect with this part of his life again is to talk about his most treasured childhood memories. To share with you the highlights of his life and what shaped him as a person. This is a wonderful way for him to open up to you and foster vulnerability and connection with you.

3. What Is Your Biggest Fear?

Ever wondered what the biggest fear might be of one of the most fearless men in the Zodiac? Well, now is your chance to find out. Asking an Aries man what his biggest fears are is a way for him to be more vulnerable with you. 

To show you that there are many things that he is also scared of and sometimes he wants to be protected as well. He is so used to being the macho man, being everyone’s rock in their time of need that he might appreciate being able to share the things that he is deathly afraid of. 

4. What Is Your Favorite Way To Relax?

For the Aries man who is always on the go, it can be a little difficult to relax and wind down. There is just so much on his plate and so much he wants to achieve that there rarely is a moment for him to switch off. 

This guy is always on the move, making things happen. If you really want to create a deeper connection with an Aries man, then a good way is to ask him what his favourite way of relaxing is. 

This will help you understand him better and give you the opportunity to help him to switch off in times when you can see that he has way too much on his plate. This will give you a good indication of what he needs from you in terms of emotional support. 

5. How Often Do You Reflect On The Past?

Aries men don’t often think before they do. These guys have a tendency to leap into whatever tickles their fancy. When something feels right, they go for it without thinking about it too deeply. 

They don’t make rational decisions, instead, they rely on their instincts to guide them through their life. This is why it could be a very interesting question to ask an Aries if they ever reflect on the past. 

They might not think twice about making moves for their future, but perhaps there are a few things they might regret about their past and wish they could do differently. This could be a very illuminating question to ask an Aries man.

5 Questions To Ask An Aries Man Before Committing To Him

1. Are You In A Relationship?

This may sound funny but honestly, it’s very important. For an Aries man to commit; he has to know and trust his partner for a long time. If he tries to hurry the process; he has regrets and possible resentment.

There are some that don’t think before they act thus causing him to mess around and catch feelings for the person he’s having intimacy with. This would then cause turmoil in his heart as well.

I’ve had many women write to me about a guy who is already in a relationship or married and wondering if they have any sort of a future with him. The answer is ladies; there is no way to answer that.

He has to make the decision himself about who it is he actually wants to sacrifice his time and his life for. Otherwise; he’ll keep playing with fire until he gets caught and then his partner dumps him.

It’s important to have yourself an Aries man that is free and clear. It’s also important that YOU yourself are free and clear. If you are already in a relationship; you’re not showing the Aries man why you’re good for him.

He is looking for a woman that can completely commit to only him and not make him your “side dude”. Otherwise, you’re setting yourself up for heartbreak not only from the Aries guy but possibly from your own current relationship.

2. Are You In The Market To Have A Relationship?

This really has nothing to do with whether he’s single or not. This is more of asking him if he’s actually open to finding the right person and having a relationship.

Some Aries men are not actually ready to do so and he’ll drag things out thus leaving a woman really confused about whether or not he’s into her. Some Aries men will tell you up front he isn’t looking for a relationship.

Whatever the case may be; it’s better for you to know ahead of time rather than you investing your heart into someone who may never return that investment. It’s best to just go ahead and ask him.

Maybe he’ll surprise you and tell you something like “I don’t know but I’m willing to find out”. That would at least be a step in the right direction.

Just as I mentioned before; this may be a good question to ask yourself as well. Are YOU ready to really find the right relationship or do you still have some self-work to do before you get involved?

Women who have “inner gardening” to do sometimes don’t see the big picture and think their solution to loneliness or perceived loneliness is to look to a new man to provide them with love.

The problem is that the love you seek is already within you. If you don’t look there first; you’ll always feel unfulfilled. So try to look at it from a different perspective. Are you whole and now ready to find your equal?

3. How Do You Imagine Your Life In The Future

This isn’t something you’d want to ask on a date with him mind you. However; if you feel as though the two of you are getting closer, you will need to know the important things such as what his ideas of marriage are.

Ask him where he sees himself in 5 years, in 10 years, or even in 20 years. It’s important to know where his head is at and how he perceives his life should go and what goals he may have.

Of course; you’ll want to ask if he has any kids or if he wants any in the future. It would be tragic to get into a committed relationship with an Aries and then find out later when you’re ready to have a child or two; that he doesn’t want any.

Maybe you don’t really want to have children and he does but assumes you’ll have no problem with it. A few years go by and he wonders why you’re still on birth control.

So you see; it’s important to get at the core of what is important to you and to your future with the Aries man. This will help you to determine whether you’re ready, whether he’s ready, or if it’s a good idea.

4. How Do You Feel About Being Exclusive? 

This is VERY important ladies. You can NEVER assume that he’s going to automatically be exclusive to you. Aries are physical men who are rather impulsive and will play the field until he’s ready to settle down.

He doesn’t tend to settle down with the women who are eager to hop in bed with him either. So be careful when you feel yourself desiring to have sex with him right away.

Yes, he’s sexy but… it’s important to hold off before you get intimately close to him. You also need to confirm that he’s ready to be exclusive. He will not tell you that you are or you aren’t unless you ask.

If you assume; you will get your heart broken when you find out that you’re not the only woman he’s been seeing or sleeping with. Be very careful with yourself and your heart. Asking the right questions could save you from said heartache.

5. What Does Commitment Mean To You?

A very important question to ask an Aries man is what commitment means to him. How would he define it and what does he want from a relationship with a woman? It is good to ask him this so that you can see if the two of you are on the same page. 

You want to know if he is totally monogamous or if he is someone looking for an open relationship. All these things matter and are important to know if you are thinking about committing to him. 

14 Words An Aries Man Loves To Hear…

Have you ever heard of a 14-word elixir that can rejuvenate a relationship with an Aries man?

Just as communication is the most important aspect of a relationship, one of the most important aspects of communication is knowing how to overcome disagreements and misunderstandings.

I know many women who have tragically failed with Aries men simply because they underestimated the importance of conversation.

Some didn’t talk to them enough and some talked too much… Others talked just enough, but they said a few wrong things here and there that made their lovers pout and brood.

I’m telling you, you never want to make an Aries guy pout over something you said.

It’s best to resolve such conflicts as soon as possible because his negativity might escalate until one day he just snaps and decides you’re not the one for him and it’s all over.

The worst part is that in 9 out of 10 cases women don’t even realize that they said something wrong… or didn’t say something he expected them to say.

He doesn’t send signals when he’s hurt or disappointed. Instead, he usually just goes quiet… but women never notice. And even if they do notice, they don’t know what to do in time.

That’s why whenever you have a disagreement, it’s best to defuse it with words that can save your relationship.

Click here and find out the 14 words your Aries man needs to hear to melt his heart <<

xoxo, Anna

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9 thoughts on “25 Questions To Ask An Aries Man

  1. well,, i called him handsome on a chat because im just asking my friend and asking how are they both in the department they in, i thought im chatting with my friend, they are using the same account and im shock about it, so he’s the one accidentally.intentionally reads it, and im slightly embarassed on that. he replied but not mentioning about that so i think he nevermind it. AND… Thats the start… he always bothering me with chats and i always see him when im walking in the hallway, i always coincindentally bump or seeing him and im shy to say hello so i just make face and he just laugh. he likes to chat about anything we have the same interest topics,, almost everyday,, yeah. And i have a crush on him actually, he’s fcking witty, i love those kind of guys. I tried to flirt him but he just so… innocent or ignorant on those things ? he’s slow or something? IDK. so in the end, i just treat him as a friend and forget this fcking aries who always bothering and makes me laugh. I want sometimes to say that Im interested with him but myself really dont want . Im not used to it. A guy always doing the first move on me… im here because he’s just very unique / weird in all the guys i met. AND, he’s a bisexual, . Well maybe he was just bored thats why he’s like that on me. anyways ,, Im a cappy thanks on this articles hihi. its amazing

    1. Hi Akira!

      Ok so you like him and yet you’re afraid to let him know. You flirt but aren’t sure if he “gets it” or if he’s just being nice? Sometimes men in general aren’t the best in picking up signals. If you like him then you need to just let him know. You can say “Hey, I’d love to spend a little time with you and get to know you better if you’re up for it”. Boom! That opens the door and if he wants to walk through, he will try to plan a date with you. If he isn’t up for it, he’ll tell you that and you’ll know for sure instead of just forever wondering. Sometimes Aries man needs to know you like him before he’ll make a move. Sometimes flirting isn’t enough. Just a thought.

  2. I didn’t approach first, he did, he really came on strong, it was different from anything I’ve experienced before, he was straight to the point about his feelings for me and it scared me a bit, but then I got to like this new and fresh approach. But he became an enigma to me in the months to come. So I can identify with a lot of what I’ve read about them. They can be sweet and sour.

  3. I didn’t approach first, he did, he really came on strong, it was different from anything I’ve experienced before, he was straight to the point about his feelings for me and it scared me a bit, but then I got to like this new and fresh approach. But he became an enigma to me in the months to come. So I can identify with a lot of what I’ve read about them. They can be sweet and sour.He is very witty and I love that, the energy between us is strong and we have kissed many times but never had sex, we have never been out on a date and his reason for this is because he is building his business(an educational facility) and he doesn’t have time right now for a relationship, but he visits when possible and we have s good time together. I believe part of our getting together is also because when I met him I was married and on the verge of a break up, which now I am separated and he my aries guy was having a friends with benefits relationship with his business partner.

    1. Hi Jen!

      It sounds like what you have with your Aries guy is going the way it can go for now but may develop into more with time and patience. It’s fantastic that he opened up to you and told you he liked you. Many women don’t get that courtesy! While you’re both busy with life, keep the lines of communication open and when time allows, you could have much more than what you two have now.

    2. Im a cancer but this is exactly what happe ed to me. Except i cant tell if hes secretly jealous about my relationship situation seperated but married or if hes losing interest.He s now in a relationship but i talk to him and he answers.

      1. Hi Trina!

        Aires me do get jealous so it’s not far fetched to think this may have happened. However, if he’s in a relationship, it’s not something you can really mess with unless he suddenly becomes single again then you may want to ask him what the deal is. Perhaps then you’ll get some answers. If you would like to know more about Aries man then check out my book “Aries Man Secrets”.

  4. I met an Aries man on a dating site (we’re in our 50s). We talked for 2 1/2 weeks then met for a lunch date and a hike. He seemed very interested and asked at the end of the date if he could kiss me. I told him maybe after I got to know him further. We spent the next three days chatting all day. We met again for lunch and coffee. I did let him kiss me in that date. He has told me so much about himself. He opens up about his family, his relationship with his mom, I feel like I know his kids and his parents with how much he has told me. We are both originally from the same state and met in a different state. He says he wants to move back to where we’re from and he said I could go with him. We have been very emotionally vulnerable with each other both through text and in person. I was letting him contact me every day and retaining some mystery. He has never really asked me much about my life, he’s just learned about me by me letting him know things here and there. He told me he had some feelings for me and he wanted to see me more. I told him I agreed and everything seemed to be going really well and he seemed very smitten. I woke up every day to a sweet good morning message and we would chat on and off all day. I did notice that he was still logging into the dating site several times each day. I was as well, to read messages, so I didn’t really mind. I like to play (I’m a big kid at heart) and so I started sending him messages again in the dating site after I got him as a suggestion to message. I acted like “another woman” though it was from the profile he knows. He loved it and was messaging me back and forth there as well. I acted like this new woman just wasn’t anything like what he wanted and ended up saying “goodbye”. We talked the rest of that day and night through text as usual. I went out that night and we made a bet that he lost, I won. He said he didn’t like losing, but was conceding graciously. Something seemed off after that. I didn’t rub it in his face and in fact told him I thought it was more of a tie because he was half right, so we could both benefit from the bet. The next morning, I had no good morning text from him. I thought maybe he needed me to text first for once. I messaged him and he messaged me back within a few minutes. We updated each other on what we were doing that morning and I told him to enjoy his day and he said the same. I texted a couple of other things and he didn’t reply. I waited for 5 hours and didn’t hear anything from him which was very unusual. I texted him to see if he wanted to go for a hike and he said he was busy with his son. I then texted him 3 hours later and we chatted a little back and forth for a few hours, he just seemed very distant. I said something to him about it and he said he was very stressed out and feeling down. His son has health problems and he kind of blames himself. He then said, “Yeah. It’s just been like an ebb and flow of crap the past year. Sometimes it kind of mentally winds you.” I told him, “It sounds like you’re dealing with a lot.
    I do kind of feel like you’ve lost interest, am I feeling things correctly?” And his reply was, “Unfortunately I have these little things that pop up. More than normal lately. I understand your concern though. We can stay in contact, but I don’t expect you to maintain the same level of interest when I’m not paying you the attention you deserve.” I told him I didn’t feel like that was very clear and he didn’t say anything about it. The next day he said, “I’m stressed and don’t know how to communicate it sometimes and it turns inward, you haven’t done anything wrong.” I told him I am here if he needs to talk or anything else, no judgement. I also told him the things I liked about him, hoping to lift his mood for a few minutes. He didn’t say anything again until that night he let me know how his day went and said he’s doing okay, just taking time to be quiet, he appreciates my concern and that I really don’t have to worry. I waited to reply until this morning and told him that I’m happy he’s taking care of himself in the ways that work for him. I’m wondering, if he’s still talking here and there and updating me and he’s telling me not to worry about anything, can I trust that? He’s been very open with me prior to this, we’ve only been talking for a month, went out once, we got along so well we went out three days later, he said he wanted to see me again soon and now it’s been 8 days with the past 4 days with the distance. If it helps, he has his moon in Gemini and his Venus in Pisces. I am Pisces sun, Gemini moon and Aries Venus. Everything I’ve read says when Aries are stressed and pulling away, to just stay a consistent, positive presence and to lift him up more than normal. His own words make me think the same, but I feel like maybe I’m going to come off as desperate or smothering. Any thoughts on how to handle this?
    Thanks and take care!

  5. When we first met, I made the first move and he told me he was into it. I gave him my number and we talked for a while before he insisted that we hangout that same week. Things were perfect through text. He texted me instantly, daily, I always ended the conversations but he’d allow it to go on longer till it was time for him to go to bed. He admitted he liked me and was really attracted to me. He was even eager to see me and send me pictures and ask for pictures of me. I wasn’t being myself in person and mentioned a relationship too early and ever since then, I’ve been trying to get him to become interested again. Texting, pictures, hanging out. He rejected me but even asked me to move in with him on multiple occasions. I never responded. How do I get him emotionally attracted, physically attracted, and interested in me again. He’s been ghosting me and taking days or weeks to respond.

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