Should You Trust an Aries Man? Here’s How to Tell!

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Is the Aries man someone that you can rely on to be loyal and honest with you? Should you trust him? Thankfully Astrology can help to give you an answer to that question!

 Is the Aries man someone that you can rely on to be loyal and honest with you? Are you dating one and sometimes you think he’s keeping things from you? You’re not alone! Keep reading and I’ll tell you all about what you can expect with the Aries man when it comes to trust and truthfulness.

The Aries man is personable and social. However, he isn’t the most open guy in the world. In fact, he closes himself off quite a bit. He sees opening up and showing feelings as a sign of weakness.

So can you be sure Aries man is being honest with you, especially when it comes to how he feels? Keep reading to learn all you can about the Aries man when it comes to trust. 

Understanding the Aries Man’s Personality

To really get your Aries guy, you need to know some things about him—there are important quirks that require a good look from you. 

He’s very active, for one thing. He likely loves being involved in fitness or even sports. There are some rare Aries men that aren’t too active, but when they’re not, they’re busy in other ways.

Aries men do not like boredom and will do whatever they have to in order to entertain themselves. This may include online gaming with friends, watching sports, or even going out to bars with buddies for a weekly guys’ night.

He loves being with his friends, but he loves having time to himself as well. He’s an advocate for personal freedom. (Don’t worry—that doesn’t mean he wants freedom to go cheat when he’s in a relationship!)

He does not want to feel tied down in any form, however. He has to have a woman who is understanding and independent so that she doesn’t cling to him.

The vibrant Aries man does love to play the field. What I mean by that is that he doesn’t seem to mind having multiple sex partners until he finds the one that he will commit to totally.

He dates around and doesn’t think anything of it. He’s sometimes the guy that gets caught being a player. The important thing is that if he’s not 100% dedicated, then he may wander. 

But when he is committed, you don’t need to worry!

Signs an Aries Man Is Being Dishonest

Take note of the hints below, and you’ll be able to catch it any time he’s not being honest with you!

  • He’s suddenly in a bad mood all the time. He will be crabby and not want to discuss anything.
  • He stops telling you he loves you or cares for you. He closes himself off and becomes cold.
  • He tells you you’re treating him like crap or acts like everything is all your fault.
  • He wants to get you to do something that you might not want to. He’ll lie to get you to go through with it.
  • When he’s pissed off, he lies.
  • He may also be dishonest when he’s trying to succeed in something, even if dishonesty is ethically wrong.
  • If you two disagree on a topic, he may lie to either win or to end the conversation.
  • When he feels the need to always be right, he may lie if he finds out that he’s wrong.
  • If he’s seeing someone new, he will be very cold, angry, and distant when he’s home with you.
  • Hey may lie to you when his feelings are hurt.
  • If he feels you are neglecting him in some way, he may lie to you to “get back at you.”
  • Lack of patience sometimes makes him dishonest with his intentions. 

So as you can see, there are lots of ways your Aries man could be being dishonest or flat-out lying. Notice that most of them revolve around his feelings.

He wants the best, he wants lots of attention, he wants to win, and he wants to do everything quickly—his way. Anything or anyone that gets in his way will likely not receive his honesty. 

That being said, you should be able to catch him before he lies—or you can write off his white lies. Many of these things are not make or break for a relationship. Some may be problematic, however. 

Will an Aries Man Be Dishonest When in Love?

Dishones Aries Man

Yes, absolutely he can be dishonest with how he feels when he falls in love. The reason: he’s terrified of love! If he’s been burned before, he may be gun shy. 

If he’s just after sex, he may lie about being more serious than he is to get into your pants. On the other hand, if he’s really falling for you, he may tell you he isn’t ready for a relationship, wants to take it slow, or that he doesn’t feel for you—even when he does—as a defense mechanism.

You have to pay attention to his actions because that is where you’ll see the truth. His actions will definitely reflect how he feels. That means if he acts like he loves you, then THAT is the truth.

If he isn’t in love with you or doesn’t want a relationship, he will not be close to you and will put his guard up. He will reflect his disinterest by not talking, pulling back, and being reluctant with contact.

When he’s in love, he may temporarily act that way. However, he will come out of that phase when he realizes he could lose you. He will come back around full force to pursue you. 

The Aries man will chase you if he’s in love with you. If he cuts you out, then he is probably telling you the truth about not being interested. He may also pull back if he’s had sex with you and that was all he wanted.

Aries men are complicated guys for sure. Just keep an eye on how he acts versus what he says. If he’s showing, you he loves you then trust that. 

Do Aries Men Cheat?

Cheating is an issue that can’t be predicted by Zodiac sign alone. Each man is different, just as each sign is different. Some men have Moon signs that give them more of a desire to be dishonest and cheat.

Some Aries men will play with women until they find the ones they want to actually settle down with. In that case, he will treat her as a queen and give her his all. He will also stop playing around.

That being said, I’m sure you’d like to know the signs of an Aries man who is cheating. Below is a list to help you out so you can figure out if yours is being loyal or not:

  • You fight more often and don’t seem to find solutions for your relationship problems, nor do you make up easily. You just get left in limbo.
  • His affectionate ways have died down or totally stopped. He isn’t interested in sex or being intimate. 
  • He goes out more than usual with his friends without you. He may ask for more time away, or he may just do it without your input.
  • Suddenly he doesn’t find your opinions or feelings important.
  • He may start talking about a female friend suddenly and bring up her name a lot. He will do this with an ex sometimes subconsciously as well if he’s trying to get back together with her.
  • He comes home smelling different than when he left.
  • He comes home and hits the shower right away or has already seemingly showered before he came home.
  • He starts adding more comments or “likes” than usual on other women’s content on social media. 

All of these are red flags when it comes to whether or not your Aries man is cheating or is just trying to break away for the sake of his own personal freedom. You will have to confront him and get the truth. 

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Final Thoughts

The Aries man has the capacity to tell the truth and be honest, of course, but he also has the ability to be dishonest and underhanded. You have to pay attention to how he acts and how he treats you to know for sure.

When he does give himself 100%, he will absolutely be loyal and treat you very well, but if that ever changes, pay close attention! 

Did you know that dreamy eyed and talented actor James Franco is an Aries man? Shocking isn’t it?! 

Did you have to learn to trust an Aries man? What did you to do accept him “as is”? Share your story (or issue) with our community in the comment section below—and don’t worry, it’s anonymous.

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Wishing you all the luck of the universe.

Your friend and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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2 thoughts on “Should You Trust an Aries Man? Here’s How to Tell!

  1. Aries men sound like more work than they are worth. I’ve never been involved with an Aries, but raised an Aries daughter and I can tell you when she was younger she thought the world began at her birth. Unfortunately, she had ME a Gemini mother who was time enough for her. We have a great relationship now. She is married and has two kids of her own; a Sagitarian son and a LEO daughter who just turned one. All those signs are going to clash I warned her; especially the Leo. As for Aries males, they are narcissistic who have ruined lots of women and sent them to counselors. I myself, would run circles around the Aries man. They, like Cancers, are arrogant until they meet a Gemini who can do with or without them; our feelings are a lot different than women of other signs. I love my space and independence and could care less what an Aries man needs. He can go do him as long as I have my space. I have been with my Aquarian for 30 years and he understands the Gemini more than any other sign. He knows I have to have my space or I will take it. He has intelligence and engages me in all things/subjects my crazy mind is interested in on any given day. Me and an Aries would never make it as I would drive him absolutely crazy because i am not needy and I don’t have that catering gene. Didn’t have with my child so not gonna have it with a man; any man. For some reason though, they all seem to love Gemini…go figure.

    1. Hi Valerie!

      Aries men can be work unless you’re naturally what he’s after anyway. This is why he does what he does in attempt to find who he thinks is the one and doesn’t settle for anyone else. Haha maybe a strong woman is just what he needs though. He would see you as a challenge which would excite him. If you’d like to learn more about Aries then check out my book “Aries Man Secrets”.

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