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Will an Aries Man miss you when you’re not around?

Are you curious if your Aries man misses you when you’re not around? It’s true he wants time to himself here and there but when he does; does he miss your presence? Here is the truth about will an Aries man miss you when you’re not around.

Easiest and Oldest Way

Since Aries men tend to want to have personal time and space; this is the perfect way for him to miss you. He IS the type of guy that will miss you when you’re not around.

He may be busy and he may be having a great time without you. However; he’ll miss you and likely send you a text or call you to let you know he’s doing well. He’ll also want to check on you to make sure that you’re alright.

Remember that the Aries man is a bit protective and he’ll worry about you when he’s not around. So he’ll keep in contact with you when he’s in love with you. He will definitely miss you.

He still needs some separation time from you though. Otherwise; he won’t miss you at all. He has to have the time to actually miss you. Give him something to miss! Go out with your friends and have a good time.

He’ll be happy that you had fun, that he had time to himself, and that it gave an opportunity for you two to be apart in a healthy way. This will make time with you that much more special to him.

He May or May Not Mention It

will an Aries man miss you when you’re not around

Whether or not he tells you that he misses you will greatly depend on what level your relationship is at and what he’s comfortable with talking about. If you’re still a fresh couple; he may not make it so obvious that he misses you.

Also if you’re brand new; he may not actually miss you quite yet. Given time and experience with him though; you’ll be able to establish enough of a connection to where he will indeed miss you when you’re not around.

After he gets to the point where he feels a good bond with you; he’ll certainly be more open to say “wish you were here” or “wish I was there” type of thing. Even if you’ve only been apart for a day or two; he’ll feel amiss a little.

Whether or not he brings it up will vastly depend on who your Aries guy really is and how close he feels to you. Some are the strong silent type and may not say anything but will bring you flowers on his way to see you after his alone time.

So still; there is the desire to want to pay special attention to you after you’ve been apart. Clearly depending on how long you’ve been together will play a role in how long it will take before he does actually miss you.

If you’ve been together for months; he’ll make his feelings know. If it’s been even longer with that; he may feel comfortable enough that he doesn’t need to say it anymore because you should already know.

Cuteness Overload

The Aries men that are too “strong” to tell you they miss you may actually be quite adorable. This will be especially true if you’ve spent significant time apart from one another.

He may turn into a big cuddly bear with you. He’ll act like he’s a little boy again wanting to snuggle up next to his love. It’s also likely he’ll adorn you with gifts, dinner, and loads of affection.

So without telling you he misses you; he’ll definitely show you how much he missed you. The sweeter he is about it; the more you’ll understand how he’s feeling and is glad you’re back.

Gratitude is the best emotion I can describe for how he feels when you’ve returned from your trip or he’s returned from his. He’s so grateful to see you and have you in his life that he’ll treat you like royalty.

Mystery Makes Him Miss

Sporty biker handsome rider male in white blank t-shirt - Will an Aries Man miss you when you’re not around

The other aspect to the Aries man is that the less he knows about you; the more he’ll want to spend time with you. He wants to get to know whatever he can. So in this way; he’ll miss you until he gets to know more.

Even if you’re brand new; he’ll feel compelled to reach out to you in order to have contact again. The mystery you can provide him with excites him and makes him look forward to what he could possibly build with you.

This mystery needs to stay intact as long as you can possibly take it. It’s really important that while you’re getting to know an Aries man; that you don’t reveal everything there is to know about yourself.

Just give him bits and pieces about yourself that is enough to lure him in and keep him chomping at the bit to spend time with you again. So in this way he will miss you as he wants to connect again as soon as possible.

The more excited he is; the more he wants to dive in and get more. You become a bit like a drug to him in some way. He’ll get hooked and have a hard time staying away from you.

Only when you tell him everything does he decide that it’s not that exciting anymore and will pull back a bit. So make sure that you are able to always have some skeleton in your closet that you haven’t dusted off and revealed yet.

In short, Aries men DO in fact; miss the woman they love or very much care for. He also misses the hot woman he just started dating and is getting to know. So the answer to the question is “yes!” he very much will miss his lady.

Unless you’re not in a relationship that feels close knit; then he may not feel as connected to miss you. Click here to find out the signs of if an Aries man is in love with you.

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