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How To Get An Aries Man To Chase After You

Have you had your eye on a really smoking hot Aries guy but aren’t sure what you can do to make him yours? You’re in luck! I’ve got some tactics you can use to help you learn how to get an Aries man to chase after you and run straight into your arms!

Be a challenge for him

If you’re too easy to get, the Aries will quickly become bored with you. You want him to actually do the work to come after you. You can let him know you’re interested but then pull back a bit.
Take your time and make him work for it. If he likes you, he’ll definitely do this!

Be mysterious and only give him small things about yourself that make him salivate and want to know more.

This is one of the signs that Aries man actually does want to play a “game” as far as getting to know you and chasing you. He loves a good challenge. He is indeed an alpha male which means he loves to hunt!

The hunt does include hunting a beautiful woman who seems to be really intriguing and not easy to acquire. If he knows you’re easily accessed, he’ll lose interest.

Try flirting with him to get him hooked on you. The minute he knows that you’re interested – the game begins. Once you’ve got him on the hook start making him chase you.

When you let on that you’re attracted to him; be careful not to let him know how much. If he gets the wind of how crazy about him you actually are,  he’ll lose interest. Why? It makes it seem as though you’d be too easy for him to get.

Make your first kiss unforgettable

how to get an aries man to chase after you

If you’re able to get this far then what you need to know is: you need to not go too far with it. He’ll easily dive into bed with a woman. However, if you want the chase to continue, you’ll need to be a little reserved.

You don’t want to seem like a prude but you do want to make it known that you are not easy and that you want to wait before you take it to the next level. He’ll be so baffled that he’ll definitely want to keep trying.

It will be difficult to keep yourself from diving into the bed for sure, but, you’ll thank yourself later on when you’ve landed the Aries man for keeps. Aries is a fast mover sometimes but if he goes too fast, he regrets it.

Don’t allow him to move so fast that he ends up having second thoughts and you end up heartbroken. Keep him on his toes, keep him guessing but make that kiss so hot that he can hardly think of anything else for awhile.

Be memorable and keep him wondering what it will be like to fully be with you sexually. Turn him on then make him wait. That may sound cruel but truly, he doesn’t like easy.

He may like it momentarily when it comes to sex but later on, he won’t see you as relationship material as you’ve given yourself away. So you’ll need to be careful in not letting him have everything up front.

Work on a spontaneous foreplay

You can play with him by randomly asking him to pull the car over somewhere. Lean in and go for the kiss. Perhaps put your hand on his lap and rub your hand up his leg.

When he starts to really get into it, pull back a bit and tell him that it makes you really hot but you’d like to wait. Tell him you wanted to give him something to look forward to.

He’ll get this in his head and he’ll carry it around. It may even consume him on a deeper level. On that note; it makes him think about you a whole lot. He’ll wonder why you’d be that exciting then want to wait.

The more of a puzzle you are, the sexier you are without giving it up; he’ll want you like crazy. He will absolutely fall over himself trying to figure out how long you’re going to make him wait.

He’ll also try to figure out what he can do to get you to give in to him. Keep that momentum going though. You won’t want to wait forever but at least make him wait long enough that you two can get to fully know each other.

How to get an Aries man to chase after you? Be unavailable

how to get an aries man to chase after you

Once you get the Aries man’s attention and coming after you, you’ll want to make yourself somewhat unavailable. When he calls you or text messages you; wait a while before you respond.

It seems silly but if you sit around waiting on your phone for him to contact you; you’ll probably be a bit disappointed. If he’s not pursuing you; you won’t be hearing that much from him.

While he’s chasing you, however, you’ll hear from him a bunch. If you reply too quickly; he’ll again think you’re too easy to access and will become bored. The Aries man likes to be excited and have something to look forward to.

Make him miss you! Take control and make him do what he has to in order to get your attention. Make him work for it. If you do, he’ll worship you. As long as you don’t ever become dependent on him, you’ll have a good chance at longevity.

The second you become clingy or needy; he’ll bail on you. He doesn’t mind you being in distress from time to time as it makes him feel as though he’s useful. If he feels that you’re using him; he’ll call it off.

You’ll need to be very careful when you’re playing this game with the Aries man. He is good at spotting fake women. If you pretend you’re hard to get and then once you land him, you become attached at the hip, he’ll drop you.

This often happens and once he stops chasing after a woman, she is left confused. Always do your best to keep him on his toes!

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