How To Get An Aries Man To Chase You — 10 Must-Follow Rules

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Have you had your eye on a smoking hot Aries, but aren’t sure what to do? You’re in luck! I will help you learn how to get an Aries man to chase you!

Knowing how to get an Aries man to chase you is one of the biggest headaches you can face when dating this Zodiac sign. Aries men are notoriously hot and cold, so playing your cards just right is vital if you want to make this man yours.

Don’t stress, this article is going to give you all the information you could ever hope to know how to make an Aries man chase you. It doesn’t matter where you are in the process of dating.

All of this applies if you have just met him or have been dating him seriously for a while. Some of you might even feel that your Aries man has stopped being interested in you, well, I promise there are ways in which you can have him chasing you once again.

And yes, this applies to you ladies who have a serious commitment to an Aries man. This will be sure to reignite the spark the two of you once had and make him fall head over heels for you once again.

Keep reading if you want to get all my secrets!

Do Aries Like To Chase? Or Should You Chase An Aries Man?

There are some fundamental things you need to understand about an Aries man. His whole life revolves around conquest and being the ultimate winner in every situation he finds himself in.

An Aries man is highly competitive. This is because his ruling planet is Mars and this gives him that fierce warrior spirit. You might be wondering how this translates to dating…

Well, an Aries man needs to be constantly stimulated, you don’t want this guy to be bored or else you’ll lose his interest completely. So to answer your question in short, an Aries man is absolutely a chaser. He needs his conquest or prey to be quite difficult to get because this makes him feel quite accomplished when he finally makes her his.

You might wonder, should you chase an Aries man? In my humble opinion, it is best if you let him do all the work. You don’t want to make things easy for him because he WILL lose interest if you do this.

Aries men are strong and passionate. However, they can also be shy at times. If they really like someone; they may actually prefer the woman to take the initiative.

It is not a bad thing though if a woman initiates contact, because he loves intelligent, strong, and talented women who aren’t afraid to take the room by storm. He loves for a woman to let herself shine.

So if you want to take the initiative to talk to the Aries man that’s been eyeballing you all night, it would probably be appreciated. He is typically really good looking and has his own allure.

How To Get An Aries Man To Chase You? – 10 Golden Rules

1. Be A Challenge For Him

If you’re too easy to get, the Aries will quickly become bored with you. You want him to actually do the work to come after you. You can let him know you’re interested but then pull back a bit.

Take your time and make him work for it. If he likes you, he’ll definitely do this! Try flirting with him to get him hooked on you. The minute he knows that you’re interested – the game begins. Once you’ve got him on the hook, start making him chase you.

If you struggle with flirting with an Aries man, get my Aries Love Language – 100 Magic Phrases guide, and learn how to push his love buttons every time.

When you let on that you’re attracted to him; be careful not to let him know how much. If he gets the wind of how crazy about him you actually are,  he’ll lose interest. Why? It makes it seem as though you’d be too easy for him to get.

Here’s how to play hard to get with an Aries man effectively <<

2. Be Mysterious

Only give him small things about yourself that make him salivate and want to know more. This is one of the signs that Aries man actually does want to play a “game” as far as getting to know you and chasing you. He loves a good challenge. He is indeed an alpha male which means he loves to hunt!

The hunt does include hunting a beautiful woman who seems to be really intriguing and not easy to acquire. If he knows you’re easily accessed, he’ll lose interest.

3. Make Your First Kiss Unforgettable

If you’re able to get this far then what you need to know is: that you need to not go too far with it. He’ll easily dive into bed with a woman. However, if you want the chase to continue, you’ll need to be a little reserved.

You don’t want to seem like a prude but you do want to make it known that you are not easy and that you want to wait before you take it to the next level. He’ll be so baffled that he’ll definitely want to keep trying.

It will be difficult to keep yourself from diving into the bed for sure, but, you’ll thank yourself later on when you’ve landed the Aries man for keeps. Aries is a fast mover sometimes but if he goes too fast, he regrets it.

Don’t allow him to move so fast that he ends up having second thoughts and you end up heartbroken. Keep him on his toes, keep him guessing but make that kiss so hot that he can hardly think of anything else for a while.

Be memorable and keep him wondering what it will be like to fully be with you sexually. Turn him on then make him wait. That may sound cruel but truly, he doesn’t like it easy.

4. Work On A Spontaneous Foreplay

You can play with him by randomly asking him to pull the car over somewhere. Lean in and go for the kiss. Perhaps put your hand on his lap and rub your hand up his leg.

When he starts to really get into it, pull back a bit and tell him that it makes you really hot but you’d like to wait. Tell him you wanted to give him something to look forward to.

He’ll get this in his head and he’ll carry it around. It may even consume him on a deeper level. On that note; it makes him think about you a whole lot. He’ll wonder why you’d be that excited and then want to wait.

The more of a puzzle you are, the sexier you are without giving it up; he’ll want you like crazy. He will absolutely fall over himself trying to figure out how long you’re going to make him wait.

He’ll also try to figure out what he can do to get you to give in to him. Keep that momentum going through. You won’t want to wait forever but at least make him wait long enough that you two can get to fully know each other.

5. Focus On Your Own Goals

An Aries man is intrinsically selfish, and guess what? He wants you to be as well. This might be a totally unconscious thing, but an Aries man is definitely more intrigued with a woman who has her own goals in life.

If you’re doing everything to impress him and make him happy he is quickly going to get bored. What he really wants is a challenge. I am going to keep repeating this fact about him until it sinks in.

The easiest way to be a challenge is to keep your schedule as busy as possible. Focus on your own dreams and show that you are a woman worth having in his life.

This is a guy who wants to be in a power couple, and he finds ambition quite a turn-on. Prioritize yourself and you’ll see how quickly he comes chasing you because knowing that you won’t drop everything for him will make him addicted to you.

6. Be Adventurous & Spontaneous!

One of the most important qualities in the woman an Aries man falls in love with is her willingness to be adventurous and spontaneous. A woman who can go on a fun road trip with him or try new things will be his ideal partner!

It’s especially great when you’re the one offering spontaneity. When you tell him to pack his bags and get ready for a weekend of surprises. This will get his blood pumping for you like nothing else. Or when you suggest you take up surfing together. Or go traveling. You get the idea!

7. Allow Him To Be The Alpha Male

Here’s the thing, ladies—something you should never, ever forget—Aries men are Alpha males. Sure, they are also big babies (which you’ll come to realize), but at the same time, they like to be the ultimate leaders.

Making an Aries man chase you will require that you allow him to be the Alpha in your life. Even if you are the kind of girl who likes to be the boss, just try it! Or, channel that bossy energy into your job, not towards him!

There’s nothing that feels quite as validating to an Aries man as when he gets to be in his pure masculine energy! You might find yourself quite enjoying it—after all, it’s part of what attracted you to him in the first place, right?

8. Play Slightly Hard To Get

Being ruled by Mars—the planet of desire and lust means that Aries men love a challenge. They adore it when a woman plays hard to get, that they have to somehow “win” her.

However, Aries men also hate to be rejected. So, it’s a special balance that you have to walk if you want to get an Aries man to chase after you! You have to somehow be unavailable, yet never push him away totally. You’ll get the hang of it.

Here’s more on how to play hard to get with an Aries man.

9. Don’t Panic When He Blows Hot & Cold

You’ll come to realize that your Aries man has a tendency to blow hot and cold. One moment he’s “in love,” and the next he’s seeking adventure on the other side of the world, totally cool and detached.

The trick to getting your Aries man to chase you is to never panic when he runs off. He always comes back, at least to the woman he knows doesn’t necessarily need him or gets clingy when he has his moments.

If he’s cooled down, give it just a few days; sometimes it ends in a few hours. He will come to love that you’re so grounded, stable, and calm. The peace of his world!

10. Make Him The Center Of Your World

As the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries men love to be number one in everything. That’s why they are such winners in life—they don’t settle for anything less!

Aries is also symbolized by the infant, and have you ever seen an infant not want to be the center of your world? Nope. That’s why Aries men need the same treatment.

Ignore him at your peril. Playing hard to get with an Aries man is one thing, but making him low on your list of priorities is another!

If you really want to turn this relationship into full-fledged love, it’s advisable to make sure he is the sun in your solar system and you are the earth revolving around him. or, at the very least, make him believe it.

When An Aries Man Is Losing Interest — How To Make Him Chase You Again

If your Aries man is constantly going hot and cold then there must be something you can do about it. You might feel like it is his fault, but you definitely have some power in this situation.

You might notice how he starts to lose interest once you’re his and this is why you always need to keep an Aries man on his toes. Even if there is a lull in the relationship three are definitely ways you can turn things around!

If you would like to look out for the surefire signs about Aries man intentions about you, check out my recent blogpost.

Be Unavailable

Once you get the Aries man’s attention and come after you, you’ll want to make yourself somewhat unavailable. When he calls you or text messages you; wait a while before you respond.

It seems silly but if you sit around waiting on your phone for him to contact you; you’ll probably be a bit disappointed. If he’s not pursuing you; you won’t be hearing that much from him.

While he’s chasing you, however, you’ll hear from him a bunch. If you reply too quickly; he’ll again think you’re too easy to access and will become bored. The Aries man likes to be excited and have something to look forward to.

Make Him Miss You

Take control and make him do what he has to in order to get your attention. Make him work for it. If you do, he’ll worship you. As long as you don’t ever become dependent on him, you’ll have a good chance at longevity.

The second you become clingy or needy; he’ll bail on you. He doesn’t mind you being in distress from time to time as it makes him feel as though he’s useful. If he feels that you’re using him; he’ll call it off.

You’ll need to be very careful when you’re playing this game with the Aries man. He is good at spotting fake women. If you pretend you’re hard to get and then once you land him, you become attached at the hip, he’ll drop you.

This often happens and once he stops chasing after a woman, she is left confused. Always do your best to keep him on his toes!

Learn more tips on how to make your Aries man miss you here <<

Show Off On Social Media

One of the easiest ways to make an Aries man chase after you again is to look as enticing as possible online. This means you’re going to have to get going on lots of fun activities to show off online.

Get your friends together and do some cool stuff you know your Aries man would be envious of. Go for hikes, go party, be spontaneous, and look your sexiest self because that will definitely get your Aries man’s attention.

However, just as a warning, don’t overdo it and constantly post so, you need to be present. Just reveal enough so that it will grab his attention and get him thinking about you.

If you’re going to post every 5 minutes he’s going to be put off by you because it won’t look like you’re present in what you are doing. Aries men hate phonies, so you have to be authentic or else it is never going to work. You’ll just manage to push your Aries man even further away.

Give Him The Best Sex Of His Life

Aries men have an incredible sex drive. They need a lot of intimacy to feel excited and stimulated. These guys can go over and over again and love it when they have a partner who can match them on this level.

If you want your Aries man to keep chasing you, then you’re going to have to give him the best night(s) of his life. Let your inner goddess come out and give him what he wants.

You need to get him addicted to you. This is why you need to put some effort into your bedroom skills. Dress the part, do some research, find out what his fantasies are, and fulfill all his desires.

He won’t be able to get enough of you if you do this. He’ll continue to chase you if you’re a wild cat in bed!

Be Spontaneous

Aries men have a flaw… They are always seeking peaks in life. They’re seeking that adrenaline and this is why it can be quite difficult for them to settle down because it makes them feel rather restless.

This is why, as an Aries man’s partner, you are going to have to make his life really exciting by being super adventurous and spontaneous. Plan all kinds of fun activities for him, and he’ll never get enough of you.

You always want to keep him guessing. The element of surprise goes a very long way when it comes to an Aries man. He needs these peaks to make him feel like he is alive.

If you can manage to live your life like this you’ll have one very happy man by your side. Keep this in mind every time you feel a bit of a lull in the relationship. You might just need to inject some extra spice into your relationship. Get creative, girl and see what you can think of to make him chase you!

If you’re struggling to be spontaneous with your Aries man, I strongly recommend checking out my 30-day Aries Man Love Challenge… It will set you on the right path with your Aries guy. 

How To Keep An Aries Man Chasing You (Even If You’re In A Committed Relationship)?

You have managed to achieve the impossible task of finding yourself in a committed relationship with an Aries man. You’re so lucky because he keeps choosing you and is chasing you.

But you might be afraid that this might stop… Don’t fear, there is a lot you can do to keep an Aries man chasing you even if you are in a committed relationship. You need to remember what an Aries man values in a woman and what triggers his instinct to want to keep chasing you.

Be Open Minded

Having a partner who is open-minded is worth gold to an Aries man. This is a guy who wants to try out everything in life at least once. He really values a woman who can appreciate experiences and isn’t closed off to everything.

Sometimes all an Aries man wants is to have a conversation about the possibility of exploring something, it doesn’t mean he actually wants to do it. If you’re just going to say no right out of the gate, then you’ll find your Aries man is just going to keep pushing for it.

Remember, he likes to conquer things and if you give him a wall, he is going to find a way to break it down or climb over it. So be very mindful of the things you say no to because he’s going to keep going for it until he gets what he wants.

This is why it is just best for you to be open-minded from the get-go. Show that you are willing to learn things and that you enjoy new experiences.

Always Be Honest

An Aries man is a super honest guy. He likes it when people are straight with him because he needs to know where he stands with others at all times. He hates being lied to. This just makes him want to run away.

Honesty is the best policy with an Aries man. He really respects it when his woman can be a straight shooter and tells him exactly how he feels at all times. Be direct and tell him what you are feeling. This is precisely what an Aries man likes in a woman, someone who can be forthcoming.

An Aries man isn’t very good at guessing games, so it is much better for the two of you if you can just always be honest with him. He’ll appreciate this much more than trying to figure out what is wrong. This is how you earn his respect.

Be Encouraging

Being with an Aries man means that you need to be his cheerleader and let him know how much you support him. This guy needs a lot of love and affection because secretly he is a little insecure.

When an Aries man starts to trust you, he is going to get addicted to the amazing way you make him feel. He’ll know that he can lean on you for support and encouragement.

Eventually, an Aries man will come to learn that there is a part of him that enjoys stability and security and that a hectic life full of ups and downs and drama isn’t always the best solution for him.

You’re just going to have to be patient and let him grow out of his very disruptive ways. This is going to take a lot from your side, but if you think your Aries man is worth the effort, then he probably is! Give him all the love in the world!

Will An Aries Man Chase You If You Play Hard To Get?

Aries man enjoys good challenges and is very competitive, so playing hard to get with an Aries man always works. He likes the thrill of chase. He feeds on it, but you need to have balance between how far you can go and when to stop pretending.

One of the best possible ways to get an Aries man to notice you is to ignore him a bit, but you have to be careful not to ice him out! You can look at him and then go talk to somebody else. This will make him go crazy!

If you play a ‘hard to get’ game with him without boundaries, he may lose interest if he thinks you have zero interest in him, therefore you need to give him a hint that you are interested and he will take it from there.

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