How To Show An Aries Man You Love Him — With Or Without Words

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you in love with this incredible guy but too shy to tell him that? Read on to find out how to show an Aries man you are in love with him!

Aries men are incredibly sexy! These mucho men know how to turn on the heat to make a woman fall in love with them instantly. These guys definitely have the magic touch! Dating an Aries man is fun and your feelings are real, but you might wonder should you tell an Aries man how you feel about him… You’re scared this might scare him off, so how can you show an Aries man you love him without scaring him off?

Telling an Aries man how you feel can be daunting, the last thing you want is him running away because he is freaked out by your feelings. But when it comes to love, you need to take risks!

And remember, there is nothing an Aries man appreciates more than a woman being bold.

Aries men have one of the most specific love languages of all zodiac signs. If you’re struggling to understand his love language, my Aries Love Language guide covers his Astrological Love profile in depth.

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So, if you’re curious about how to tell an Aries man you love him, then keep on reading! I will guide you through all of my tips and tricks to share your feelings with him in a way he would appreciate. 

Decode What You Are Really Feeling: Love Him Or Just Like Him?

Feelings can be so confusing, especially when you first get to know someone. All those hormones can make you go into a bit of a tailspin sometimes. This is why it is sometimes hard to figure out if you actually love him or maybe just have some feelings for him.

Here are the signs that you love or  just like an Aries man:

1. You Have Been Dating For 6+ Months

When you first get to know someone it can be very exciting as your mind and body are on a heightened level at all times. There is the thrill and excitement of feeling something for someone again for the first time. 

This can feel obsessive and like you would die if you never saw this person again… This is often just infatuation, even if it feels so intense. People often mistake this feeling for love, but this isn’t what it actually is!

Love takes time to develop and is often more of a quiet feeling than being totally obsessed with another person. So give it time and if you still feel quite strongly for your Aries guy after six months then it probably is love and not infatuation.

2. You Can Accept Him For Who He Is

In relationships, it is very normal to feel triggered by the other person. They are the one person who can show you where all your wounds are and what you need to fix in your life. This can be quite uncomfortable to deal with. 

This can also mean that there are certain things we want to change about the person we are with… This might be hard to hear, but love should be unconditional and if there are things you cannot accept about your partner, then do you truly love them? 

If you can accept your Aries man for who he is and all his flaws and be happy to live with him just the way he is, then this goes deeper than just liking him. You likely truly love him because there is nothing you would want to change about who he is. 

Should I Express My Feelings To An Aries Man Or Should I Wait For Him To Open Up First?

Knowing whether or not to go for it and tell an Aries man how you feel about him can be pretty confusing. It all depends on where you are in the relationship and how certain you are about his feelings for you.

Here are some pointers you need to consider before telling an aries man how you feel:

Patience is a Virtue

I know this isn’t the popular feeling when you’re so excited to tell your Aries how you feel. However; if you just out and out tell him you love him; it could scare him off.

It really depends on how long you’ve been dating him. If it’s been a short amount of time then you may want to hold off until the timing feels more right and he gives you indications that he’s falling for you.

Now in the case that you’ve been dating for a year or longer; you may want to somehow open the door of communication so that you can begin to discuss where the two of you see things going.

If at that point he seems to indicate that he wants to keep growing the relationship and making it something more; you can then tell him that you have deep feelings for him.

I’d still advise not to tell him “I love you” first. He wants to be the one in charge and being in charge of who reveals words like this will be something he wants to do.

Patience will have to be a huge key in telling him anything about your feelings. Unless as I mentioned; it’s been a long time and you’ve gotten no feedback yet on how he feels.

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Find Out His Feelings

Unless you know what he’s feeling; you may not want to be so forthcoming with how you feel. It would be heartbreaking to tell this guy you love him only to find out that he’s nowhere near that with you.

If you’ve got heavy feelings for an Aries man; you’ll need to do some homework if he’s not telling you how he feels. Watch his actions and how he is around you. There are always signs when he’s feeling deeply about you.

It may be a good idea to watch him over time to see exactly how he feels. Actions are often much louder than words. If he is having feelings for you; he’ll typically want to spend more time with you.

He will want to touch you more, kiss you more, and possibly may make plans for you to hang out with him and his friends. Giving up his free time and having you share time with those he cares for are big indicators.

When you notice that he’s doing these things; he’s likely having some deeper feelings for you as well. He may care very much or he may already be falling in love with you.

Only then would you want to possibly bring up how you feel about him. In fact; it may be easier just to show him how you feel. When an Aries man is ready to say the “L” word; you’ll know it.

Show Him How You Feel

Words are fun and exciting when you’re ready to speak them. However; if he isn’t ready; it may be best to show him how you feel instead. Show him how much you care by getting him small gifts, being sweet, and affectionate.

Be the total sweetheart that you are and show him what you’re made of. Show him the reason why he should choose you to be in his life for the future. Have some deep intellectual conversations that are exciting.

Touch his hands, arms, and neck more often. Brushing these areas while you’re talking to him and looking into his eyes will make him feel really special. It’ll also make him want to be more physical with him.

Do not replace sex with intimacy. There is actually a difference between the two. Sex is just sex. Intimacy is giving, sharing, and being close to one another on a much deeper level.

With that said, be more intimate with him. Try not to push too much when you’re doing this though. It may freak him out and he’ll back off really quick. If he’s uncomfortable; he’ll let you know.

Otherwise, it’s often a good idea to show him how you feel. That way he has a good idea of what you may be harboring inside for him. Then he can wager what he’s feeling and if he’s feeling the same; he may at that point actually tell you.

How To Talk About Feelings With An Aries Man Without Turning Him Off

An Aries man is so much fun, he is also open and honest! This guy can be super forthcoming with his feelings and when he feels something he will say it. However, this guy loves the chase and needs to be the one to do something first. 

Coming first and winning is definitely part of an Aries man’s love language. He needs to know that he is the best and that he has conquered something special, this is why it is definitely a good idea to play your cards close to your chest with this guy. 

Let him come to you because you don’t want to come off too strong and make him freak out and think you want more from him than what he is willing to give you. Here is how to do it:

  • Don’t be too dramatic and put too much pressure on him
  • Let him slowly learn to be comfortable with being vulnerable and intimate with you
  • Be open and vulnerable yourself without making it about him
  • Appreciate him showing his softer side 
  • Don’t come on too strong
  • Be patient and follow his timeline

How To Show An Aries Man You Love Him — With Or Without Words

As a woman, it can be intimidating at times when you’re ready to show your Aries man you love them, but you’re nervous about how they are going to react. 

You may be asking yourself; does he feel the same way? Are we ready? Am I coming on too strong? Chances are, if you feel this way and the relationship has been healthy, stable, and fulfilling, you should have nothing to worry about.

As a fire Zodiac sign, the Aries man is very upfront about his feelings. You will know if he’s ready or not. Here are some cool ways to show an Aries man that you like him:

1. Treat Him To Something Special

Since it’s best to let him tell you; you can instead start working at showing him how you feel about him. Do things that indicate how much you care. Show him who you are and what you offer.

Doing things like buying his favourite treats, cooking him dinner, or inviting him to do something really fun in the outdoors will win you favours with him. He’ll find this to be very considerate and sweet.

2. Take Care Of Him By Treating Him With Respect

Above else, the Aries man wants to be taken care of. So find ways to do that while maintaining your independence and allowing him free time when possible. That way you can build something healthy and wonderful for the future.

It’s always nice to treat your partner with respect, adoration, and great care. Try not to pamper him too much though as he’ll come to expect it and then when you don’t do it; he’ll decide you no longer care.

3. Give Him Space When He Needs It

When it comes to falling in love with an Aries man it is very easy to want to spend all your time with him and be by his side at all times. He has quite an addictive personality so I do not blame you. 

The thing you need to be very aware of with an Aries man is that he is incredibly independent and he often needs a lot of space and freedom to do his own thing. The last thing he wants is to feel tethered and tied to a relationship. 

Showing an Aries man you love him is giving him space to be himself. When you start making demands of him, it will only push him away and make him feel overwhelmed and turned off by your actions. 

When you give him space you are giving him the opportunity to miss you and wonder where you are. This will only deepen his feelings for you!

4. Be Patient And Let Him Come to You

The length of time it will take you to build something with an Aries is important. If you rush into it and fall quickly, you may not have a successful bond. Aries is often impulsive but if he dives in too deep too quick, he has regrets.

One of those regrets would be having jumped too fast before getting to know you first. He will be the same way with love. The faster he goes; the more he’ll drag his feet later. It’s often best to wait a bit longer.

The longer you’ve been with him; the easier it will get to share your feelings with one another. It also gives you time to make sure that what you’re feeling is love rather than infatuation.

It’s easy to be infatuated with the Aries man as he’s often beautiful, passionate, and charming. That being the case, he’ll draw you in with his unspoken magic. It may make you think you’re in love when you may not really be.

You both need to take it a nice pace, see where it goes, and see what may grow between the two of you. Time always dictates what will come next and what is best.

5. Wait For Him To Say I Love You First

Aries men love to do the chasing because they are the typical alpha male. This means that they have to conquer. If you tell him you love him first; he will likely get freaked out.

To avoid him getting scared; you may want to hold off and let him tell you how he feels about you first. This way you’re ensured of what he’s feeling and you’ll then be able to speak your side freely.

Aries wants to be the one who calls the shots in the relationship most of the time so things like saying “I love you” are important. He will want to be the man and tell you when he feels the time is right.

This helps take the pressure off. I know it’s hard to hold it in and not bust at the seams but with Aries; you have to be patient. Trying to rush him or push him will only make him want to walk in the other direction.

Sit back, relax, and wait for him to come forward and tell you how he feels. Then you can open the floodgate but try not to gush too much. He won’t like that either.

6. Feed His Ego With Compliments

Feeding his ego will, of course, get you into his good graces. Telling him how handsome he is, how awesome he is at what he does, or the other things that he does right will make him feel appreciated.

Flatter truly DOES get you everywhere; especially where an Aries man is concerned. He eats it up like it’s a sugary sweet dessert. So go ahead and load him up with compliments.

The more you give him; the more he’ll feel special and cared about. This will make him want to spend more time and attention on you. Of course, this may lead to forming a bond that gets the “I love you” out and rolling.

Again; you probably should go ahead and let him say it first though. If you do that; it’ll make everything easier for both of you. He will then feel he’s won you and secured a prize.

You will then be able to fully disclose how you feel and what you want going forward. Just remember that he wants to be the one “wearing the pants” in the relationship.

As long as you at least let him think he has that control; you’ll be good to go and get what it is that you want. Just remember; if you tell him first; you could lose him. He may not be ready or anywhere near it.

7. Show Him You Trust Him

Having trust in a relationship is absolutely integral. This is exactly how you build something special and long lasting with your Aries man. But he is a bit of a firecracker and sometimes it can be a little difficult to trust him because he’s always off doing something. 

The thing with an Aries man is that he is incredibly loyal, you don’t even have to worry about him messing around because this goes against all his morals and his values.

Let him go and let him be because this will show him that you trust him and make him believe that you are the coolest, most chill girl in the Universe. He’ll be happy to know that you have trust in him and don’t accuse him of insignificant things. 

8. Encourage His Dreams

An Aries man is without a doubt a dreamer and a pioneer. He is someone who wants to achieve great things by being a leader and following his desires. He believes in himself, but always appreciates a little encouragement from his lady. 

One of the best things you can do to show an Aries man you love him, is by encouraging him and being a source of inspiration in his life. He will love your positivity and that you want him to succeed. 

This quality will make him feel really good and make him want to be around you all of the time. Positivity is addictive and when you encourage him your Aries man will quickly realize how much you care about him. 

9. Tell Him How You Feel!

An Aries man appreciates openness and honesty. He also likes a woman who has confidence and isn’t afraid to be bold and brave. Directness is incredibly sexy for an Aries man. 

If you know that you and your Aries man are in a good space in your relationship then I would encourage you to take the plunge and just tell him how you feel about him. 

I know this is scary, but remember that fortune favors the brave and that you might get surprised with a very pleasant reward. Just tell your Aries man how you feel and how much he means to you. You’ll know in your heart if this is what you need to say to him.

When Is It Okay To Say ‘I Love You’ To An Aries Man?

There are many occasions and moments you might find that it is perfectly okay for you to say i love you to an Aries man. Try not to make it too much of a big thing in your head because this will only lead to unnecessary anxiety. 

Here are some perfect examples of when you can say I love you:

1. When he says it first

Aries man is a very affectionate person, so when he is in love, it’s obvious. When he loves someone, he really loves them, and he wants the whole world to know. 

Therefore, if the Aries man tells you he loves you first, and you know in your heart you both mean it, it’s okay to say you love him too. He will appreciate the verbal confirmation and fall for you even harder. 

2. If you are sure the two of you are on the same page

Ready to say you love the Aries man and he hasn’t said it first? That’s okay, you can be the one to break the ice. As confident and headstrong as the Aries man comes across, he can still be insecure and hold back his true feelings in love.

Therefore, if you sense the time has come in your relationship for you to verbally express the care and admiration you hold for the Aries man, don’t be shy or hold yourself back. Be a role model for the Aries man and show him that he can trust himself to be vulnerable with you. 

3. On an anniversary or special occasion

Whether it’s your six month or one-year anniversary, Christmas, birthday, weekly date night or any other noteworthy occasion, the Aries man will be more receptive to your romantic advances and love confessions when he’s feeling his best and having a good time. 

Although it may seem cliche to announce your feelings during such a momentous event, the Aries man won’t mind. His hopeless romantic nature will be too wrapped up in the thrill and joy of you expressing your unconditional love for him. 

4. Never over text

If there’s one piece of advice you must know, it’s never okay to send the first I love you through text to an Aries man. You have to say I love you to him in person first.

To the Aries man, quality one-on-one time is most important. Spending time together in person is how the relationship progresses for him. He will find it tasteless and offensive if you say the first I love you through text. 

What To Expect Once You Have Shared Your Feelings?

When you first let an Aries man know your feelings, you have to be prepared for all possible outcomes. This is why I encourage you to wait a while and to be sure that this is exactly what you think is right. 

It can be absolutely devastating to have been vulnerable with him, only to find out that he does not feel the same way about you. It can be really tough to be rejected like that and this is why you need to be strong. However, this is just a warning. 

An Aries man may also breathe a sigh of relief because he might feel exactly the same way you do, he’s just been too afraid to say something! 

All outcomes are possible. But if you share your truth and are brave and bold, the Universe can’t help but reward you for this. Congratulations, girl! You have been super vulnerable and brave!

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Normal dating advice can backfire with an Aries man

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