What You Should Always Keep In Mind While Dating An Aries Man

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
If you’re dating an Aries, here's what you should always keep in mind while dating an Aries man if you want a successful and long-lasting relationship.

There are things you should always try to maintain once you get involved with someone. If you’re dating an Aries or becoming serious with one, here’s what you should always keep in mind while dating an Aries man if you want a successful and long-lasting relationship.

Maintain Your Sense of Self Worth

Your Aries guy was likely drawn to you because you’re strong and know what you want. This is the type of woman he gravitates toward when he wants to get serious.

If this is one of your qualities; you need to maintain it. If you start to waiver and become weak-willed or give up on your own goals; he will see it and not like it. It may cause him to change his mind about you.

Goal oriented women are what an Aries man really covets. He loves a woman who can keep up her own momentum and succeed at whatever goals she places for herself.

She also has to understand her own worth. When a woman who is successful seems to have no real actual sense of worth; he can see through this. Weakness isn’t something Aries men like.

Though he could possibly help you with learning how to be strong again if you’ve had a hard time getting through life’s trials. However; he will not likely get together with women who do not understand their worth.

Your Goals and Aspirations are Important

what you should always keep in mind while dating an aries man

It’s really crucial for you to maintain your personal goals or dreams. This is one of the reasons your Aries guy fell for you in the first place. Once you lose that; you basically lose your footing and he won’t be impressed.

Make sure that whatever you’re working hard to obtain or build for yourself; stays intact and you’re continuing to work forward. He’ll appreciate this and see great value in his love for you.

Losing focus or losing yourself trying to maintain what you think he wants will actually do you more harm than good. It’s nice to spend time with him but he will expect at some point; for you to get out on your own and do things you love.

He didn’t sign up for a homebody type of gal. Ambition in life is important to him as is the willpower to get whatever you want. He’s turned on by your strength and ability to get things done.

Don’t lose that! He won’t want you to lose yourself and your sense of purpose in life. He wants to hear, see, and feel your passion in life for the things that you truly like.

If things should happen to not go the way you want them to with your Aries guy; you’d still be able to exit the relationship holding onto your dignity, grace, and willpower to continue to succeed with our without him.

This is empowerment for yourself and you should hang on to it no matter what. You’ll be far more successful with an Aries man if you can be yourself.

Be strong, but let him feel like the Alpha male

You can absolutely be a strong woman with a sense of dignity without your Aries man knowing you’re calling the shots. You see, an Aries man wants to feel as though he’s the top dog.

He wants to be the head of the household and “the man” of the house. He can perceive he’s these things if you know how to play it cool. You can plant ideas into his head and let him believe they are his ideas.

Doing this will allow you to still get what you want and will give him what he wants as he thinks it was his plan or idea. Many strong women behind strong men use this tactic.

They are able to instill some thoughts into their man’s head without being overpowering or obvious. Just simply make a suggestion, why it’s a good idea and then drop it.

At some point; it will stick with him and one day he’ll think “I’ve got this great idea” and then you’ll get to hear about it. Job well done! If the sink needed fixing; it’s now going to get fixed.

Be a strong woman without him realizing that you’re pulling his strings. As long as he never realizes it; you’re both essentially getting what you want and it’s a win/win situation.

So instead of fighting with him over a point you may have, do it the other way and be passive about it. He’ll be more accepting of it and thus allow for things to go well.

Be honest with yourself

what you should always keep in mind while dating an aries man

Being honest is a turn on for Aries men. He may not like it sometimes but most of the time he appreciates it. The thing is, you should be honest with yourself and for yourself more than for him.

Remember; you’re priority #1. Whether he stays with you or goes; you still have you. When you’re honest with yourself; you’ll always know when someone is or isn’t right for you.

You’ll also see red flags; if there are any. If there aren’t you may actually see a good man for who he is which gives a possible relationship a chance. Being honest with yourself allows you to trust your own intuition.

Trusting that sense of what is right and what isn’t; will help you discover if your Aries guy is right for you or if he isn’t. It will also help you “feel” whether or not he’s telling you the truth.

When you feel something isn’t right; it probably isn’t and you should act accordingly. When you feel it’s right; it probably is and you shouldn’t worry or create problems that don’t exist.

This is all about being you and trusting yourself to know what is right for you and what needs a bit of work. Learning your Aries guy will also help you to cultivate more of a bond with him.

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