Are Aries Men Faithful In Relationships Or Do They Cheat?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you involved with irresistibly Aries men and are now wondering if there is something you should worry about? Are Aries men faithful or do they cheat?

Have you gotten yourself involved with one of those irresistibly charmed Aries men and are now wondering if there is something you should worry about? Are Aries men faithful or do they cheat? Here are some tell tale signs to help you figure it out.

His behavior may change

As with anyone, the Aries man’s behavior will likely change if he’s messing around. He’ll work later, he’ll call you less, he’ll text you less, he’ll seem distant and not as attentive as he once was.

His romance or passion with you may decline yet he seems to be happy when he’s not with you. You may find him looking at his phone a lot more like he’s waiting for a phone call or text constantly.

Anything that seems out of the norm from what you’re used to seeing him do may indicate something is going on that he’s trying to conceal from you. He may actually never leave his phone laying around either.

He won’t want to take the risk of you seeing a text coming through or a phone call while he’s in the restroom. Also, there is that paranoia that you will look through his phone when he’s not looking.

Any man that has nothing to hide will leave his phone right in front of you and not worry about whether or not you’re looking at what he’s doing. So there is a bit of a difference that you can keep your eye on.

Mood may change

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If he’s messing around with someone else, he may become colder to you and possibly mean. He on some level is pushing you away so that he doesn’t have to deal with the guilt he may feel.

However; he could go the opposite direction as well. This would mean he would try “too hard” to make sure you’re taken care of. It really depends on whether he’s trying to hold onto you or not.

If he isn’t; he’ll be cold, he’ll be rude, and he’ll treat you like dirt. If he wants to keep you though; he’ll be a super suck up; he’ll buy you flowers out of nowhere and do anything to make up for the guilt he feels.

Again, look for an extreme difference is how he treats you, how he talks to you, and how he interacts with others. If you happen to catch him on the phone and he’s all smiles after he’s been sour toward you; he’s probably talking to another woman.

When it’s not another woman; it may be one of his friends and he’s talking about the new woman he’s seeing. They talk in their own secret code so it may not seem obvious to you but he’ll be laughing and smiling a lot.

He starts talking about another woman

Sometimes these men are so dense that they start talking about a new female friend that they’ve never talked about before. Every time you turn around; he’s talking about her.

He’ll talk as though she’s his new best friend. This will make you want to ask him how long he’s been friends with her and why he never mentioned her before. You’ll basically get to know who his friends are.

You’ll know that this woman isn’t one of his “regulars”. That being the case; listening to him brag daily about this woman means he’s either crushing on her secretly, he’s in love with her, or he’s sleeping with her.

For a man to brag about another woman around you is bad enough honestly but when he starts talking about how great she is, how much they have in common, etc is a way that he’s sort of letting you know he’s into that woman.

Of course when or if you ask about her; he’s going to say they’re just good friends. Unless he feels things are absolutely done with you. If that’s the case; he’ll go ahead and just tell you, flat out, that he’s into her.

Showers immediately upon arriving home

are aries men faithful in a relationship

If your Aries guy lives with you and he hits up the shower as soon as he walks in the door when he used to not do that; he’s cheating. He’s trying to quickly remove another woman’s scent.

Try cutting him off at the pass, hug him close and see if you don’t smell another woman’s perfume or some other odor that doesn’t belong to him. You’ll know for sure.

This may still be the same case if he uses it as an excuse to get off the phone with you if you normally talk on the phone after he gets off work. Either it’s an excuse or he really is going to take a shower.

Again, if it’s out of character for him to do this upon walking in from work; then something else is going on. Naturally, it’s best for you to always follow your inner voice as it always knows best.

So, are Aries men faithful?

If you observe your Aries man long enough, you’ll get to know how he operates and what his routines are. This alone will help you to learn whether he’s being his normal self or if he’s stepping outside of the relationship.

Obviously, things like a drop in his sex drive with you will be a good indicator as is him pulling back his affections. He could also be the exact opposite out of nowhere as he’s trying to compensate and keep you.

Either of these behaviors will make you want to investigate and see what else he does. You should use these red flags as a means of knowing that your Aries isn’t being honest with you and there is likely another woman.

The first thing you should do, however; is to learn who he really is and how he acts when he’s with you.

If you’d like to know more about normal Aries behavior, CLICK HERE NOW. I hope this helps you figure out if he’s stepping out on you or just has some other life change going on.

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