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What Should You Do If An Aries Man Stops Calling You?

Have you been talking to or possibly dating an Aries man that suddenly tells you that you need to stop calling him? What is going on if an Aries man stops calling you and what should you do about it when you really care?

Look at recent behavior

aries man stops calling

In any relationship; you should always look for red flags. Aries men are like other men who will often show signs of disinterest, anger, or that something isn’t right. It’s up to you to determine which may be the case with him.

If you really look back at how things have been recently, you should notice that he’s been a bit more distant than normal, angrier, or other emotional statuses.

Aries men are known for flying off the handle when they get angry. They get mad first and then ask questions later; if they’ve gotten over it that is. If you try to push him to give you answers; you may further anger him or he’ll quit talking.

Perhaps he’s been icier toward you, always going out with friends, or always distracted by his phone as though he’s constantly texting or on social networking sites rather than paying attention to you.

If this is the case; something is definitely off. The red flags should stand out and can help you better understand his behavior. Once you get a handle on that; you will know whether or not he’s just ticked off or if he is actually done with you.

Anger issues?

If all it really is, is him throwing a temper tantrum and telling you to lose his number; he’s probably not really meaning it. He’s just upset and will lash out in order to cause you some sort of pain for it.

It’s the classic telling someone off when you’re mad at them. At that moment; they feel that they are done and they want nothing more with you. However; once they cool down; they’ll probably want to talk to you and carry on.

Of course, this is going to depend on what exactly it is that he’s mad about in the first place. It will depend on if it was something that you did that you shouldn’t have and it betrayed his trust; or something you did that he blew out of proportion.

If he blew it out of proportion; he’ll figure out what he was in the wrong and will try to then make things right. Aries is the type of guy who will say things like “I hate you” or “I never loved you” when they’re angry.
It doesn’t mean that they really mean it though. They’re just angry and don’t know how else to handle it other than just lashing out and doing what they know how to do.

When an Aries man stops calling you and starts ignoring you…

aries man stops calling

If an Aries man starts ignoring you to constantly be on his phone or is protective over his phone; he may be trying to hide something or someone from you. If he cannot sit and spend time with you without checking his phone; he’s not there.

It’s really important to notice whether he’s this way or not. Because if he met someone else; he’ll start talking to her more and more thus ignoring you and leaving you out in the cold until he finally just breaks it off.

Of course if he feels as though the relationship was horrible with you; this will be when he’ll tell you to never call him again as well. Has it gotten this far? Maybe he really is in love with someone else and thinking you don’t get it.

When he feels you don’t really “get” his signs; he’ll start to get mean by telling you to take off and stop calling him. Sometimes this is one of the hardest red flags for people to process.

No one wants to admit defeat or admit that the person they love no longer wants a long term relationship or dating relationship with them. Just be aware that if you look back and see these signs; it means he was already leaving you.

He is just not that into you

If an Aries man has lost interest in you; sometimes he will say mean things in order to get you to move on. They aren’t the smoothest when it comes to ending relationships.

He somehow feels as though he’s not mean; you won’t see things the right way and will try to hold onto him. He definitely doesn’t like dealing with that sort of thing so he avoids it by saying nasty things like “let’s get you gone”.

Look back and see if he ever sort of started to blow you off or indicate he didn’t want to spend time with you like he did before. If indeed this is the case then this was another red flag you didn’t adhere to and he decided to call it quits.

Again, he wanted to be really clear with making sure that you understand he’s done by telling you that you should not call him anymore. He’s definitively done with you.

All in all, dealing with these types of things are never easy. However; an Aries man will typically be fairly clear with what he wants. If you’re able to look at the “red flags” I just shared with you; you’ll be able to tell where he may fit in.

This will then help you determine if you still have a chance with him or if you need to go ahead and let him go. If it’s the case that he is with someone else or just isn’t into it anymore; you’ll have to let go.

Aries doesn’t compromise on what they want. They will accept nothing less. However; if it’s the case that he’s just really mad; he may just need some time. It may help you to learn more about the Aries man.

Click here if you’d like to learn more about what Aries men want and how they operate in relationships. I hope that this will help you figure out what you need to do and know about your Aries guy.

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