How To Get An Aries Man Back? (9 Foolproof Ways)

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
So you and your Aries guy parted ways but you want him back. Keep reading to find out how to get an Aries man back after things have ended.

Hi, my lovelies! Knowing how to get an Aries man back isn’t always very straightforward due to their very interesting personalities. An Aries man is usually confident, assertive, and independent.

These guys can be pretty tough to win back once they’ve decided to end a relationship. They are quite stubborn and when they make up their mind they tend to stick to it. This can make it a little tricky to know how to get an Aries man back.

You may have tried the no contact rule with an Aries man, but now you’re wondering if it will really work or will an Aries man will come back after he dumps you. These are very valid questions that many women want to know.

Are you in a situation with an Aries man and do you want him back? Then you have come to the right place. Here are nine foolproof ways to potentially win back an Aries man.

When An Aries Man Breaks Up With You — Will He Come Back After He Dumps You?

When an Aries man breaks up with you, it may feel like all hope is lost. You may wonder if he will ever come back after he dumps you. An Aries man can be quite impulsive and may make hasty decisions, including ending a relationship. 

He may regret that he acted too impulsively and realize that he made a mistake by breaking up with you. While there is no guarantee that an Aries man will come back after he dumps you, there is a possibility. 

But it is good to remember the core characteristics of Aries men such as their stubbornness and independence. This could play quite a big role in their decision to come back or not. He may be trying to prove a point by not getting back to you even if he regrets his decision.

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How Long Does It Take For An Aries Man To Come Back?

It isn’t very straightforward knowing how long it takes for an Aries man to come back because these guys definitely live by their own schedules. While there is no exact timeline for when an Aries man may come back after a breakup, it is important to give him space and time to process. 

Trust me, you don’t want to rush this process with him because it can potentially push him further away. It is important that you play it cool and allow him to come back on his own terms.

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How To Get An Aries Man Back (9 Foolproof Ways)


Deeply reflect on the relationship and identify any areas where you may have contributed to its downfall. Taking the time to self-reflect and analyze your own actions and behaviour is an important step in trying to win back an Aries man. 

By acknowledging your own mistakes and showing a willingness to grow and change, you can demonstrate to the Aries man that you are committed to self-improvement and to making the relationship work.

It is important that you know what your part was in this breakup and that you work on healing those parts within yourself as these themes tend to keep repeating if you don’t choose to focus on them.

Give Him Space

After a breakup with an Aries man, it is crucial to give him space. This means refraining from any form of contact, whether it be through calls, messages, or social media. Giving him space allows him to process his emotions and think about the relationship without any external pressure. 

By implementing the no contact rule with an Aries man, you create an opportunity for him to miss you and recognize the value you brought to his life. However, it should also give you some space to focus on yourself.

This is extremely necessary as it is very possible that you may have lost yourself in this relationship and this is a way of recognizing your own worth once again. This should help to build up your confidence to make you shine.

Focus on Personal Growth

During this time of separation, focus on your own personal growth and development. Use this time to pursue your own interests, hobbies, and goals. Engage in activities that make you happy and invest in self-care. 

By prioritizing yourself and showing that you are capable of living a fulfilling life without him, you can potentially reignite his interest and make him see what he may be missing out on. Aries men are sore losers, and he will do anything to win you back. 

So keep focusing on your own growth and do everything you can to become the best version of yourself as this should definitely help you to reignite that spark with your Aries man once again.

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Showcase Confidence and Independence

Aries men are drawn to confident and independent individuals. Showing your confident spirit is key is knowing how to get an Aries man back. Confidence and independence are qualities that attract an Aries man, so it is important to showcase these traits when trying to win him back.

By exuding confidence in your actions, decisions, and overall demeanor, you can demonstrate to the Aries man that you are a strong and capable individual who can handle any challenges that come your way. 

Remember this fire Zodiac sign is somewhat of a warrior spirit, and he likes to see this spirit in his lady. Recognize that you are strong and capable and that you don’t actually need him. This will drive him crazy!

Rebuild Trust and Communication

Rebuilding trust and communication is crucial in winning back an Aries man. This can be achieved by being open and honest about your feelings, addressing any issues that led to the breakup, and actively working on improving communication skills. 

Communication is key in a relationship and sometimes it can be difficult to express what you need from your Aries man so it is very possible that this is where the relationship went wrong. Work on your communication skills and it might improve your relationship with him.

By actively listening to his concerns, expressing empathy, and demonstrating a sincere desire to resolve conflicts, you can rebuild trust and create a foundation for effective communication in the relationship.

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Apologize and Take Responsibility for Mistakes

Apologizing and taking responsibility for your mistakes is an essential step in winning back an Aries man. Acknowledging your role in the breakup and expressing genuine remorse is key to showing him that you have reflected on your actions and are committed to making positive changes to the relationship. 

It takes a lot to apologize and your Aries man will appreciate this sincerity and willingness to take ownership of your mistakes. However, don’t be the only one to carry the burden of what has gone wrong in the relationship. 

Remember there are always two people mirroring each other in a relationship so it is important that he too also take accountability for his actions.

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3 More Ways To Win An Aries Man Back After Things Have Ended

Show Appreciation And Admiration

Showing appreciation and admiration for an Aries man can go a long way in winning him back. Meet up with him after the two of you have had some time apart. Express your gratitude for the positive qualities he possesses and acknowledge the value he brings to your life. 

Let him know that you admire his strengths, talents, and accomplishments. By doing so, you are validating his worth and making him feel appreciated, which can reignite his interest and desire to be with you again.

Chase Your Goals

Chasing your goals and pursuing your passions is not only an attractive quality but also a way to regain the attention and interest of an Aries man. When an Aries man sees that you are focused on your own success and personal growth, it can trigger his competitive nature and make him want to be a part of your journey once again. 

The Aries man loves a woman who is independent and focused on her own accomplishments. He likes a woman who is motivated and ambitious as this makes it exciting for him and will make him want to reignite the flame with you once again.

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Experiment And Be Adventurous

Experimentation and being adventurous can help reignite the spark with an Aries man. Aries men are known for their love of excitement and new experiences. By suggesting new activities or adventures, you can capture his attention and demonstrate your willingness to step out of your comfort zone, especially if this was a problem in your relationship before. 

Engaging in new and thrilling experiences together can create shared memories strengthen the bond between you and hopefully heal what the two of you have. This is integral to how to get an Aries man back.

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Is No Contact With An Aries Man Effective After A Breakup?

If you go silent on an Aries man after a breakup, it can actually be an effective strategy. This man will wonder where you have disappeared and why you aren’t blowing up his phone with calls and messages.

By implementing the no contact rule with an Aries man, you create a sense of mystery and intrigue that can pique his curiosity and make him question what went wrong and if he made the right decision.

Implementing the no contact rule with an Aries man can potentially give him space to reflect on the relationship and consider the possibility of getting back together. If you make him miss you and realize the impact you had on his life, there is a chance he may come back seeking reconciliation.

What To Text An Aries Man After A Breakup

When texting an Aries man after a breakup, it is crucial to choose your words carefully. This is really a make or break in knowing how to get an Aries man back. First and foremost, begin by acknowledging the breakup and expressing your understanding of his need for space. 

Let him know that you respect his decision and are giving him the time and space he needs. Say something like “I understand that you need some time and space after our breakup. I respect your decision and will give you the space you need to process everything.” 

After you have both had a break and some space to reflect on everything that has happened, you can follow up with a message that shows your growth and positive outlook.

You can say something like “Hey, I’ve been reflecting on our relationship and the time apart has given me a chance to grow and learn. I appreciate everything you did for me and the experiences we shared. Let’s catch up for a coffee soon.”

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