Will An Aries Man Leave His Wife? (8 Hopeful Signs)

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Is he in love or is he just playing you? This question can be really confusing for you if you aren’t sure what an Aries man is capable of. Here are the signs an Aries man will leave his wife for you.

Hello, my gorgeous lady! A married Aries man in love with another woman is definitely a complex situation. Ouch! How are you supposed to navigate this one? Are you wondering whether your Aries man will leave his wife for you?

Luckily, Astrology can help a lot in informing us on the nature of the Aries man and how he will act when he is about to leave his wife for another woman. 

While Aries men are capable of cheating, it doesn’t automatically mean that they will leave his wife for you. Getting involved with an Aries man is definitely complicated, so tread carefully before you make this move.

I can’t resist the drama of it all, so I am so excited to tell you all about how to tell if your Aries man is finally going to leave his wife for you! Keep reading to get all of the details on when he’ll be yours!

Does An Aries Man Stay In An Unhappy Relationship?

An Aries man lives in the moment and has a hard time waiting for things to happen. Impatience is what describes the Aries man. He possesses inner passion and fire. He is bored with peaceful environments and wants to have excitement all the time.

The truth is that Aries men hate being unhappy in relationships. He is ruled by his emotional needs and is not very concerned about the needs of others, but he would rather leave than cheat.

Aries has a reputation for cheating, but in fact, he doesn’t cheat more than any other zodiac sign. Even if the dynamic between him and his wife is extremely toxic, he would rather contemplate a divorce than actually have an affair.

As a test run, an Aries man may step out of the relationship and live a double life in order to fulfill his emotional needs with the other woman, and if he decides that this is something he would want, he will then make it official.

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Married Aries Man In Love With Another Woman (3 Clearcut Ways To Tell)

When considering whether a married Aries man is in love with another woman, there may be certain signs to look for. Here are four potential indicators:

He Talks Down About Her

First off, Aries only have so much tolerance for hiding their emotions. They are a totally open book, and if they have something to say about someone, they’ll be saying it to their face (unless they’re keeping a life-changing secret lover).

His investment in his wife may give him pause since, on some level, he’d rather ‘win’ the marriage than admit defeat. Even if the Aries man has not voiced that he wants to leave her, you can tell if he is close to that by hearing how he talks about her.

If he can’t help but complain about her to you or say things like “I don’t know how much longer I can take this,” then it’s a sure sign that he’s inching closer to dumping her permanently. 

He’s Not Intimate With Her Anymore

Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of sex and desire. Sex is not just part of life to him; it is life! He’s the type who will look for it morning, noon, and night if it’s up to him. He won’t sacrifice sex for very long at all before he’s over the feeling of celibacy.

If he discloses to you that he and his wife have stopped doin’ the dirty, then you can believe that that isn’t a sustainable situation for him to be in. In fact, it is likely the reason that the two of you got together on some level.

Given how sexually ravenous the Aries can be, it’s really a matter of time until he just decides to end the charade in order to put himself in a position to get it more often from you.

It’s difficult to keep up his prolific appetite when he has to sneak around, so if I were you, I would take the dry spell between him and his wife as a sign that you’re looking like a better option every minute.

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He Tells You He’s Leaving Her

This is the biggest slam dunk of the list and the most positive indicator that an Aries man is going to leave his wife for you. Aries is way too honest to lie about his intentions. He will tell you exactly how he feels without holding back. 

An Aries man is great at being forthcoming about his feelings (although he can be a bit obtuse about feelings outside of excitement, elation, and anger). Since Mars rules desire, he will be able to let you in on his true desires at any time. Mars also rules confrontation; he will be honest about it because he doesn’t care if it makes you angry! 

If your Aries man is telling you that he will leave his wife, then it’s as good as done unless something radical happens to change it. He typically won’t hesitate for long once he knows what he wants. This is a sign that he will likely actually follow through on his promises that he will leave her.

Will An Aries Man Leave His Wife? (5 Hopeful Signs)

An Aries man may be steadfast and committed, but when he is really unhappy he will start to show signs of wanting to leave his girlfriend. Here are some hopeful signs that an Aries man might leave his wife:

1. He Spends Time With You

An Aries who is happy in all regards won’t be straying far from his loving lady. He might offer to share something of his with you, let you borrow something of his, or spend money on you rather than himself. This is a huge sign that he wants to be with you. 

It is only when he feels threatened for a prolonged period that they even consider moving from his current lifestyle. Anything that requires effort is something that comes naturally to an Aries man.

Considering that carrying on two whole relationships at the same time is not something an Aries man can do in the long run, it’s safe to say that being with you at all required him to make changes and put in work. If he was agreeable to that, then it’s a sure sign that it’s because there is something unbearable at home. 

So, as it turns out, you may have already won if you’re with the right Aries! Despite this, it’s important to remember that there is more effort that he’ll have to put in to fully detach himself, and it can be difficult to motivate an Aries to put in any extra effort if what he’s doing is already satisfying his needs.

2. He’s Antsy To Be With You

Aries men, being so good about communicating their desires, will let you know how excited he is to be with you. Yeah, they get a bad rep for being angry, but it’s often overlooked how sweet their blunt and blatant desire for others is. He won’t hide how much he wants you around, if that’s indeed what his desire is. 

If you get texts upon texts expounding on how great life will be when the two of you are together or how exciting it is that you two found each other, then it’s safe to say you’re becoming his main focus and desire. As we know, an Aries won’t ignore a yearning for you for long! 

Once an Aries man sees that his only option to get to his beloved is to leave his wife, he typically won’t hesitate for very long. Maybe he still loves his wife on some level, but being an Aries, he won’t spare anyone from the truth of how he feels! 

If you want an Aries man and he wants you too, then keep your head up and your faith high, because it’s definitely coming! He’ll be in your life as your dating beau in no time.

3. He’s Been Thinking About Leaving For A Long Time

It doesn’t take a long time for an Aries man to implement changes and move on. He is typically an open book, and as a result, he may be so bold as to just tell you straight up, “I will leave her!”

If he’s been on the fence for a long while and then you show up and act as that external force that can give him a shove in the right direction, then he might just surprise you by actually leaving his wife! 

You can help him process this decision faster by bringing up his reasons for being with you and why he got there in the first place. Sometimes externally processing with someone is going to be helpful to the Aries man since he isn’t a natural over-analyzer on his own.

4. He’s Feeling Criticized At Home

If you know anything about Astrology, you know that the Aries man is the type that has no interest in making long-term changes! This is one thing that can be both his greatest strength and his biggest weakness. 

When the Aries man’s girlfriend is constantly criticizing him and asking for changes, this feels like a lot of pressure for an Aries man. He isn’t going to appreciate feeling budged into doing things he doesn’t want to do. 

The Aries man takes everything personally and won’t stand criticism of any kind. However, he might think about moving away from the one commanding the attack on him! 

If his girlfriend is not understanding and is attempting to force changes, the Aries will try to deal with it for a long time. He has a lot of patience, and his will takes a lot of chipping away at to make a dent. Over time, he may just find that he’s had enough and make the big decision to leave her.

5. There Is Not Enough Physical Affection

Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of action, impulse and desire.  Mars appreciates the feel-good things in life that make him emotionally and sexually content. This means that Aries needs healthy doses of love and affection.

Aries deprived of physical affection will feel totally unappreciated and unloved. They have a highly physical love language, after all. They need tangible gifts and tenderness from their partner. In fact, a lack of affection is enough to trigger them to look elsewhere for it. 

Aries has true resilience, and so he can last a long time in any situation if he puts his mind to it. To you, this is wildly frustrating since it means he is often not in a rush to leave. Even if he has intentions of leaving his wife, it might just continually be stuck on the back burner. 

So even though Aries is languishing in a loveless relationship, he’s likely going to be cool with this for a while since it’s what he knows. He may still have some humming and hawing to do. 

Is Dating A Married Aries Man A Good Idea?

Dating an Aries man can be a tricky situation that may leave you feeling unhappy and unfulfilled. You will never have all of him because he will always be loyal to the woman he made a commitment to.

An Aries man unhappily married may give you some hope that the connection the two of you share will eventually lead to a romantic relationship. However, if you just understand his nature and how loyal he is to his commitments, it becomes clear that pursuing a relationship with a married Aries man is not a good idea.

Being involved with a married Aries man can bring about emotional turmoil and dissatisfaction. You will always feel like his second choice because he will never be able to give you all of him and prioritize your needs and desires.

The Aries man’s commitment to his marriage will always come first and you may end up feeling neglected and this could really affect your self-esteem and overall well-being.

It is important to prioritize your own happiness and consider ending the relationship if the Aries man is not fulfilling your emotional needs. You deserve to be with someone who can be fully there for you and prioritize your happiness.

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