What is an Aries Man Favorite Body Part on a Woman?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
What is the Aries Man's favorite body part on a woman? To find the answer to this question just keep reading, find out all the hot and sexy details here! 

If you’re really looking for a way to turn your Aries man on, I’ve got some sexy tips for you that you (and he) will never forget! Not only can I tell you where his sensual spots are, but also what is the Aries man favorite body part on a woman.

If you are wondering what body type does an Aries man like, look no further! I will share my insights on this topic so that you could be fully prepared to win him over completely!

Aries men are intense! These passionate gentlemen have a lot of energy coursing through their bodies. And when this side of them is channeled properly, then they can really satisfy their woman.

There is nothing like having deep passionate sex with the one you love. Do you know how to get him there? There is a difference between getting off and really letting loose in the bedroom.

Keep reading for more hot and sexy details!

What Body Type Does An Aries Man Like?

Have you ever thought about what an Aries man likes and dislikes in a woman? Let me tell you that an Aries man is attracted to a proactive  and free-spirited woman who is independent and passionate about her own interests. He is attracted to a woman who is physically fit, strong but feminine at the same time. She has curves that make him go to the Moon and back!

Impatience is also what attracts an Aries man. Living in the moment and having a hard time waiting for things to happen. A woman who possesses an inner passion and fire will always be in the focus of an Aries man. Someone who is not bored and wants to have excitement all the time. She needs to be active, fun and loving, but very open-minded and above all, confident.

He needs an energetic partner, someone who isn’t submissive and who can match his passion, someone who is bold and assertive. Aries man will not be interested in a woman who constantly complains or is tired to move away from the couch.  This is a huge turn off for an active Aries man. He wants a woman who will accompany him on all his adventures!

Aries Man Favorite Body Parts On A Woman


Many women enjoy being kissed or touched on their hips, but an Aries man can find that stimulation in this area, when he touches his woman, very often leads to sexual arousal. He likes to rub his palms against her hips; it practically drives him crazy in the bedroom.

Remember, your sexy body is something he wants and needs to see. Seeing your muscles and curves drives him wild!


It is the sensual area of the body full of nerve endings—an erogenous zone to many, but highly erogenous to an Aries man! Ladies, watch out! It’s a guarantee that if you give him attention on your special spot, he will stage dive into that bed with you if you’re naked. He really loves it.

Also nice is when you wear sexy underwear that accentuates your curves. You being naked is top-notch for him, but you wearing sexy clothing or nighties will really get those sparks flying.


I cannot find a single Aries man who isn’t a fan of kissing! All of them are. Connecting on a deep emotional level, you have to be aware that your lips play a huge part in getting him to commit to you. When an Aries man kisses you, that means he loves you. His kiss signifies commitment, loyalty, and love.


Stimulation of the neck through touching, light biting, or kissing is very pleasurable for an Aries man. It immediately turns him on.

Allow him to gently kiss you on your neck and the spot between your neck and shoulder. This is his way of telling you that he claims you, that you are his and no one else’s. Give in to that feeling, let him completely take the lead, and you will have a memorable time with your man in the bedroom.

Inner thighs

This is a highly pleasurable area for an Aries man. Keep this in mind. He is so transparent in his desires that you will instantly notice his work involving your thighs. You could give him a range of sensations.

Let him caress you, kiss you, and lick you on your inner thighs, especially if it will lead to oral sex. It is definitely worth giving this spot huge attention!

What Turns An Aries Man On?

The Aries man is actually pretty easy to please. He’s a classic man who loves to have his scalp massaged or scratched for several minutes. He loves it when you nibble his ears or lick them ever so slightly.

Kissing all over his face and nibbling on his neck really turns him on. These are his “sweet” sexy spots. I know that may sound surprising, because you’re not touching anything below the belt just yet…

Honestly, he gets very turned on with you breathing on him, licking him, and kissing him. It really turns him on more than you could ever imagine.

These are the areas that are very sensitive for him. If you’re looking for a hot night… take care of those areas for several minutes. Let him get all nice and worked up.

Aries man will want to ravage you. Give him a little tender loving care and he will rock your world. No kidding!

If you want more hot tips to drive him crazy in bed, make sure you get my 27 Dirty Phrases for Aries Man. You’ll thank me later. 😉

When An Aries Man Touches You On A Body Part — How To Decode His Intentions

Aries men would rather use touch to express their feelings than actual words. Here is how to decode his touch:

When he touches your hands and shoulders, it means he likes you and would be willing to explore his love language with you. You can try teasing him, and if he agrees, this is a definite sign that he likes you.

If he puts his arms around you, and if he does that in public, he is making sure everyone else is aware that you are with him. Use this to your advantage, ladies; knowing this fact is a good starting point for elevating things to the next level with your Aries man.

If he touches your butt and only focuses on this area, be certain that he wants to bed you. This is the primary instinct—to connect on a carnal level, consuming physical attraction in the first place. The problem is that your relationship could remain on a physical level because he will not be interested in getting to know you. He will not be able to understand you emotionally and mentally as much as he understands you physically.

On the other hand, if your Aries man constantly hugs you and kisses you on the lips, this is a strong indication that he wants more than sex, that he wants to get to know you and spend more time with you.

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