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The Aries Man’s Favorite Body Parts That Turn Him On

If you’re really looking for a way to turn your Aries man on, I’ve got some sexy tips for you that you (and he) will never forget! Not only can I tell you where his sensual spots are, but also the areas of your body that turns him on the most.

There is nothing like having deep passionate sex with the one you love. Do you know how to get him there? There is a difference between getting off and really letting loose in the bedroom. Keep reading for more hot and sexy details! 

What Really Turns An Aries Man On?

The Aries man is actually pretty easy to please. He’s a classic man who loves to have his scalp massaged or scratched for several minutes. He loves it when you nibble his ears or lick them ever so slightly.

Kissing all over his face and nibbling on his neck really turns him on. These are his “sweet” sexy spots. I know that may sound surprising, because you’re not touching anything below the belt just yet…

Honestly, he gets very turned on with you breathing on him, licking, and kissing. It really turns him on more than you could ever imagine. 

These are the areas that are super sensitive for him. If you’re looking for a hot night… take care of those areas for several minutes. Let him get all nice and worked up.

Aries man will want to ravage you. Give him a little tender loving care and he will rock your world. No kidding! 

What The Aries Man Loves About Your Body

What Aries Man Loves About Your Body

Now that you know what turns him on via his body with your fingers and lips, what is going on with your body that turns him on when he touches or kisses? 

As it turns out, Aries men aren’t particular about specific body parts. He is turned on by the whole of you. He loves women who are fit. Athletic bodies turn him on. 

Seeing your muscles and curves drives him wild. You naked and showing him your body makes him want to pounce you like a kitten. Can you picture that? What a sight! 

It’s a guarantee that if you give him attention on his erogenous spots, he will stage dive into that bed with you if you’re naked. He really loves it.

Also nice is when you wear sexy lingerie or underwear that accentuates your curves. You naked is top-notch for him, but you wearing sexy clothing or nighties will really get those sparks flying. 

He really is a simple man. He doesn’t need you to go all out. He will appreciate it, yes. However, you can just be naked walking around the house and he’ll spring into ac


Hot & Steamy Sex With An Aries Man

Since I already gave you the most important information, I want to dive into other things you might have not thought of or tried. 

Yes! There is MORE. 

Check this out…

Aries men are sensitive to certain smells. In his case, he tends to like spicy types of scents. He is into musk type perfumes. If that’s not your thing, there are alternatives. 

You can try cinnamon scents such as Cinnabar by Estee Lauder. Moschino Toy Boy has Italian bergamont, clove buds, and vetiver in it. You can’t go wrong there!

Still, if neither of those seem like your thing, try other scents that you like that he will love. You can even try essential oils. Bergamont is one of those as is clove, or even patchouli! 

You can also bathe with bath bombs that have essential oils in them. Try bathing with your Aries man. The infused scent bombs will definitely get him in the mood. 

Ginger and frankincense are two other essential oils that spice him up. The scent of juniper oil will make him want to have a sexy party in the bedroom. 

Honestly, even if you use soap that has any of the essential oils in it, he will go nuts. Musky soaps will do it as well. 

When you wear the oils, you want to put them in places that Aries will drop his pants for…

What I mean by this is put a drop or two behind your ears, your neck, under your chin, in between your breasts, and the insides of your upper thighs. 

Now that we have the scents laid out… what’s next? 

What’s next is cooking him a nice meal and when he comes in to eat, you only have an apron on. 

Aries are primitive in the way that visuals help get their motor going stronger than anything else I’ve mentioned.

Remember, your sexy body is something he wants and needs to see. Then when dinner is over (if he even makes it through dinner) he will get close and smell those scents on you…

Your Aries guy will want to eat you up like a tasty meal! This is why putting a sexy scent on your upper inner thigh will help facilitating attention there.

Favorite Positions With An Aries Man

Aries Man Favorite Body Part

Aries men like to be active and fit. Because of this, they appreciate a woman who can keep up with him. His libido is probably quite high. Sex is like food to him.

He has a healthy appetite for both food and sex. He is also like a kid in a candy store when he’s getting sexually active. You’re his candy! 

He likes to take a playful attitude. This also means he’s open to try new things that you would like to do. He’s also happy doing it old school style as well. 

The positions that make him hot and heavy are…

Doggy style, you on all fours letting him penetrate from the back. I’m not lying when I say they really love this one! He feels empowered and it turns him on like no other!

Try standing up against a wall or door. He also loves doing this in the shower. He will pick you up and you wrap your legs around him. If you really want to knock him off his feet (not literally though…).

Grab him by the shirt and pull him to you to passionately kiss him, kiss his neck and ears until he’s spinning out of control, pull yourself and him up against the wall (shower, door, etc). 

Another good position to do is reverse cowgirl. That’s where you are on top sitting up and he’s flat on his back. Turn around so that he can see your goods. Your rear end visible to him is a super turn-on for Aries. 

If he has the ability to be a bit more athletic about it, you can sit on him and he can try to put his hands and feet under him and shift up so you’re riding him like a bucking bronco.

Final Dreamy Thoughts

You can turn Aries man with several different ways. I hope I have opened up your mind and gave you some ideas that will stay with you. 

Aries man will appreciate the effort you put in to send him into ecstasy. He will reciprocate and make your knees quiver. 

Trust me when I tell you that Aries man is one of the most passionate and fun sexual experience. If done right, you both will have powerful orgasms. Of course, falling in love makes it more intense as well.

Just remember to keep excitement in the bedroom. If he gets bored, he may start pulling away. Don’t let that happen to you. 

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What You Can Say To An Aries Man To Turn Him On?

What if I told you that some special words will send chills over your Aries man’s body? 

Yep, it’s totally true!

Everyone has the ability to be turned on like a flick of a switch.

Aries is no different. 

So, what is it that makes him get hard lightening fast?

What can you possibly utter in his ear that will make him take you right then and there?

Are there more secrets about Aries man that you should know?

Of course, there is!

There is always MORE you can do or say to your Aries man that will make him not only be turned on but will make him commit.

He may even want to marry you when he hears certain things. 

What in the world could you possibly say that will make Aries man pull closer to you?

I have some really important thoughts and tips to share with you. 

You really want to pay attention here so you don’t miss out! 

Win your Aries man in and out of bed by using the right phrases or words.

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Don’t forget, you can get him to do just about anything if you know what to do. Do not let your Aries man get away, get my guide! 

I wish you all the very best!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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