Aries Man Horoscope For January 2024

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
January 2024 horoscope for your Aries man. Check out the monthly predictions for 2024! How is January going to treat your Aries man?

Hello Sweethearts, Happy New Year, and a warm welcome to the January horoscope for an Aries man.

2024 is set to be a really exciting year for all star signs, full of potential, opportunity, new ventures, and sudden events that’ll take life in a different direction.

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But without further ado, let’s have a look at January, which is an action-packed month with all the planets changing signs, including Pluto.

The New Moon is on the 11th, and Mercury is going direct in Sagittarius, while Jupiter is also direct in Taurus, which means it’s all systems go for an uplifting and idea-rich start to the New Year.

Keep reading for an Aries man January horoscope:

Here’s what the stars have in store for an Aries Man this January…

Mercury Goes Direct in Sagittarius on January 2nd, 2024

Now this is a really good time for you and your Aries to talk about planning, so it’s a fabulous opportunity for brainstorming, eyeing up new opportunities, and having really robust brainstorming sessions.

This is certainly a time for being straightforward, honest, and putting it all on the line. Make your intention clear, as this is an awesome time for both of you to start as you mean to go on.

What a fabulous opportunity for you and your Aries man to get into a positive mindset and develop a framework for success and prosperity.

New Moon in Capricorn on January 11th, 2024

The New Moon in Capricorn represents a really good time for your Aries mate to be outgoing, to take leadership roles, and to exert more control over his life and destiny.

Now he can be inclined to be slightly more bossy, as this New Moon does bring out the side of him that likes to wear the pants in the house and be quite alpha, so this is a good time for you to play a supportive role.

Sometimes you may feel that you are playing second fiddle to him, but it’s good to encourage him to take center stage and also to assume his role as patriarch of the family, so do encourage him to be decisive and work with him rather than against him.

On January 15th, Mercury enters Capricorn

With Mercury entering Capricorn, he’s more vocal and communicative. It’s likely that in his career he’s going to have to play a more public role; public speaking comes into play, and it’s important for him to be organized and on message.

So if there’s any planning that you can help him do or if you can give him good feedback on his presentation style, that would really help.

Once again, this is a marvelous time to encourage him to attend job interviews or to improve his social media profiles because it’s likely that he could be headhunted, and he really wants to be visible.

This may also be a good time for you to support him by going with him to work events. It’s likely he may travel in connection with his job, but it’s usually quite productive.

Pluto enters Aquarius on January 22nd, 2024

This represents a really positive time for those of you who are in platonic relationships with Aries Man, because there’s an opportunity to take these to a much deeper level.

Friendships are extremely significant for an Aries man right now, and therefore, if you are a friend of his, you may possibly be in the territory of someone who’s about to become his soulmate.

Venus enters Capricorn on January 25th, 2024

Venus entering Capricorn represents a more serious phase for an Aries man. For those of you who are dating an Aries man, he’s more likely to speak about commitment, and he will want to know where the relationship is going.

He wants to invest in love right now; he’s not in the mood for anything frivolous, so for those of you who want a more directed approach to relationships, this is an excellent time.

If you are enjoying a more laid-back, open-ended relationship, you may find he’s quite forceful about getting what he wants right now, and he may push you on certain issues.

There’s no time like the president, but sometimes it can feel like he’s piling on the pressure. But he means well, and it may be that he’s testing you and looking for answers about what you want romantically.

Themes for an Aries Man this January

This month, there are strong themes of future orientation, goal-setting, and ambition. It’s vital to start the year by setting positive intentions and being proactive. The sky is the limit!

It is important to aim high and think big. He needs your encouragement, input, and support when it comes to the future. He also likes to play a traditionally masculine role in terms of taking leadership on family matters, so it’s important to defer to him when it comes to matters in which he would traditionally have the most expertise or knowledge.

It’s really important to show him right now that you respect him and his opinion because he wants to feel important and valued.

Magic Motto: “We both want what’s best for us and our loved ones, and respect is about learning to appreciate our individual strengths and playing to them. I respect your ideas and motivations.”

Magic Text: “You are so sexy when you take control!” 


The new moon is on the 11th of January, and the new moon phase runs until the 21st, when it’s the full moon. This is the best time for new activities and initiatives. It’s a wonderful time for being proactive, positive, and getting the ball rolling.

The period after the 21st is better for consolidation, reflection, and finalizing things. The time for new action is between the 11th and the 21st.

This is very successful for sporting activities and improving health; it’s an excellent time for stamina training and new diets. It’s also a good time for entirely new activities that he hasn’t tried before.


Despite Mercury being direct, some caution is needed in terms of signing contracts and short-distance travel. This is also not an ideal time to recruit staff or delegate…

It’s time to be methodical and keep your financial and work affairs as simple as possible; more complexity leads to problems.

New love affairs initiated during this phase can be particularly intense, and it’s more likely that issues around jealousy and possessiveness will occur.

January 2024 Horoscope for an Aries Man

Week 1: Setting Relationships in Stone

Now this is a great week for working on your relationship, and you can do that in three different ways: through honest communication, positive body language, and affectionate reinforcement. It is vital to show him strength, so be someone he can rely on. Reinforce trust in the relationship by being sincere and straightforward.

This is also a good time for commitment, so what a wonderful way to start the new year by possibly becoming engaged or setting a date for your wedding! One of the key things that can happen for those of you who are already married is talking about money and ideas about creating more stability for the family.

Week 2: Play hard, work hard, and milk the planetary energy

Week two of January is a really busy week with an array of planetary aspects happening. The planets Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars are all stimulated, meaning that there’s a lot of energy, but how do you use that energy?

This week, be creative as a couple, so this is a wonderful time for problem-solving and also for tapping into his Aries intuition and finding solutions.

It’s also a good time to be active as a couple, to be getting outdoors and possibly working off some of the excess Christmas weight with some fresh air and exercise. Spontaneity is absolutely essential in all relationships, so try not to do anything too formal or too restraining. It’s important to have a sense of escapism and fun in relationships.

This is a time when you can both achieve a lot, so play hard, work hard, and make sure there’s time for fun as well.

Remember to be a little bit sensitive to his needs, because sometimes he is covering up some insecurity through bravado, so no harsh criticism and lots of encouragement.

Week 3: Take it easy, don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy

Now this is definitely a week for more romance. It’s a good time to perhaps have a date night, maybe take your foot off the gas, and try and enjoy yourselves. That means having a few evenings this week where you take it easy, you have a bottle of wine, and you have some good conversation.

This is a great time to just feel really chilled in each other’s company. Whether you are married or dating, remember to use this week to cultivate an ambiance of comfort, familiarity, and relaxation in your union.

Take the pressure off, avoid subjects that are triggering, and make sure that your relationship is an oasis of calm, somewhere you can both go to recharge your batteries, relax, and reward yourselves.

Week 4: Open your heart, but keep your boundaries

This week, with the Sun conjunct Pluto, the energies are very intense. You have to watch out for the passions erupting, as there can be some jealousy and some possessiveness.

It’s likely that he will want the relationship to feel a lot closer; he wants to gauge your reactions and understand that you are really dedicated and devoted to him, and that could make him quite demanding.

So it can be difficult to have enough space, and you may feel a little bit like you can’t breathe in the relationship this week, but it’s very important to just stick with it and hang in there. This is not a good time to start talking about space or giving him any reason to doubt your feelings, as his insecurities are heightened.

With Sun square Jupiter, everything is magnified and heightened this week, so any problems can feel worse, but on the other hand, the things you enjoy can seem even more exciting, so it’s very important not to get carried away. Remember whatever you’re feeling, dial it back a little bit, and seek some moderation. Be careful with your finances.

This is a wonderful time to get a relationship right off the starting blocks because this is a hot time for romance and cupid being active.


In the main, it’s an action-packed month, and at the end of it, you should both feel like you made a lot of progress and your relationship is more solid.

Remember to be cognizant of his work aims and to give him a lot of encouragement in that vein, but there should also be plenty of time for romance and date nights.

His imagination is certainly stimulated, so it’s not going to be a boring month at all, and you should feel quite satisfied at the end of it, although perhaps a little bit spun around because it’s a busy one.

Look out for his alpha tendencies rearing their heads.

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