Aries Man Horoscope For March 2024

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
March 2024 horoscope for your Aries man. Check out the monthly predictions for 2024! How is March going to treat your Aries man?

Hello sweethearts, and welcome to the revealing and intriguing March horoscope for an Aries man. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, spring is in the air, suddenly the new shoots are coming through, the weather’s beginning to improve, and the days begin to get lighter.

Additionally, March is a very important month because, whether you are in the Southern Hemisphere heading into the cooler months, which can be a kind of relief, or in the Northern Hemisphere heading for warmth, it’s still the equinox, which is a seminal moment in the year when a New Year is born.

So while technically January is the beginning of our calendar year, astrologically, March, as the sun goes across the Aries point, is the beginning of a New Year. So it’s a fantastic time, whether you are going into spring or autumn, to set brand new intentions and new relationship resolutions.

This is an ideal time for a fresh approach to your relationship with an Aries man and for seeing the world in a slightly novel way. The energies of March are very different from those of February, because while in February Pluto was triggered a number of times, bringing a great deal of passion, intensity, some conflict, and some opportunities for shedding and rebirth, this month it’s Neptune that steps into the limelight.

The energies of Neptune can also be very transformative, but they are a lot more subtle and romantic, so there is plenty of opportunity this month for date nights, hanging out, improving understanding, and creatively improving your sex life by indulging your imaginations and fantasies.

Keep reading for an Aries man March horoscope:

Here’s what the stars have in store for an Aries Man this March…

New Moon in Capricorn on March 10th, 2024

The New Moon in Pisces represents a burst of inspiration for an Aries man. It’s a very good time for you to discuss conceptual things with him, so if you want to talk about or share your fantasies, or try to get him to understand what your needs are romantically, it’s a good time to do it.

So basically, my sweethearts, work on your love language during the New Moon period and make sure that you are giving him what he really wants. Too often in relationships, we give what we ‘think’ our man wants or what we would want if we were in his shoes, but we fail to listen to what he really wants.

Make sure you’re giving him what he truly will appreciate and make sure he knows what you want. Don’t be shy or modest, let him know exactly how you want it, when you want it, and what turns you on romantically.

Mercury enters Aries on March 11th, 2024

This is a particular energetic placement for Mercury and encourages not only communication but also self-expression. Use this time to gain a better understanding of your Aries man, what he wants, where he’s at, and how he’s feeling. He just can’t hold anything in; he’s far more careful to speak out of the cuff and to speak his mind.

As you know, Aries men are usually quite straight-forward in the way they speak, but they are not necessarily verbose, so they can still be a little bit mysterious. However, Mercury entering Aries is certainly providing him with an impetus to have more conversations and listen to new ideas, and he will be more likely to embrace a slightly more versatile and thoughtful approach to life.

So this is a good time to have discussions, to make plans, to get organized, and also to go on fact-finding missions, so that can make it a good time for you guys to solve problems, particularly if you are in a permanent relationship and have any business or financial dealings to conduct.

On March 12th, Venus enters Pisces

Now, hot on the heels of Mercury entering Aries, Venus enters Pisces, which represents an ideal time to be organizing some date nights and getting your social life moving. However, it’s important to embrace activities that are relaxing and conducive to romance.

It’s definitely a time for arranging some trips to the cinema or things like taking a long ride to one of your favorite places and hanging out together, enjoying each other’s company, but not necessarily having to be all wired for excitement.

The joys in life when Venus is in Pisces (for Aries men especially) are quite subtle, so showing him compassion, being a good listener, and understanding his fears and anxieties is a quality way to really show him that your love means something.

On March 21st, Sun enters Aries

Now this is a pivotal moment for all star signs, so it’ll also be impactful in terms of your life, but for an Aries man, this is a fabulous time to step into a new gear, and it’s very important for him to think holistically about health and wellness.

Right now, it’s about getting things in his life on track, and that includes a good work-life balance, lots of sunshine and fresh air, and taking your relationship in a positive direction.

Focus on positive thinking, and pay attention to using mantras and affirmations that really bolster his self-confidence and help you to both reinvigorate your faith in the relationship, as this is vital.

Mars enters Pisces on March 23rd, 2024

Now this represents a more laid-back transit; Mars is the ruler of Aries, and in Pisces it can be more passive, and there’s an emphasis on intuition, so this is definitely a time when he shouldn’t ignore his gut feelings. He needs to embrace a combination of logic and reason while at the same time acknowledging what his instincts are telling him.

His dreams could be more vivid; he can have sudden flashes of insight, and so it’s vital not to poo-poo any of his perceptions or concerns. This is also a time to avoid conflict; he’s more likely to need space, so boundaries are very important, so don’t crowd him. Sometimes it’s good for him to just go off, do his own thing, and blow off some steam because he needs thinking time.

Themes for an Aries Man this March 2024

For the month of March, the themes are very much to do with understanding, renewing your appreciation of each other, getting to know each other’s love languages if you haven’t been in a relationship that long, and paying attention to both of your underlying needs in all relationships.

It’s vital to show compassion and understanding, and this is an ideal time to meditate on the year ahead and then to rewire your lives for success and hopefulness. So this month is all about being spiritually at peace and then creating a positive direction for your lives together.

Magic Motto: “We are the light, our love is the beacon, and our passion is all the luck we need.”

Magic Text: “Tell me your secrets; I’m ready for all of you.”


The waxing phase this month is between the 10th and the 25th of March. This is the best phase for action plans, new activities, being daring, taking a few risks, and initiating. The phase after the 25th is a better time for tidying things up, doing an analysis, understanding where you are at, and taking a step back before your next surge forward.

With Mercury on the Aries Point during this waxing period, it is excellent for information gathering, giving speeches and presentations, or communicating. This is an ideal time to use his vocal skills and to present ideas to people. Traveling in order to go to trade fairs or sell products is also favored. This is a good time for both selling ideas and products and selling himself, so it’s a great two weeks for him to get noticed, especially if communication is a vital part of his business.

It is also an excellent time for market research, understanding people better, and reaching more understanding. In relationships, it can be a good time for you guys to have a talk about money, sex, and other contentious issues because you’re both more impartial right now.


This is not a good time for new business ventures with friends, and it also may not be a good time to go to protests, be amongst big crowds, or attend events that are particularly hectic or unpredictable. This may not be good for new ventures of a political nature or involving something like crowdfunding.

March 2024 Horoscope for an Aries Man

Week 1: Stimulation and Ideas

As for week one, it is particularly busy… There’s an emphasis on communication and learning; your Aries man may be more busy grappling with some new tasks or projects at work, and this can take quite a bit of his time.

His curiosity is piqued, so this is definitely a time where you want to be spontaneous and chat about novel things together. New relationships where you both have a similar work interest or hobby are particularly favored simply because his mind is alert and he likes to seek stimulation, which means he’s looking for interesting conversations.

In terms of marriage, it’s vital that you have contact with lots of friends and make new friends as a couple. It’s important to expand your social life and jump out of social habits that entrap you. Seek new ideas and fresh information that can help your approach to life be more dynamic and resilient.

Week 2: “Take it easy; don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy.

The second week of March is all about getting more relaxed and comfortable together, and this is a week where you really have to work on both logical and intuitive understanding of each other.

It’s a good time to have conversations, but these shouldn’t always be about mundane issues; they should also be about your feelings, the emotions you’re both experiencing, and whether these chime or whether they need more understanding and explanation.

It’s a time when you need to walk in each other’s shoes and take time out to understand those things that are often swept under the rug because life gets so busy.

Now this can be another week where events are quite unpredictable and often things happen at a moment’s notice, so it is vital for you both to have a safe space where you can totally chill and get away from it all, and therefore know when you both need to switch off. Sometimes a tempest can flare if you don’t have enough down time.

Week 3: GIGO

This is a wonderful week for relationships to become more solid and satisfying. However, what you put in, you get out, so the success of your relationship, whether you are dating or in a committed relationship, is all about the amount of time and effort you are willing to put into the relationship.

This can be a time when he feels a little bit insecure and needs more reassurance. This is definitely a period where you want to be as diplomatic as possible with each other and avoid confrontation.

It’s all about having each other’s backs and being team players, and that sometimes means taking one for the team and being unselfish. To the degree that you are both willing to pull your weight, the relationship can feel more uplifting and happy, and progress is being made.

Week 4: Lazy Hazy

After quite a busy two weeks, this is a week when the dividends tend to come in. It’s a week where you should both kick back, relax, and find time to enjoy life. This may be a good time for those of you who are traveling, and regardless, there’s that feeling of being in holiday mode.

This is a particularly good week for new relationships. However, it’s not about commitment; it’s about exploring and expanding together, doing new things, and using humor in the relationship to promote communication.

What you want to totally avoid this week is anything that’s very heavy, draining, or overly emotional. Keep it lighthearted, keep it peppy, and motivate each other to do sporting or outdoor activities.


March should be a productive one for your relationship; there’s an opportunity for better understanding and for stimulating your intimate life through the sharing of fantasies.

For those couples who are very spiritual, it’s a time where you can increase the psychic awareness you share with each other, improve your bond, and really feel that soulmate connection.

There’s also an opportunity for brand new relationships to develop very meaningfully, and it’ll be a productive month for him in the work sphere as well as a positive one for those of you who work together because there’s lots to talk about.

It’s a month filled with variety, and the end of the month will be an extremely rewarding time to kick back, relax, and enjoy yourselves. This can be a great time for relationships to move forward and for brand new relationships to get well and truly off the starting blocks and to first base.

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