Aries Man Horoscope For November 2023

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly November horoscope for your Aries man. Check out the monthly predictions of 2023! How is November going to treat him?

Hello Sweethearts, it’s once again time for our update on Aries Man and we will be looking forward to a passionate and super-charged month of November.

I do hope that you have been enjoying these guides and that they have been useful in navigating you through the year, we’re almost at the end of 2023 but when it comes to relationships, there is still plenty to play for, there’s no time better or for love and romance.

Cupid never takes a day off, so there’s no time for slacking when it comes to love, there’s always an opportunity to improve our relationships, understand more about the emotional journey we are on and how our relationship with Aries Man is evolving.

I aim to give you an insight every month into the mind-set and the moods of Aries Man so that you can feel empowered and be proactive about improving the relationship. Now this is quite an interesting month because we have Sun conjunct his ruler Mars in Scorpio, which is bringing a lot of desire and powerful feelings to the surface.

We also have Mercury entering Sagittarius, Venus entering Libra and so that the whole relationship, intimacy and understanding aspects of his chart or highlighted but his stubborn nature is also coming to the fore so one has to proceed carefully.

I should say that it won’t be long at all until we release the really detailed and fascinating yearly guides for each man, these are totally different to what we chat about on a monthly basis because there’s a yearly overview and some slightly different topics so do keep an eye out for that one.

Mercury enters Sagittarius – 11th November

Now this is a positive transit that represents a really excitable restless period for Aries Man, the more fiery aspects of his nature are activated and he’s eager to be busy, to get out and experience new things. So this is definitely not a time where you want to be making too many arrangements or commitments that he feels box him in.

Alternatively, this is a great time for you as a couple to surprise yourself and surprise each other, it’s never too late to kinda sow a few wild oats and this is an excellent time of year to do things a little bit differently and to shake up your mind-sets about what is and isn’t possible, and that can provide a little bit of the break you need to get an epiphany on new problems.

It’s important to widen your thinking and embrace the fanciful side of your relationship, using your imagination to inspire him and excite him.

New Moon in Scorpio – 13th November

The New Moon in Scorpio has a number of implications for yourself and Aries Man, it’s a great time for a reset in terms of your finances, or anything that’s really troubling you or getting you down. This is time to get some good advice, get into gear and try and move on from any worries, however, it’s also important to be quite determined and to agree in which parts of your life you need to cut back.

Prioritizing is really vital now and it’s important for you and Aries Man to identify key priorities on which you have a strong agreement and then to work hard at those because this is key to restoring harmony.

What’s also a very exciting about the New Moon in Scorpio is even if there have been some really tricky emotional matters that have weighed heavy, caused anxiety or put a dark cloud over the relationship, now it’s time to work through those and try to put them behind you. So this is also quite a good time for those difficult and really tender conversations.

It’s vital that you both support each other are loyal and have each other’s back, because this is at the heart of a strong relationship, so this is definitely not a time to give him any reason to doubt you or to question your commitment to him.

Sun Conjunct Mars in Scorpio – 18th November

This is a very feisty placement, not only is Mars his ruling planet but when conjunct Sun in Scorpio this can make him a little bit arrogant and domineering. We know that the sign of Scorpio is intense and passionate, so this is a time when things matter enormously to him, he can be quite single-minded, a little bit difficult and even a little bit controlling.

Remember those jealous energies are aroused, so if he’s going to get angry, this is a time when he can get very angry about small things. It’s important to tread carefully, don’t push his buttons, show him a lot of respect even in the moments when he’s getting a little bit extreme.

He’s seeing things in black and white, so try and be patient with him. This is definitely a time when patience wins the day and it’s vital to use your knowledge of him gained over the years to judge situations during this period.

Some deep-seated psychological issues come to the fore and if you haven’t known him that well, this is a time when you’re going to be finding out about any previous scars from relationships, shadows or hang ups he has, particularly sexually. So do be alert to the fact that this is a big learning phase, if you know him well, don’t rub salt in the wound, he doesn’t need it, support him!

Mars enters Sagittarius – 25th November

Mars enters Sagittarius and at the same time it will be squaring Saturn in Pisces, and so this is a time for some seriousness. It’s important for a reality check, anything that you guys have been far too idealistic or lackadaisical about can now come back to haunt you. So this is a time to correct your mistakes, to backtrack and just make sure that your thinking on any important matters it’s absolutely sound.

This also represents an important time for spiritual matters in your relationship, it’s vital to understand the bigger picture and just be aware of the domino effect and the karmic influence of things you’ve done. This is definitely not a time to push your luck, to think too big and while it’s important to be ambitious, it’s vital to be patient.

Theme of the month

Start seizing the moment, restoring and working hard to resolve previous problems. Clear the deck of any emotional issues by understanding the psychology of situations and not being held back by the past.

Magic Phrases – “Relationships are meant to challenge us to change to our best selves.”

Magic Text – “The most beautiful love stories are written by the ink of change and the pages of growth.”

Do: The new moon phase extends from the 13th of November to the 27th, this waxing phase is the perfect fortnight for new initiatives, setting plans, establishing goals, starting anything prospective and being proactive.

Communication, IT and PR projects are successful. A good time for educational and training or exams. Business trips with colleagues are favored. Internet based and long distance love are successful.

Avoid: Property deals and home improvements are not favored. Not a great period to start working from home. Not favorable for family events and hosting.

Extreme exercise and physical risk is not favoured, nor is work involving fire or machinery.

New leadership roles or sports competition are less successful.

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Week 1 – Using your soft power

During this week, the Sun which is in Scorpio, is opposite Jupiter which is in Taurus. Sexually, he’s supercharged, he needs satisfaction on a physical level and he can be quite possessive and materialistic.

This arouses his ambitious side and also his territorial side, so you may find that arguments break out over money, but usually there’s a deeper issue involving respective values and priorities. This is a time when he definitely needs to understand how much you truly value him and care for him, it’s vital to give him encouragement and compliments, but don’t try and question or interrogate him he’s quite obstinate.

Mercury is opposite Uranus, so even though he can be a little bit insecure and sometimes touchy, the romantic idealist inside is aroused and there’s no reason there can’t be some quite tender moments. Use your creativity and imagination to stimulate some romance and exciting, yet sincere moments of intimacy.

Week 2 – He wants it all and he wants it now

During this week, Mars in Scorpio is opposite Uranus in Taurus and you have to be careful as he’s a little bit like a firecracker that can go off at any moment. This is certainly one of those weeks where you have to be careful not to arouse the tiger within, give him some space, encourage him to release anger in positive ways and try to sort out any thorny money issues, because there could be flash points over spending.

He’s very impulsive and quite impatient right now, he’s also wants what he wants when he wants it, so he’s very tricky to say NO to. He’s very persuasive right now, so just bide your time, his back is up, but it’ll all become more chilled as the month goes on.

This is a great time for positive action in his career, but encourage him to be careful in sports and using machinery.

Week 3 – Don’t Bank On Certainties

This week he is highly enigmatic, it’s very hard to read his mood, he’s changeable and sometimes he surprises you. He can be quite a thrilling partner to be with if you’re a recently dating, but at the same time he is not eager to commit to anything, so dates can be quite open-ended and you may feel that you’re not quite sure how he feels. He’s not really telling you anything substantial and he may be less available, so it’s very important right now not to put any pressure on him, allow the relationship to develop organically.

Work on communication, friendship and be up for a spontaneous meet up.

This is definitely not the time to try to develop a relationship ritual or to attempt to introduce structure into a relationship, he can be emotionally rather ambivalent, he’s very undecided on a number of issues, so the best thing right now is to keep your options open as a couple and don’t bank anything on anything right now.

Week 4 – Slowing down and Taking Stock

With Sun entering Sagittarius square Saturn in Pisces and Mercury square Neptune, this is a much calmer more chilled pragmatic week, all the heightened energy, the vibrant nature of his character and his assertiveness are beginning to come down a few notches and he could even feel a little bit deflated.

This is certainly a time when he tends to see the glass as half-ful, so don’t be surprised if after all the flair, he is suddenly in a more reticent mood. This is definitely a week where he’ll want to step away from some of the ideas he’s being pursuing so far and thus he’s easier to talk to.

He’s more willing to accept advice and sometimes it’s a good idea for you to take this opportunity to talk to him about matters in which it was hard to reach him during the previous weeks.

He can be romantic right now, especially if it’s in a very relaxed calm setting. He’s more likely to want to chill out and recharge his batteries. Encourage him to do it a little bit of a detox, to eat better, to get more sleep because he’s left it all on the field and he’s just a little bit vulnerable this week.

This is a good time for thinking about what’s gone on during the month and understanding the true nature, the emotional drivers and maybe coming to some conclusions that can help you get perspective on where your relationship is at, because a lot of revealing things happened in November and you guys have learned a lot about how you each respond in these heightened periods of emotional intensity.

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All in all, this could be quite an exhausting month and Aries Man might be quite high-maintenance, but you could learn an awful lot if you’re observant. It’s often down to you to stay calm, self-controlled and not get involved in his drama.

It’s also important to let him make his own mistakes, this is certainly a good time to show that you can be supportive and you can also be sceptical of some of the things he says and does without being controlling, and this is why he’ll respect you.

When you respect his choices, he loves you, so this is a great time to show the amount of loyalty and commitment you have to the relationship, even when it’s a little bit up and down.

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