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Aries Man Horoscope For October 2021

Spooktober is here and autumn hues are in full force. It’s a perfect time for spicy romance and charges passions to come out to the surface! For most of October, the Aries man’s seventh house is lit up like a beacon with all the movement in it. 

So, the overall theme for October for the Aries man is relationships, dealing with his own emotions, and coming to understand his own stance versus his partner’s. This month is going to be filled with a lot of emotional karma and resolution through non-verbal communication. 

October will bring him a well-deserved rom-com action that he has been craving all year, but it’s not all going to be as he’s used to seeing on TV. Some romantic contacts are going to be rough, and others will be very passionate. Either way, he’s in for a bumpy ride indeed!

The New Moon won’t be so good nor prosperous for the Aries man this October, but the Full Moon could turn out to be a very different (and positive) story. We’ll see… It all depends on how much karma he’ll resolve during the upcoming New Moon. 

In order to get deeper and see an in-depth prediction of what’s coming to the Aries man in October, you’ve got to keep reading!

Facing His Own Fears 

The beginning of the month activates hidden fears and repressed questions and emotions about his career. But the aspects are activating his twelfth field very strongly right now, so it’s the perfect moment for him to face whatever is gnawing at him, and to resolve it for the better. 

In his waking life, there’s a big focus on relationships and his emotional status right now. As romantics would say, “love is in the air” for the Aries man, but not all love is of fairytale origin. Some love is raw, crude, and hurtful… 

He is forced to deal with his own self-image and personal trauma that is being triggered at this moment in time by his love interest or partner. He’ll feel invited to talk about his emotional struggles with his friends. 

It’s likely that he will confide in one of his friends about his love struggles, so you might end up finding out more about what he thinks of you through one of your mutual friends. 

The Aries man will experience a lot of high-running emotions during this time, and he will be feeling extra horny. He’ll be fired up for seeing his love interest, so it is truly a good time to go out on dates that can easily turn into something more intimate and personal! If that’s something you’re after, ladies.

But, do keep in mind, that aspects are quite challenging during this time, so any date can possibly lead to an argument or a heavy change in opinions. Compromise is not on the table right now, so be careful if you have disagreements. 

He will have some unpleasant happenings at home or with his family, and he will feel the need to fill that emotional hole with love and passion. So, it really is a very “profitable” moment to call him out on dates and to plan some fun times that can end between the sheets. Just take care of how you manage sensitive topics right now.

A Challenging New Moon 

During this New Moon, the Aries man’s ruler, Mars, is still in its detriment in Libra. So, he won’t feel as satisfied and fulfilled as he’d like, but this New Moon is laminating his seventh house of love, partnerships, and long-lasting relations. This is why it is a perfect opportunity for a date. 

His ego and the will to dominate will be amplified by this laminating stellium in his seventh house, so it will be wise for you to keep your tone and words on a straightforward and simple level, so that possible miscommunication and misunderstandings are avoided. 

This is a precaution because Mercury is still retrograde and transiting Libra, and on an especially malicious degree during this New Moon, so it can cause more harm than it can do good. 

Venus is on the last, also very maleficent, degree of Scorpio, so it really isn’t a good moment to start new things (especially relationships), which is why I advise postponing any crucial and big romantic decision until after the New Moon has passed. 

This is also supported by the trine between Mars in detriment and Saturn Retrograde – now is the time to put the ghosts from the past to rest, to revisit and rewrite failed lessons that haunt him still from the past. It’s not the time to delve into new relationships and things without laying to rest previous ones. 

If you are dead-set on starting something with an Aries man during this New Moon, then make your peace with the fact that it will be short-lived, albeit very passionate and raw, but not something with a future prospect. 

Full Moon Resolution 

The relationship and long-term partnership topics are still a deep focus for the Aries man. This Full Moon is forcing him to face himself versus the person opposite him – his love interest or partner. 

So, all of the things that were challenging in your previous contact are now being hashed out to be resolved as Venus changes signs, and is now rejuvenating in positive and easy-going Sagittarius. 

Sagittarius Venus is much kinder, positive, and more open to problem-solving than the Scorpio Venus. And now that the atmosphere has shifted, the Aries man will feel this especially as this fiery Venus agrees with his own nature very much. Not to mention that Mars (his ruler) feels much more complacent with this Venus.

Although some work-related things might cause him trouble, things are looking up at that area too, as Pluto has turned direct and is now helping things move forwards, rather than backwards. 

But, he still has some unresolved fears and inner battles to settle and hash out, for his own good. If you notice his mood swings, bags under his eyes, and irritability even during the small talk, you’ll know what’s up. It’s really not you, it’s him, battling inner demons and trying to prevail.

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The Final Countdown 

On Halloween, the “big finale” of the Spooktober, the Aries man’s ruler, Mars, has moved to the final degree of Scorpio where he feels empowered, strong, and great overall. This can very well signify his mood change for the better. He’ll definitely feel more stable and potent now that his ruler has moved into Scorpio.

We have more stellar news: Mercury has finally left its shadow behind, and is still lingering in the Aries man’s seventh house. Meaning that your communication now has the zest to be flirty, pleasant, and very compromise-oriented. 

He is still facing struggles at work, and he might experience some communication or attitude problems with one of his coworkers or someone on his team. But that too will start looking up in November, and all those petty squabbles will clear up. 

What’s more, since Mars and Venus have a very harmonic aspect right now, it would be a great time to go on a retreat or a series of adrenaline-inducing dates. A horror flick marathon with some hot and spicy beverages is absolutely a great idea at this moment in time.

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Wishing you all the love and happiness in the world.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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