Aries Man Predictions For August 2023

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
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Hello Sweethearts and welcome to the reading for Aries man in August 2023.

I hope you are enjoying the summer months which most of you who are in the Northern Hemisphere will be experiencing and that you are ready for August, which is a rather interesting month astrologically as we have a Venus retrograde for the entire month and Mercury going retrograde at the end of the month.

So Mercury is slowing down as it goes into a station in Virgo, we have the Sun and Venus triggering planets in Taurus and a New Moon in Leo, So this is quite an interesting month and a lot of the energies call for a slightly more thoughtful approach. It’s also a time, however, when matters of the heart reach a crescendo a crossroads, or a crisis point.

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Venus Retrograde in Leo – for the entire month

This is a particularly significant transit for Aries as Leo represents his house of romance, affection, date nights, and fun and with Venus going retrograde he is likely to want to deepen relationships. He’s a little bit more serious and he’s put off by anything that is insincere. When it comes to your interactions with him, he will be likely to want to have intimate conversations, quiet times with you and also to take a more thoughtful approach.

He is not in his normal gung-ho mood in terms of romance and he does need a little bit of reassurance. August is a time for you to stabilize and solidify your romance with Leo guy, it’s important to boost his ego, to give him compliments and to enjoy each other’s company, but not with a lot of pressure. It’s more important to share heartfelt emotions than to resort to any gimmicks or hang out with friends who just want to fool around. It’s a good time to have time alone with him, so even if you guys are married, it’s a good time for a date night but the date night should be a rather cozy intimate affair rather than hectic double date or something of that nature.

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New Moon in Leo on the 16th

The New Moon in Leo, as well as well Venus retrograde, is key to love as things in relationships need a reboot in terms of romance, this is no longer the time to just plug on doing the same old thing, it’s a time to say ‘stop’ what are we thinking, what are we doing, is this working? It’s an opportunity to get back to the drawing board in terms of relating romantically.

It’s highly likely that you guys are just not feeling it in terms of the passion coming alive and you may need some time apart. You and Aries Guy may need some discussions to resolve differences. It may be a time where you need to gently and diplomatically air grievances, but you should really deal with problems emotionally and then the relationship and the romance will be able to flow.

However, it’s not a time when things can be swept under the carpet, as much as you want to, but it’s also not a time of confrontation, it should be constructive communication about what’s working and what isn’t, and then moving forward.

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Mars in Virgo is Opposite Neptune on the 23rd of July

During this phase, he needs to boost his immune system and his health, and he should be cautious of over-exertion.

It’s important for him to take it easy and to relax, this is also a very good time for mindfulness and meditation.

It’s a period when he just needs to chill, have a little bit of space and make time for reflection and contemplation. This is not a great time for anything very competitive or physically demanding, it’s a much better time for using his imagination for escapism via creative hobbies or positive thinking and thereby creating relaxation for himself to improve his health.

Mercury retrograde in Virgo on the 24th

While Mercury only goes retrograde on the 24th it is slowly moving through Virgo which represents his solar sixth house of work. This is actually a fantastic time of the year for a vacation, whether you manage to get away jet-setting or you have a staycation, it’s a good time for him to put his feet up. There’s really not a lot happening at his work, it may be that colleagues of his are of on holiday or on maternity leave and everything is really slowing down.

It’s quite important at the beginning of the month for him to try and finalize things at the office, get organized, get everything in motion so that the rest of the month can be plain sailing and there’s more time for relationships and family matters.

This is also a time for him to think more clearly about his long-term health, it’s an excellent time for helping him get to the bottom of health matters and encouraging him to research holistic ways of tackling problems. It’s vital for him to reduce his stress level and to just relax and chill right now, so this is a good time to just think of the old work-life balance and get things on an even keel again.

Theme of the Month – This month the theme is remembering that your partnership is built on a combination of elements, a strong connection, honesty, and a balanced and equal partnership. Dealing with the relative strength and weaknesses of each element can help you restore and rejuvenate the partnership.

You and Aries Guy’s emotions are intertwined with each other’s, and you have a subtle yet profound effect on each other, so use that knowledge to project positivity and acceptance into the relationship rather than suspicion or anger. Be constructive and remain open to different ideas.

Magic Phrase – “Even when the road ahead is not easy, our love will create a roadmap.”

Text Magic – “You make my fears and worries go away in an instant.”

DO: The new moon phase extends from the 16th of August to the 30th, this waxing phase is the perfect fortnight for new initiatives, setting plans, establishing goals, starting anything prospective and being proactive. Property matters and home improvements are favored. An excellent time for family gatherings and events.

A good time for new initiatives to promote himself, improve health and begin positive new relationships i.e. business, romantic or friendship. International trade and publishing are favored. Negotiation and teamwork are favored. Group activities and professional networking are successful and lucky.

AVOID: Study, new communication and IT projects, and short distance travel aren’t favored. Not a great time for retreats or beginning meditation or spiritual growth.

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Week 1 – Competitive, Concerned and Cooperative

His ruler Mars in Virgo is trining Jupiter in Taurus, this creates a very proactive and helpful energy. He’s in a good mood, he’s thoughtful and his Aries penchant of wanting to be a knight in shining armor is definitely aroused. If he’s in love with you, there is nothing he won’t do for you. He’s eager to please and it’s good for you to show your vulnerable side and to allow him to play a traditional male role, which he really enjoys.

This is a great time for couples who are naturally competitive and enjoy going to the gym, challenging yourselves, and doing adventure sports or outdoorsy activities. It’s an absolutely fantastic week to be out in the sunshine enjoying life, and cooperating together on health goals can definitely improve romance.

This is also a time when you should be thoughtful, take an interest in the things that are on his mind and remember that ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’ so open up to each other about your concerns.

Week 2 – Affection, reward and humor

This is quite an amorous week, it’s great for expressing affection. It may be a good time to have a date night, special meal or just mark a special occasion and do something that is really different. It’s a good time to spoil each, other so while this can be a bad month for finances, because you both tend to be more spendthrift, it may also a time when you should enjoy the fruits of your labor or work as no play makes Jack a dull boy. It’s important for you guys to pay yourselves on the back for hard work done and have a little bit of downtime.

Lighthearted communication and humor are very important, so watching comedy or hanging out with people who are upbeat is really important. Don’t do anything that’s going to bring you down, which feels harsh and abrasive emotionally or which is really taxing. Avoid toxic people and make sure you keep your spirit high and live your best lives.

Week 3 – Make or break

This is a really tricky week if you are dating Aries Guy as there can be surprises and there’s generally a disconnect. Often sudden events leave you guys feeling at odds with each other and it’s a time when you really have to think about whether you share values and priorities. This can be a revealing time in relationships, although it’s not all bad because relationships can deepen, but at the same time, you are going to find out some things about each other that you may not like and you will have to decide how you are going to handle this in future. Is it make or break?

This week is a time of problem-solving in relationships, but you should do it in a fun way, no heavy discussions. Try to see everything as a challenge and view the relationship as part of an exciting journey or as a little adventure. Don’t see everything that happens as the end of the world, see it as merely an opportunity for you both to grow and learn. Relationships are about challenge and change and that’s what keeps them interesting, a little bit of friction every now and again does any relationship the world of good, and it actually enhances romance, so don’t see anything shocking that happens as a threat.

Week 4 – Time is of the Essence

Week 4 is the week when Mercury turns retrograde on the 24th and Mars enters Libra. The Mercury retrograde means that you have to be more cautious in terms of communications, this is especially true if you are a colleague of Aries guy as if you work together there’s more likely to be situations that are awkward and this could be to do with office politics. So the more you work alongside or are in business together, the more you need to be cautious. It’s a time when you need to be very clear about scheduling and timekeeping, because it’s often the small things like being late or forgetting appointments that can make you annoyed with each other, and this could happen a lot this week.

Mars entering Libra this week indicates a feisty yet productive time in relationships and it’s important for you guys to be ambitious, to work hard on joint goals and to show commitment to each other by being enthusiastic about the relationship and propelling the relationship forward through proactive discussions and introducing new and exciting ideas and elements to the relationship.

Closing Thoughts

This can be a fantastic month for relationships for those couples who want to work hard at growth and understanding. For couples who just want to have fun and a superficial relationship, this can be a time of relationship breakdown, misunderstandings and a lack of cohesion.

However, the more you both belong together or are soulmates and have a desire to truly bond and reach a greater understanding of each other, the better relationships will be. So it’s all a question this month of, “How deep is your love?”

If this hasn’t quenched your thirst, you know where to find me, same place, as always.

Wishing you love and luck with your Aries Man,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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