Aries Man Predictions For July 2023

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
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Hello Sweethearts and welcome to this month’s reading for your Aries man for July of 2023. This reading aims to give you some advice on the themes, emotions and events that could influence your married life with Aries Guy and also some tips on what it might be like if you meet him or are dating Aries Guy.

The New Moon is on the 17th of the month and it takes place in the sign of Cancer, triggering Pluto in Capricorn.

The New Moon indicates an excellent opportunity for addressing family issues, issues to do with property, children and sometimes there’s a little bit of a balance to be struck between family life and his career. So at the time of the New Moon, he may be feeling there are significant demands putting pressure on him from the career side and a lot of pressure at home as well, he can feel caught between a rock and a hard place, so it’s important for you guys to embrace that period with some flexibility and understanding.

It’s also a time when he has to be quite tolerant, so do encourage him to be open-minded when it comes to the children and their independence and also when it comes to his parents. Sometimes it’s better to encourage him to have a hands-off approach, as while he has a desire right now to be in control, his more authoritarian, controlling side is rearing its head, so it’s good to use humor to diffuse situations and to just encourage him to take a step back and not to be so actively involved in everyone’s business.

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Mars enters Virgo on the 11th July

This indicates the beginning of a two-month period of quite intense work. He may feel more pressurized in the work environment and his work is generally full-on. However, if he enjoys his work, he can feel incredibly motivated and can gain quite a lot of satisfaction from what he achieves right now. This definitely is a busy and productive time, but he’s also got very set ideas about things which means he can lock horns with colleagues which creates some of the stress that he’s also feeling from the work situation. A lot of the streets he’s under right now is actually self-inflicted as he’s keen to prove himself or break the back of new projects.

Mercury enters Leo on the 12th July

Mercury entering Leo indicates an exciting and playful time for Aries guy, sometimes he’s a little bit highly strung, he’s definitely easily bored and he’s looking for you to pique his interest. Thus this is a great time for getting out and about on the social scene, being more active in the sporting arena or filling your weekends with cultural activities.

For married couples, this can be an excellent time to bond over doing things with the kids and encouraging their physical as well as mental development. It’s an excellent time for dating Aries Guy, he’s in the right frame of mind to get to know you, he’s pretty receptive and communicative, and he’s a fairly good listener which you can’t always say for Aries Guy.

Venus retrograde in Leo – 23rd July

Venus retrograde in his solar fifth house indicates that his romantic energies are not as free-flowing. It’s a time when he’s a little bit more self-conscious and more inclined to over-analyze things that are going on, particularly in romance. So if you are dating Aries Guy during this phase, he won’t be as forthcoming, he may not be as affectionate, and dating may not seem as easy-going as it has been. However, this is a good time for you both to get to know each other at a deeper level to understand if your values really align and this can actually be a formative time in new relationships where things either go deeper, and go from strength to strength, or begin to wither on the vine.

Theme of the month – One of the key themes this week is the triggering of both Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus from planets in Leo. When it comes to Aries Man, this can make him quite possessive and territorial, so he’s more likely to be triggered or threatened by issues pertaining to loyalty, the level of understanding and trust. He’s very self-expressive, and he likes to feel he is being understood, so it’s very important for you to give him a reaction, to let him know that you are not only sympathetic and compassionate, but that you also understand his point of view from a logical perspective.

Magic Phrase“I’m always here to listen and this relationship is founded on open-hearted sharing.”

Text Magic“Family fun times always remind me why I love you so very much.”

DO: The new moon phase extends from the 17th of July to the 30th, this waxing phase is the perfect fortnight for new initiatives, setting plans, establishing goals, starting anything prospective and being proactive. This an excellent time for his recruitment aims or skills training. New health diets are favored.

Education, IT projects, marketing and communication is favored.

AVOID: He should avoid dangerous and extreme sports and caution should be exercised in terms of contact sports. Aries guy must be careful with overindulgence. Alcohol should be avoided. Home moves should be well thought through. Property matters are very complicated.

Competitive activities and brand-new projects unrelated to his current activities are not favored. Not a good period for new careers, job interviews or dealing with authority.

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Week 1 – Affection & Attention

This is a week where he’s very affectionate, he wants your attention and he can be quite demanding. If you are looking to get really close with Aries Guy and you want a lot of attention and to enjoy his company on a one-to-one level, this is an excellent week because he’s more likely to be available and eager to explore romantically and affectionately. However, if you have a lot on your plate, or perhaps have your own things to do and you want to be a little bit independent, he can have his nose pushed out of joint, and he will feel a little bit neglected, he could even begin to be jealous.

So be careful how you handle him, don’t give him the impression that you are flirting with other people or losing interest. Remember to keep up with your texting routines, to give him lots of compliments and make him feel good. Alternatively, if you are eager for a lot of one-on-one interaction, this is a great time to crack open the champagne and enjoy some date nights.

Week 2 – Family time

This is a great time for planning especially to do with the family’s future, it’s also an opportune time for Aries guy and yourself to have discussions about pensions and financial arrangements for long-term security. If you guys are dating, this is a wonderful time to get to know each other’s habits, quirks and needs when it comes to a domestic arena.

It’s great for you both to start working out the kind of things that each other does in their private space, the intimate little details of their lives that you need to know as you get some to know someone better.

He can sometimes be a little bit verbose, and that’s simply because he wants to make his point. It’s very important for him to reason things through, so after you guys have had any disagreements or arguments it’s really important to sit down afterwards iron things out and make sure that you get to the bottom of where the heart of the disagreement lay.

Week 3 – Clumsy in love

This is definitely a time where he’s after pleasure, but sometimes there’s a problem with excess as he almost exaggerates or can be inclined to over-promise. This is also a time when he can be a little bit reckless with money. If you’re a married couple watch out for spending especially when you having fun and having a few drinks, and if you dating it’s quite likely you guys may clash over money issues, or may need to have a little bit more discussion about who’s carrying the tab.

So financially it’s a time when Aries Guy has to put the brakes on a little bit. In terms of his emotions, he’s inclined to be quite extreme, he can get very hot and can almost come on too strong and afterwards, he worries that he’s put his foot in it, so if he’s a little bit clumsy in love right now, don’t take it too seriously.

Week 4 – Chest weight

Now this is one of the phases where he can exhibit an extremely stubborn streak, he can be very set in his ways and he tends to see things as black and white. He will want to have conversations that are quite pointed and there’s a great desire within him to get to the bottom of things, and that can make him quite intense. So if there’s anything on his mind right now, he will want to talk it through and achieve some resolution.

In some cases, if he’s not getting the response from you that he wants, he can go rather silent and moody. If he is retreating and being very hostile, you know you just need to coax him out of his shell and encourage some debate. The key is that there are things on his chest that he needs to express, and he’s either going to do it of his own free will, or you have to encourage him, but once it’s done, that’s a hurdle that you have surpassed and you can continue on with the rest of your month on a better footing.

Closing Thoughts

The energies this month stimulate his desire to do fun and novel things within the family arena, so it’s a great time for you guys as a family to change the routines, to be a bit more flexible and to perhaps get out and about on the weekends exploring and being more adventurous.

This signifies a good period for some rest and relaxation. I mentioned that at some points during the month there are a lot of pressures in connection with his career, this is a time when you guys need peace and quiet as a couple. So if you are married, it’s a great period to just spend a few quiet nights in, eating a takeaway and chilling, maybe sending the kids off to their friends so that you can truly focus on each other, not only for the purpose of romance but just to enjoy each other’s company free or pressure

Even if you are dating Aries Guy, this is a wonderful time for you both to take your foot off the gas and forget the world. The key thing again is the word ‘pressure’, you want to be avoiding difficult subjects and uncomfortable conversations. Create an oasis of tranquility where you guys can just settle down a bit and the doors will open for more emotive topics to come to light.

If this hasn’t quenched your thirst, you know where to find me, same place, as always.

Wishing you love and luck with your Aries Man,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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