Aries Man Predictions For May 2023

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
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Hello Sweethearts and welcome to the May reading!

This May is set to be a really busy, unpredictable, yet potentially exciting and memorable month for you and Aries guy.

I think there’s so much potential in May as long as you can abandon preconceived ideas and ride the waves. Think of surfing and catching the big breakers when it comes to this month.

The planets are very busy weaving their magic, and there’s a lot of positivity going on in the money and financial sphere, but at the same time, there’s an awful lot of flux, surprises and you guys need to stay totally open-minded and ready for anything when it comes to finances.

This is definitely an exciting time to be in love with Aries guy. Sometimes he can be a little bit inflexible, especially as he gets older, but this is a month where he’s a lot more open-minded and ready to embrace new ideas.

If there’s anything you’ve been wanting to talk to him about, or if you’ve been itching to steer him in a new direction, this is a really good time for these discussions because he’s just a lot more emotionally open to new experiences, new ideas or new ways to rekindle your love life or conduct your relationship.

Venus Enters Cancer Trine Saturn (8th May)

This is an excellent time for Aries guy to make love, not war, so it’s important to encourage him to be diplomatic and conciliatory, especially when it comes to people in his everyday life who sometimes get to him, and who may have ideas that tend to jar with his own perceptions.

Sun Conjunct Uranus in Taurus (9th May)

This is a very powerful conjunction, and it encourages you and Aries guy to challenge yourselves and move out of your comfort zones. It’s important to recognize that everything is changing and you can no longer rely on the same worn-out paradigms. This is an ideal opportunity to get motivated, set new challenges and move your life in exciting new directions.

Mercury Direct in Taurus (15th May)

The good news is that Mercury is out of its retrograde period from the 15th, so you have now the green light for making arrangements in terms of organizing your home, organizing childcare or employing staff. It’s also an excellent time now for you guys to take a spontaneous trip or have that weekend away you’ve been dying to go on.

For Aries guy, a problem shared is definitely a problem halved, so you need to be having time together where you feel free to share with each other. It’s quite important to allocate some quiet time, where you have a chance to relax and say things to each other that you might not really want to say in the course of a hectic day. It’s essential for you guys to share your problems with each other, to display sympathetic responses to each other, and to try and work through things because you will definitely strengthen your relationship this way.

Jupiter enters Taurus – (17th May)

Jupiter’s entry into Taurus is a very significant event because it marks or once in 12 year experience for Aries guy. This is significant because it helps boost his confidence and his self-esteem. So, if Aries guy has been feeling quite blue, has been down on himself or simply not in his usual positive mode, this is definitely a time when he can begin to develop a more positive feeling about himself and his potential.

Mars enters Leo Square Jupiter (23rd May)

This particular aspect is fantastic for outdoors and sporting activity. He feels particularly energetic and he has a lot more enthusiasm, however he can be extremely restless and easily bored, so for this particular period it’s good to have a lot laid on, no lazy, listless weekends or evenings.

This is an ideal time to arrange a project to do with the home, like sorting out the garden, painting the shed, clearing out the yard etc. It’s good to motivate him to do a project around the home, so he’s got something to sink his teeth into. Get all set for summer.

Jupiter Square Pluto (18th May)

I told you this week was absolutely filled with planetary activity, this is another very powerful aspect and it can have a number of long-term ramifications. This is an excellent time for you and Aries guy to brainstorm ideas and action plans that will help you in the next few years of your life to get where you want to be.

It’s also very important right now to be socially, politically and economically aware because there are an awful lot of changes going on, and these require an open-minded and quite an adventurous yet intrepid approach.

Mars in Leo Square Pluto (21st May)

During this particular phase, he is feeling very intense, he’s more likely to express himself in quite an assertive and even aggressive way. It’s very important for you to take a step back and to pour oil over troubled waters, because his more volatile Aries traits will come to the fore. However, there’s a great sense of urgency within him right now, and he is able to tackle difficult problems with a lot of resolve.

The theme of this month is momentous change, leaving comfort zones and embracing fantastic new opportunities. There’s no time like the present, it’s time to seize the initiative and grab hold of your future by the scruff of the neck.

Magic Phrase – I believe in you and I love it when you show the warrior inside

Text Magic – You’ve got this, baby, no one does it better.

DO: Encourage him to take the plunge, take a few risks, be daring use intuition and show leadership.

AVOID: Don’t put off for next month what can be done now, help him to use the high level of motivation and determination he has to deal with bureaucracy, to make new business plans and to find new and innovative solutions especially after the 15th.

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Week 1 – Emotional Support

It’s important to be extremely sensitive in the way you approach emotional subjects as he’s quite touchy, offer comfort and be sympathetic to his dilemmas.

Don’t be shy to lead the way in romance by introducing more music and sexual innuendo into the daily routine just to surprise him and give him a buzz when he’s least expecting it.

Be a good listener and let a comforting hug or soothing foot rub do the talking. He’s extremely receptive to charm, so it’s a good time to influence him when his boundaries are a little weaker.

Week 2 – The Big Picture

In terms of your communications with Aries guy, you can make a lot of progress in May, as he is actually more receptive, and if you take a caring approach, rather than a combative approach, he’s likely to listen.

It’s important however, to make him think that you are aware of and sympathetic to his ideas, and so show him that you are willing to take account of things that he is feeling, but which he doesn’t necessarily have proof of. Remember, he’s got good instincts and gut feel. so don’t dismiss that. So to win him over in arguments or debates, you have to be a good listener and you have to be able to put your feelings forward in a calm, measured way.

You must be careful to pay attention to subtleties, so don’t confine conversations to facts alone, try and think of the bigger picture, because Aries guys are not really into facts right now, they tend to grasp concepts. Thus, if you can get him to buy into a big picture, you’re halfway there. If you need to get conversation going with Aries guy and get some cooperation started, this is the time to do it.

Week 3 – Breaking the Mold

The week in May is a fantastic time for Aries guy to tap into latent potential and to start utilizing talents that he hasn’t used for a while. So, for example, if you know that your Aries guy is just great at music, or really creative, or maybe he’s a very community-orientated person, try and encourage him to utilize those talents more within his work.

Right now, the possibilities are endless, but they won’t necessarily be predictable, so the long shots can pay off, whereas some of the traditional routes through which he used to earn money may not so useful, so encourage him in any new ventures.

Week 4 – Man of few words

The last week of this month is probably the most difficult for communications; he tends to be more withdrawn and may want time alone to think.

This is definitely a good time for him to be problem-solving and getting a lot of work done. It may be the case that he’s got loads of deadlines that he’s left to the last minute because this is an extremely busy month with a lot of balls to juggle.

The best thing you can do is let him be when he’s busy. However, help him to relax, because he’s likely to be quite stressed and highly strung, meaning he can be a little bit snappy and critical, but that’s just because he’s overtired. Make sure that there are some phases of rest and relaxation where you help him to chill and to eat healthful food that doesn’t exacerbate stress.

Closing Thoughts

I encourage you and Aries guy to throw out the rulebook and to liberate yourselves from any limiting activities, beliefs or hang ups, because this is the time to understand your true potential and unleash it.

May is a wonderful time for Aries guy to discover hidden talents and potentials, so everything that happens is an opportunity. During this time doors may close, but windows will open and you have to keep reminding yourself of that.

If this hasn’t quenched your thirst, you know where to find me, same place, as always.

Wishing you love and luck with your Aries Man,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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