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Aries Man Predictions For November 2022 

Hello, my darling readers! How are you? Did you thrive or just survive the Spooktober Retrograde fest? I hope you’re not too banged up, because I come bearing the tidings of November, for the Aries man. Let’s jump right into it!

The first week of November will make the Aries man pretty frustrated and pensive. His ruler is Retrograde in Mars, and it squares Venus in Scorpio (his eighth house). This makes for a perfect chance for “heavy” topics and serious conversations when it comes to intimacy and shared finances if you’re at that stage of the relationship… 

During the second week of November, on the 8th, there’s a Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus, and this lunation makes a strong opposition to the Sun conjunct Mercury and Venus in Scorpio. It’s all about rough foreplay and hard intimacy during this time, so enjoy yourselves, but don’t go too wild… 

The third week is made for wooing and romancing. Make playlists for each other, sing songs, write poems, and let your heart’s energy flow and mingle. This is a perfect time for romantic dates, vocal outputs, and expressing your emotions via your voice and Throat Chakra. 

The fourth week of November offers a great opportunity for travel and activities that involve cultural dates and dates that offer philosophical debates about the topics and hobbies both of you are passionate about. It’s a great week to lessen the focus on yourselves, and broaden your horizons when it comes to your mutual goals, interests, and causes. 

The Frustration Begins

The Aries man will not have much fun during the next few months, unfortunately, thanks to Mars being Retrograde. Mars doesn’t like being Retrograde. It’s perhaps a good thing that it’s in Gemini because all pent-up frustration and anger can only go into words and nothing more – all bark and no bite, as I would say. 

This first week gives some very interesting opportunities to the Aries man, when it comes to commitment and intimacy in sex, thanks to the pretty tight conjunction of the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in his eighth house. 

Aries are nothing if not intense and serious about their emotions, so all these planets being here makes for a very serious attitude for the Aries man when it comes to sex and love. 

The thing I don’t like is that during this first week his ruler Mars is Retrograde. And as such, it’s squaring Venus which can make for some pretty petty and possessive outbursts from the Aries man. See that you reign his anger in, and make him eat out of the palm of your hand, or else… 

This first week is also good for dream review and ‘higher guidance.’ The Aries man would do well to follow his intuition and practice his patience during this first week. It’s a good time for perseverance, slow-paced dates, walks in nature, serious topics, and talks about the future from a stand-still point of view… 

We Go Hard Or Go Home!

The second week of November is a banger, for there’s a Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus, in the Aries man’s second house and it opposes the petty party (the Sun, Mercury, and Venus trio) in Scorpio. This will make for an interesting turn of events for the Aries man’s sexuality, sensuality, and carnal desires. 

He is ready to culminate his feelings on the mundane plan, so you can expect extravagant and very hedonistic displays of physical affection and gifts. Beware that gifts received, in any form, during this time don’t turn into silent obligations. 

It’s a good time for cuddling, and chilling out at home. If you have trouble sleeping or are feeling restless, let his passion consume you and let your hair down and go wild. Now is a great time for all kinds of kinky and fetish games, and in a way, this Full Moon can help you get to know each other better and explore each other’s layers. 

The second week’s focus is on exploring intimacy and what that means for both of you. How you handle yourselves under (intimate) pressure, and which points of your relationship can be improved. 

I suggest against knife and needle play, but hey, who am I to judge what two fiery lovebirds do behind closed doors… 

Drive That Love-Arrow Home

Although Mars is still Retrograde, a pleasant trine between Venus and Jupiter Retrograde offers a very deep and “melodic” insight into the Aries man’s heart and soul. Now is a perfect time to go to a concert, carnival, or karaoke. Send each other lyrics of the songs that convey your feelings, and sing together. 

If he owns a guitar or plays an instrument – let him play for you, and sing for you, and you’ll get glimpses of his (bare) soul that will let you get to know him and his heart much better than ever before. 

This is a great week for romance, romantic outlets, and flirting. So, flirt with each other, send each other sexy pictures and incite and instigate each other on a carnal and heart level. Let yourselves have (intimate) fun, and use this planetary opportunity to develop your relationship further. 

If you want to ‘get inside his head,’ now is a perfect time for that; he’ll have very intense and vivid dreams of you, and if you want, you can even make a sensual playlist for him and dare him to listen to it before going to sleep – the results will be amazing, trust you, me!

Hearts On Fire, Burning Dreams And Desire

The fourth week of November brings a very positive and happy-go-lucky New Moon in Sagittarius, in the Aries man’s ninth house of travel, philosophy, and good experiences. Although Mars is still Retrograde, this positive New Moon marks a new (mental) beginning for the Aries man, and his mental state will be elevated and made more positive. 

Now is a great week for cultural dates, fun rides at the theme park, constructive and fired-up discussions, and humor. The Aries man’s mind will be more active and funnier this week, and this will offer a good chance to enjoy his company and follow his lead when it comes to having a good time. 

It’s a great time for dates at museums, going to the movies, playing video or arcade games together, and simply hanging out and having a good time. If you have a winter holiday planned, now is the perfect time to execute it and go abroad for some fun times. 

Don’t let your panties get in a twist though – Sagittarius energy is quite straightforward and blunt, and considering that the Aries man’s ruler is Retrograde, and in Gemini, his mouth can be faster than his wits, and he might say some very dumb (albeit funny) things. 

All in all, it’s a good week and it offers quite a positive ending to a pretty gloomy month. 

Final Thoughts 

The Aries man doesn’t have it good during November, thanks to his ruler being Retrograde and thus, suffering the inertia consequences. 

November does, however, offer an excellent chance to practice (and learn) patience, clear and direct communication, and to work on your feelings, desires, and shared goals; as a unit, of course. 

His mood will be up and down (more down than up) but the elevation will come during the fourth week when there’s a positive New Moon in Sagittarius and his ninth house. 

This is a rare and lucky chance, so don’t ignore it! Do something fun and educational while you’re at it, the couple that grows together – stays together. 

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Until next time, my lovely readers – I wish you all the luck in the Universe on your journey!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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