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How to Attract an Aries Man in February 2021

Aries men in February are feeling fun, flirty and highly independent! They are in the mood for love, romance, and connection – new opportunities and social bonds. As the second month of the year, February is all about partnership… read on to discover how best to attract your Aries man this month.

How to Attract an Aries Man in February 2021

1. Seduce His Mind

Seducing An Aries Man In February

This guy wants his mind seduced. He is all for soul connections and intimate bonds, but there needs to be a mental connection too. Seduce his mind with intellectual conversation, philosophical topics, poetry, and innovative new ideas in technology and science. 

February is the month of the star sign Aquarius. Aquarius is the ‘water-bearer,’ an air sign in nature but also symbolic of water and divinity. 

And Aquarius energy is very compatible with the Aries guy. Generally speaking, air and fire work very well together. So, find ways to spark his interest through intellectual, deep, and meaningful conversation topics. 

Be intelligent, bold, charismatic, and witty. Don’t be afraid to crack a few jokes either, but try not to make them too forced. This man is after a natural vibe this month.

2. Tap Into Your Inner Spirit

If you can show your free-spirited and high-flying side, you will score some major points. Free-spirited, fun-loving, super positive and jovial, the Aries sign loves connecting with kindred spirits, people who are equally in tune with their independence and free-spirited side. 

There is a New Moon in compatible Aquarius on the 11th, making your potential soulmate incredibly optimistic about his future. He’s feeling lively, enthusiastic, spontaneous, and in tune with his inner child, and even more so than usual! The New Moon represents new beginnings meaning you can impress him by showcasing your knowledge – and interest in – new starts in life.

February is all about fresh perspectives, he’s releasing old versions of himself to make room for the new. Give him the ‘wow’ factor by being fiery and powerful in your approach. A fun, optimistic and upbeat personality favors in February and being overly emotional or anything less than positive will be a turn-off. 

If you’re a Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces you may want to be mindful of your sensitive and emotional side. Low moods and mood swings won’t interest him at all. In saying this, he loves a visionary and creative person… 

3. Show Your Softer Side

Attracting An Aries Man February 2021

Expanding on from the last point, it is true what they say: opposites do attract. Aries is the sign of courage, fiery masculine energy, self-leadership and action. He therefore appreciates the gentler and feminine qualities in a woman. Being spiritually in tune and living with heart and soul, in addition to being sensitive, empathic and imaginative, are signs of passion and devotion to him.

Refreshing your memory of the elements can really help you this month. Water is emotional, compassionate, extremely intuitive, and artistically and imaginatively gifted. There’s a receptive and magnetic quality to water, and this can be deeply irresistible to this fire sign. If you want to catch his attention in a unique way, project the image of elusive desirability. 

The key to elusive desirability is to be ethereal – astrally and spiritually connected. If you have Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces friends then you may want to learn from them. Cancer is nurturing, compassionate and deeply connected to the subconscious realms and instinctual forces. Scorpio is soulfully intense with deep emotions and a profound intuition, while Pisces is the most imaginative, creative, intuitive, and empathic sign of the Zodiac.

Because February is Aquarius season (until the 19th, and then water sign Pisces from then on) originality and uniqueness are advantages. Being ‘peculiar’ or an oddball in an Aquarian type of way is an attraction to the Aries man. Being mystical, soulful or shining in any of the Piscean ways is also an advantage.

4. Self-autonomy And Success

On February 12th, a new lunar calendar begins with us entering the Chinese year of the Ox. The Western counterpart is Capricorn, and the Ox is determined, hard-working, ambitious, and persistent. They are the workers of society, never afraid of a challenge or reaching success. You can look towards the characteristics of the Ox (and Capricorn) to help you in your love endeavors this month.

Success, money, prestige, and achievement will be diamond areas in February. Being self-employed or financial independent will instantly make you appear glamorous, healthy and attractive. If you own your own company, are a boss or SEO, or simply shine through a unique talent or skill – this Aries guy will be interested!

He is all for independent, strong women. Self-empowerment and self-autonomy out win needy or codependent girls, and ambition, power, and fame are major turn-ons. 

5. Humanitarianism And Altruism Are Key Areas

Humanitarianism And Altruism Are Key Areas

Because it’s Aquarius season, talk about humanitarian and altruistic topics and areas. Not only talk about them, but show genuine passion in them. Even better, take him on a date and initiate an idea. He loves women who take control (within reason) and if you can lead the way towards a group or social event that allows him to tune into his own altruistic side, you’ll be a keeper!

The Aries man is ultimately looking for a lover and soulmate to share his life with. He’s open to commitment if the right lady comes along. This means he wants to share his life and interests; he wants to travel, explore, and try new activities together. 

Take him on a date that involves wine or food tasting, attending a non-profit or charity organization talk or circle, or exploring a forest or nature reserve that may be looking for helpers. Volunteering and selfless service are highlighted in February in many wonderful ways. 

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Final Thoughts and Key Astrological Transits

February is an interesting month for new love for the Aries man. Until the 19th, the Sun is in Aquarius, making him passionate and energized. He’s full of zest and enthusiasm, and wants to connect with people cerebrally, mentally, and intellectually. From the 19th onwards it’s Pisces season, a deeply spiritual, dreamy, and artistically gifted sign.

Creative and high-spirited activities favor well. You can seduce his mind with poetry, philosophy, and insights into the nature of life and the universe. If it screams ‘weird,’ ‘occult,’ or ‘woo’ he’ll be more interested than usual!

In addition to the New Moon in harmonious Aquarius on the 11th, there is a Full Moon in Virgo on the 27th. If you want to impress him, show that you can be responsible and practical whilst retaining your freedom and independence. Limitations and restrictions don’t appeal to this guy in any way, shape or form, but service and self-autonomy do.

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And let me know which of these tips you found most helpful to score your Aries guy. The comments are totally anonymous!

Wishing you love and light on your journey.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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