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How To Attract An Aries Man In June 2021

This is an excellent month for the fire and air signs. There’s a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini on the 10th, and then a Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 24th. Bearing in mind we’ve just had a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius at the end of May… it’s a month of passion and desire! If you’re a sensitive and introverted water or earth sign there are certain things you can do for success in love. Air or fire…? Keep being you. 

How To Attract An Aries Man In June 2021

1. Get Some ‘Gut Strength’

This first piece of advice is solely for the water and earth people. Because there is so much fire and high-charged cerebral and sexual energy all around, you need to be mindful of your compatibility factor. Some people just favor and fair well with their own type! 

The Sun is in Gemini (air) until the 20th, and there’s a New Moon plus a Solar Eclipse in Gemini (10th). This is bringing a very fiery and extroverted energy into the mix. 

The focus is on cerebral and mental abilities and gifts which are yang/masculine in nature. Air people tend to outsmart and out-wit people, further not being particularly sensitive or connecting on an emotional, empathic level. 

You need to be strong and not so delicate to deal with the Aries man this month. His inner fire and lack of sensitivity is amplified – he’s feeling even more fiery and willful than usual. And he’s seeking a fiery Goddess and bubbly, outgoing and zestful personality to match his. 

Try engaging in some fire meditations before meeting him this June. Practice gazing into a candle and mirroring the qualities of fire and your own inner flames. If the sun is out, sun-gaze. Gaze into the sun anywhere up to 45 minutes after it initially rises, and/or 45 minutes before sunset. Sungazing was practiced by the ancients to develop their own inner chi and increase vital core strength, life force energy, and personal empowerment! 

2. Show Curiosity & Intelligence

Attracting An Aries Man In June 2021

Now we’ve established this is not a month for sensitivity or soft and gentle displays of affection, seek to connect to the Gemini qualities. Aries and Gemini are very compatible, they understand each other and have similar communication styles and interests. Be as witty, intelligent, talkative and inquisitive as possible. Ask lots of questions, don’t be put off by listening to him go on and on either! 

The Aries man loves to talk and express himself when the Sun is in Gemini. Anything short of a total ability to respect his need to communicate will be taken as not being able to keep up with him. 

The Aries man has an extremely upbeat and spirited personality. He possesses joy, energy, enthusiasm, excitement, vitality, and a bounce in his step. Aries is the sign traditionally associated with sports and competition. It’s okay to be a bit competitive in love at this time. 

Curiosity and inquisitiveness can be balanced with ever so slight jealousy or envy. For the Aries man, this simply shows your interest, and he does love a good chase after all! This approach may not work with other men, but Aries is one of the few signs who will take jealousy as passion

Showing intense and authentic emotions in the form of ‘glimpses’ of jealousy tells him that you are a passionate, expressive, and instinctive woman with many desires. This is majorly attractive to him!

3. Let Your Inner Flames Burn…

June is a sizzling month with so much fire and impulsive and instinctive energy. There is a vibe of impatience, however Aries seems to feed off of this. You can play into his love of playing games (consensually, of course) by recognizing that he loves to chase and surrender to ‘give and take’ energy flow. 

Flirtatious and charismatic, this guy isn’t shy of coming across as sexual and confident. Instincts are important to him. A woman or lady who shies away from her instincts and urges is a woman who is closed off and repressed. This may be a little harsh to hear, especially when Astrology shows us how different we all are, yet this is just the way he’s wired. 

The Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 24th amplifies this even more. It’s all about vision, dreaming big, and reaching for the stars… Be bold and let your viewpoints, talents, and wisdom shine. 

4. Ambition Is A Must

Ambitious Woman Attracting An Aries Man In June

Of course, he needs to see something special and extra about you. A partner with no personal ambitions or prospects simply won’t do. The Aries man takes pride in his ability to lead and take control of his own life. He is a powerful leader with qualities including courage, bravery, and devotion, in addition to assertiveness and high self-esteem. 

Share your successes and achievements. Tell him of your ambitions, diplomas, and academic accomplishments. Project an image of success and prestige and he will certainly see you as soulmate potential.

Perseverance, determination, a desire for success and prosperity, and everything related to fame, prestige, or wealth are all hot topics and attraction points. Being perceived as business-like or even slightly cut-throat isn’t taken as a negative to the Aries man. If you’ve got bigger balls than most men and are an independent woman, or on the path to becoming one, flaunt it!

5. Dance, Sing, Move… Be A Social Butterfly!

The more attractive and sought after you appear, the more he will want you. A shy or modest girl isn’t the right one for him, at least not this month. If there’s music playing, dance like no one is watching. If there are creative and artistic outlets around, show off your skills and talents. 

There is no amount of color, glamour, or sparkle that would be too much this June. An effervescent and social personality is favored, so if you do have a tendency to be more chilled and receptive or magnetic, be mindful of the few ways you can connect with him. It is known that fire and water create steam… the earth signs certainly aren’t shy when it comes to embodying a sexually empowered Goddess!

Thus, find a few key moments of majestic eye contact and seductive glances or body movements to get his heart pumping. You only need to show a little bit of your soul and sensual self to catch his attention. Do this and then simply fade into the background remembering how powerful your magnetic and feminine nature is. 

The Aries man may be naturally gravitated towards outgoing lovers, but he is known to love some steamy and soulful, deep and mesmerizing passion. He is also intuitive enough to know that he can learn a lot from the emotional and imaginative nature of water and the humble and sweet personas of earth. 

All in all, social butterfly vibes win this month. Yet anyone in tune with their inner chameleon, the ability to adapt and navigate emotional and spiritual undercurrents, will equally catch his eye…

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Final Thoughts & Key Astrological Transits

June is simply made for the Aries man. Two of his favorite people, Gemini and Sagittarius, are ruling the month and la luna seems to be on ship! 

There is so much reassuring and harmonious energy in the air that it could be very easy to naturally slip into something- a new connection or relationship- with depth and intensity rather effortlessly. Check out the Aries man secrets to add a bit more understanding into his character. 

And if you feel like you need some private guidance on your relationship, I’ve still got a few spots open for my ‘VIP Consultation’ service that you can book here to get instant clarity and guidance. You can book your private consultation here.

Wishing you light, love, and all the luck in the Universe on your journey!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

2 thoughts on “How To Attract An Aries Man In June 2021

  1. Well my aries man has left me, blocked me from his facebook and texting. Dont know what to do now. But we have known each other for 30 years, dont know how to get him back

    1. Hi Melanie!

      I am so very sorry to hear that your Aries man cut you off. Something must have really upset him. Surely you know what happened that made him do this. If it’s something you did or said then you need to first apologize, tell him you’re there for him when he’s ready to talk, and then allow him to have space he needs to work past how he feels. Sometimes they do this periodically to have time to themselves and not have to answer to anyone. They get overwhelmed in their lives. If you absolutely didn’t do anything wrong then you can say that you’re sorry for whatever made him block you but that you’d like to know. If you want to learn more about Aries man and what you can do, check out my books on Aries Man Secrets.

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