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How to Attract an Aries Man in May 2020

Every month, the planets change signs and affect our relationships. Depending on the planetary movements, it may be tough to understand the needs and desires of the Aries man. But with my tips based on the monthly energy, you can draw the attention of an Aries man or improve your relationship with one in May 2020.

Attracting an Aries Man in May 2020

1. Show Him What He’s Worth

If you’re looking to attract and win the heart of an Aries man in May, start by showing him how much he’s really worth to you.

With the transit Sun in Taurus highlighting his second house of possessions and self-worth until May 20, the Aries man could be feeling more confident, commitment-oriented, and material-driven. He’s more self-conscious of what he looks like and what he has.

During this period, the Aries man may also be more focused and grounded than usual, and this is beneficial when sustaining a relationship. 

Because he’s more open to commitment or exploring your connection seriously, you need to show him that you acknowledge his worth in May. If things are still new, make it very clear that you are interested in him and want to pursue something more.

If you’ve been looking for ways to express your appreciation or show him just how much he’s worth to you, think about giving him a small, thoughtful gift or a love token just to say, “Thank you, I appreciate all you do.”

The Sun in the second house also encourages him to pay more attention to what others have and how others appear, so make sure you dress, act, and look the part too.

Taurus rules fashion and trends, so pull out your best stuff. Make him feel worthy by going above and beyond to be at your best just for him.

On May 20, the Aries man’s focus will shift from the status quo to what he knows when the Sun enters Gemini highlighting his third house of self-expression and communication.

With Gemini being a mutable air sign, this is the best time for the Aries man to get outside his normal routine and open his mind to learn something new

You should use this transit to engage with him on subjects that he’s passionate about. You’ll win brownie points if you can keep him so excited and engaged that he loses track of time.

When planning dates, take into consideration that the Aries man is very active—he won’t enjoy sitting still for three hours at a Shakespeare play. Instead, plan something active like sightseeing via bicycle. This will stimulate his mind and activate his body.

If you want to woo this man and make him feel worthy, then be thoughtful about what you plan. Mastermind something that speaks to his love of curiosity and experiencing life firsthand.

Attractin an Aries in May

2. Focus on What You Have in Common

If you hoped to make things official with your Aries man in May, Venus’s retrograde in Gemini from until June 25 may force a change of plans.

With transit Venus retrograde in Gemini highlighting his third house of interests and communications, the Aries man is rethinking his connections with others and how they make him feel on a mental and emotional level.

Instead of bombarding him mentally trying to figure out where you two stand, focus on what you have in common.

Yes, Venus retrograde can be scary for some women because it brings back old feelings, and there’s always so much negative stigma about the return of the “ex.”

But you won’t have to worry about any of that if you focus on what you can control, and in this case, it’s your one-of-a-kind connection with your Aries man.

It’s time to remember what brought you two together in the first place. Was it a shared hobby, passion project, or childhood interest? Was it a mutual family friend? Did you meet at work or at your favorite museum?

Whatever your bonding experience is, whatever brings you together should, be re-cultivated now, as this will keep you open to communication and expressing what it is that you really feel. 

This connection keeps your energy alive and focused on the future instead of staying stagnant in the past. It also helps you build a long-lasting friendship and genuine sense of trust.

How to Attract an Aries Man in May 2020

3. Make a Plan to Stay Connected

In relationships, Mercury shows us how the Aries man shares, responds to, and receives information on an internal and external level.

Mercury uncovers the secrets of his love language, and this helps you connect with him on a level that he can relate to and understand.

With transit Mercury in Taurus highlighting his second house of self-worth and possessions until May, the Aries man will be mentally focused on thoughts that promote feelings of security, self-confidence, and self-worth.

Because of this, the Aries man may be busier or more mentally occupied than usual, and he will appreciate the woman who can respect and prioritize his time.

With Taurus ruling food and comfort, it would be great if you packed him a home-cooked meal for work or took him out for a surprise picnic on his lunch break. He will appreciate the extra time and consideration you took just to make him feel loved and special.

With Saturn and Jupiter stationing retrograde this month, not only are you showing him that you care, but you are also helping him reduce stress, and this is a great way to stay on the Aries man’s radar and keep him looking forward to deepening your private connection this month.

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Aries Man in May

4. Be Kind

For the Aries man, compassion and kindness aren’t always his strong points.

However, with transit Mars in Pisces highlighting his twelfth house of endings, undoing, soul growth, and past lives, the Aries man may be more sensitive and sentimental than usual.

Mars in the twelfth house indicates someone who may experience low energy or may be more socially and physically withdrawn than usual. This will especially affect his libido and desire for sex and romantic affection.

During this period, the Aries man will be attracted to the woman who is soft-spoken, kind, and nurturing.

Because of this, you should soften your approach and show him that you can be caring and attentive without coming on too strong or invading his request for more solitude and privacy.

Sexually, Mars’s influence on the Aries man makes him more sensual and emotionally aware right now. This may cause him to be more fluid and observant in the bedroom, making for a very spiritual lovemaking experience if you choose to go that route.

Instead of forcing the passion of the moment, this Mars transit encourages you to take things slow. A lot is shifting for the Aries man, and he may be more curious about the future.

If you see a connection in your future, drop gentle hints that you would like to be able to support his vision. Let him know that your kindness isn’t an act of charity—it comes from a place of genuine affection and love.

If you want to attract an Aries man in May 2020, show him what he’s worth, focus on what you have in common, stay connected, and be kind.

Just remember that the Aries man is full of secrets, so for you to build and maintain the relationship of your dreams, you need to understand the Aries man on a fundamental level.

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Have you noticed these astrological influences on your Aries man? Let me know in the comment section below!

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach 

7 thoughts on “How to Attract an Aries Man in May 2020

  1. I was talking to an Aries man and were supposed to meet but Corona Virus stopped us. We felt it safe not to meet. Plans to meet were there. On Easter Sunday I asked if he could come to my area and we could see one another and perhaps see my grandkids. He said he was going motorcycle riding and since then not heard from him and neither did I call or text him. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I also want to say that b-4 Eastr Sunday we did speak on the phone romantically. In one of our texts after this I did tell him, I cared for him and respected him, but could not understand him. Could this have been what killed everything. Marie

    1. Hi Marie!

      If you’re going to clear this up and talk to him then you need to reach out to him. First ask him how he’s doing and that you’re thinking of him. Then you’re going to say you aren’t sure what happened but you’d like to get back on track with him and see what he says to that. If you want to learn more about Aries man, please check out my book “Aries Man Secrets”.

  3. I really don’t know why he went mute after a date night and we didn’t have sex, but I explained why I denied him he just said it’s cool but since then he just went MIA, replying to my texts and picking up some calls not all, could this be the end of it all. I already told him that am in love we are one month old

    1. Hi Tess,

      I am an Arian man who regularly checks the comments on this website and can relate to most of them.

      As an Aries, I will tell you bluntly right here and now – If you have been on a few dates with him and have been seeing the man for 1 month, haven’t slept with him and have told him you are already in love, you have more than likely blown your chance.

      If I were in his shoes I would take a step back aswell. If a woman was to tell me she loved me and we hadn’t been intimately involved, I would question her intentions. How could you possibly love someone after talking to them a few times? If I was to pursue a relationship with you, how would I know you won’t fall in love with the next man that comes up to you and has a conversation, pays you attention etc.

      I know when you meet another person and you are attracted to them you want to do your best to try and “keep” that person, but us Arian men can get overwhelmed with women’s emotions if they come on too strong, my advice would be to keep it simple and straight forward with him. If you have the chance to go on a date with him again try and act as though you 2 are just friends. I’ve been told by many women that I’m a very “typical Aries”. Want to know what melts my heart when it comes to a woman? One who treats me as a fellow human being – An equal. I’ve been put on a pedestal before and it’s the quickest way to scare away your Aries.

      1. Hi Arian Man!

        Thank you for writing in and sharing your insight as an Aries man. I really appreciate it when you guys pop on and share who you are so that women can better understand. I absolutely agree with what you’ve said with all the studies I’ve done on Aries men. She scared him off accidentally. Again, thank you for sharing. I value your input.

    2. HI Tess!

      Ohhh you probably shouldn’t have told him that you’re already in love. That maybe was too much pressure that quickly. It scared him and he put the brakes on. Aries men don’t like to move that fast and even if they do, they typically will want to mull it over and may slow it back down. If you want to learn more about Aries man, please check out my book “Aries Man Secrets”.

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