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How to Attract an Aries Man in October 2020

Every month, the planets change signs and affect our relationships. Depending on the planetary movements, it may be tough to understand the needs and desires of the Aries man. But with my tips based on the monthly energy, you can draw the attention of an Aries man or improve your relationship with one in October 2020.

Attracting an Aries Man in October 2020

1. Build a Healthy Foundation

Whether you are just meeting the Aries man for the first time or have been together for decades, October 2020 is the month to focus on building—or rebuilding—a healthy relationship.

The harmonious Libra Sun highlights the Aries man’s seventh house of love and relationships until October 22. 

When the Sun is in Libra, the Aries man has a strong desire to slow down and focus on his relationships. This is a good time to check in and confirm you two are on the same page—make sure you are speaking the same love language.

Because Libra is Aries’s (opposite) sister sign, he may have trouble adjusting to the demands of a healthy partnership at first. He is not the best at prioritizing someone else’s needs. 

However, with patience and open communication, you can work peacefully towards a common goal. You can establish a healthy foundation from the start. 

During Libra season, the Aries man is most attracted to the woman who inspires peace of mind, self-care, and balance. He wants someone capable of fending for herself but flexible enough to be his sanctuary, his foundation, his home.

If looking for ways to connect more deeply and establish a firm foundation with the Aries man, look for fun activities that help you both loosen up and break the ice. Playing a conversation game like twenty questions is a smart place to start. 

For example, you can ask each other questions about your ideal partnership. Perhaps you can discuss the activities you would like to share with your partner, the values you would like to share, the core principles that would construct your relationship—anything that helps you establish trust.

Starting on October 22, the sign will move into Scorpio, the sign of emotional rebirth and joint finances. During this transit, the sun will illuminate the Aries man’s eighth house of intimacy and transformation.

Because the sun transiting the eighth house of rebirth almost always brings intense emotional experiences, it is important to create a strong foundation to build on during Libra season. 

Make sure to have any difficult conversations at the beginning of the month.

2. Talk About the Tough Stuff

When it comes to communicating in relationships, the Aries man chooses to focus on the good rather than spend his precious time on the negative—he has more important things to do. 

Relationship drama, intimacy problems, etc., are all private matters he keeps to himself. But in October 2020, the Aries man may be more open-minded and self-reflective than usual. Throughout October, he will be evaluating the potentiality of your relationship and how he should pursue love and commitment moving forward. 

If you were wondering why the Aries man is more sensitive about subjects from his past, it is because Mercury, the planet of thoughts and communication, is stationing retrograde, which slows down and affects his mode of thinking. Mercury retrograde causes him to refocus his mind and self-reflect.

On October 13, Mercury will station in retrograde in the mysterious water sign Scorpio. During this during introspective transit, Mercury will illuminate the Aries man’s eighth house of emotional intensity, rebirth, and joint resources.

Because of Mercury, the Aries man is most attracted to the woman who is vulnerable and open to talking about the tough stuff with him. He wants someone who can heal with him and who is on his same page.

If looking for ways to harness the powerful energy of Mercury retrograde and attract an Aries man, take advantage of this month’s opportunity to deepen your soul ties. Let him know that the connection you have is more than physical.

To do this, you could look deeper into your relationship astrology or meet with a spiritual practitioner. If having issues, you may think about trying couples therapy or joining a couples group — anything that strengthens your bond as a unit. 

3. Go With the Flow

Attracting An Aries Man in October Going with the flow

At first glance, it may seem like the spontaneous Aries man is all about fun and games, but this month, you’ll get to see more of his serious side. 

From October 2 until October 27, Venus, the planet of love and relationships, will journey through service-oriented and thoughtful Virgo. 

For the Aries man, Venus in Virgo is a time of helpfulness, thoughtfulness, and going with the flow. 

With the Sun also in harmonious Libra encouraging him to slow down and tune in, he’s more considerate of your needs and wants. He is more open to cooperation and finding what works for you. 

Because of Virgo’s easy-going nature, the Aries man is most attracted to the uncomplicated woman—someone who knows how to live in the moment and make the best of the present. 

If looking for ways to connect to the Aries man in October 2020, look for activities that encourage him to let go. Because Virgo is a nature-loving earth sign, this is an excellent transit to look into peaceful outdoor activities like golfing, walking, or fishing—any carefree activity that requires little effort and stress. 

On the other hand, Venus in work-driven Virgo also means he could be more involved with his professional relationships than usual, so be flexible if he doesn’t have as much free time. 

When you feel neglected or see that he’s overwhelmed, don’t nag. Go with the flow and ask for five minutes of his time instead. See how far that gets you! 

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4. Make Time to Connect

If you have been looking for the perfect time to plan an outing or do something special for the Aries man, plan it near October 2. 

On October 2, the full Moon in Aries will illuminate his sign, bringing fire and passion to his relationships and current goals.  

During these next two weeks, focus on keeping things light and fresh. Give the Aries man his space to celebrate and explore all the new opportunities unfolding in his life. He will thank you for it later. 

Another great day this month to plan a special gathering or connect with the Aries man is on October 16, when the new Moon in Libra will highlight the Aries man’s seventh house of relationship and marriage. 

During this two-week transit, he will be open to starting a new relationship or strengthening the bonds of an existing one. Use this to your advantage for genuine ways to attract and connect. 

Overall, the energy of October 2020 encourages the Aries man to go deep and take his commitments more seriously. October is the month where he finds clarity on what he wants and needs out of a relationship. 

Therefore, to win and attract the heart of an Aries man in October 2020, focus on building a healthy foundation, talking about the important stuff, going with the flow, and making time to connect. 

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What are you hoping October will bring to your relationship? Let me know in the comments—I’d love to hear from you!

I look forward to hearing from you. 

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach 

5 thoughts on “How to Attract an Aries Man in October 2020

  1. hey Anna, fingers crossed you respond. I’ve been talking to this Aries guy that I meet online and the conversations have been going well. He told me I’m an energetic uplifting person, I keep the conversation going, I’m motivating him and that I’m one of a kind. He’s always the one that texts me first but on Saturday, we didn’t speak at all after talking for 3 days straight. Then on Sunday, he texts me “heyy” and I wait an hour and a half to respond back so I send a hey and don’t get a response. I then send another text a few hours after that one talking about a basketball games our teams are playing against each other in. No response. I’ve been posting on my socials and he always watches to see what I’m doing. Today after not talking for 3 days, I decided to call him because I read that you can also initiate conversation and show that you’re interested. The phone rang but the call got declined… I followed up with a text saying I was checking in, no response. But I posted on social media again and he was a viewer. What do I do? What does it mean?

    1. Hi niyahstar!

      Hmm…. ok that’s odd. I think you should ask him “hey how come you aren’t answering me anymore?”. Be honest in your asking. You deserve to know and he should tell you unless there is something that came up he’s trying to deal with and has put texting on the back burner. You never know what he may be dealing with. Ask him though. If you want to learn more about Aries man, please check out my book “Aries Man Secrets”.

      1. Hey Anna! So update: him and I spoke. I reached out to him via Instagram since he was watching my stories and not responding: he told me that he feels that he may be bad for me because he’s focused on himself and getting money but told me that he was still feeling my vibe. I told him that I understood and that I have the same mentality, however that I would still explore a connection I feel strongly about because you never know. He agreed and we decided to make plans to see each other that same night— he fell asleep on me and texted me early in the morning apologizing. I told that words are words and that actions speaker louder, he agreed and said he’d see me tonight so I told him 8pm. He came and it was great. But it night ended quickly because his cousin called him to remind him that he was waiting for him to pick him up at the airport.. he forgot and thought his cousin was coming the next day. So he dropped me off home, we shared a long embrace and he apologized immensely. He texted me when I got inside apologizing again and told me that was the longest hug he’s had with someone this year. He also told me that the food I made and gave him was amazing and sent me a kissy emoji (I made dinner earlier and wrapped it in aluminum foil for him). Next day, I tell him to come over, he likes the message. A few hours later, I tell him the same time as the day before. He sees the message but no response. I get ready and wait, tell him I’m ready. No response. I call. Nothing. Text, nothing. I call again, nothing. Then I get a message within a few minutes after calling. It’s him apologizing and saying that he’s been feeling under the weather and that his friends have been making him mad and that he’s also watching the basketball game….. I respectfully tell him off via text expressing disappointment. No response. Morning comes, nothing. I post on my story, he sees it. I text him asking if he’s feeling better, message seen. I ask him what he wants to do now, message seen. I then get frustrated and tell him I’m over this and that my anxiety is through the roof. Message seen then I’m blocked.

        1. To add onto what I said: he’s also mentioned to me before how he’s had bad luck with relationships when it comes to women and how his ex was his longest relationship (3 years, almost 4). Also mentioned that they broke up in May.

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