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6 Reasons Why An Aries Man Refuses To Commit To You

Wondering why your Aries fella is reluctant to commit to you? It can be anxiety-provoking when he seems to withdraw, or only wants to see you on his terms. Instead of being kept in the dark and trying to guess why he’s refusing to commit, here are some likely reasons why he’s not stepping up: 

It hurts when someone refuses to commit, right? And it’s so easy to take it personally, as if there’s something intrinsically wrong with you, rather than the fault lying with him. 

Plus, Aries men always blow hot and cold, one day wanting to make you the queen of his world, and the next day totally detached. He may be talking about the future this week, dropping the “girlfriend” word, and the next week he’s saying he feels trapped. 

The thing is, once committed, this is actually a sign that will be loyal until the death to you. It just takes some time, patience, and real chemistry developing into love. 

Perhaps, if you know a few reasons why he’s not committing, you can stand back and let him be, which will make him come back to you and chase you again. After all, the Aries guy does love a good chase! He needs to feel as if you’re somehow out of his reach or hard to get. 

Here are seven reasons why he refuses to commit, and how you can handle it. 

6 Reasons Why An Aries Man Refuses To Commit To You

1. He Feels Suffocated

Aries Man Refuses To Commit And Feels Suffocated

Being such a free-spirited sign, these men really need their own activities and life aside from you. He’s also a fire sign, which makes him dynamic, action-orientated, and quite independent

If you are the type that’s more of a clinging vine – and that’s not a bad thing, some men love that – he may complain that he feels suffocated. See, what the Aries man loves in a woman is someone who is both independent and needs him, at the same time. 

He loves a woman he can be a hero to, but not a woman who is so independent that she doesn’t call on him when the time comes. 

Yes, it’s an almost impossible tightrope to walk, and takes a certain amount of skill. If you only need him, he will be turned off so try and find that balance! It’s what will keep him coming back for more, when he senses you have slightly pulled away. 

2. His Feelings Have Cooled Down – For Now

As a fire sign, the feelings of the Aries man burn brightly or not at all. And that flame does tend to go on and off quite often. You know when he’s into you and wants to commit – he’ll try and claim you as his property, his very own. He will barely be able to keep his hands off of you! 

When that flame burns low, he couldn’t be less interested. What you need to know is that this flame of love is always burning and cooling. So, just trust that he will come back for more, and carry on with your own life

When he sees that you’re not responding to his coolness, that fire heats up again, as certain as the Sun rising each morning. It is exhausting, but after some time, he manages to keep things a little more consistent. 

So, if he’s not committing, in other words, it could just be a phase. Don’t panic quite yet! 

3. He Wants To Play The Field

Aries Man Has A Problem To Commit To You

Let’s face the truth: a reason why he’s not committing may simply be because he wants to play the field for a while still. Aries is a sign ruled by Mars, the planet of lust, conquering and desire. Aries men love to chase women, to feel admired, to put another notch on their bedposts, so to speak! 

If he is in this phase, it can take a special girl to make him slow down and see the upsides of a committed relationship. You may be that girl, but he could be so deeply in this phase that he doesn’t see it – yet.

There’s not much you can do here, other than keep your self respect and hold out on him. Make sure he knows you are not like the rest of the women he chases, that you are more valuable and harder to get

Make him work for your love, and you’ll soon see him starting to slow down and give you more of his time and energy, and perhaps, his commitment. 

4. He Doesn’t Feel Like He’s In Charge

Aries men are Alpha males. He needs to feel like he is in charge of this relationship, that you are, in many ways, his little lady he needs to protect from the world. Of course, you can be independent and powerful, he admires that, but if you are walking all over him, he will just not be into you. 

This could be a very valid reason for his lack of commitment, even if you don’t think so. So, what do you do? 

Well, it’s up to you. You can tone down your more dominant side and let him take care of you and run around after you – but if that doesn’t feel right, then never change yourself for any man, even the sexy Aries guy! 

5. He Has Other Adventures He Needs To Have

Aries Man Alone Having Problems With Commitment

Aries is one of the most adventurous signs of the Zodiac. He loves to be outdoors – to get his adrenaline going by having wild adventures! He may be the type that buys a big car and heads off to drive across Africa, or buys a motorbike and travels the world. 

If he’s in this phase of his life, it’s next it impossible to get him to commit, unless you are the type of woman who is happy to wait around for him while he galivants all over the show. And that takes a special connection – he will love for you to wait, of course! 

His other adventure may also simply be his career – if he’s in that phase of major building, you may take second place. Again, it’s up to you if you’re okay with that.

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6. He’s In Love With Someone Else

Finally, the last reason why he isn’t committing to you is possibly because he’s in love with someone else. Although Aries men are usually very honest by nature, they often do fall for others, especially if they feel in any way neglected or ignored. 

It could even be his ex that he still carries a flame for. So, what can you do about it? Well, since he appreciates honesty, just ask him directly. If you see his heart isn’t with you, give him some space and withdraw. He will most likely respect that and come chasing after you once he realizes what a treasure he’s lost! 

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Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

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