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5 Crucial Facts About Aries Man You Should Know

The sign of Aries is considered to be the very beginning of the Zodiac. Everything starts with him and his spark of life, and everything will eventually come back to him. He is the essence of the ego, will, and activity.

Here are some facts you should know about them:

Fiery Start

Aries is usually being born in a very loud manner. And this is so obvious because he feels like he is the first one and he came to this planet to make it better by applying his set of rules. He doesn’t mind about your opinion about those rules, because he is always right.

Many people would find Aries guys quite arrogant, self-centered, impatient, non-emotional, and this can be the truth. However, this sign is also very positive; he can enjoy fully any activity or a new idea. He is also courageous, fast, skilled and challenging.

During his childhood, he will want to be the first and to win of course, and as he gets older, you might think that he will slow down a bit, but this is far from the truth. The level of activity you can see at his young age will remain the same almost until the end of his life. This fire in Aries man never goes out.

Money Doesn’t Matter

Facts About Aries Man

No, it doesn’t matter for an Aries. He won’t mind how much something did cost or how much something will cost him at all. He will seek the joy in this particular item or activity, and if he can’t find his satisfaction, he won’t close the deal.

For an Aries girlfriend or a woman, it could be exceptionally hard for you sometimes to get him to buy you that phenomenal handbag, shoes or to take you to ballet for instance. He doesn’t care about female’s bags at all, their shapes, colors or especially brands, and if he finds ballet show to be boring, there is no way you can make him go there with you.

On the other side, in the mind of the Aries man, nothing is too expensive if it brings him joy. Hiking adventure with the other guys, fishing for weekends, a motorcycle ride on the local roads, will mean a whole lot more to him, surely more than the expensive vacation, shopping or the endless wine and dine dates.

This is why it’s imperative that if you want to get something from him, offer him your joy first. Let him know how much happier you will feel if you have that handbag, go to the ballet show or expensive restaurant. Your level of joy will be the best guarantee for him that this thing or activity is worthy of his time or money.

May the Force Be with the Aries Man

However, this statement is not exactly true, because the strong force is the core element of every Aries. This doesn’t mean that he is just powerful and with a strong ego. He needs the discipline to feel he had reached his full potential.

This is why Aries guys thrive in organized environments where the commanding structure is clear, like in the military or even in hospitals. People are wearing uniforms there, and it’s easy to know who is in charge.

He needs to be active all the time, and this is the perfect situation when it comes to sports and outdoor activities. If you want to be someone significant in his life, then you have to take care of your health and join him in his adventures.

Even if he gets sick from time to time, this will be shown as the strong and acute inflammation, but a few days later he will be back on his feet and ready to conquer the world.

Go with the Flow 

There is no such thing as going with the flow for an Aries man. He makes the flow, and he creates the upcoming events. For you, if you are in love or business relationship with the Aries guy, this will mean that you can’t just create the “fluid” atmosphere.

He needs to know what your working tasks are and what are his exactly. In the same manner, you will have to decide, or rather ask him what will he decide, when it comes to the household, taking the pet to the vet, driving the children to school or sports and so on.

The clear and precise list of your activities will be demanded from you, and he will take care of his part of those duties for sure.

Aries Man Has a Pure Heart

Facts About Aries Man

No matter what the level of his education, financial status or his place in the social circles, Aries man will feel deep down inside his soul like he is the knight in the shining armor. He will hate the suffering the most because he doesn’t understand this emotion at all.

If you are sick, in any troubles, or just feeling exhausted or sad, he won’t be able to accompany you on this dark inner voyage. However, he will offer his help immediately to resolve your problems, and there won’t be the mountain high enough he won’t be able to climb, just for your smile.


Aries guys give themselves more than 100% in any situation, and they are famous for their ability to think fast when there is a dragon around. This is especially true if they have any emotions toward the person in need.

They can be clumsy and hard; sometimes, this is evident, but they are also very reliable, noble and carrying. You need to sneak into their hearts, and you will be protected forever.

What do you think about these facts about Aries man?

Click here to learn more about the Aries man. It may help you figure out if you’re what he really wants.

Are there any interesting episodes or events from your experience with the Aries guy you want to share?

Please let me know because Aries guys are capable of creating action where ever they are.

I would love to read your comments about this subject.

Your friend and astrologer,

Anna Kovach

2 thoughts on “5 Crucial Facts About Aries Man You Should Know

  1. Im not sure if i can trust this aries guy. We are in a causal friends relationship but it seems like it could be more at least on my part. One late night i had car troubles. He got a text from me and responded about a half hour later. I suspected him sleep along with everyone else at 12 n 1 during the week. Even though, he answered and asked me for the location. I sent it and no show. I text are you on the way. I should say we had a a slight tiff over the phone 1 or 2 days before; so What he replied with was iffy. He says No because i told him i was good.?? Um no sir. Text:” i know you are mad but im stuck and nobody is answering their phone can you come help me with my car. Im up the road?”
    His text: Do you still need help or are you good? Send location
    Me: yes please thank you. Then i sent the loc.?
    Now i gave him the benefit of the doubt cause he did respond and it was early or rather late. I still dont know if that was an evil revenge thing or he just not a cautions reader. Then upon us meeting up the second time before this mishap. We were talking and he just casually says he has met alot of women through out his time. I was confused by the statement and still am. if he thinks just because we are friends first he felt comfortable enough to state this, was it a test, or a warning??? ? Cause then i said something to him on the phone one day and he got mad and said. Hell naw what do you think i just drive around all the time fkn any and everybody. Bye! ? but yeah i kinda did until he stated it.?? Yet in and all hell get mad say have a nice life and im for sure im done but when i miss him i text and he still will continue where we left off in the middle.

    1. Hi Trina!

      It’s unusual for an Aries man not to want to help the woman he cares about. Although he doesn’t typically respond to a woman in distress unless she’s something more than a friend. Not to say he wouldn’t help a friend but he’s making it apparent that maybe he’s not as into you. It’s prob a good idea to keep going your separate ways. You deserve someone who will treat you well and be there for you when you need them.

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