5 Things That Women Love About Aries Men – What Makes Them So Hot?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Why is it that we cannot seem to resist the charms of the Aries man? Here are some things that women LOVE about Aries men! Keep reading and find out.

Why is it that we cannot seem to resist the charms of the Aries man? What is it about him that makes him so appealing and unforgettable? Here are some things that women LOVE about Aries men (that they’ve told me in confidence).

1. They are very physical

If you’re a woman that really loves sex or intimacy of any kind, you’ll absolutely be drawn to an Aries man. He’s a touchy-feely type of guy which means when he’s with you; he won’t be able to keep his hands off you.

He likes to kiss a lot, hug, snuggle, and indulge in sexual activity. If you’re a woman with a high libido; the Aries man can absolutely keep up with you. Just keep in mind; he can be a bit selfish sometimes.

While he’ll be willing to hop in the sack at the drop of a hat; he may not be all that interested in making sure you get what you need in the process. This will mainly depend on his rising sign as that will determine what type of lover he is.

He has a ton of energy and likes to burn it out by being very active and as such is normally in very good physical health. This may slip when he becomes older but while he’s still relatively young; he’ll be in good shape.

2. They are true Alpha males

Things That Women Love About Aries Men

This may not be important to some women. However; some women really like a man to take charge and be “the man” in the relationship. As such; Aries is really great at taking charge.

Sometimes he goes a bit far in wanting to be the one wearing the pants in the relationship. Of course, if you’re good with that; then he may be the right type of guy for you.

Just remember, this also will make him somewhat combative at times because he is always right and nothing you do will prove otherwise. He wants it his way or no way at all.

He thinks in terms of black and white. So either you accept he wants to do it his way or you can go along your own way. However; if you can prove to him logically why your idea is better; he may consider it.

3. Aries men are loyal and attentive

While he is needy when it comes to attention and loyalty; he absolutely will provide the same for the woman he loves. The thing is; he has to be fully committed otherwise he’s sort of rough around the edges.

Many women feel charmed by him and then after they begin dating him; he seems like an inflated egotistical jerk. It really takes a special type of lady to get his attention and also to keep it.

This woman must be patient and prove to him she isn’t going anywhere even if there are hard times. I’m not saying you need to stay with him though if he betrays your trust or cheats on you.

I’m saying that if you are able to prove to him that you’re there for him and have his back; he may very well return the favor and make you his one and only. Just be sure that’s what he wants.

He will dote on you, give you lots of affection, and be loyal to you but ONLY if you give him personal space and time to be who he is.

4. They will always keep their woman safe

Things That Women Love About Aries Men

When an Aries man commits to his lady, he becomes her protector. He will worry about your safety and he will want to make sure there is no way you can be harmed.

You’ll feel quite safe in and out of his arms. He will check on you often to make sure that everything is going well and that you don’t need him. He can sometimes become jealous or possessive in the process.

This is to be expected from the fiery Aries man. He has a hot temper and if he perceives that anyone is invading in on his territory (you), he will take action against said person.

This can be a verbal thing or it can lead to a physical altercation so be careful. Never try to make him jealous on purpose as it will likely backfire on you causing you to be heartbroken.

5. They are very successful at what they do

If you’re into sexy, intellectual, successful men, the Aries guy is the right one for you. He has the capability to get anything done including his own goals. He’ll be very motivated.

He likes to stay active and sitting on the sofa watching television isn’t what he’s about. He has to be out and about whether it’s for pleasure or for work. He has to feel accomplished or he may become depressed.

This guy will create goals and do what he has to in order to reach them. He’s proficient in business or in anything that requires physical strength. He tends to like exciting jobs that keep him on edge.

He may do things such as being a police officer or firefighter. There is an element of danger that thrills him. Also protecting others is something he feels necessary in his life’s calling.

Since he is into keeping people safe; it will truly turn you on. The uniform he may wear will be pretty awesome also. Think of the possibilities in the bedroom when you imagine him in a police uniform.

Perhaps he may be a doctor and the sight of him in scrubs and his doctor’s jacket will be a big turn on for you. Knowing he saves lives is definitely a quality to love. Aries drive is one to be appreciated.

Getting to know your Aries on a much deeper level will help you discover what in particular he’s looking for as well as if he has the qualities you’re looking for. Click here to find out more about this sensual Aries guy.

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