Does Your Aries Man Still Have Feelings For His Ex? Signs To Look For

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you involved with an Aries and wondering if he's still thinking about his ex-girlfriend? Does your Aries man still have feelings for his ex? Read more..

Are you involved with an Aries and wondering if he’s still thinking about his ex-girlfriend? Have you caught him talking to her and wondering if he’ll go back to her and leave you? Does your Aries man still have feelings for his ex? Keep reading for some helpful signs.

Unresolved Feelings

With Aries, if he still cares about his ex or even wants her back, he’ll actually tell his partner how NOT into her he is. He’ll make it seem like he hates her or can’t stand her.

It’s very opposite to how he’s feeling though. He doesn’t want to get caught by his current partner with is feelings out in the open for the woman from the past. He knows that he’ll be seen right through.

If you notice that there is an increase of him bringing her up in conversation or reacting to anyone else talking about her, there is still something there. Most people would just blow it off and move onto the next topic.

He will respond with anger and may even cuss about her. Remember ladies, there is a fine line between love and hate. If he expresses hatred or anger toward his ex frequently (instead of letting it go), he still has some heart for her.

Does this mean he’ll leave you for her? Well, that depends on how much you hear about her. If you rarely hear about her, then probably not. If you hear about her quite a bit, you may want to ask him about it.

Keep in mind that if the wound is still deep for him depending on what happened between them, he may react to hearing her name or anything about her. It doesn’t always mean he wants her back.

Sometimes it is what it is, he’s still hurt or angry with how things happened or what the break up did to him. If he’s the one that broke it off without remorse then you probably won’t hear much if anything at all about her.

Contact and Refusal to Own Up

does your aries man still have feelings for his ex

Naturally, if you KNOW for certain via his cell phone or email that he’s been talking to her, the gig is up. Once in a while shouldn’t be too big of a thing. However, it will depend on the things he says and how often.

You’ll have to figure out on your own how deep the rabbit hole goes with him and his ex. Just know that if it’s barely there or he ran into her one day, this isn’t a make or break deal.

If he keeps in frequent contact and doesn’t want to tell you about it; there is something there. A normal response from him should be that she came into town and they met up for coffee.

He can also say that she reached out to him to ask him a question and he answered her, no big deal. However; if he makes an ordeal out of it swearing up and down he isn’t talking to her; the overreaction should be suspicious.

Often when an Aries man keeps denying something in a vigilant way; he’s guilty of something. Be aware that him acting this way about an ex or any other woman for that matter; could indicate he’s cheating or considering leaving.

Other Suspicious Behavior

If he is planning to be with his ex or even just has feelings that won’t go away, you may walk in on him looking at photos of her or even masturbating. Yes, that would not be a good scene but it IS possible with an Aries man.

Even just oogling her social media profiles on a semi-regular basis may indicate his need to stalk her. As you know, stalking normally either means hatred or it means interest. In his case, it’s likely interest.

If he’s already cheating with her, there will be some obvious signs as well. You may not know it’s his ex but you’ll know he’s doing something he shouldn’t. When he comes home to take a shower immediately after going out, something’s up.

Unless he regularly does this to cleanse himself of odors of where he’s been or if he’s an extreme sweater, then showering immediately after going out to the bar with friends doesn’t seem to make sense.

Also if he’s meeting a friend for coffee or something that is simple yet comes back and wants to change clothes or shower, you had better pay attention to this red flag.

Of course, if he’s been talking about his ex or rather complaining about her with this other behavior behind it, he’s sneaking around with her no doubt and you had better confront him.

Don’t Jump The Gun

does your aries man still have feelings for his ex

As much as the idea of your Aries man having feelings for his ex scares you, in most cases, it’s totally normal. Most people have at least one ex that they still carry feelings for and always will.

Does it mean he’ll leave? Not all the time. He could still love her until the end of time but it doesn’t mean he’ll leave the woman he loves right now to risk being with his ex again.

Remember that ex’s are ex’s for a reason. He will remember this too if he knows what is good for him. He’ll probably compare the two of you and figure out that you’re better for him than she is.

Yes, there is that chance he may go the other direction but in most cases; he will stick with who he is with and try to make it work. It doesn’t mean his love will fade or disappear for her.

It does mean, however, that he really loves you and has no intention of screwing that up and letting you go. If things are particularly wonderful with you two then you have NOTHING to worry about. Keep your radar up just in case!

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Anna Kovach

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10 thoughts on “Does Your Aries Man Still Have Feelings For His Ex? Signs To Look For

  1. My Aries male interest was born March 29. 1958. What is his rising ascendant and moon to find out what Aries he is truly. Thanks for helping me

    1. Hi Jane! Thank you for writing in about your Aries man. I’m afraid I cannot look into what his rising sign is based on his date of birth alone. To know that information, you have to know what his EXACT time of birth is as well as location. What I can tell you though is that there is a whole lot of knowledge I have about Aries man that you would find interesting. You may want to check out my book “Aries Man Secrets” at It may unravel a whole lot that you didn’t know about him previously.

      1. my aries and I had a three year relationship.. he got so angry about me not coming over his house.. He said it was over between u and he accused me of cheating.. he did call me .. so I stopped call him .. now he calls me almost every other day.. he ask me to talk him to the emergency he still have feeling .. I’m confused!

        1. Hi Renee!

          Well if he’s calling you every other day and asked for you to talk to him in the E.R. then I’d say yes he still has feelings but it’s not alright for him to blow up over small things. I’d be asking him why he reacted that way and that accusing you of things you’re not doing isn’t the right way to handle his frustration. Tell him to calm down then talk to you instead of blowing up. I hope this helps. You definitely deserve all the best!

    1. Hi Jaca!

      If you would like my email, you can purchase one of my books. They will send you the email in which you can write to me. Blessings!

  2. hi, my aries bf is regularly looking at ex’s social media pages and when saw on fb she was at the top of his list he blew up into rage, took it out on me, he said he created her fb page (she’s a prima ballerina) and that “it’s his.” – am extremely confused and hurt. is this a red flag, does he want her back? he also said, “i like to see how miserable her life is now without me.”

    1. Hi Noel!

      I don’t know if he wants her back but he still has some huge unresolved feelings. That may make you his “rebound”. I don’t know honey. That sounds toxic. I would tell him straight up that he needs to resolve his feelings about her and that you don’t deserve the brunt of his anger. Get him straightened out. If he cannot do this then you may need to let him go so you can have someone who isn’t carrying so much emotional baggage.

  3. Hi Anna,

    I am best friends with an Aires guy for a few months now. We are crazy compatible in many levels and basically know everything about eachother. Last week, we went out clubbing and I sort of confessed I had a crush on him. He looked amused but not surprised, even hinted like the feeling was reciprocated. But he still hasn’t recovered from a heartbreak; and his ex texted him a few days back messing up his brain. So I got rejected.

    I am feeling a lot of things at the same time. One is embarrassment for confessing too soon. Another is worrying if this will affect our friendship. I also wanted to find out if he felt the same way ( or I’m just imagining it). But ever since that day, he will text me every few hours or call simply to check up on me. I’m confused. Help!

    1. Hi R!

      Alright so he’s expressed that he feels the same way you do but he’s just not ready to get into anything because of his broken heart. That’s pretty normal. He just needs a bit more time sweetheart. I don’t think he rejected you, he was being honest. He’s dealing with a wound he has to work on healing. It’s not a fast process. You definitely don’t want to be his rebound. Just keep being his friend and let him have some time to sort himself out. If you’re still there when he’s ready to be with someone again, it will be you he chooses. Don’t let it affect your friendship. Keep going like the conversation never happened and everything is good. Need more help? Check out my guides on “Aries Man Secrets”. I wish you the best!

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