Personality Of An Aries Man With Capricorn Rising: What To Know

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
If your Aries man is always in conflict with himself, Capricorn rising may be the culprit. Find out some things about an Aries man with Capricorn rising.

If you’ve gotten yourself involved with an Aries man that seems to always be in conflict with himself or his thoughts; Capricorn rising may be the culprit. Here are some things to know about an Aries man with Capricorn rising that may help you understand him a little better.

Two Different Attitudes

The Aries man is very impulsive and jumps on things before he should. Capricorn tends to take a more pragmatic approach and sees no reason to hurry with anything.

This puts the Aries man an odds every time there is some decision to be made. He doesn’t know if he should act on his impulse or if he should stop and think it through.

His mind will be back and forth not knowing the right answer. Aries tries to be positive and optimistic when Capricorn rising says “no such utopia exists here”. So he’ll try to stay upbeat but then beat himself back down.

This is like having a constant devil and angel on your shoulders. One side wants to get up and go while the other wants to stay put. This can put a damper on Aries life in general.

One minute you’ll find he’s active and social then the next day he’s doom and gloom at home. As such; he’ll want you to be at home with him also. Seeing anyone too overly happy around him will confuse him further.

The Aries side is optimistic while the Capricorn side is pessimistic and more of a realist. This is a bad combination and this poor Aries guy probably struggles with himself often.

This Combination in Relationships

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While he’s probably struggling and confused with himself all the time; he’s going to have a hard time relating to anyone too much in a relationship. This will take a partner with finesse and logic.

This man isn’t for the weak or faint-hearted. One day he’ll be smooth and happy go lucky then the next he’s a hardass with heavy expectations. A partner that already has balance is probably a good mix for him.

A partner that can reason with him and use intelligence to talk him into what is best will be required. Otherwise, he’s going to get excited initially and then spank himself back down before you even get out the door.

He probably has problems communicating his feelings as most Aries do but with Capricorn rising; he becomes an even more complicated nut to crack. I do not envy the woman trying to win this man’s heart.

He won’t let anyone close in a quick amount of time. If he does; he may quickly retreat and make the other person work hard to get him to come back around. This is another one that will play it “hot then cold”.

It’s not totally his fault though. It’s the Capricorn side of him that enhances the “we need to wait” feature in a relationship or getting to know someone. Capricorn is no hurry.

Sexy Time with the Combination

No matter which sign you look at here; the Aries man with Capricorn rising is going to be a hot potato in the bedroom. Aries has lots of passion to unload on you and Capricorn will make him more uninhibited thus letting the inner freak out.

Capricorns like to conceal their kinky side until they find someone whom they think will understand it and match them. When Aries has Capricorn rising; he will want the pleasure to be extreme for both himself and you.

Aries is often a selfish type of lover. However when Capricorn is involved; he will take pleasure in giving you pleasure just as much as he’d receive it. If you want to get involved in spanking, handcuffing, or any other really kinky stuff; this guy will do it.

He will not only do it but he’ll be quite possibly the best lover you’ve ever had. If you’re not really into kinky stuff in the bedroom then this guy may be a bit of a problem for you.

You may catch him looking at extremely kinky types of porn and when you ask him why; he’ll tell you it’s because you won’t do it with him. So think about it before you get sexually or romantically involved with this guy.

He’s got some sexy skeletons in his closet and if you’re willing; he’ll share them with you thus giving you a very rewarding experience.

Let Freedom Ring!

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Both the Aries and Capricorn love their personal freedom. So when you combine the two; you’ll be certain that this guy will want to have some solitude when he can get it.

If he doesn’t get it; he becomes very cranky and intolerable. This isn’t a pretty site to see. The Aries is already quite fiery with his temper but you add the resentment that a Capricorn can harbor; you’ll have a mess on your hands.

Be sure that you’re giving him some time to himself as often as you can muster. Whether that means letting him have a guys night out, you go out for the girls night, or either of you go out of town for the weekend; it’s well advised.

Too much of you being around will make him feel closed in or tied down. He won’t appreciate it and the last thing you want is him to resent your relationship overall when there was an easy solution.

Communication will be very important for the two of you as well. You should be able to tell when he needs a bit of “me” time. Honestly, it’s healthy for you to have it as well.

Going to do things independently will help you both maintain a sense of self and freedom that will keep your relationship running smoothly. It’s a necessity for this Aries man with Capricorn rising.

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