Personality Of An Aries Man With Libra Rising: What To Know

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
What could this combination be like? Here are some things that you should know about this dynamic personality of an Aries man with Libra rising.

An aggressive Aries man combined with the logical Libra. What could this combination be like in a relationship? Here are some things that you should know about this dynamic personality of an Aries man with Libra rising.

What is Ascendant or a Rising Sign?

Ascendant or a Rising Sign is the most important part of a natal chart of every person, even more important than the position of the Sun in your chart (your main Zodiac sign).

It represents the Zodiac sign in which the 1st house of your natal chart is positioned. It can be easily calculated on various websites, but you must know the exact time, date and place of birth of the person whose Ascendant you are calculating. Or, you can just ask them ?

Calmer Angle of Aries

Aries man with Libra rising

When an Aries man has Libra as his rising sign; he’ll actually be able to control himself a great deal better. He’ll be more open-minded, calm, and able to think things through.

Aries is known for being impulsive and aggressive. Libra is known for being relaxed and laid back. Libra may require a bit more solitude but mostly to maintain his peace of mind.

This brand of Aries will be a much calmer one. What Aries lacks, Libra provides which makes this a harmonious matchup. If you’ve found yourself an Aries/Libra rising; consider it a blessing.

Libra is passionate and tender and more able to give. This side of him teaches the Aries to care more about his partner rather than making it all about himself. He also may not get mad as quickly as most other Aries.

However; there is a certain amount of the Libra side requiring a bit of autonomy. This will make your Aries say something like “well you can do you, and I’ll do me”; meaning doing what each of you wants in equal measure.

He may assume that you understand that he wants to go to the bookstore alone or that he wants you to go do something out of the house for awhile so he can have some solitude at the homestead.

Inconsistency in Relationships

Due to the Aries man struggling with his desire to do what he wants versus his Libra side trying to keep peace and tranquility with his partner by compromising; he sometimes has a hard time.

He’ll work hard to provide balance in your relationship and then one day his Aries mouth will say something that will ruin all that has been worked for. He will go back and forth like this quite a bit.

Aries man requires someone who will be patient and understanding that he has an inner battle going on. He can swing from extreme to extreme at times. However, the Aries man with Libra rising does always seek out fairness.

Both signs want for there to be an optimal success in the relationship so compromise will still be implemented one way or another. So there is that. He can be moody sometimes but it should pass quickly.

You may never be truly sure what mood he’s going to be in next. However; if you stay patient and calm with him; you should still be able to get some sort of happy ending with your Aries/Libra rising man.

Balancing Act in Bed

Aries man with Libra rising

The Aries man is all about himself and getting his. Luckily the Libra side will be more passionate and giving. He wants for both of you to have pleasure. When Aries allows this side to come through; you’ll find satisfaction guaranteed.

He will still likely have moments where he forgets the Libra side and will be self-absorbed. It will be one of those nights where he has you finish him off and then rolls over to go to sleep without you having gotten what you needed.

It can go back and forth but at least you know that sometimes you’ll get the full Monte instead of all the time his way. Libra can be a bit kinky sometimes as well so there is an open-mindedness and willingness to try new things.

If you can appeal to his Libra rising side; you can explain how erotic you think it would be to introduce some new toys in the bedroom or perhaps a sex swing. Tell him the benefits for you both.

This just may help you make a sexual breakthrough with your Aries who might otherwise; be stubborn and be all about himself. Sexual fairness is absolutely important to the health of your relationship.

The Gist of this Combination

Aries is already a rough around the edges type of guy but he is sexy and he is someone that could provide you a lifetime of stability. The Libra rising edge will help him calm himself and find more of a tranquil life with his partner.

He will definitely be back and forth with his moods as sometimes he isn’t quite sure if he should be full Aries or if he should open up to the Libra rising side of himself that is much more serene.

I should also mention that Aries does sometimes act impulsively when it comes to getting more serious about someone. Libra is often more reserved. If you find that your Aries guy is dragging his feet; this could be the reason.

He will be more careful with his heart than some of the other Aries varieties. Libra is a little gun-shy and wants to make sure that once he makes a commitment; it’s going to stick.

This can cause conflict in the mind of your Aries guy which can make him appear to give you the “hot and cold” treatment. Part of him wants to dive in and go for the gold with you. However; part of him wants to take it slow and let nature do the work.

Just as with any of the Aries men; you’ll want to be patient with him. Figure out what it is he needs and try to work with him on it. He’ll be grateful for it and he’ll see you as a stable source of love.

Aries men are complicated; no doubt. However with the Aries/Libra combination; you can be sure that you will be well loved, you will have some passionate sex and perhaps interesting sex, and you will always be treated fairly.

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