Personality Of An Aries Man With Pisces Rising: What To Know

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Does your Aries guy seem to display a bit of a split personality? Here are some things that you may want to know about an Aries man with Pisces rising.

Does your Aries guy seem to display a bit of a split personality? If he has Pisces as his rising sign; this could be the reason. Here are some things that you may want to know about an Aries man with Pisces rising.

Two Very Different Signs

First, you have the Aries who is confident in himself. He’s health conscious and probably works out. He wants to look good for any occasion and likes to stay active.

He’s outgoing, he’s social, and he likes to get out there and have fun as often as he possibly can. He also likes being a bit independent thus relying only on himself for what his life has to offer.

Aries guy knows that even in a relationship; he wants to be dependent on self but does look for a woman who will help him build a nice stable home together. He requires an independent woman who does her own thing while he does his.

Aries wants balance and equality. He isn’t very emotional and yet he IS passionate. Aries can be a bit self-absorbed and in bed a bit selfish. However; he will do what his partner requires just enough to keep her happy.

Now enter into Pisces rising. Pisces is very emotionally driven and can cry at the drop of a hat sometimes. This guy is very open and wants to find his soul mate as he feels he’ll be complete with her.

Though unlike the Aries who is open and receptive to someone; Pisces rising is rather reserved and makes you reach out to him. So now when you try to combine these two, you can see how confusing it may be right?

Relationship Ruins

breakup with an aries man

This can be a really tough match for most women to handle. Pisces lacks the confidence that Aries naturally has. This would make this particular Aries man a bit weaker and worried about his abilities as a man.

He may question himself and he may be a bit more sensitive. Though at times; this could be a good thing for him to be in touch with his emotional side more. On the other hand; it could make him more broody.

The problem is; he may not know how to balance both sides of himself very well and so his moods could change rapidly based on how he feels at any given moment. Aries it outgoing; Pisces is a bit more reserved.

Pisces rising won’t try to control you as much as the Aries man would like to. He isn’t as dominant and so this makes for a more rare Aries than most of them. Pisces rising isn’t as high strung either.

What will ruin a possible relationship is his own confusion with his feelings. He will need to learn to communicate with you at the appropriate times and without too much emotion.

He has to feel comfortable in his relationship in order to feel he can fully open up and begin a tranquil union. Remember, Aries wants a wife, partner, and equal. Pisces wants his soul mate. A soul mate is a taller order by any means.

Sexual Tendencies

I mentioned before that Aries can be a bit self-absorbed in the bedroom. Pisces, on the other hand, is the ultimate pleasure giver. So now this makes for a hot mixture of giving and taking.

You’ve got a side of him that can be aggressive and then you have the side of him that will want to see you moan with ecstasy from what he’s doing with you or rather; to you.

It gives HIM great pleasure to see you getting the most out of what he’s doing with you. This could also make for some inconsistency in the bedroom. One night he may just want what he wants and rolls over for sleep.

Then on another night; he’ll make it all about you. You’ll never know what side of him may emerge at any given time. However; at least you know that at some point he’s going to light your fire and create fireworks.

Pisces is a great lover and great at oral sex so be prepared to receive lots of it. Unless of course; you’re the type of woman who doesn’t like it. In which case; he’ll do whatever it is that pleases you most.

This will more than make up for the Aries side that would leave you laying there after he’s gotten himself off inside you. This is one mix that is actually tolerable and one you can work with.

Possible Cheating

The thing to remember about both of these signs is that they are about something. Aries is about himself, Pisces is also about himself but more that he gets off on others pleasure he provides.

If you look at it that way, they’re both a bit selfish in a way. As such, this is a mixture that could actually cheat. The Aries man with Pisces rising will take things one step farther than just your typical Aries might.

If he meets a woman who is very sensual and appeals to his desire to please; as per the Pisces rising; he may not be able to control himself thus finding himself balls deep inside her in the bar’s bathroom.

Sadly there are mixtures that are more prone to cheating than others and this mixture is definitely one that is capable of doing such a thing. Even if you keep him well satisfied in the bedroom; he may still stray.

I’m not making excuses for him but this is a hard mixture to control and he may have a hard time staying loyal to anyone. It’s NOT impossible but it will be difficult for sure.

If the Aries side is more dominant; he may be able to control himself more. Pisces is very alluring though and hard to resist sometimes. Aries may find himself giving in to that side of himself.

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