Personality Of An Aries Man With Taurus Rising: What To Know

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Every Aries man is different according to his rising sign and his moon. Here're some interesting things to know about the Aries man with Taurus rising.

Every Aries man is different according to his rising sign and his moon. Here are some very interesting things that you may want to know about the Aries man with Taurus rising in his chart.

Double on Stubborn

Both Aries and Taurus men are hard workers. They’re also driven and want to see success. However, they are both rather stubborn. They both want to do things the way they believe is correct.

This is one guy you’ll have a hard time changing his mind. If he’s set in his ways; you’ll really struggle with trying to get him to compromise or find new methods to doing things.

What you may not have to worry about though is; his will to always work as hard as he can to make sure that the family is provided for. It’s not likely you’ll ever have an Aries man with Taurus rising lying around not working.

If he ever does become unemployed; he’ll get right back into another job almost immediately. He cannot stand not doing anything which means he’ll always feel motivated to get things done.

Also if there are things that need doing around the house, with the car, etc; he’ll have no trouble making sure that these things are also taken care.


Here is where the two signs differ and make this Aries man a bit unique. Normal Aries guys are very driven to adventure. They always want to be out and about. However; when he has Taurus rising; he may be a little calmer.

He may sometimes want to go be social and then other times want to stay home and enjoy relaxing. If you’re typically reading how active an Aries man is but you find one that is sometimes calm and introverted; Taurus would be a possibility.

Taurus likes to settle into routines whereas Aries likes to live on the edge. So somewhere in the middle is where this man will find himself. He may sometimes want to go out and play sports then sometimes want to cuddle on the sofa.

You’ll never really be sure what he may want on any given day. This can make him actually; quite exciting. There is nothing wrong with a little balance of highs and lows.


This is another difference that causes this Aries man to be a bit different than most others. Taurus rising will tend to make him not get so pissed off at small things that Aries will ordinarily get angry about.

Aries is quick to anger often times but Taurus will not get so easily roused. He has to have certain buttons pushed or be pushed too far to become angry. So this side of the Aries man will help him stay calmer.

This should create quite a wonderful mixture of temperament when it comes to the Aries man. He’ll find comfort in only getting angry where it may be valid. He also will not feel the need for revenge as some other Aries men might.

Taurus rising will keep Aries man grounded and more solid. He’ll stay calmer and not hold grudges as much. This is a good thing and perhaps if you’re looking for an Aries man; you should try to find yourself one with Taurus rising.

This is a beautiful balance to have between signs and if your man has it; you’ll be happier than you can imagine. As long as you don’t push the wrong buttons; you’ll find this guy is your rock.

Pleasure times 2

Both Aries and Taurus are very sensual men. When you have an Aries man with Taurus Rising, you’ve got double the pleasure. Aries is very physical ordinarily anyway but with Taurus in the mix, his hands will want to be on you often.

In bed; you will want for nothing as he will want to see you moaning with much pleasure that he’s giving you. That will turn him on and give him the ultimate experience sexually as well.

He’s an amazing lover that cannot get enough of the woman he loves. It will be like you are his drug of choice that he cannot let go of. That’s not a bad thing at all.

In short; this mixture creates a sexual glutton; for lack of better term. If you have a high libido then this guy is definitely an excellent candidate for a partner if you’re looking for amazing hot sex that is for life.

He will be very loyal to you and want to do everything he can to make you happy. Making you happy makes him feel happy.

Struggle with Important Decisions

Aries operates out of what he feels at any given time while Taurus will be a bit more of a realist who takes his time. So when you’ve got an Aries man with Taurus rising; you’ll find he can sometimes have a hard time with choices.

He’ll go back and forth with what he thinks is right and this could cause some frustration for him at times. He may actually make some poor choices due to this problem of what is right and what is right now.

Love and Finances are his two trouble areas as far as making choices go. His choices could cause conflict and struggle. If not careful; he could cause his own breakups or arguments.

He needs to figure out where the balance is. A good woman who has her feet firmly planted on the ground could help him to achieve this; of course. If you think you’ve got what it takes; this man could be the right guy for you.

He’ll always do what he has to in order to make you happy but he may struggle with making choices. Click here to find out more about the Aries man as there is always more to learn.

Remember, Aries man with Taurus Rising is an amazing mix but has his own set of problems. It’s whether or not you can handle them that will be important.

Click here to learn more about the Aries man. It may help you figure out if you’re what he wants.

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