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4 Questions To Ask Before Committing Yourself To An Aries Man

Sometimes you really need to consider if the Aries man you like is actually good for you in the long term or not. Here are some things that may be very important for you and questions to ask before committing yourself to an Aries man.

1) Are you in a relationship?

This may sound funny but honestly, it’s very important. For an Aries man to commit; he has to know and trust his partner for a long time. If he tries to hurry the process; he has regrets and possible resentment.

There are some that don’t think before they act thus causing him to mess around and catch feelings for the person he’s having intimacy with. This would then cause turmoil in his heart as well.

I’ve had many women write to me about a guy that is already in a relationship or married and wondering if they have any sort of a future with him. The answer is ladies; there is no way to answer that.

He has to make the decision himself about who it is he actually wants to sacrifice his time and his life for. Otherwise; he’ll keep playing with fire until he gets caught and then his partner dumps him.

It’s important to have yourself an Aries man that is free and clear. It’s also important that YOU yourself are free and clear. If you are already in a relationship; you’re not showing the Aries man why you’re good for him.

He is looking for a woman that can completely commit to only him and not make him your “side dude”. Otherwise, you’re setting yourself up for heartbreak not only from the Aries guy but possibly from your own current relationship.

It’s better to be free and clear before you start giving your heart away to someone new. An Aries man wants a stable future with someone. Already being involved isn’t stability and will not prove to him you’re the right one.

2) Are you in the market to have a relationship?

committing yourself to an Aries man

This really has nothing to do with whether he’s single or not. This is more of asking him if he’s actually open to finding the right person and having a relationship.

Some Aries men are not actually ready to do so and he’ll drag things out thus leaving a woman really confused about whether or not he’s into her. Some Aries men will tell you up front he isn’t looking for a relationship.

Whatever the case may be; it’s better for you to know ahead of time rather than you investing your heart into someone who may never return that investment. It’s best to just go ahead and ask him.

Maybe he’ll surprise you and tell you something like “I don’t know but I’m willing to find out”. That would at least be a step in the right direction.

Just as I mentioned before; this may be a good question to ask yourself as well. Are YOU ready to really find the right relationship or do you still have some self-work to do before you get involved?

Women that have “inner gardening” to do sometimes don’t see the big picture and think their solution to loneliness or perceived loneliness is to look to a new man to provide them with love.

The problem is; the love you seek is already within you. If you don’t look there first; you’ll always feel unfulfilled. So try to look at it from a different perspective. Are you whole and now ready to find your equal?

3) How do you imagine your life in the future

This isn’t something you’d want to ask on a date with him mind you. However; if you feel as though the two of you are getting closer, you will need to know the important things such as what his ideas of marriage are.

Ask him where he sees himself in 5 years, in 10 years, or even in 20 years. It’s important to know where his head is at and how he perceives his life should go and what goals he may have.

Of course; you’ll want to ask if he has any kids or if he wants any in the future. It would be tragic to get into a committed relationship with an Aries then find out later when you’re ready to have a child or two; that he doesn’t want any.

Maybe you don’t really want to have children and he does but assumes you’ll have no problem with it. A few years go by and he wonders why you’re still on birth control.

So you see; it’s important to get at the core of what is important to you and to your future with the Aries man. This will help you to determine whether you’re ready, whether he’s ready or if it’s a good idea.

4) How do you feel about being exclusive?

committing yourself to an Aries man

This is VERY important ladies. You can NEVER assume that he’s going to automatically be exclusive to you. Aries are physical men that are rather impulsive and will play the field until he’s ready to settle down.

He doesn’t tend to settle down with the women that are eager to hop in bed with him either. So be careful when you feel yourself desiring to have sex with him right away.

Yes, he’s sexy but… it’s important to hold off before you get intimately close to him. You also need to confirm that he’s ready to be exclusive. He will not tell you that you are or you aren’t unless you ask.

If you assume; you will get your heart broken when you find out that you’re not the only woman he’s been seeing or sleeping with. Be very careful with yourself and your heart. Asking the right questions could save you from said heartache.

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