Aries Man Personality: The Sexy Bad Boy Of The Zodiac

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
He has a sexy air about him and also an edginess that makes him seem mysterious as well as a little dangerous. Learn more about Aries man personality...

So you find yourself completely and helplessly drawn to an Aries man. He has a sexy air about him and also an edginess that makes him seem mysterious as well as a little dangerous. Is he really like this under the surface? You may be surprised. Keep reading and learn more about Aries man personality.

Hard on the outside, soft on the inside

The Aries man is known for looking like a pillar of strength. He isn’t good with emotional matters and thinks sharing his feelings is a weakness. This is where he’ll appear to be hardened.

His exterior appears passionate, sexy, and a bit hard to reach. This makes him irresistible though right? Many women love the mystery of a bad boy. He looks so good but seems oh so naughty.

The truth is, he’s only this way until he commits himself to a relationship. He may still have some edge to him but he’ll soften up and turn into a teddy bear to the woman who captures his heart.

Maybe you can be one of the lucky ones to actually draw an Aries man into your world. If you do, you’ll see how loyal, loving, and passionate he truly is when he’s with you and has you in his arms.

He will make you feel as though you’re the only woman in the world. He will treat you like you are his princess. Basically, he’ll do just about anything for you if he feels you’re the right woman for him.

Normally he will not show this side of himself to anyone. He’s afraid that if anyone knew he really does have a heart, they’d try to take advantage of him or he’d seem weak.

Aries man personality – Oh what temper!

Aries man personality

Since the Aries man is so passionate;, he does tend to have a short fuse when it comes to getting mad. One of the reasons he keeps himself exceedingly busy is because it lets him de-stress himself.

This is particularly useful when he goes to work out at the gym or goes running, hiking, etc. It lets him ground himself so that he can let go of any stress or tension he may be carrying. This will make him calmer.

His temper makes him seem like a bad boy also. He can sometimes say things that are not very nice. Perhaps the right woman can get him to say those things with a more naughty tone in the bedroom instead of in an angry way otherwise.

Of course getting him pissed off and having an argument could very well lead to some really powerful and hot make up sex. Who doesn’t like that? Many women love to have that bad boy take their frustration out on them sexually.

Naturally, I mean this in a healthy way. Kinky bedroom tactics will definitely de-stress this energized man. It relaxes him so much that afterward, he’ll normally go ahead and pass out for awhile.

If he doesn’t pass out, he’ll go grab a snack and either want round 2 or head for the bed to take a nap. Either way, you’ll benefit to his energetic bursts when he’s “working out” situations.

Aggressive personality

Aries man knows what he wants and he’ll go after it. This does include women. He sees women as conquests. That is; until he finds the right woman that he feels he can settle down with.

How do you get him to settle down though? You can do this by being the woman he’s looking for. Be strong, independent, beautiful, nurturing, and full of the energy of your own.

That’s just a small list of what he’s looking for. He won’t be in a hurry to settle down but if he happens to meet the “right” woman, he’ll know it and he’ll surely snag her up right away as to not lose her to someone else.

Does that exist? KNOWING when someone is the right one? Yes, it does! I’m living proof of it. When things click, they just click and both people know for sure that they are with the right person. It happens quickly.

Otherwise, he may take his time; play the field, and see what types of women are out there for the taking. When he lands eyes on the right one, he’ll stop with all the others and commit to only her.

When he does finally commit, he’ll put himself “all in” and his focus will be about being with her and being happy. This can make him rather jealous and possessive but it’s because he wants to protect what is his.

Man on fire

Aries man personality

Well, he IS a fire sign which means he has a fire that burns within. He is looking for women or one woman that will keep that fire burning deep inside himself. He’ll do anything to make sure it keeps smoldering.

That’s what it’s all about for him. He wants to make his life exciting, challenging, and yet find a partner who will absolutely disagree with him, make him feel passionate, and match the energy he carries.

This bad boy is fiery, sexy, and definitely is worth being with if you can get him to commit. The best thing I can suggest is be authentic with him. He doesn’t like fake women.

He wants you to be honest at all costs, stand up for yourself, and show him the fire you also have inside of you. Get to know your Aries guy and let him show you what he’s made of.

This particular brand of the bad boy is actually a hero and caretaker under the surface. You’ll never see it until he commits. If you start to see these traits, you may be on the right trail.

The trail could lead you to a magical and wonderful romance with an Aries man who will do just about anything for you if he loves you.

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