How To Go From Co-Workers To Lovers With an Aries Man

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
How can you get that steamy Aries man that you lust after at work to become more than just a co-worker? It IS possible. And it’s your lucky day because I’m going to give you some easy tips. 

Having a crushworthy co-worker can be so exhilarating! But how can you get him to notice you while remaining professional? Read on for my top tips…

How can you get that steamy Aries man that you lust after at work to become more than just a co-worker? It IS possible. And it’s your lucky day because I’m going to give you some easy tips. 

To learn how to go from co-workers to lovers, keep reading…

Catch His Eye

Aries men are suckers for beautiful women. Whether you’re looking sporty or dressing up in a posh outfit, always look your best. Try to wear things that will get his attention and make him want you. 

You want to show off your sex appeal. Wear form-fitting clothing so that he can see what you’ve got to offer him. Keep it classy and not over the top, but you want him to look at you twice. 

Whatever you choose to wear, you need to have your confidence on point. Show him that you take great pride in who you are and how you look. You don’t need to be cocky, but you do need to know that you’re something special.

By looking your best and giving off a sexual energy that grabs him by the you-know-what, you’ve got the power to pull that bad-boy Aries in. 

He might seem like he doesn’t care, but he does. He just doesn’t like to show “weakness.”

Make sure you’re very tidy. Have your hair brushed or put up to show your feminine side even if you’re a tomboy. Whether you use a lot of makeup or a little, make sure it’s neat. 

Your looks are one of the biggest things that determines whether he will be interested or not. That may seem shallow, but it’s often the first impression that does it all. 

Make Eye Contact

Whether you are across the room or next to each other, make sure that you give him eye contact. 

By doing this, you’re showing him that you’re watching and you’re interested. Don’t do it too much, though, or you’ll seem like a creepy stalker — which you definitely do not want. 

Aries men love confident women and giving him eye contact means that you are. Women who are not confident will tend to look off to the side or down because they’re nervous.

Don’t be nervous. He can smell fear. Well, ok, not exactly. However, he can sense if you’re carrying yourself with confidence or not. He isn’t one to go for the meek or timid.

Eye contact shows him you are not weak and you have what it takes to snag him. Take a chance and be bold by looking at this gorgeous guy right in those peepers!

Flirt With Him

Flirting With An Aries Man - From Co-workers to lovers with an Aries man

This might be obvious. If you like someone, you should always find an opportunity to flirt with them. Guys don’t realize half the time when someone likes them!

They need to be shown directly in most cases. With an Aries man especially, you need to be bold and take that risk, otherwise you could lose out. Try to joke around with him, make him laugh, then place your hand on his hand, shoulder, or arm. 

Touching him while you’re both laughing is a magical formula that gets his blood pumping. Try it on someone else and see what it does just to test your skills. Test it on one of your guy friends. You can tell him what you’re doing if you want.

Just get a good idea of where you are on the flirt scale. You may need some work, so let your guy friends help you. They can give you key advice on how to flirt with a man. 

An Aries guy wants you to admire him, so why not do just that? Tell him how dashing he looks one day and how on point his hair looks the next. He loves to hear how awesome he is.

When you’re the one laying it on him, you can bet that he will look at you differently than he did before. This type of complimentary flirting will get you in the door with this guy. 

Make Him Chase You

While you can let him know you dig him and that you’re attracted to him, he wants to be “the man.” He wants to be the one who does the pursuing. He doesn’t like it when a woman chases him.

So once you’ve charmed him and let him see your interest, let him make a move. You can make suggestions, however. Try “We should have coffee sometime.” 

Then leave it at that. He now knows you’d be willing to go out with him or meet up. If he is into you, then he will take care of the next step. 

But you shouldn’t seem too eager or available.

If you jump right on his offer to go out, he will think you’re too easy. He wants to chase and conquer. That means you have to make it a little tougher.

The first time or two he tries to get together with you, say, “I actually have plans that night, but let’s try another time.” Then if you’re feeling bold, the second time perhaps say, “I wish you would have asked sooner; I have this thing I have to do.” 

By the second or third time, you should say yes, otherwise he’s going to get the impression that he read you wrong, and then you’ve wasted your efforts. 

I know it sounds like a game, and maybe it is. It’s a game you can win, though, if you play it properly.

When you make him wait, you will absolutely triumph with the Aries man. 

Once You Have That First Date Secured…

No sex on the first date! What a drag, right? Sorry, but you need to practice a little restraint.

As I mentioned before, you can’t be too easily accessible to an Aries man. He will either try to develop a friends-with-benefits situation and never give you a commitment, or he’ll pass on another date all together.

It’s a gamble you shouldn’t take. 

Holding off until the third or fourth date — or even longer, depending on your comfort level — will set up a good boundary and something to work toward. It will make you both look forward to when you get there.

It will also make him respect you more because you didn’t give in right away. Showing him you have standards sets the stage for you being a strong woman who knows what she wants. 

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Final Thoughts

You are now armed with some very important ways you can effectively get an Aries man’s attention. He most definitely can become more than just your co-worker.

You just have to make the right moves, flirt with him, compliment him, and let him be the one to take the next steps. After he figures out you are interested, he will do the work if he is also interested.

You can get him interested by making him laugh, looking your best, being confident, and flaunting what your momma gave you. He will find this incredibly alluring and will want to know you more. 

Go for it and take the risk — it may very well be worth it. It’s not a guarantee, but in most cases, these methods do bring results. 

Did you know that the tantalizing actor and writer Robert Downey Jr. is an Aries man? Yowza! He is HOT. Who wouldn’t want to snatch an Aries man up? 

Did you win over a Cancer man from work? Tell me how you did it. I’d love to hear about it. 

Share your story or questions with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe.

Your friend and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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